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RP: Bahram Wing [Bahram Wing Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

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Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

As the briefing continued onward, communications relayed orbital data on the battlegroup's destination, highlighting extensive orbital defenses scattered in upper orbit, backed by a trio of larger defense satellites designed for anti-ship operations. "As you see, our first goal will be to break the target's orbital defenses, as they pose the largest immediate threat to the taskforce. In addition, these facilities allow the NVR to restrict airspace for the occupied world, and give them ability to bombard points of insurgency."

"It's critical to our eventual assault on the ground that we disable these, else any deployed forces will be at risk of orbital attack."

The world, tagged as [DRASEED] on the continually-updated command network, was an icy planet comparable to Mazerin, save it had managed to avoid major glaciation and thus retained an entirely livable equator. A massive ring of habitation had erupted across this vaguely green equatorial belt with some pockets of civilization spanning a hundred miles across. The scale was staggering, rivalling (though not entirely surpassing) the mega-engineering project of the homeworlds. Readouts of the surface were still largely incomplete, though sensors did pick up substantial heat, radiation and zero-point emissions rising out of a very small and diffuse network surrounding the main cluster of inhabitation on the world, which would soon enter nighttime.

"We'll be approaching the planetary face currently in daylight and use solar radiation to mask our approach, while avoiding the defenses on the opposite side of the world. Once our taskforce has disabled the enemy's orbital capacity, we'll move to the surface and commence operations there."

Serhan took a moment to let the plan sink in, before finishing the outline of the operation with cool resolve. "With any luck, we'll liberate the capital with the sunrise and force these rebels to the negotiating table before it sets again."

"Good hunting, Bahram. Updates on the wing as the mission develops."


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Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

"You're an excellent skirmisher, but you're an all-around soldier, Chirimar." noted Mu'Tasim, his eyes down on the soldier he had been training for the past while. Akjit was no push-over, at least, not in combat. The Temple Guard saw what passed for fury amongst his misbegotten kind, and it was satisfactory. "I'm suggesting you for the Haidan in terms of load-out and use. Though the Erla possesses great all-around capability, I'm going to need you in the front with myself as we press the offensive. Get your N.I. switched over immediately, and start checking your load-outs." Mu'Tasim nodded to the soldier before turning his attention back to the rest of the hall.

Though, he made a quick turn around again, pointing a finger at the man.

"And do not underestimate the Mechanists, Akjit. They are the hands and fingers of Bahbi himself, and are more efficient than you realize." It almost sounded like he was scolding the soldier, but he pat him on the shoulder, give him a reassuring smile. "Steel yourself, Chirimar, the Saints are with us in heart and mind. Fanir is carrying your burdens today. Don't forget that. You are the wind in the sky that has no wind."

As the hand tightened on his shoulder, Akjit could feel a burning sensation coming the Temple Guard's very being. Despite what hesitation he had, to him, Mu'Tasim was brimming... No, overflowing with confidence. With faith. That hand patted its charge strongly, before gripping it tightly, a small look of pride on the Guardsman's face. With that, he nodded, and focused on the matter at hand.

With his attention returning to Draseed, Mu'Tasim felt he finally saw his target, the end of their journey. The end was always the most gripping end of an operation, as no matter how much blood had been spilled to reach you goal, there was that pensive notion of more blood to be spilled afterward. They would have an essential duty, disabling the security of their orbital platforms so that planetary conquest could begin safely. This was a moment that felt as if the entire universe was watching them, waiting on them, and not even knowing they were doing so.

Such a ghostly sensation it was, it made him bristle.

"First Squadron! Load-up!" ordered the Framer Runner, holding immense presence with in the small crowd, albeit less noticed without his iconic mantle. "Prepare for extended operations, and double-check everything with your mechanist! There will be no screw-ups in this mission! Dahbi forbids it! Move!"

Though, having given such an order, Mu'Tasim made a quick turn to snatch up Zus' hand before she could leave.

"And you." He began, but somewhat unable to finish his sentence, simply staring upon the young, blonde beauty.
Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

Isha stopped and turned to heed the Vaytulri's words, and lingered just a while longer to watch Mu'Tasim and Zus. It was cute, honestly, and made her smile something fierce. But she was no voyeur- Vayshirin Ragnar returned to her Erla II; the soldiers deserved what little time they could share with some semblance of solitude.

Standing beside Noblisse's left leg, she encountered the mechanist working with her VANDR. They discussed briefly its many armaments, and when Isha was satisfied, she gave thanks and made her way into the cockpit with a confident smile.

It disappeared with a rush of air evacuating her lungs. The battle looming ahead was daunting. She was a whirlwind of emotions. I miss Klamal, she heard her mind-voice say. The field physician shook her head; that wasn't entirely true. What she really missed was a solid emotional connection- the likes of which Zus and Mu'Tasim clearly possessed. It would be heartening to have someone close at hand to help clear her mind and give focus. She'd never been very good at independent meditation.

In spite of this Isha tried to recall the words of her Abu'Nal instructor. Vying for clarity was better than surrendering to a muddled mind.


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Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

"All Pilots to your Frames. I repeat, All Pilots to your Frames." Ishtar's voice chimed in a short while after Serhan's speech and cutting through any tension or anxiousness to begin the operation. The Hangar's doors began to open, a shimmering field popping into place before going completely transparent; giving the pilots and their mechanists a good view of their soon to be battlefield.

