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Suggestion Create Pregens And/Or Character Archetypes


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Game Master
We could implement character archetypes: Basic starter character types that new guys can easily tweak into PCs. These pregens should point strongly toward our game's premise and tone, will fit existing RPs well, and can serve as a guide for others making characters. In a transhuman setting like StarArmy, maybe the pre-gens are just minds/personalities & let the players choose bodies to mix and match. Some archtype ideas could be:
  • The Hard-Boiled Nepleslian from Funky City
  • The 99-Day Neko from a vat on Nataria
  • The Fresh NDC Operator
  • The Rogue Smuggler
  • The Patriotic Minkan


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It is a common enough thing in RPGs to help new players understand the kinds of people are in the universe. Should help reduce the need to deep dive into the wiki unless someone is just curious. Could add some more like the "Yamataian Artist" (leisure class), SSS Explorer, Nepleslian Police Officer, Elysian Citizen, etc.

I'll dig through my old RPG books and see if any archetypes might help as basis.
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