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RP Chapter 1: Of Air and Water

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Sudran in System Azorea
Muna 29, 942
14:00, Commonwealth Standard Time

There was a silence only permeated by the sound of rain drops being flung against the outside of the building as Aaki Loleth rubbed her finger against the armrest of the seat she was in. The room had an edge of chrome to every surface, it seemed. The leather of the chairs and sole sofa was muted grey and the plush rug was a different saturation of silver than the rest of the room. There were three chairs in all. Two on one side of the metallic, thin desk and one on the other side, which Aaki inhabited. Behind her was a bookshelf, set of drawers, and filing cabinet all curved to follow the shape of the large room.

Water splashed against the ARTC windows that curved upward from the floor of the room, which was shaped like a bulbed dome with panels of ARTC on all sides. There was no door to the room, just a central cylindrical elevator that led both up and down whose top was wrapped by a light that would turn on to signify an arrival and had a bell tone to go with it. No matter which way an occupant of the room looked, they would see a few scattered superstructures with stacked sphere levels much like this one that ascended from the quasi-ground of Kyopelinvuori— Kyope for short. The windowed spheres of the other buildings looked distant and lacked clarity, but the rain drops that had found their place on the ARTC were sharply detailed and easy to focus on.

There were other superstructures to be seen, both far and near. Some rose up as if they were violin bows, but instead of a simple stick on one side, there were intricate inlays and cutouts that made up the buildings. Others, still, rose up like tiered pages of a book that ripple outwards and inwards. Some were giant and some less so, but all had an elaborateness to them in more ways than were typical.

They dwarfed ovular double or single story buildings, girthy and low-lying dome structures, and even stalls or carts with wide cerocrete umbrellas. Save for the stalls, carts, and single story buildings, every building was connected on the second level by ARTC windowed tunnels that served as bridges from building to building to save the residents from the perpetual rain that wracked Sudran.

The Azorean water world's floating city of Kyope was one for the Iromakuanhe and other races to visit and make homes in, starting very recently. Aaki Loleth was an Iromakuanhe diplomat from the Conclave and leading member of the party of diplomats sent to Azorean space to fraternize with races they had little knowledge of.

The rest of those sent had even less knowledge about their intentions and goals and were less than likely to have the information she had been given in order to know anything other than where and when to meet her to find out more.

She expected her assistant, Mahsa Karim, and her right hand man, Zamir Tabet, to arrive at any moment. Having no assistant for a few weeks since an unfortunate accident had befallen her previous one, she had done a poor job of booking the appointments with the diplomat and assistant in the same time frame. She hoped one would arrive before the other and that they would have a chance to acquaint themselves for the first time with one another before the second showed.

Aaki was turned away from the central elevator and continued to rub the point of the armrest that her finger was positioned on as she looked at the speckling of the raindrops on the window, deep in thought.
Streets of Kyopelinvuori

A dark skinned Hlaraian woman made her way through the streets at a brisk pace, it was obvious she was in a hurry, but it did not show on her expression, in fact she seemed to be enjoying herself. The freckled woman with dark skin and hair was wearing a poncho to protect from the rain, but it was thin so she could feel the droplets. She would have just gone naked and put her clothes away till she arrived at the meeting location, but public nudity wasn't as acceptable here and she had to keep her clothes presentable for the meeting, so an extra layer was needed.

It was true that Mahsa was late, but it was not something that could be helped, when she was having trouble where to go, the man that helped her only spoke Azorean, a language she was still trying to get a complete grasp of, so it took some time to convey her meaning to him. But she had gotten the location and was only a few blocks away as she pactically skipped through the rain.

Inside the elevator

Mahsa adjusted her clothes on the way up. She was wearing a brightly colored knee length frilled skirt with a matching three-quarter sleeve top, the fabric of both was rather thin though and didn't hamper the sense of touch much. Because this though her figure was easy to see, but she did not feel embarrassed about it, after all she had waned to walk around in the nude any way.

Once the elevator stopped she stepped out into the room with Aaki. "Hello, Aaki Loleth?"
Aaki's Office

"Dreamer's greetings," Aaki said after she had turned in her chair to face the Hlaraian. She took in the woman's beautiful complexion of skin and hue of dark hair that had subtle blue tones to it. She couldn't see the freckled face well, as she was at a distance to Aaki and the diplomat ushered her forward with a simultaneous smile and hand gesture of moving her fingers as a unit like a crashing wave on her open palm.

