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RP Banzai!: Training House - Week 1


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RP Date
YE 44.2
RP Location
Fort Ingestrie
Tatiana, Fort Ingestrie, School of Advanced Infantry Combat
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"

Joto Heisho Hansen and his cadre straightened up when they could finally see the trailer making its way around the main gates of the Fort. "Alright, you know the drill! You two take the right and you two take the left." Hansen said calmly, giving them instructions of which zones they will take in the coming "Shark Attack".

The cadre smirked and nodded their heads as they made their way to positions. No sooner then they arrived, the trailer landed with a dull thud and quickly opened its doors. A number of trainees started moving to get off the trailer, Ryu-heisho put his hand up to stop them as he started to walk up to the side of the lowered ramp with Homma-heisho. Their demeanor was calm and professional, causing a number of the trainees breathe a sigh of relief. The rumors they had heard about this place were clearly wrong and just meant to scare them they each thought to themselves.

"Welcome to the Fort Ingestrie..." Ryu-heisho said, scanning the trainees. "You will proceed to Joto Heisho Hansen to the crimson footprints in a fast and efficient manner. Now get off my trailer and form up!!! Ryu-heisho said as the pair started to project loudly in their ears to get off the trailer and motion with their arms. Occasionally one of the trainees will get an one-handed push to assist them off the ramp if they thought the person was moving too slow.

Most of the trainees correctly assumed that what Ryu meant by "fast and efficient" was to sprint. But not all of them were sprinting or sprinting as fast as they could. This prompted Kamiya and Zhang heishos, half way to the footprints, to dart at people with a single "knife hands" (4 fingers pointing straight) to force them to stop and enter the standing position required when an NCO was speaking to them.

Kamiya-heisho was in the process of addressing a Santo Hei ranked trainee when she noticed that a Shoi ignored Zhang-heisho's command to stop. Normally this would be normal due to the difference of rank, but at the moment they had positional authority over all of the trainees. Tapping the Santo Hei's shoulder to proceed, she ran to get in front of the Shoi to force her to stop and the pair proceeded to scream at her on the existence of "authority by position" and questioning what she was even at Giretsu School to begin with.

Joto Heisho Hansen just centered in front of the footprints as he waited for the trainees to form up one after the other. He didn't say anything, but he watched the manner of how they formed up and how long it took them to get there. Some automatically entered the position of attention after dropping their duffel bag, turning into living statues as their hands went to the sides of their hips. Some just stood there looking clueless.
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"

Sanda had been listening to her favorite songs on the ride over. The music had drowned out all the idea chatter of those around her and had kept her own mind for worrying and fretting about what training might be like. As soon as she felt the trailer come to a stop Sanda opened her eyes and slipped the ear piece out of her ear. It was time to get to work and prove that she had what it took.

The doors opened and Sanda, who had been strategically chose a position near the doors was one of the first out. She listened to the instructions then in the words of her instructor, moved in a fast and efficient manner. Not at quite a dead sprint, her Ranger training was taking in as many details of her surroundings as she could but she was still one of the first ones to reach the crimson footprints. She set her bag down, not throwing it down as some the temptation to do was, but setting it down so as not to dirty or damage her possessions and stood at attention, her eyes taking in as many details as she could. She eyed the Joto Heisho standing in front of her with a blank face, but just a hint of curiosity. What was this man going to teach her?
Delmira was stuck in the middle of everyone but she had her gravity turned up so she had been anchored to where she stood. The neko was nervous to say the least but she would give it her all. She turned off her gravity projection when she felt the ship land and focused all her attention to the man at the ramp and when prompted she sprinted to where she was directed to stand.

She stopped and dropped her bag to the ground. "Stand at attention." she quietly told those around her even turning briefly to make sure that people behind her where doing what she said before snapping to attention herself. Her tail however betrayed her and swayed just ever so slightly behind her, a blessing and a curse it seemed.
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"
Yayoi had positioned herself near the doors, a habit she’d gained from the resistance should she need to escape, or to hurry outside when the enemy attacked. The Hetero chromia-eyed Neko observed and listened both ranger training, and resistance, habit before she charged out when the ramp came down and they were told to. Sanda was spotted in front of her, and she quickened her pace to catch up.

