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Approved Submission Cowboy[Cowgirl] Hats


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  1. Nepleslia
  2. NDC
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  1. I agree
Alright, I originally created this article when I heard that there was a desire for generic articles at least I think that happened when I was awake, and not in one of those dreams so real. But anyways, yeah, here is a cowboy hat, which my characters Nyx and Silvana wear, and I have seen some Nepleslian characters have a mention of the hat in their character page.

I want to add Nepleslia tags not only because there were characters but also I want to feel like I am adding at least something to Nepleslia. Char, if there's anything more to add to the faction, let me know.

So without Further ado, here’s a hat!

Also, before submitting, I had gone through it for grammar, but another look from an experienced person couldn't hurt.


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I took a pass on the article and I think everything looks good. You can check my changes here. Once you get your FM stamps, I'll finish up the approval.