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RP Date
YE 44.7
RP Location
Funky City
Day 2
Veilfire Tactical Superstore, Funky City

Any other week and the store would have been bustling with activity from various window shoppers and mercenaries looking to blow a decent chunk of their paycheck with Remy's wide assortment of gear, but as far as the general public was concerned the store was closed, supposedly for pest control- the hilarity wasn't lost on Remy.

It was around mid-morning when she assembled the motley crew once more, making sure they all had some form of accommodation when they'd split a few hours before sunrise actual, even offering to set up a cot or two in her store if needed. The store was drenched with the perfume of strong coffee, evidence of last night's feast piled up in a far corner of the building in a few trash bags Remy hadn't gotten rid of yet. Though her reaper-esque friend was nowhere to be seen Angrboda's spine-tingling presence could still be felt, watching somewhere from the shadows~

The greenette herself was wearing an oversized hoodie and emptying an energy drink down her gullet as she poured over a few screens that'd been set up on the counter, bags under her eyes telling everyone what was already fairly obvious. Though lack of sleep hadn't slowed her yet, projections of maps and timetables casting themselves over the walls, various markings and notations scrawled across everything.

"Welcome back everyone! feel free to help yourselves to the leftovers in the fridge or the coffee machine if you need a pick-me-up," Remy piped up, pulling her hair back into a messy bun as everyone started getting comfortable, or even took initiative to look over some of the info plastered around the room.

"The local undesirables are being... difficult and haven't gotten back to my contact yet, so there's a pin in that distraction for the time being, but for now I've managed to pin-point the contractors that were used to retrofit the safehouse. Desperado Solutions LLC? I've never heard of them before but they seem to be clean enough, even have a depot a few blocks away we'll be visiting," Remy began explaining, bringing their location up on one of the bigger projections for all to see, watermarks had been censored but to those in the know it looked like the bird's-eye image had been grabbed from a private satellite only a few hours ago. Running some modified version of some commonly distributed, open source operating system - a hodgepodge of copied and pasted elements the client must have requested.

The place was almost as fortified as an NPF station, with tall, sloped walls and airlocks for vehicles to no doubt be scanned as they passed through. Pretty overkill if the company only did construction work, but some of the info posted on other screens pointed to large-scale demolition jobs and being subcontracted by the navy to set up infrastructure in hostile areas.

"I've got a blank chassis for a shuttle matching one of the models they use ready to go, just needs finishing touches and the right IFF protocols. Plan is to get into their compound and skim a shuttle's systems to clone onto our own vehicle, also maybe nab some uniforms if we get the chance, but ideally the thought somebody was up to no good should never even cross their minds until after Mr Cahill has been dealt with. Luckily for us the NPF are conducting a surprise check there today to make sure their explosives are stored correctly, and someone owes me a favour."

"Myself, Mako, Victoria and Calico are going in dressed as officers - we'll make an entrance into the vehicle bay for the rest of you and try to draw their attention away, uniforms have already been sized from the scans some of you may have felt last night," Remy finished up, crushing the durandium can and half-heartedly tossing it off into the trash pile, taking a moment to stretch out her arms as more caffeine made its way through her bloodstream.

"Data-scraper should be in the drawer under that desk, Magnificent, use your own tools if you want but this one is pretty slim and equipped with a lunebaren storage medium compliments of Ms Vimschev's people. Oh and there's a handheld directional laser antenna in there too, it's pretty precise so you might want to co-ordinate that one with Vana - we've got two hours to do prep work and I'm sure you have more questions, fire away!"


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Vana had opted to sleep on a cot at Remy's. It was one of the few perks about being deaf, she could sleep anywhere no matter how much noise was going on. Porky would wake her if anything happened. Even though she went to bed late, she was a quick sleeper, a trait she'd learned out on the field. Sleep was a luxury that you took full advantage of in the field.

Vana checked her weapons, which was the first thing she always did when waking up. The whole process took less than 30 seconds it was so automated. She the got herself a cup of coffee and a slice of the leftover pizza before joining Remy. She put on her translation glasses as Remy began to outline a plan. She was impressed with Remy's operation. She'd seen military operations run with less efficiency.

"I can sneak into almost anywhere." Vana said, a little too loud as usual. "Growing up, my brother and I used to sneak into places like this just to test our skills." She glanced down at Porky. "Porky might be a little bit harder to conceal. But I'm still game to sneak into where ever you need me. You're the boss."

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"Valourous morning, Remy-bell!" Magnificent was the key opposite of Vana; Loud, boisterous, a stand-out with their too-bright-for-the-morning holographic-luminescent bright pink hair and the usual skin-tight bodysuit-leotard that left little to the imagination with old and worn duster over their form as their lithe form wrapped Remy in a tight embrace that belied the strength and restraint the foreign cyborg withheld if only enough to refrain from lifting Remy off the ground.

Lingering well beyond even the most enthusiastic of professional greetings Maggie allowed themselves to be pried off before the embrace could turn into groping as they turned on a pivot and arched their posture down to Vana at almost a ninety degree angle; Almost too far for any non-augmented mortal to perform without falling forwards as the epitome of all things enthusiasm, lust, and ignorance to personal space drooped to make eye contact with Vana, Maggies volumetric cherry-blossom hair mimicking perfectly the way it fell over their unnatural eyes even as they stared unblinking through the volumetrics at the significantly younger woman with a Cheshire grin.

"So we're to be joined at the hip then?" Maggie asked, unclear as towards Remy or Vana and in just a tone enough to make it uncertain if it was innuendo or not, though lost to tone the context was irrelevant.

Still staring, better than a foot from her face, Maggie stared untiringly into Vana's eyes with their own multi-pupil black-red orbs of unblinking onyx expectantly though not eluding as to what.

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Calico didn't look ready to awake for anyone, cocooned in borrowed blankets on the sordid maroon visitor's couch. The chrome maiden slept like the dead other than the faint hiss of her mechanical auto-lungs, with nary the show of her chest rising to show that she was even alive.

It was not the conversation, but a very specific flavour of ♫breakbeat track♫ on the sound system that energized the doll's synthetic muscles, and dragged them back from the afterlife. Her smile grew, gleaming and pure hearted, and she broke from the shawls of fabric to begin throwing rhythmic shapes, as if last night's minor party had never ended. Red knitted sweater and baggy pyjama pants, skeletal metal feet clicking against the cold tile floor.

Impenetrable to discomfort or paranoia, she then made her coffee very slowly and obliviously, putting far too much sugar in.

"'Ello Remy, 'ello dog lady, 'ello my fellow ironbuns, how are you on this fine enlightenin' morn?~" The mood held, projecting an infectious positivity. "So we going ta do the ol' boostin' credentials by hand, eh? Pullin' whole cards, or doin' the ol' winging a scanner over the shuttle's transmission dish?..."

"...Do we need to, erm... Sneak any more kit inside?..."

A pause. A quick look left and right- Then Calico lifted up the front of her jumper to expose a long rectangular panel on her belly- Which she seemed a little embarrassed about, but was immediately distracted by the clattering sound of a paperback book falling to the ground.

"...Whoopsie, the 'Cannibals of Zaod'... Forgor that wuz in there... Ever read it? I like the bit with the lawnmower..."