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OOC AEON II Discussion

I'll be making a GM Post in the morning. Past two days have been rather hectic. Medical stuff. Bleh.
Important note: You can now read the RP threads of the original YSS Aeon in this subforum but these are locked for posting as they are for archive purposes and are closed for RP/replies.
Sorry for the delay with GM Post. The house is down with a bug. I threw up 4 times this afternoon. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.
Since Care is an android, could Seina be put in charge of backing up her neural net?

Also, sorry to hear that! I hope you and your folks feel better soon, Nash. :(
Yes, But it would be at her discretion. Because it would also require her schematics unless she wants to go into an android body

Thanks. Been a while since we've been hit with something this virulent.
I can probably have Seina scan and download the schematics in a JP so that she can transfer her into an identical body and/or hold a spare in reserve in the event that Care's original body is damaged or destroyed.
That works, after all we don't want her getting turned into scrap metal. :)
Okay, Its been a bit crazy this week with the accident and issues with our roommate. I will post tomorrow morning.

In the mean time, feel free to post in the Hanami Festival Open Roleplay. Katae will be making an appearance there to see her friend.
You can go ahead and start your post with the shuttle arriving. Libra Star Fortress is where the Aeon II is currently getting ready for departure.
I'll be posting this afternoon. Have to deal with Roommate and Dialysis, and our son needing to get tires.
Folks, just giving you all a heads up. The first thread will remain open for anyone who wants to continue. But I plan on launching the Aeon II tomorrow.. That is all. :)
Been a rather insane week, between taking care of our room mate, and the wife and I getting our backs taken care of by our Chiropractor. Will post for Aeon in the AM>