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Annual TEST OF THE BEST!!! 2020 edition

Yes, it's that time again, time for the Test of the Best!!!

Despite its name, it's less of a test than even roleplay reviews- but that doesn't mean we won't be reviewing our roleplay! This time it's a little more fun! We will be voting for the best of the best on Star Army Role Play in this event! But, before we can vote we need to know who, what, and... Well, just who and what we are voting for! So, please reply to this thread with your endorsements and elections for the following categories:


Best Submission!

Most Influential NPC!

Best Villain!

Best Plotline!

Best Individual Post!

Best New Character Art!


Please copy and past the above categories into a post and fill out who and what you think the rest of SARP should vote for in a poll. You can submit no more than one endorsement per category! Now, let me explain each in a little more detail.

Best Submission: What submission in 2020 really stands out to you as the one that was most helpful to the setting, the most interesting, or some other requisite item. Very self-explanatory, but the submission should have been posted for review in 2020!

Most Influential NPC: Due to the below villain category, let's say this NPC hails from the Kikyo Sector and its sisterly regions. NPCs are usually GM or FM controlled characters, which one seemed to really add to the setting or forums in a way that should be recognized? Fun fact: Ketsurui Yui won this award in 2011!

Best Villain: Was these someone you fought that your character wanted to just end it all for? Or maybe there was someone you noticed in a plot you weren't in that you wanted to have a go at yourself? This category is for someone that really sucks, but in the best of ways.

Most Influential Plotline: Not plot! This is for a plotline within a plot, faction, or the site that really jumped out as being something the site and setting both enjoyed and benefited from. Maybe an arc plucked your heartstrings and played a song of love and sorrow with them? Maybe a mission stands out as something you never want to forget? Was there even a JP a plot all read and ate up? All are welcome!

Best Individual Role Play Post: Wow, what a category! This is for that role play post. You know the one. I don't know the one you're thinking of, though! Be sure to link the post so I definitely know what that one is to you and so that the rest of SARP can enjoy it, too, as well as vote on it!

Best New Character Art: This can be bought, created, or simply acquired by a Star Army member of one or more characters in our setting! Please include the artwork you are nominating as a link or embedded in you post!


Don't hesitate to ask where confusion and questions lay!

Reminder that this is for this year. Stuff on SARP that really stuck out to you from before the start of 2020, I welcome you to diatribe about to your friends, family, or us in discord but try to keep the nominations in this thread to this year.

If a category does not get more than one nomination, it will not receive a poll- and thus, no award.

I will make forum polls once nominations are all in, towards the end of the year for results ready in2021 !!

The categories are more concepts than people, so participants in the entries that won will receive the knowledge they did some great work and a graphic for the wiki to put wherever it makes sense! :]
Here's my nominations, and yeah, I'm a little biased haha, but you miss all the shots you don't take.

Best Submission! - Nemesis Bastion

Most Influential NPC! - Ketsurui Yui: Love her or hate her, she's influential for organizing the final battle of the Kuvexian War

Best Villain! - Lord Admiral Bustenas Vlon Spaarksnuffer, Greater Baron of Roanellar and the Swooeo Expanse, from the Third Battle of Nataria RP

Best Plotline! - Third Battle of Nataria

Best Individual Post! - I'm going with one of my favorites, the opening of the Star Army Recruiting Center thread this year: https://stararmy.com/roleplay-forum/threads/yamatai-star-army-recruiting-center-ye-42-open-rp.65492/ - It paints a great picture and got a whole lot of characters started in the Star Army and players started in SARP.

Best New Character Art! - Aoba Akasa! Chosen because she represents a whole new way to come up with fast NPC art. Combining AI, an eye for the right look, and art editing skills yielded amazing results. Sadly I only got one commission this year so I didn't have much character art to choose from as far as my contributions go.

Well, I should throw my nominations up.

Best Submission - Takeda House on Star Army Space Roleplay by Yuuki - We've already had so many great RPs attached to these now established sites.

Most Influential NPC - Ketsurui Yui

Best Villian - Lord Admiral Bustenas Vlon Spaarksnuffer, Greater Baron of Roanellar and the Swooeo Expanse, from the Third Battle of Nataria RP

Best Plotline - YSS Kaiyō II on Star Army Space Roleplay - I think @Ametheliana is a great GM, and she has an amazing crew together.

