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RP Banzai!: Training House - Week 1

Delmira had moved through the line to get her duffle and other gear. She surprised the neko handing well tossing toiletries when she caught hers with her tail. She was showing her talent to keep up with multiple conversations at once. The short neko walked with her duffle to the power armor bay where she donned her M10 right away getting a feel for the armor that fit her like a glove despite her height.

Delmira did pick up the manual and started to read it, testing out the armor as she read what it could do and how to operate it. Delmira was eager to get out and test the armor to its limits. She had a plan to do some basic exercises in the M10 stuff one did inside of power armor to help get accustomed to it if there was time before she had to continue with her tasks set about by the trainers. Her tail betrayed her excitement as it usually did, swaying behind her in its armored sheath.
Frank would give a quick nod as he moved to the next station trying not to let his mind wonder on his first day he would watch the other lines before quickly stepping up to to each one to receive his provided items. In the last line he would go to being the one for the Environmental Suit it would seem its going rather slow so he let out a sigh. "Mit all den Angestellten und Ausbildern, die in der Buchhandlung stehen, würden Sie sich irren, wenn Sie glauben, dass sie alle mit Sanda zu tun haben." He said under his breath in a dialect Ty taught him a while back as hes made it halfway in the line.
After Receiving Power Armor Because She Was Prompt about Getting Her Missing Issue

Tachiko was receiving her MCAS right behind the last few Packing-List-Positive recruits, perhaps second or third to receive her extra issue. Thus, she managed to make it to the courtyard formation with her newly-issued-burden right as the instructions to become familiar with the operation and maintenance of the MCAS was given. Of course she had downloaded it immediately after submitting her packet for the training, and had it disseminated throughout her digital brain to the important bits right away. She'd even done some simulator runs using the specified loadout in one of the Mazu's volumetrics rooms, modeled on the terrain around the fort. Tachiko was just that kind of Neko. There wasn't really anything else in her life but the Star Army, and never had been. Like a cat's favorite game being a simulated hunt, the decades-old fork of the Nekovalkyrja Operating system from which her consciousness arose was highly inclined to enjoy martial training of all kinds. The Motoyoshi values she lived immersed in now reinforced it that much deeper.

And, as someone whose life had been destroyed and resumed with a gap, she owned little in the way of personal possessions, despite the wealth of her adoptive family. Her personal ship was now mostly her cousin's flying apartment. Her cabins, one among the Motoyoshi orchards on Jiyuu, the other in the wilderness of Koukotsu II, away from it's bustling resort cities, were empty except for the supplies needed to survive in them. She'd never even actually been to the latter, thanks to the constant deployment of the war, and the constant deployment of postwar exploratory patrols. She smiled, bringing up the shallow, augmented reality part of the sim as she examined her armor. Her plan to get more issue to fill her locker worked perfectly. Soon, she will "have things" like a "normal person" again.

"SHŌI and SHŌI KŌHOSEI to me, now. Any Chūi with less time than me better already be helping someone ranked Jōto Hei or below!" Tachiko was actually the only one of those she saw, so far, and she took another look around with both her eyes and sensors after sending out the wireless order to confirm it.
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"The Nest" Interior: PAB

After receiving his personal effects for his stay he quickly put everything away securely where it needed to go before reporting to the Power Armor Bay. He was the last to arrive and felt awkward at best, but did not make mention of it as he went to an empty bay and began to overlook everything. He wanted a little more input and was going to ask Frank, but could not really see him from where he was at, so he cursed under his breath. He was down on his luck it seemed, but he was far from giving up. He went over the information provided and performed routine checks before actually donning the M 10 modular power armor, the planetary model. It felt nice as he moved around in it, making sure nothing was too snug or loose. Once he was ready he stood there and waited for further instruction,
Giretsu School Main Building "The Nest"
Day 1

With inital issue completed within the the building's supply room, the trainees were finally all gathered within the power armor bay. Though they get a penalty of sorts by having less time to acquint themselves with the Star Army's rather rare Power Armor system.
The journalist seemed rather content with Sanda's answers for now. Upon seeing additional trainees entering the bay, gives the Nepleslian a nod of the head and goes over to record their responses to their questions.

Giretsu School PT Field
Day 3

The last 2 days could be described best with "How is this still the Star Army?". The stressors of regular physical training while being quized about (or actually performing) the basics of being Star Army Infantry. In addition to the usual body weight exercises typically performed, even the Nespleslians were being constantly put through an elaborate obstacle course designed to push Nekos to use every ability they possessed to the max.

Lacking the ability the fly, non-Nekos typically had to great heights at high speeds if they were to make it within the wildly varied deadlines. Failing always resulted in being thrown right back in. Out of the instructors, Ryu-heisho seemed to give the longest time. While Kamiya-heisho often would tag along with any non-Neko.