"You are just on time," Aaki lied, then went on. "I hope you have found yourself comfortable on a planet far from our own white hot star." The statement was more of a question, though she had more to say, "Please, take a seat."
Aaki's office

Mahsa stepped into the office when given the go ahead and sat down with a smile. At this distance Aaki could clearly see her face and her smooth skin that was very well taken care of. "Oh yes, this planet is beautiful, I wasn't sure about it when I heard it rained all the time, but that has its own charm." She pressed her fingers together with a delighted expression. "Though the native language is even more difficult in person than it is when studying."
Aaki's Office

Nodding in understanding, Aaki said, "I'm glad to hear it, Mahsa. May I call you that, or do you prefer your last name, Karim? Will you sit in on my next meeting with a diplomatic man I have yet to meet named Zamir Tabet?"
Aaki's office

Mahsa's smile widened when she heard Aaki call her by her first name, she waited until she finished speaking, but it was obvious she was excited. "Yes Ms. Loleth, it's fine if you address me by Mahsa, even Mah is fine. As for your meeting with Mr. Tabet, I can sit in on it, but I am afraid I do not know much about politics, just people. I'd only be able to judge his character, not his ability."
Aaki's Office

She smiled, pleased both inside and out, "That is all I need from you. I understand politics enough for the both of us. Because of that, I don't have a habit of trusting people at face value. That makes me quite biased. I'd like you to be the person I can lean on the most to know just who is trustworthy or not worth their weight in sand. I can only assume you can do that for me. Let's wait for this Zamir Tabet and see how that goes, Mah."

When she said her name like that, short and abrupt but cute and clever, as well, a wider smile flashed at the corners of her lips. Her smile diminished only after she had said the Hlaraian's name, at which point she looked quite content to now lay in wait.
Aaki's Office

Speak of the devil, and he doth appear. The light above Aaki's elevator tube shone brightly, indicating the arrival of a new guest.
As the doors slid open, a tall, lightly muscular figure of a man stepped out. He wore a dark red coat of sorts, looking almost like the fanciest bathrobe you ever did see. In addition, he wore dark tan pants, with slick black leather shoes, that came almost to a point. Their face was chiseled, with almost chalk white skin, two bright yellow eyes nestled into place to either side of a sharp nose. Atop his head was a small cut of dark red hair, slicked back between two dark brown horns. The horns jutted backwards in an odd fashion, which could make one question whether they're naturally that shape or not.

The man, Zamir Tabet, stepped out of the elevator, speaking warmly. "Aaaah, Madame Loleth; You' look as lovely as ever."
One wouldn't expect a Mazerinii to be quite as charismatic, but he spoke fondly of Aaki. He must hav3 an agenda.
Aaki's Office

Mahsa smiled widely when she heard her shortened name from Aaki, it looked like things were already off to a good start. However, before they could get too friendly there was business that needed to be handled, and it wasn't something that could just be brushed off it was about long term partners after all.

When the lights shone above the elevator, Mahsa stood up and moved around the desk. She knew that she shouldn't be sitting on the same side as the prospect, but she didn't feel right sitting on other side as if she was above him, so she simply stood.

The dark skinned Hlaraian looked between the two conclave members, they were both beautiful people, but they were politicians too. They were the sort of people that Mahsa got into this this kind of business to help, but they were also the kind of people that had a lot under the surface. She would have to treat this like accepting a new client and make sure she didn't overlook anything.
Aaki's Office

Aaki, too, stood and spoke at length, "Zamir Tabet, dreamer's greetings. You know, Muna the Nomad says that the sun and danger rarely come from different directions. If that is true, then no danger will meet us here as there is no sun that can make it past the stormcloouds. That is something that struck me as I waited for you. Our dreams, though, will likely be the ones to shine on us in this foreign place we find ourselves in. Have you enjoyed yourself so far on Sudran?"
Zamir entered the office fully, giving a respectful gesture to both Aaki and her silent assistant. He brushed the lapels of his robe, responding cooly. "Ah, yes. Though, I've sometimes found trouble may follow you anywhere, should you let it." Zamir wasn't quite as dreamy in philosophy as Aaki, but he was willing to see past that.
"My apologies for running late this fine afternoon. My morning commute was quite messy."
He paused for a moment, reflecting on her questions. He couldn't dodge it much longer, and it sank into his mind.
"It's been an adjustment. Had I not taken the time to prepare before the move, I'd be miserable. The weather is strong and the sun stronger."
Zamir, poor man, had such light skin to preserve. It had already begun to tan.

He took his seat on the visitor's side of the desk, waiting for Aaki to take hers.
Aaki's Office

The rain rapped at the window as they talked and Aaki sat down after Zamir had done so, himself.

"Zamir Tabet, meet Mahsa Karim, my assistant. Mahsa," Aaki said, deciding against using the Hlaraian's nickname in front of formal company. "Would you take a seat, as well? Let's begin. We're at a point, politically, in which we find ourselves on a galactic frontier of sorts. We know nothing of those we deal with and they know nothing of us. We are to represent the Iromakuanhe better than we even thought possible. This means speaking for the people and not for ourselves. I am sure we can do that, as it is what we have designed our lives around.