Best Individual Post - (1) SANDRA - Third Fleet Moves Into Virgo, Launches Kuvexian Expedition | Star Army by @raz To be honest, I really enjoy this guy's fleet posts.

Best New Character - Motoyoshi Eri on Star Army Space Roleplay @SageShooter made the jump from NPC with Eri this year to the full player character. She's come so far!
Best New Character Art: Kamiya Misakura

Was commissioned last year by a very good artist. It was this or my other commission from her. But since she showcases The Type 37 Field Jacket with the Type 22 Bodysuit, I'll pick her.
Best Submission! https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=species:operator The Operators species done by @Whisper

Most Influential NPC! https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=characters:yamatai:npc:riccard_black, originally played by Club, and now passed on to @SirSkully, this boy started a business that's had products sold almost everywhere. Not to mention his family of lovable PCs and NPCs, all still rocking even into 2021/YE43

Best Villain! https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=characters:yamatai:lazarus My boy Lazarus who's been stirring trouble for over three years now.

Best Plotline! https://stararmy.com/roleplay-forum/threads/yss-artemis-o1m0-let-the-rivalry-begin.64814/ a really fun story of a crew learning their roles together, and a lot of fun, with huge props to the GM @Glein

Best Individual Post! https://stararmy.com/roleplay-forum/threads/a-new-life.65972/ a singular post in that it was a posted JP, so just linked the whole thread sorry. But it was wonderful to see two long time characters get a more or less peaceful close to their main story. Written by @Alex Hart and @Arbitrated

Best New Character Art! exia_colored.jpg
Got this earlier in 2020 and I've loved her since.
Changing my Influential NPC nomination to Hanako for being in almost every major open RP in 2020. Hanami, Beach Party, Year End, IRC, 3rd Battle of Nataria...
Thought nominations would be over, but since everyone's sneaking some in...

Most Influential NPC! With Yui un-nominated, I still want to say Yui. She's running the whole sector with her gravitas after all this time!

Best Villain! Aurinda, who appeared in Kaiyo's mission post-20 and 23. She's a very crazy Kuvexian martial arts lady who terrorized a few of the Kaiyo crew as their evil gladiator teacher.

Best Plotline! Kaiyo's arc that the above villain was in. It was really expansive starting with "Mission 20: Baka Yaro." It included the crew being super sad but determined in The Quiet before fighting hard in Yuimaru. Simultaneously, three of the Kaiyo crew were captured by Kuvexians and turned into arena gladiators in Ebumna N'gha and Family is All That Matters with a heartfelt aside in Hanging With the Captain. Finally, it all came together in "Kamiwaza" for a godlike JP by the entire Kaiyo playerbase (wish I could nominate it as the best single post but we had to break it up for being so long). The aftermath is still ongoing, but the plot thread itself seems complete. Truly the most epic plotline possible.

Best New Character Art! Of everything in the 2020 character folder, this girl really caught my eye. Nice custom Mindy.

Best submission goes to...
best submission 2020.png

Best individual post goes to...
best post 2020.png
Star Army Recruitment Center post

Most influential NPC goes to....​

most influential npc 2020.png
Hanako wins by a landslide!!!!!!


[img pending]

Lord Admiral Bustenas Vlon Spaarksnuffer, Greater Baron of Roanellar and the Swooeo Expanse, from the Third Battle of Nataria RP

Most influential plotline drumroll please...
best plotline 2020.png

YSS Kaiyō II's losing crew to a gladiatorial Kuvexian arena and subsequent rescue. [[Mission 20: Baka Yaro, The Quiet, Yuimaru, Ebumna N'gha, Family is All That Matters, Hanging With the Captain, Kamiwaza]]

To close us off, who had the best new character art?!
best character art 2020.png

Time to show it off, it was Remy Belmont!!


That's it, folks! Thank you for voting and being a part of the site this year! It was a lot but boy was the RP awesome, let's have more awesome RP together this year : D
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Congrats to everyone who won. It is great to see the wonderful things that are made across this community. New memories, new BEST OF for this year to come. Happy 2021 and YE 43 to all of SARP.
Thank against for running this Ame! I'm glad I was able to provide some stuff that people loved!