Her ears picked up the surrounding activity, the consequences for the slower trainees, and the lecture for the shoi that refused to obey. Eventually, she stepped into place between Sanda and Delmira, and her bag was placed down, as she immediately moved into the attention stance. She felt confident she could do this. She survived Hanako, she’ll pass this.
Cheilith nodded, fast, efficient, professional. She was in the middle of the pack, behind the Separa'Shan who's strong tail propelled them surprisingly quickly in the light gravity for the heavy worlder. Zhang darted between the two, stopping Cheilith in her tracks with a knife hand. The question was telepathic, but no less forceful for being mind-to-mind. <What is this!?> Accompanied a mental image of a golden flash in the bushes.

<Kuvexian power armor, Heshio!> Cheilith responded.

<What Model!?>

Cheilith was stumped, she didn't know what model. <I don't know Heshio!>

<You better know if you want to graduate! Quit now and save us all the time.> Then the NCO was off, to torment some other poor soul.

Cheilith saved the memory to review later, and hurried to join her fellow trainees on the red footprints. She set her bag down, and locked into the parade waiting stance she had mastered in training.
Frank would just be in a lul as he road on the ride along with everyone else. thinking to himself *I will never make fun of Sanda's height anymore.* Being compact with other people is rather boring and frank found himself tying to make himself hear music in his head like when he was a android but finding himself unable to he would make a sad oh sound.
when the doors opened and people filed out Frank would listen to the instructions given Before taking off in a full sprint after making it to the right location he came to a dead stop to stand at attention with everyone else. hopefully the drill instructor was unable to read minds as Frank was thinking to himself that he feels like hes back in Nep basic training.
Tachiko flew/ran directly to the nearest spot on the ground, running but using her inertia system to float her mass, so she was pushing minimal along the ground- the Neko-sprint in action. While she didn't look directly at the junior officer, as she came to attention on her spot she put out a wireless burst encrypted to all the Shōi and Shōi Kōhosei she had taken note of since arriving, "Kōhai-tachi, we will speak when we are able, tell anyone I haven't noticed." She didn't see anyone that equaled or outranked her yet, not surprising given intense schools like Giretsu are typically Taii-down affairs, but she was also aware the occasional Shōsa or Chūsa cropped up on the roster. Until one did, they were her officers, she reckoned, and she definitely didn't want any of her own below standard.
They landed, the orders were given and they had to make quick work of this so Zanven cinched his duffel over his back and when the doors were opened and they began to rush the door. Zanven took the emergency exit near the back and sprinted to a set of crimson footprints as he controlled his breathing so that he did not seem winded. Once at the footprints he would loosen the straps of his duffel for the time being. He was not given orders to look straight ahead so he glanced around to see where Frank, Sanda, as well as the other Resurgence crew ended up. He was ready to get this going, whatever it ended up being.
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"

Quickly, one after the other, the 100 trainees of Class 27 covered every crimson footprint that was painted on the concrete surface. The faces on each of them covered the spectrum of emotions that the school generated from individuals. Some of the trainees had what could be best described by instructors as the "soldier" face. Their emotions deeply suppressed by their "military bearing" that should develop after two years of service, Neko and non-Neko alike.

Then there were those that were trying to put on a good professional face, but were too emotional about the event to completely contain it. A majority of the trainees fell into this category due to being fresh servicemembers just out of basic and basic infantry training. Some were excited to finally get to where they signed up. Others were petrified of failing after hyping up to their girlfriends or boyfriends that they were going to pass this easily.

For Joto Heisho Hansen, he had seen it all. Though he immediately stared intensely at Cheilith when she entered parade rest instead of standing straight (position of attention) like everyone else around her. He didn't say anything, expecting her to fix it before the festivities formally began. He was curious how his instructors were going to handle the diverse reasons for why they were here. Especially the rookie Kamiya-heisho. He just watched them as one by one, the 5 junior heishos formed up behind the formation.

They marched in a very measured and precised manner you only get when you are forced to drill constantly for months. When they reached their position, they did a very sharped facing movement to look at the trainees and entered the parade rest position. Once all of the instructors were assembled, Hansen too one step forward to position himself properly in front of the formation and spun around to face the pair of doors.