"All Squadrons now have clearance to launch. I repeat, All Squadrons have clearance to launch."


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Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

"Alright everyone preparations are over!" yelled Mu'Tasim over the ensuing rush, cutting past his own mechanist to get up to Famasir, now freshly mounted in a Haidan. Not familiar completely with the design of the Haidan, the Temple Guard had to take the catwalk to mount the beast of a VANDR and slide down into the cockpit. The inside was not too different from the inherent Erla model, just that it seemed somewhat more secure and thickly armored in appearance. The concept wasn't dwelled upon for too long as he laid back and secured himself in. His head rested against the cushions, closing his eyes.

And then... He opened them.

The Haidan's head, resembling the startling visage of Mu'Klamal, turned to look down at its mechanist. Erza. Who was blissfully ignorant of the giant, gathering up her tools for the day. She was humming a happy tune, knowing that everyone would do well today, in her mind. Such optimism was her way of being brave for once and it made her proud.

...Then she saw the Haidan looming directly over her, and threw her tools everywhere, wailing in horror at the sight. She hit another mechanist in the back with a wrench, sent a few bolts raining on her superior, Khiyai.

Famasir seemed to enjoy that, Mu'Tasim could feel the mirth of emotion through the prongs in his neck. The Temple Guard smiled inwardly, since the Haidan itself was quite lacking of a mouth. Still, the feeling was much different than that of an Erla, especially with the strange sensation of having feet. Feet were indeed a new thing in the realm of VANDRs, but refreshing enough to the seasoned pilot. He brought his hand to his face, thin fingers curling into a fist. He wiggled his toes, the large clamps tapping against the Hangar's floor, before the entire Haidan itself lifted gently off the ground. The lifters on the soles of his feet hummed gently.

With adequate clearance, Mu'Tasim made his way to the launchers, skating over the surface so with a thrum so gentle it made the lumbering behemoth seem kind. This image was less so as the clamps secured onto the rail extractor, from there Famasir's arms closed in over the chest lie one would cross the arms of the dead.

"Vaytulri Mu'Tasim Farouk, First Squadron, Haidan Famasir. Launching!"

Hummmmmm THOOM!

The Haidan left the hangar in a spread position as if it were ready to pounce on some unsuspecting target. Though, it simply directed itself off to an empty area of space near the Astarte and set itself as a waypoint for the rest of the squadron to congregate too.

"Control," Mu'tasim asked on the operations channel, "First Squadron is readying into deployment, what is our first objective?"
Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

Ships always felt so claustrophobic when Isha stood around them in a VANDR for too long, so she was eager to leave. She mounted the launch rail second and was flung into space to sidle toward her squad leader. There she remained quietly until the time came for her skills or expertise.


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Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

Glad to back in his VANDR, Kuzman bid hello to his old friend Nuk'Dukam who merely grunted in return. He was also greeted by mental images of breasts, guns, and explosions. Typical Nuk'Dukam, he thought as he was launched into space, Always thinking about women and destruction.


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Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

Aiaru, having failed to come to a decision about whether to switch or not, had simply mounted up and gotten ready in her original Erla II rather than decide on any changes for the time being. Though she wasn't the first person out, she wasn't the last either, following the other members of her wing out of the ship, and to the rendezvous point to wait for the rest.


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Re: [Pre Phase: Mission 5] Operation Midwinter

What happened after Mu'Tasim grasped Zus' hand made Akjit blush. And scurry away like a small, meek, embarrassed, rodent of course.

Regardless of this, he had Nightmare's core moved into one of the new Haidan units. There wasn't time for a custom paint job of course, but he never really saw himself ever using one. Mu'Tasim and Zus however...he wasn't sure what the former would use. Most likely something strong and stately of course. As for the latter...the imagery of a Maroon and Pink schemed ace custom RAEVR came to mind. 'Huh. Where'd that image come from?' the Ivuori wondered. He'd have to consider trying to color that later.

Right now, he had Nightmare to contend with.

As he climbed in and closed his eyes, Akjit expected some sort of snide comment or scathing remark, but got none. Instead, there was silence, and this worried him. "Nightmare?" he called out into the void. The voice of a tired sounding young woman replied to him.

"I feel..." the NI started, "FAT," the legion of voices chorused angrily. "WHAT GAVE YOU THE BRIGHT IDEA TO HOP INTO A FRAME YOU'RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH RIGHT BEFORE A BATTLE?" it went on with fury.

"But Mu'Tasim said - "

"BUT MU'TASIM SAID BLAH!" the voices screamed at him. Silence settled between them as Akjit quietly quailed. It was the NI that broke the silence though. "Did you at least familiarize yourself with this Haidan's weapon systems and specifications?" it went on to ask him in the sole normal voice it had.

"Yeah." the Ivuori replied quietly. It huffed at him, which stirred an urge in Akjit to reply. "I know it was probably a bad idea, but, this unit seems to be the best at taking blows and protecting others." he spoke, gathering strength from the words. "I don't want to see anybody dying, not if I can help it." The NI gave pause, and replied very carefully to Akjit.

"Protecting others costs the protector." Nightmare spoke gently.

The VANDR launched.
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