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Members of the Star Army Community,

On behalf of Star Army, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to friends and family on the tragic loss of one of our own. Yesterday morning we received word that @Cecily has passed away due to a medical emergency.

According to her partner, she was found unresponsive at home and was transported to the hospital but did not survive. This heartbreaking news came as a sudden and unexpected shock. The cause of death is unknown to me and local authorities are working on determining it. It was known that she had some preexisting health concerns.

Cecily joined Star Army in November 2021 around the time Andrew returned. She was recruited by @Yuuki. During her time here with us, she roleplayed primarily in the Bastion of Winter plot and in Open RP, and she hung out with us on the Star Army Discord. She was a cool person and a fun roleplayer. Like most SARPers she was very creative. I am grateful she was part of our community. It feels too soon to have to say goodbye. She will be missed.