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  1. Wes

    Worldbuilding Prompt How Should The Nepleslian Military Protect Itself Against Small Insects?

    Here's a world-building question: How does the Nepleslian military protect itself against mosquitos and the like in tropical environments? Are there low-tech solutions like mesh bags that go over the head? Or some sort of bug spray or chemical? Could there be some higher tech methods like some...
  2. Hollander

    Delsaurians: Lizzies Launching at Lightspeed

    With the Phod work done (for now), it’s time to look at the next batch of content that could use a review! It was proposed that the Delsaurians be the subject of the next review, so let’s take the proper steps. Who Are The Delsaurian Writers? Does anyone out there (aside from Wes) consider...
  3. demibear

    ID-SOL Article Revamp Idea

    After working on the Raijin Type Artificial Nepleslian article and reading on what people in the past have said/done with the Best Chads of SARP (fight me), I mentioned to Wes that I wanted to retouch their article. I believe it will help those interested in making them (and even their...
  4. raz

    SYNC Nepleslian Cooperation Against the Mishhuvurthyar

    To: Empress Himiko I, Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Premier Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako Cc: Department of Diplomacy From: Chusa Ketsurui Aiko Her Imperial Majesty Himiko I, Mistress-Taisho Yui, and Her Excellency the Premier Hanako, The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia has agreed in principle to fight...
  5. raz

    RP With Regards to the Green, White, and Blue

    Wilson J. Tybault Center Blaze's Spot, Reikan Park With only a few hours notice the previous evening, Nepleslia's diplomatic mission to Yamatai was told to expect one of the Star Empire's representatives on the first day of Shichigatsu at around nine o'clock in the morning. And just as the news...
  6. SirSkully


    Day 2 Veilfire Tactical Superstore, Funky City Any other week and the store would have been bustling with activity from various window shoppers and mercenaries looking to blow a decent chunk of their paycheck with Remy's wide assortment of gear, but as far as the general public was concerned...
  7. SirSkully

    Nepleslian News Network Seeing Red

    Potent combat stimulants being issued to our servicemen is nothing new, helping them fight longer and harder, but where is the line drawn? YE-40's year-long campaign over New Bernese will always be remembered for the mountains of bones left in its wake and the eventual peace talks that came...
  8. Commissar Farzi

    (Open RP)Street Sweepers

    Location: Downtown Funky City, Easter Slums Gunshots rang out in the distance; granted when it came to Nepleslia gunfire was common no matter where you went. And Yeoman Sergeant Olaf knew this as he sat in the cupola of his Stumpy armored car, Natasha-stenciled on the side of the vehicle, as...
  9. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Approved Submission [Nepleslia] Mutant Species

    Mutants already exist and aren't anything new and are just getting an official species page as I promised I would 10ever ago. Ive broken mutants up into three categories from nepleslian looking almost-human anthro to much further mutated bebop and rocksteady from TMNT. What few mutants there...
  10. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Notably Possible News "Leaked Footage Shows Marines Hilariously Mishandling New Weapon System"

    In a shocking turn of events, leaked footage has surfaced of two SMDIoN Marines playfully messing around with a highly advanced weapons system, much to the chagrin of their superiors. In the video, Pfc.Eucales Bridgemont (21), and Pfc.John "John" Longsten are seen in a NAM testing facility...
  11. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Approved Submission [Nepleslia] M150 'Jackhammer' Heavy Machinegun

    A man-portable, non-PA carried HMG that is fired from the hip much like the colonial marines Smartgun from Aliens. it is big, heavy, very slow to fire (60 rpm), and has only 50 rounds in a belt which im hoping will offset the usual argument when people get upset that anything above T-1 is only...
  12. SirSkully

    RP [Shades of Green] Side A Track001: Phthalo

    The ever-present smog and haze of Neplslia's distinct breed of capitalism was inescapable, doubly so in the shadow of Funky City's urban sprawl. Too-bright neon lighting reflecting off the various pieces of chrome on both citizens and vessels alike, the skyline above was dominated by hulking...
  13. ShadowWalker

    Approved Submission Slag Rifle V2 [ready for review]

    Slag Rifle V2 The Slag rifle V2 is semi-automatic direct fire grenade launcher that fires a armor penetrator 20 mm point detonating round. It holds six rounds in a detachable rotary magazine, with an effective range of 600-800 meters. It was designed mainly as an anti-personnel grenade launcher...
  14. SirSkully

    Interest Check Shades of Green: A New Nepleslian Merc Plot

    (so if this takes off this'll become the OOC thread, and I haven't settled on the name of the plot yet) I'm going to @ some people that've shown interest/might be interested. In no particular order: @Charmaylarg Dufrain @Alex Hart @Soresu @EhWha @Primitive Polygon @Yuuki @demibear Legal...
  15. ShadowWalker

    Lets make a deal [Rathenaan, Neplesslia and Ty Sibo]

    It had been Some time since the initial jump into unknown space when Ty was out exploring the local cluster of the unknown space. Normally this would go about the same as any other, Scan area observe anomalies and move on. However, upon making a scan this time he felt a strange feeling one of...
  16. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    RP [Die Screaming] Glass Jaw Pt-II: Good Men Must Die.

    It was dark and humid in a cramped and enclosed room lined with little more than five cots to either warr; The ends of each makeshift bed almost touching were they not staggered and a lone, solitary light bar that hung dimly from the ceiling with one end already fallen off the hook as the...
  17. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Approved Submission [Nepleslia] Big Green Starbase

    Big megastructure of a military starbase that took years to make and cost too much to ever make another so there will only ever be one. It is the slowest FTL capable thing in the setting on purpose and is as bright as a spotlight in a dark room when it enters FTL as a downside because big...
  18. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Systems, Planets, Locations In need of help from imaginative people who want to create!

    I'm not really good about wording these kinds of things but here i go~ Nepleslia has long suffered a severe lack of people dedicated to its wiki with the exception of myself. And frankly, I'm not very creative or imaginative when it comes to things like locations, lore, planets, systems, and...
  19. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Approved Submission [Nepleslia] M43 Nova Rifle

    Alternate standard issue for the NSMC and predecessor to the Nova Pistol i made a while back. NAV-SOG is referenced in it and is a future nep project that is being worked on that will use this weapon and others and is not a typo or added unintentionally.
  20. Andrew

    Top Nepleslia Fixes Needed on Wiki

    I've identified a list of pages that I feel are the top needed fixes for Nepleslia wiki pages: I've taken care of most of the structure/wikify issues but these are more of a needs more information type which is best handled by people who are apart of the faction. Utility Combat Knife M01A on...