On cue, a medium brown skinned woman in a Type 42 bodysuit opened the doors and marched sharply to position herself in front of Hansen. The rank of Taii could be seen on her by those who fixed vision allowed them to.

"Trainees present and accounted for!" Hansen shouted when she got 2 walking steps in front of him and saluted. He dropped it when the Taii returned it to him and marched to stand to her left by going to the right and behind her. When he reached his position, she took two steps to assume his previous spot.

"Trainees, I am Taii Dehoyos and I am your commanding centurion. Assisting in my duties is your Chief Instructor, Joto Heisho Hansen." she said, looking over towards the dark skinned Nepleslian towering over her. She then looked back over towards the trainees. "Together, we will supervise your training. Over the next 8 weeks you will be trained and evaluated on advanced military knowledge, survival skills, physical fitness, martial arts, marksmanship, and discipline culminating into your final field training exercise." She said, starting to pace back and forth in a limited space.

"Should any time while you are at Fort Ingrestie that you feel that you are being physically and mentally abused, a personal problem, or witness another trainee being mistreated; you report IMMEDIATELY to your Chief Instructor. If you feel like it has not been resolved, you can request to report it to myself. You will learn the proper procedure following your issuing of your gear." she continued, starting to move to the side of the formation.

"I will now introduce you to your instructors."

At the end of "instructors", Hansen sharply turned left before marching, turning right, and stepping forward by a few steps before returning to his previous spot. "CADRE!!!" he said, resulting in the 5instructors dropping their arms to assume the position of attention and turning to right.


Silently the five instructors moved, the slapping of their boots being the only sound heard beyond the occasional cough from a trainee. What felt like an eternity for some, the 4 stopped behind Hansen and centered on him.

"Your Chief Instructor is the first person in your chain of command. I will now have him and his instructors re-affirm their commitment to you and the Star Army of Yamatai." Dehoyos said before walking up in front of Hansen and raising up her right hand. The instructors did in the same in response.

"These trainees are entrusted into my care.

I will train them to the best of my ability.

I will develop them into disciplined warriors, masters of their body, and thoroughly indoctrinated in love of the Empress and the Star Army.

I will demand of them and demonstrate by my own example, the highest standards of professionalism, discipline, and morality."

"Chief Instructor, take charge of these trainees." she said before exchanging salutes with Hansen.

"I am Joto Heisho Hansen and I am your Chief Instructor. I am assisted by Itto Heisho Ryu, Nito Heisho Zhang, Nito Heisho Homma, Nito Heisho Ito, and Nito Heisho Kamiya." Hansen shouted out at them. Each individual with their name called out step forward. When all 5 were called, they entered parade rest.

"Our mission here is to turn you into Giretsu Infantry. Giretsu Infantry possess the HIGHEST in military virtues. Giretsu RESPECTS their fellow comrades, their SENIORS, and strives constantly to be the best in everything they do. Professionalism, spirit, and discipline are the hallmarks of the Giretsu. We get the mission done because we ALWAYS keep the mission first. Each of you can earn the triple sakura if you develop professionalism, spirit, and discipline.

We will give all of our energy to train you, even when some of you have given up on yourselves. As of now you will treat all of your fellow members of the Star Army of Yamatai with respect and the Giretsu Infantry with the highest level of respect for we have earned our title through grit and determination.

We will treat you as we do with all Giretsu, with firmness, fairness, and compassion. Mental and physical abuse from any fellow trainee or cadre will not be tolerated. If it occurs, you are to report immediately to me or one of my instructors.

We will be with you every day and everywhere you go.

From you we demand the following:

1. You must give 100% of yourself at all times. If we feel you are not, you will be kicked out of the program on sight.
2. Obey all orders quickly, willingly, and without question. Failure results in your termination.
3. Treat your follow soldiers and trainees with respect. Failure to do this will result in your termination from the program.
4. Be completely honest in everything you do.
5. You must work hard to strengthen you body, mind, and spirit.
6. Be proud in the uniform you wear.

Above all else, never quit or give up! For we open these doors and give you the opportunity.." he said before he and the instructors entered the position of attention in unison. "to earn the title of Giretsu." Hansen said, ending his very standardized speech he had playing in his augmented reality vision. With the ceremony finished, the junior instructors broke off. Two of them, Kamiya and Ryu, walked to the right of the formation while the remaining to walked to the left of the formation.