"Boy, I am sure you really wished you had chosen the superior body now. Isn't that right trainee?" she would say, floating with her legs/arms crossed and keeping pace with anyone scaling one of the higher obstacles. "Well your stuck with that for now. Wait, you are slowing. I thought you Nepleslians were a prideful people... Get up my wall or get off!!"

As instructed during their evening orientation before their 4 hour sleep session from 0100 to 0500, if a trainee wishes to exit the program early they must walk to the very public and visible brass bell located within the inner PT field that also served as the courtyard for the cadre. After ringing the bell three times for each Sakura blossom (Duty, Honor, and Resilience) they failed to gather, they place the helmet of their MCAS (with their student number between 2 and 101) in front of the bell. Students 5, 98, 73, 44, and 32 had already completed their transition back to regular Star Army service.

The squad (3rd Squad, 4th platoon) consisting of Sanda, Frank, Tachiko, Yayoi, Delmira, Zanven, Cheilith, and 3 other Nepleslian trainees were presently waiting for their turn on the obstacle course. To "warm up", all ten were presently holding up a solid plastic lined pole over their heads designed to tire out Nekos rather quickly. For now two Nekos were standing to the front and rear of the pole, but occasionally squad members were ordered to shift their positions.

One Nepleslian, a dark skinned man seemed to be at failure point with sweat pouring down his face. Homma-heisho was currently watching him, just waiting for the right moment to reset the count. "58..., 57..., 56..." Homma-heisho said, counting down until they can put it down.
Giretsu School PT Field
Day 3

Sanda was standing third from end. Her arms were beginning to ache and she could feel beads of sweat forming on her head. The desire to wipe her brow was worse than the desire to put the heavy weight down. It was only day three after all. Yes it felt like basic training all over again, but Sanda understood why they were doing it. Discipline, teamwork and resilience. Why would they waist their time teaching them if they weren't going to be serious about it. It was an excellent way to weed out those who were not 100% committed. That didn't make the PT any easier, but it did help with the mind and that had been Akira's big advice.

Sanda was right beside the dark skinned Nep who the Heisho was eyeing. She could feel the tension in the man. Every couple of breaths she could feel him try to adjust his grip which was sending small vibrations through the pole. It felt like the man was close to breaking. Sanda carefully wet her lips with her tongue. Keeping her breathing steady so as not to shake the pole she said calmly and just loud enough for the man to hear her. "Remember it's a mind game. Breathe Stick with it. Breathe There are 9 other people holding this up with you. Breathe We've got your back. Breathe Just a little bit longer."

Sanda glanced up at the pole and took another breath. There was also the temptation to lock her cybernetic arm in place and let the weight just rest on it. But at the start of the training, Sanda had calibrated her arm so that it wasn't any stronger than her other one. She often did this when working out but now it was even more important to not be relaying on her cybernetics.
Giretsu School PT Field

Tachiko observed the points where Neko and Nepleslian alike had troubles with the course, and the behaviors of the trainers, even as she was down on her back under the weight of the pole. "Everyone," she sent out the wireless signal, "Slowest Neko in first, goes the farthest to the assigned spaces. I'm sending over marked up visual captures of the course with an initial plan. Everyone review and comment with your suggestions." The visuals were marked up with places a Neko or Minkan could position themselves to help out, sacrificing their individual times to lower their squad's overall time.

As a Nekovalkyrja, her stamina wasn't endless, but that's not what was being tested here for her kind. She quickly shuffled her hand over towards the Nepleslians closest to her, until they touched, taking a little weight off of them, and sent a quick wireless urge to do the same to the rest of the synthetics in the row. Then, as she looked to her left and right, she noticed Sanda-Hei and tapped into the wireless diagnostics. "Soldier- why is your augmentation's power output lowered? If you have it, use it to help your teammates. No guns out of the fight!"
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Giretsu School PT Field
Day 3

If there was one thing Yayoi could say, it was that she wasn’t a quitter. She didn’t think this was something impossible on Day one, but she still fought and kept up as much as she was able to as the days passed. She had noticed that some have chosen to quit training, some of those were Nepsleslians which caused her concern for a moment, but she felt she needn't do so. Sanda can kick the training's butt she was sure of it. She was able to vault the walls easily enough, but she didn’t quit, she refused to quit. The honor of her family, and ship called for it so she did her part she kept going. Now, though, along with the others, he held the pole up, using teamwork to do so, but she felt the strain on her arms but still, she refused to kick. This is the most of the training? Pfft, this is nothing! She thought to herself before she received the telepathic message from Tachiko.