"What will be difficult is being sure that those businessmen, civilians, and the like behave themselves, as well. I want you to have an ear to the ground as far as they go, Zamir Tabet.

"Matters of policy and foreign interest will be something we will both have a hand in, that is for sure. You will have an office directly below mine, please make yourself at home there. But I want you to make the streets your secondary office. Is that something that you will find pleasing to you, or should I re-evaluate where I have placed you in the grand scheme of Kyope?"
Aaki's office

Mahsa bowed softly when she was introduced, smiling to Zamir. "Dreamer's greetings Mr.Tabet." At Aaki's words, Mahsa then sat down, right beside Zamir. The slender woman had a rather straight sitting posture, easily seen through her near form fitting shirt. She was too far for Aaki to really notice, but sitting right next to Zamir, the faint scent of flowers, traditional ones used in Dream Consort perfume.

She would stay silent normally, but since she was sitting right beside Zamir, she did not want to weird him out too much so she decided to speak some so she wasn't just a statue. "With all the rain here, I wasn't sure I'd see any Eyr Ranr." SHe looked to Aaki with a smile "But gladly I was wrong."
Aaki's Office

Zamir returned Maha's greeting with a nod, "And to you." He seemed to have an odd air about him, as if more uptight than he appeared. His face showed a slight sign of censure, before internally shaking it off. He set his sights back on to Aaki, crossing one leg over the other.

"I thank you for your hospitality, Madame Loleth. Keeping an ear on the streets will be no challenge, Madame, I can assure that. I'm a night owl." He leaned back in his seat, uncrossing his leg after a moment of thought, he confidently reassured the fellow Conclave member. 'The needs of our great people is in my best interest, and I know we both look to the future."
Aaki's Office

"But of course. Now, to the issues of policy. We are tasked with both being figures representing the Iromakuanhe people as well as members of the Conclave that, as you and I both know, are relied on in their own ways. What position do you take when it comes to expansionism and claims of territory? Do you agree with our military presence seeking and destroying diaspora nations? Where do you see the Iromakuanhe people in the galactic sphere that we are involved in presently?

"I am asking for the future, there is nothing of importance pertaining to these questions on my desk, as of right now. But I would like to know your stances."

Aaki had been to the point and, yet, long winded in her questioning and explanation. But she wanted to get to know Zamir in more ways than one. As well as that, she hoped her questions would shed some light on herself and her needs from him, as well.
Aaki's Office

Zamir listened and responded coolly to the questioning from Aaki, looking her in the eyes. "I don't think destruction is the word I'd support. I'd prefer deconstruct. Integrate these rogue dispora colonies back into our galactic presence, and then deal with whatever heads may pop up to show trouble. I'm confident our military can do a fine job of that, without making ourselves an enemy to the general welfare."

After a moment, Zamir came back with a question of his own.
"And what are your stances, madame? You don't quite strike me as a military-forward woman."
Aaki's Office

Hearing all that she needed to hear, Aaki placed her hands on the desk and clasped them in front of her, then spoke slowly, yet at length.

"Well, I'm not an isolationist, or I wouldn't be here. I'm not a military-forward woman, either. I am not an expansionist, either, as I don't adhere to that sliver of a clade, but am more so one to be considered a progressive. My stance does not speak of my person fully, though."

She unclasped her hands and brought them down to press her hand-made dress' skirt out evenly against her thighs. She brought her fingers to the hem and clasped it with just her fingertips, then released it. For that brief moment, she had let her austere demeanor slip, but soon brought her hands together again, this time in her lap.

"What do you do when these diaspora nations lash out at the hand that tries to feed them? Even before we can bring them back into the fold, they attack and resist. That is not the way you treat a mother nation. The Commonwealth is here to be what the Iromakuanhe people need and want. Not to be attacked and potentially deconstructed! Albeit impossible to do so, the New Veyrin Republic would like to try! We do not want to look to be the ones needing deconstruction from the diaspora's point of view."
"Undoubtedly, someone along the line would cause trouble. We'd be presented with good options at that point, present more direct force, or put them in a bubble. I find either way, the stress will be enough to convince them to join the Commonwealth."
Zamir leaned back in his chair. "Care, care. Even military actions take a game of care and precision on these matters. Do you not agree?"
Aaki's Office

"Speaking of military, I have another appointment soon. Would you like to sit in and contribute to a conversation with a Nepleslian senator, Zamir Tabet?" Aaki asked of the Iromakuanhe man.

She was interested to see the additions he could make. On top of that, she wanted the two to get to know each other on a level that would foster both development between the two nations as well as between the men, themselves. There would come times when they needed to strategize and cooperate without Aaki's guidance and she wanted them fully prepared for when those times came.
Zamir leaned back in his seat, pondering on the opportunity. "I generally say three is a crowd. I wouldn't want to interrupt your meeting with the man."

"But, if you feel it would be in your best interest, I will be glad to stand and listen."
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