"Now when I tell you, you will file from the left and follow Kamiya-heisho to the power armor bay and armory to be issued your equipment. For those that DID not arrive with the demanded issued items, you will form up on Ryu-heisho and enter the supply room to be re-issued your clothing.
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"
Yayoi stood at attention completely rigid and straight as she listened and observed the activity before her. She committed to her memory the instructors called and all of the rules they were told. The Hetero chromia eyed Neko thought Sanda might be right about these Giretsu guys they were strict indeed, but that made her all the more excited about being a part of this. The Ranger had her things with her so she knew she will be going to go with Kamiya-heisho. She chose not to think about who didn’t arrive since she wanted to focus on following orders and being distracted might not help her.
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"

Sanda remained rigid with her eyes forward as she was given instructions of what Giretsu training would be like. In the time leading up to this training Sanda had been excited to learn new combat techniques and better herself. There was also that pride of being a Giretsu, being an utter bad-ass. Part of her had also wanted to be around some stricter discipline after the drama that had occurred aboard the Resurgence. But as she stood there listening to her instructors, Sanda wasn't think about any of that. This training wasn't about becoming a bad-ass. This training was about giving everything you had in you to the service of Yamatai.

As the instructors finished laying the groundwork, Sanda, like Yayoi, already had all the things she would need. As soon as Heisho Hansan gave the word, she would be following Heisho Kamiya.
Tachiko must not have got that memo, counting instead on being issued what she needed. An extra set of exercise uniforms never hurt. It's the attitude of a Neko that has been on the prestige system for a very, very long time, and as such her needs being filled on the Star Army's schedule, rather than proactively seeking them out. A Neko that goes with the flow. She stepped into the issue line with her kamidana slung across her right shoulder and under her left, with the little shrine sitting at the small of her back behind her hip. Nekos don't let anything impede drawing their sidearm.

If anything, Tachiko wished they'd had a school like this in the YE20's, she mused to herself as she waited in line. She noticed the issue line seemed to heavily represent those Shōi and Shōi Kōhosei. The enlisted, for the most part, seemed to have got the memo, and the ones fresh out of training had everything they owned on them anyway. Receiving the duffel of issue, Tachiko double-slung it over her back in the same manner as the kamidana, but it rested higher up across her mid-back, bowed politely to the issuing supply Neko, and Neko-ran to take her place in the Power Armor Bay. In truth, Tachiko hadn't even worn a Mindy for more than the initial fitting and a few field exercises during War College since she'd come out of stasis: nearly 15 years, though it wasn't even three for her.
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"

Cheilith had exactly what she had been told to bring, no more, no less. She didn't have anything that wasn't in her bag with her, or in her truck. She bought a lot of 'random crates', but most of what she got from those were traded or sold. It was tricky sometimes to figure out what to do with say thirteen metric tons of Hydrogen Sulfide, but that was part of the fun. So she followed Kamiya-heisho to get the armor that they would be using.
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest" Receiving Pad

"Riiiiight, Face!! File from the left, column left!! ... March!" Hansen belted out as the trainees begun peeling away from the formation, 1 column of 20 individuals at a time. Most continued following Kamiya-heisho as she lead the long line of individuals into the building. The interior was very typical for a Yamataian designed building, clean and grey being the fundamental color of the corridors.

"The Nest" Interior: "Those that saw the packing list"

A massive courtyard could be see through the transparent duranium windows that lined the left side of the corridor. Besides being very spartan in the lack of greenery, there were two main features that seemed to stand out. Near the main entrance of the building and in front of the main administration office, a large brass bell could be seen.

Anyone that had no prior knowledge about the school would be left clueless as to the purpose of such an antiqued piece of equipment was there. But for those that did get preparation, they knew all to well what the "I'm not Giretsu Material" Bell truly meant. The other thing that stood out were the huge weights "of misery" and a platform next to them that were opposite of the bell.

"Column halt!" Kamiya said once they arrived at the large armored doors of the Power Armor Bay. "One at a time you will report to the Unit Supply Clerk your information. She will then assign you to a MCAS alcove. Your MCAS can be attached to a VCS instance that will be used for non-field training exercises. Starting now, you all have 4 hours to familiarize yourself with the MCAS and it's technical manual. You will be responsible for the maintenance of your suit." she said before pausing. "Unless there are any questions, get on with it."