She reviewed what she was showing, but she chose not to comment. Already she could feel some of the others carefully moving, causing her to worry about the pole being held up.
Giretsu School PT Field
Day 3

Cheilith could feel her muscles straining as she lifted the pole from the frontmost position. She listened to Tachiko's plan, nodding slightly in agreement. She also eyed the bell, it wasn't temping, yet. She couldn't stand the thought of her fellow members of the Star Army seeing her fail like that. She wasn't going to give up, not today. However, even as she looked forward, the image of the bell still stood there in her mind.

"Don't give up, we are unconquerable together." Cheilith encouraged her teammate.
Delmira sowre in Yamataian as she floated there holding up the bar she had to not only match and adequate height but she had to regulate herself to not take more of the bar than she could handle. So she settled for not only floating but using her gravity generator to help her and hopefully her teammates. She had to regulate her own stamina using both her abilities.
Zanven stood there, it had been a bit since they were assigned to hold up the bar and he was starting to feel it. Yet he was in one of the (previously mentioned open) spots and felt pressure as multiple teams had dropped out of the program due to their failures. He was not going to fail here...he needed this, to feel as if he was apart of the crew properly he would feel the sweat beading up and streaming down his face as he looked to his other members assigned to the team. "We...we've got this...keep it up everyone!" He said as he breathed out hard, feeling some vibration in his muscles as he knew it was starting to really wear.
Day 3

With his muscles straining he would breath in wait and breath out. noticing the Nepleslian about at the failure point frank would pipe up. "Dont drop the log man, dont make the neps look weak we do this together or we fail together theres no middle ground. stick with it were all here with you man." Frank said trying to feed into the Nepleslian moral and give him the moral push. "weve made it this far we may not have the neko's body type but we can do this we can prove to them that we dont need those bodys to complete this." he says attempting to pump himself up as well to keep up the log.
Day 3 PT Field

Frank's and Sanda's words of encouragement hit the spot as the young man tapped into his ancient ID-SOL ancestors. Breathing in and out for a few seconds, he screamed out a primal rage of "Aethersperm!!!" as lifted. The other two Nepleslians, a shorter Italian-heritage man and a tall Red-haired woman joined in the primal rage. They did not seem to care what they Yamataians would think of it at the moment.

The increase of communication between the squad members and rapidly adjusting personnel to compensate for gaps in abilities was the intended goal of this teamwork exercise. For all the calls that it should be ended, it is a convenient tool to teach that there is no I in team. Homma-heisho looked amused in an evil sort of way as she continued counting, deliberately slowly ever so slightly in the counts.

"30, 29, 28..."

"Good, they might just be ready for the next stage." she thought to herself. Hansen-heisho had been on her case that she was taking forever to provide the list of potential squad leaders to rotate. Even though this was Kamiya-heisho's platoon, she was the one assigned the task.

She then looked over towards Yayoi and Tachiko. It was clear that the officer was providing leadership for the squad, but it was making it a bit difficult to assess leadership capabilities from the rest of them. As the Third Battle of Nataria proved to the now disbanded Giretsu Century of the 75th Legion, any Giretsu needs to be able to take the mantle of leadership at a moment's notice.

"10, 9, 8..."
Giretsu School PT Field
Day 3

Sanda closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. Sweat was dripping down her head and into her eyes. When Tachiko sent her wireless message about analyzing the obstacle course and give suggestions, Sanda sent, Si, Cállate. Then turned off her wireless communication.

That was a pretty good indication that Sanda was struggling more than she liked to admit it. She always stride to be the best soldier in any group she was in. She did her utmost to keep her Nepleslian attitude in check. However it was all she could do to keep the log above her head. Worse, she was completely depended on the others as well. Sanda preferred to fight alone. That was just her personality. When she first joined the SA, she had learned how to work as a team, but her preference to work alone was a constant fight.

When the Nep in front of her yelled out "Aethersperm!" Sanda managed a smile. ¡Esperma del éter! She muttered.
Tachiko locked her arms as the countdown began to finish its last few seconds. If she had to hold the whole thing up, she was determined to do so. Having plenty of others beside her doing the same thing meant it was going to go the right way. Her Tennyo body was weaker than the NH-17 she once was, but the same will moved it. The cry of Aethersperm, made the corners of her face twitch in a smile that she tried her best to not let crack across her face, lest laughter endangered her effort to keep the log up. She was old enough to remember when they were new, and was somewhat surprised when she'd learned they were still around. Yamatai and Nepleslia were not different nations, in her earliest memories, after all.
"Right shoulder starting position... move." Homma-heisho commanded. The Nepleslians groaned a bit as their blasted arms did their best to not drop the metal log as they together moved log to their shoulder. She walked up to Sanda and looked her over for a moment, then she looked over towards Tachiko.

