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Needs FM Approval [Aggressor Refit] [Nepleslia] Aggressor "Invader" Upgrade Package


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Okay so this is a bit complex- the Invader Upgrade package is a full upgrade for the Aggressor to incorporate new technologies, and to ensure parts commonality among all mainline Neplelian Armorsuits. This submission comes in two pages: A new version of the Aggressor's Wikipage, and a page detailing the specifics of the upgrade itself.

The old wiki page for the old version of the Aggressor will be modified to denote that this is an older version, to leave room for surplus models that find their way into civilian hands, while the WIP page of the new version will go to that old spot.


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FM of Yamatai
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First, we need to see FM Approval, then I will start looking at the review.

Thank you,