"The Nest" Interior: "No Duffel Bag Crew"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the compound, the routine issuance of gear commence almost at the same time. In an assembly line fashion, rows of very bored unit supply specialists could be seen manning their "precious cargo" of clothing and gear.

First handed a new duffel bag to store the gear, each trainee was greeted with "Size!?" before something was chucked at them to catch and promptly put into their duffel bag. Moving too slow tended to get a collection of stares from the Unit Supply Specialists and Ryu-heisho watching them from the entrance.

The Unit Supply Specialist in charge of the toiletry kit was the exception. She seemed to give a genuine smile before she chucked the kit at the hopefully distracted trainee with more force then the others. She would just keep smiling at them should they fumble or miss the catch all together.

Once they were done collecting their items, Ryu-Heisho "weighed" the bag to make sure. "You issue is complete. Follow the signage to the Power Armor Bay and walk with haste to the line."
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest" Receiving Pad

Frank stood rigid as he listened to the rules and regs of the place where he'd be spending the next 8 weeks of his life. Already frank could feel the soreness coming on and he hasnt even started training yet! Letting out a low breath as he didnt want to sight too loudly Frank knew deep down that this was going to be a long day. martching in the single 20 recruit colum till he made hisway into the Nest interrior.

"The Nest" Interior: "Those that saw the packing list"

While inside "The Nest" Frank couldnt help but think to himself. <Am I still in Yam space or back in psychopomp training?> being brought out of his thoughts as the colum came to a halt and waited his turn to enter the power armor bay and report to the Unit Supply Clerk.
"The Nest" Interior: "Those that saw the packing list"

Sanda took in the compound at a glance, though her eyes lingered a moment on the huge weights "of misery". When it came her turn she quickly gave her information to the supply specialist and was assigned MCAS alcove #21. She was also given a thick manual with all the technical details about the MCAS. Sanda quickly moved to her assigned alcove and took a look at her suit. ¿Así que eres mi traje? Creo que nos vamos a llevar bien.

Sanda did a visual inspection of her suit. Some of it looked familiar as it was modeled after the Daisy but some of it looked older. She made some mental notes to look up specifically the parts she didn't immediately recognize in her manual. After tinkering and examining her suit for about 20 mins, Sanda finally opened the manual. She frowned at the complex diagrams and super small print. It would take her days to read and study this thing and she only had hours. She decided to start in the sections that she wasn't familiar with, as well as the more basic maintenance. The things that looked like would be an easy repair in the field. As a Ranger, she had been trained to make basic repairs and keep things running even if it was just a temporary fix. She took a few pictures with her cyborg eye of detailed diagrams that she could pull up later to refer to.

Finally Sanda decided that the best way to become familiar with her suit was to just put the damn thing on. The Heisho had said to familiarize herself with the suit. After a quick check of the manual she figured out how to get into it and power it on. She synced the suit with her neural interface then ran though the checklist making sure everything was operational. It felt quite similar to her Daisy, which she was very thankful for. She even pulled out her blade and ran through a few knife drills, so she could really get a feel for the suit. That gave her some good data to refer to. There wasn't much room inside with all the other trainees and their MCAS so Sanda moved outside. There was much more room to move out there.

Sanda ran some more knife drills, faster and more complex. The suit responded well, but felt a might sluggish when moving to the right. She stopped and checked her manual. After a bit of searching she found where to make the adjustments. That fixed the problem. Satisfied with her suits performance, Sanda headed back inside and got out of her suit. It looked like she still had at least an hour left so she sat down next to her suit and began to read through the manual. A lot of it made more sense to her since she had spent some time in it and now knew what the manual was referring to.
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"The Nest" Interior: Power Armor Bay

For the last few hours, the trainees have been hard at work to gaining an understanding with their rather rare M10 Modular Combat Armor Systems. A number took the advice to familiarize themselves with the provided technical manual. Other less scholastic trainees decided to go a more direct route and don the armor system to get hands on experience as they connected to the shared simulation. While there were some of the trainees helping each other in their studies, most of them continued to act on their own.

