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RP Concluded [Companion Story] Katsuko I challenge you to fun!

Yue nodded her head as Katsuko commented on how good it was to know she was looking forward to future projects. She smiled a little as Katsuko commented how late, she sometimes got. “yup, also.. with the mandate that was put through, I have begun preparations for that as well.. I intend on waiting for Tachiko to come back. She and I are very close I want to be her partner for that.” There was some slight discomfort in her voice as if she was uncomfortable with the preparations. “Though once our child is born, it's likely there will be a change in clan position” she said.

The topic went back to Kaoru and she remembered something. “Actually, I had just remembered something, as you know Kaoru-chan went below deck where me and Akina were, and we got to talking. I’m so sorry I had forgotten! I hope I can be forgiven for that, but one thing she said was that she was a replacement, which Uncle Yaichiro and I refuted, I felt I was more of one than she was, but the big thing though.. Is that she felt you didn’t appreciate her and what she did in terms of YTP work, and military. I also think she got jealous of me too.” She said to her. As she thought of what Kaoru had said to the three of them.

The topic changed with Katsuko asking if there was anything else she wanted to do. “well.. you did promise a full body massage.. Though I am thinking that you might not want to do the kind that Tachiko-chan does. She does extra things too.” She replied, reminding her of the full body massage promise.
In hindsight, they could do that on the beach if they wanted to.
Katsuko chuckled lightly, but then said in a serious tone, "Children are great, and so is parenting until you realize that everything you thought was a constant in the universe is not." She leaned back and gave her tray a slight push, a brief eye contact with the girl who served them and she came over to clear away their trays. "I bet a few members of the clan are wondering why now? The only answer I can give is that now is simply the best time for our clan to think about the future." She got up from the table and motioned to her niece to follow, she led her back toward the door they had come in.

"I do not have a lack of appreciation for what Kaoru does, I just believe she can continue doing what she does from where she is," she said with a sigh once they were back outside, "Don't worry Yue, between you and I - I'm going to end up giving in. Just for the sake of it though, I'm going to wait until that discussion. I've taken what you've had to say to heart," she said as she wrapped her arm around her niece's shoulder. She then turned her head and looked her in the eyes, "Beach, more drinks with umbrellas, and I will get you that massage when we get back to Jiyuu-jo unless you want pictures of it showing up on YINN," she said with a big grin.
Yue listened as Katsuko chuckled, but spoke on the topic, that the kids were great, and so was parenting until she learned that everything she’d have thought was a constant in the universe was wrong. She felt her body jerk as she was slightly pushed, and had her breasts been bigger than they were they might have jiggled in the effect. Katsuko also told her the truth about why now was the time when the mandate happened. Katsuko thought that now was the time for the clan to think of the future. She thought that was an interesting thought.

Yue silently got up, and gently pulled the towel off of her butt that it was stuck to. She’d moved to join her aunt as the previous topic came back as a result of her remembering things. She’d frowned a little, but she was happy that Katsuko planned on giving in for the sake of it. She was also happy that she took what she’d said to heart, and hoped that it helped Kaoru.

Yue felt her aunt’s arm moving around her shoulders and moved closer to her, feeling the warmth and the soon to be dried body of her aunt. “sounds good to me” she said “I’d be fine with you giving me a massage there rather than here out in public.. not only pictures but there might also be questions hehehe”

Pagoda Beach, Tokyo​


Pagoda Beach was a popular destination in the 60th District of Tokyo. The name came from the line of Pagoda-styled skyscrapers that housed luxury condos along the long stretch of quartz sand beach on the Motoyoshi Channel. It had several raised piers that jetted out over the beach and over the water that had restaurants, gift shops, and other amenities for beach-goers and tourists. The beach was lined with Tokyo Coconut Palms and the pushed-back dunes were covered in beach reeds and flowering beach roses. The tranquil aquamarine color of the Motoyoshi Channel was pristine and beautiful, fitting the many postcards that it was pictured on.

Katsuko led the way with Yue close in tow behind her, her obvious first destination was one of the many tiki-style bars that line the beach. One step on the beach and she had modified her volumetric wear into an even skimpier purple bikini with swirly lace-like edges and glittery gold and silver on what little fabric there was.

"Ever since I resigned as Premier, there has been this cloud of hungry sharks trying to get their pound of flesh. They want me to respond to that Senator like they can't see the proof in action over some type of counter-slanderous nonsense," she said. "Never get into politics, Yue. You jump through hoops for people only to be thanked by being hit with some uber-righteous hammer of augmented justice," she advised as they approached the bar. It was good she didn't have an NSP with her, she would have shot the FANTASTIC media drone right out of the sky.

The little thatched palm bar was a fun little place, an upbeat tropical techno beat hummed on the radio, and bar glasses clinked as colorful bottles of liquor and spirits were served up to provide that special social lubricant. It was just Katsuko's type of place, she worked her finger up and over the hummingbird clip she used to hold her ponytail as she stared at the selection, "Rum, and hm...pineapple juice, in one of those coconut cups with the cute umbrellas," she ordered from the bartender, "...and whatever the young lady wants," Katsuko said, then transferred the KS from her account.