"Ladies and not ladies, what is the most important aspect of the Star Army of Yamatai?" Homma asked as she started to walk very slowly on their right side.

"Our ability to dominate those that dare harm our empire!" one of the Nepleslians yelled out in response.

"Wrong trainee!! We just happen to have the bigger gun than most. You can train an Elysian Plebian to do that. No, it is teamwork and loyalty. Not just to the Empire, but more so to the poor bloke and lass down with you in the mud. Be so loyal that you desire to not just know the strengths of your fellow team member, but also their weaknesses so that their suffering is limited." she continued walking slowly around them.

She then again stopped and looked a Sanda. "If you have the ability to shore up the weakness of a comrade, do it! Unless an officer commands you to reserve yourself, you should be moving with such speed, tenacity, and ability that your foes dear not wish to fight you!!!!" she said, screaming loudly and popping the words tenacity, speed, and ability. While she was not directly screaming at Sanda as she flailed her arms about to add to the dramatic flair, it was definitely directed towards her a bit more than the rest of the squad.

She then looked over towards Tachiko and pointed a finger gun towards the officer.

"Because you were lounging around ladies, the enemy was about to set up an ambush on you! Bang!! You are now severely wounded. Get out of here!!!" she said, pointing them towards the obstacle course.
Blinking for a moment at the Cadre, having just got the log up on her shoulder, Tachiko hesitated only a moment. "Oh." She understood, then flopped limply to the ground, leaving the trainees in front and behind to feel the effects of her dropping out of supporting the log before anyone else could notice.

She just lay there, unmoving, staring up at the log above.
Yayoi listened as the instructor spoke to them. Though she also found her anger rising as she began screaming at Sanda. The Neko forced herself to control it, and found herself using the techniques she learned back in the resistance, that allowed her to control her emotions. Though the thought of beating the ever-loving crap out of the instructor pleased her, she knew it wouldn’t be proper. Plus, she knew Sanda was strong, she could handle it. She shifted the log to her right shoulder, but then she had a complication, when Tachiko suddenly fell. Don’t tell me, she’s giving up? No, wait.. the instructor pointed her fingers at her, she’s dead crap She grunted as she forced herself to immediately adjust the log so that she could carry it as she moved forward, and then kept a hold over it as she dipped, to pick up Tachiko, and get her either on the log or over her shoulders as she had seen the other trainees do.
Sanda kept her eyes straight ahead and her face impassionate as the instructor lectured the squad. She could feel the instructor's words particularly ripping her. Sanda had set her bionic arm to normal strength so that she wouldn't become too dependent on her enhanced strength but also to allow her to feel what the non augmented members of her team were feeling. A fine approach in theory, but as the instructor was trying to get across, you needed to always give your all. If you didn't give your all in training, how would you give your all in combat. That was an approach that Sanda usually took in training so she wasn't sure why she thought handicapping herself was a good idea.

Sanda was so relieved when the order came to drop the log that she almost missed the fact that because of the groups slower time, one of their number was wounded. "Miércoles!" Despite the burning in her arms Sanda knew they couldn't relax. She was relieved to see that Yayoi responded so quickly and had scooped up Tachiko. Trust Blade to be on top of it. "Move it people." Sanda admonished as she pushed one of the other Neps towards the obstacle course.

Though she had made a mistake that cost the team, Sanda was not about to sulk about it. She would learn from her mistake and keep going. She eyed the obstacle course as she moved closer towards it. Even though Tachiko couldn't be very heavy and Sanda could probably do the whole course with her on her shoulder, her time would be terrible. Besides, that wasn't the point. The point was working as a team.

Sanda let her right arm hang limp for a moment while it recalibrated and reset to enhanced strength. She looked at Yayoi, the one she trusted the most. "Blade, you and Del scout ahead, Like Tachiko said earlier, you Neko's can hover. Find difficult points where we Neps might need help. The rest of us will rotate carrying her. Every other obstacle we'll switch." Sanda took Tachiko from Yayoi. She had been right. The neko was very light. "Keep your eyes open as well." Sanda added as Yayoi and Del prepared to move out. "I can't imagine this being a simple obstacle course."
Zanven was still near the back due to his position near Frank, but he was without a thing to do other than to keep quiet and continue to do as the others had instructed. He was tired of being a second fiddle, and they had to perform an obstacle course and rotate with a man down. This was insane, but he understood the necessity for it. He breathed heavy for a moment but kept his composure as he continued to move with the group. He would not fail here, not after lasting this long through all of this, it could only help him out in the future.