Kamiya-heisho watched them from above in their shared office with a one way window looking into the bay. She then looked over towards the journalists documenting the trainees' activities. One journalist along with her FARS drone walked up to Sanda, noting the Ranger Regimental patch and shoved a small microphone into a comfortable distance from Sanda's face. "With Class 27 beginning, why did you decide to become Giretsu?"

"The Nest" Interior: Central Issue Facility

The first Unit Supply Clerk professionally, but quickly shoved a Star Army Duffel Bag into Frank's waiting arms. "Good luck and welcome to the School of Advanced Infantry Combat. Quickly step up to the next station that becomes available and report back to your instructor once you have been issued from each one." she said for the 10th time in a row. Looking at the how the facility was organized, instead of one steady line, the school opted to have a "first-come-first-served" scheme to test the trainees' attention to details.

This became evident when a tall ice blue neko came up to Ryu-heisho for the final check. Dumping out her duffel bag to be inspected, Ryu-heisho simply and quietly grabbed one of her new (that she had never worn) panties and fling-ed it in the direction of the toiletries station. "Try again Kenshūsei." he said in a disappointed voice. As she walked off to grab the stray undergarment and entered the line, he started to return what she did have into her duffel bag.
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"The Nest" Interior: Power Armor Bay

Yayoi was silent no sound came from her, but her mouth moved a little as she read the manual. She couldn’t help but think of her sister, Kiyo whom she recalled immediately went into the Mindy when they were introduced to it after they were created. She smiled as she recalled how excited her blue-skinned and red-eyed sister had been. Now finished with the book, she immediately donned the armor and thought of the attachments as she did so. She remembered a recent picture her sister had sent, Kiyo had preferred to weaponize the Mindy out the wazoo, and she began wondering if she should be doing the same thing with this new armor. Her ears picked up on the journalist’s words and saw she had chosen to talk to Sanda. The Heterochromia-eyed Neko refocused her attention back to the armor.
"The Nest" Interior: Power Armor Bay

Sanda was deep in technical jargon when one of the journalist was suddenly in front of her asking her questions. Sanda's first instinct was to swat the microphone away tell the journalist to mind her own damn business. The tattooed woman eyed the other woman a moment then simply said, "I wanted those cherry blossoms." Sanda turned and was going to walk away when she stopped and really thought about it. Now was not the time for the tough girl act or Nepleslian bravo. Taking a deep breath she turned back to the journalist. "I was a pretty rebellious kid and I was heading for big trouble. A Joto Heisho stepped in when I was on the verge of making the biggest mistake of my life. He challenged me to enlist. The Star Army taught me discipline and purpose. The chance to make a difference in the galaxy instead of just feeling sorry for myself. I discovered a real love and natural talent for stealth and close combat. That's why I specialized with the Rangers after basic. Since then I keep pushing myself to be a better soldier. A better fighter. During my current posting, I discovered that I was sorely lacking in space combat and tactics. The Giretsu's are the best at that and I want to push myself to be the best I can be."
"The Nest" Interior: Power Armor Bay

Cheilith for her part sorted through the parts of the M10. She didn't remember a thing about M10s anywhere in service. So downloading a technical manual, she got to work. Her movements felt a bit mechanical, as downloading the skill was a lot more like reading out of a book. She wouldn't very good unless she practiced. She started by putting the suit together and then taking it apart again. All by the book as she started to notice the similarities between the M10 and other suits of powered armor she had worn. Putting it together again, she felt like she could rely on the book until her own skill caught up.

Finally donning the powered armor, it fit her like a glove. There wren't many advantages to being a completely average Neko. However, from the complaints she had head from her companions, everything fitting just right on the first try was one of them. With the powered armor on, she started through a mobility routine, testing how the suit reacted to her. She was used to the knife's edge balance of a Mindy, not the more deliberate feel of a Daisy. Her M10 tried to strike a balance, leading to something that didn't feel quite right no matter how she framed it.

She wondered how she might answer the question, 'because everyone else was' wasn't the best answer. Give that answer, and even if she didn't wash out, she'd be a poster child for 'improperly motivated recruit'. She wanted to be a Giretsu, she wanted to help her teammates, she didn't want to fail. If she failed out, she wouldn't be returning to the Resurgance. She didn't know if she could bear that. She wasn't going to fail out, that much was sure.