"A nice drink, lounge on the beach..." she paused, "...maybe a little swim later," she said. "Thank you for the great day so far, Yue."

Art is done in Midjourney Bot by Andrew

Pagoda Beach, Tokyo​

Yue followed behind her aunt as her golden eyes took in the sight before her as they soon arrived in Pagoda Beach. She thought if there was still time, that she’d bring Tachiko, and Kaoru here after the big meeting between the two of them and the elders. She wanted Kaoru to see something beautiful and relaxing if she was stressed, though if Katsuko’s words were any indication, Kaoru wouldn’t be stressed but gleeful.

She liked that and maybe Midnight Infinity would get fewer rebellion songs, too. The blue-skinned girl noticed the sudden change. But being that Yue hadn’t been wearing anything all this time, not even volumetrics she didn’t do anything. Her head moved up to look at Katsuko as she began speaking. Her lips changed to that of a frown as she heard of Katsuko’s troubles. “The Empire does not need the drama within it, nor the potential civil war if further rudeness occurs. Ever since growing up on Vice, and here, I’ve learned that you can't please everyone, I mean those in Vice never cared for my comfort or pleasure, so I’m glad you haven’t responded Though I was interested in watching Koyama-chan at work at the International relationship conference, I don’t know if I want to enter politics.”

She said, before adding ” I like what I am doing now, building designs of ships and things, contacting the mining Guild or an outside corporation if I need to. Or meeting Kaoru and the others for song ideas, I’ll keep doing that, and let you and Mommy handle the political or big issues. Though the big issues I’m dealing with is helping to set up the Initiative, and figuring out who or what to contact, oh and thinking about whether I should seek out things to better pleasure Tachiko-chan better!” She’d say as they approached the bar.

Since Yue wasn’t exactly of age, instead she ordered, “apple juice please, ” she told the bartender before turning her attention back to her aunt. A big smile formed on her lips as she heard her speaking, and thanking her for the great day so far. “And thank you for agreeing! I’m so pleased I got the chance to race you and getting to spend time with you too!” She said in ending of her words.
Katsuko graciously accepted her drink from the bartender and waited while the Minkan proceeded to make the fresh pressed apple juice for her niece, "So you and Tachiko have got really close - obviously if you're having a child together. Tell me that story, Yue - I want to know how that happened if you don't mind." she requested as the bartender handed Yue her drink. Katsuko then led the way further down the beach. She enjoyed the warm sunshine and the feel of the sand between her toes as they walked. They arrived at a set of beach chairs and Katsuko popped open the umbrella that had been held up by a tube that jetted from the quartz sand.

She placed her drink on the small wooden table to the other side of the chair on the left, then let herself just fall into the lounge chair and she made a rather satisfied exhale as she settled in, the warm Jiyuuian sun on her back. She no longer faced her niece, but rather was face planted into the fully laid back chair as she enjoyed it. She wanted to know more about this coupling, she wondered how jealous Tio would be - not that his opinion mattered, she just knew that he and Tachiko had interacted.
Yue accepted her drink as Katsuko asked about her relationship with Tachiko, which Yue suspected she would. The short blue skinned girl followed her aunt the place further down the beach. “One of mom’s friends introduced me to her one shore leave some time ago.. Heh! it seemed like only yesterday that we met. I think mom might have mentioned how worried she was that I wasn’t actively looking for someone to call my lover. My mom’s friends.. her name is on the tip of my tongue.. ugh, but anyways she brought me to this place, Takeda House I think, and there, was one of the most beautiful neko’s I’d ever seen. I was introduced to her, and I learned her name was Tachiko, and I remembered her face being on the family tree of our clan, and I remembered she was a Motoyoshi, so I introduced myself, and we went from there.” . She told her aunt as she noted her aunt laying face first in the seat.

The juice was drunk and then placed on the table beside the chair as she sat down. ”She taught me things, Tachiko I mean, thinks that I never knew possible, she made me feel things that… those bad boys in my past I was forced to interact with for money never allowed me to feel. She makes sure I get satisfaction as much as she does. But you probably don’t want to hear about that. She said realizing she was staring to talk about sex topics. Yue really loved Tachiko with how kind and thoughtful she was. Yue glanced to Katsuko and got the idea of giving her a massage, but she wasn’t sure if that was appropriate here and now.
Katsuko smiled although Yue could not see it, "I'm glad then, that you and she have found each other. Being in love is one of the most enjoyable things you will ever experience, it can also be a nightmare if things go wrong..." she trailed off, lost in her own thoughts for a minute.

"Hey, let's go for a swim..." Katsuko suggested, then got up from the chair, or rather rolled off it, and stood to her feet.

>END - fade to black.​