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RP [Day 1] First break, 30 minutes

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As the others got up and delegations rejoined around each other, Yuumi took one glance at Nibbi and her manipulations at the datapad Coast had slid to her.

She approached Coast first, leaving Miki and Koto to cater to other guests in her place.
Just as soon as the doors to the conference room opened, Kotori shot to her feet and nearly dashed out of her booth.

It was only once she was out, in view of the opened doors, in view of Yuumi walking straight for Coast, that she halted in her tracks and hurriedly retreated back into the booth, raising her back against one wall.

What am I doing?!

She felt turgid, choked around the throat, her body wired to do something, anything! Grace. Under. Fucking. Pressure! She furiously thought to herself, hissing air out through grit teeth.

Don't! Don't even think about getting out there like this!

She drew in a bracing breath, eyes coming to a close. She focused on the rush of air inside, the feeling of its cool passage through her air, took notice of the relief that came with her body being oxygenated; and then she breathed out, cleansing her body of carbon dioxide. Feeling cleansed, she focused inward: what was wrong?

She was disappointed. Aggrieved. Vexed.

Why? Because of the Nepleslians. Because of the Lorath.

The Lorath, she quickly dismissed. Nibbi wasn't nearly as high-strung as the previous Fyunnen ambassador Aegis, and Lor's grievances were now as familiar as they were disconcerting to her for her role in the first contact.

The Nepleslians, though, were a fresh and new hurt.

They were the main representatives of what pretty much was 'human stock', the creatures nekovalkyrja had initially been created to help protect. Though the nations were separate, they were both still expressions of humanity, and Kotori had always felt that when she fought the Mishhuvurthyar, Nepleslians had stood with near-equal standing to Yamataians under that umbrella as part of 'people she fought to protect'. She'd long covetted their lifestyle, wanted to be like them. Her former Tactical Officer Nyton Claymere had proven to be a harsh but fair and noble-minded example of the Nepleslians. Even after having grown disenchanted with humans due to the fallout she'd experienced with regards of the relationship triangle she'd been part of with Tom Freeman and Suzuka Yukari, she'd held them in high regard.

Her initial expectations of the Nepleslians showing for the 3rd International Relations conference had lent them the picture of some weighty presence characterized thanks to their past showings as noble, dignified and above-reproach. They were influencial giants, and with the growing gathering of alien races come to the conference they had seemed ahead as far as being poised as leaders of the interstellar communities, something Yamatai had no doubt tried to achieve, but so far failed due to its callous warmongering reputation undercutting that effort.

What she had witnessed was instead a newer group of people whom displayed irreverence, adversarial belligerence and coldly calculating indifference. When Yamatai was making a display of being contrite and willing to pay reparation (how Yui must have seethed to allow such weakness on display!), Nepleslia (and Lor) were jumping on the opportunity to twist the knife now that it had been allowed to wound. In effect, to most witnessing the proceedings, the Diplomatic Imperium of Nepleslia had squandered the benefits its reputation had given them by becoming the very thing they had disliked of Yamatai: bullies.

Condemnation seemed to be all that was on their minds... and it really rankled because, in a way, it was also pretty detrimental to them. Yuumi had worked hard to make sure she could have the lead for this conference, and pursue her effort into presenting Yamatai as wiser and more moderate. But that progressive effort - abasement, even, from the perspective of some like the rogue-samurai - was being undermined by Nepleslia's adversariality. If Yuumi's way was not shown to be effective, those at the conference would see a return of Hanako and Yui to the conference ...which had in the past not been pretty. Himiko herself, if they were more fortunate.

The Nepleslians, had they been more inclined to pragmatism, would probably find much more advantage in strengthening Yuumi's efforts, rather than get so hung up in having her make Yamatai answer for the misdeeds of the people she was trying to replace. But noooo~ooooooo, they've replaced Robert Davis with a bunch of strutting posturing roosters! Baka bakashi!

Kotori's amber eyes gave the booth's threshold a sidelong look. She still wasn't sure she wanted to go out there.

Another concern was that if she went out there and met the Nepleslians and Lorath, she'd meet people all willing to implicate her in the Ketsurui stigma despite her accomplishments and general regard for them. She'd orchestrated the defeat a common malefactor, Melisson, and had gone out of her way to make sure each wouldn't end up cruelly crushed under Yamatai's bootheel - the Lorath by salvaging the first contact, and the Nepleslians with her misguided effort to keep the Star Army out of the equation when she'd gone to free the Second Draconian Fleet. But, like Yuumi once told me... they don't care, and they can't be bothered to. Besides, we didn't do those things for them to be grateful about. We did them because it was something that needed to be done and that's it. After all, no amount of 'Arigatos' would never releive the sting of earning that 'victory' anyways.

She pursed her lips. No, in the end, what really stung was the lack of acknowledgment of the steps done to let the nekovalkyrja be recognized as a living species, rather than things... and calling nekovalkyrjas 'bioweapons' handily undermined all that hope and effort. Had she not cared for the humans and what they thought, it would not have stung. But even if Kotori couldn't become like them, she had still looked up to them. Unfortunately, she did care.

And because she did care, she didn't trust herself to go out just now and she didn't care to get out and commit some misstep that would make her a liability to Yuumi. The conference didn't have a place for her sentimental hurt and disappointment. Her job here was to learn from Yuumi, learn from the assembled, and perhaps have some facetime when it was proper. Propriety, though, seemed to be in short supply at present.

Kotori allowed herself a bitter grimace, and closed the booth's door and heavily sat back in her chair. She nursed her malcontent by moodily petting her own hair.
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Coast rolled his neck and shoulders around, the series of pops coming from his joints only serving to ease the tension that had been building up within the last few exchanges during the International Relations Conference.

Noting a last bit of liquid still remained in the whiskey glass, the Premier reached down and rather slowly took it to his lips, letting the liquid burn a path down his throat. His stone faced expression still intact, Coast stared into the bottom of the now empty glass.

Fuck me. All I've done in my career was take the sword to the enemy. Offense and aggression were what won the day for the 3rd Fleet. The Corner of Coast's mouth twisted into a bit of an indifferent expression, the sort one would accompany a shrug with. And now the Imperium is fast becoming a focal point for conflict in this conference. We should augment our military prowess and strength with diplomatic relations, but...

Coast's expression visibly hardened. He would clench his fist under the table several times, then unclench it when the silhouette of the approaching Yuumi caught his attention. Letting out a short sigh, the Premier stood up from his seat to meet the approaching Yamataian.

"Ma'am, it would appear that the Imperium's viewpoints on the subject of Nekovalkyrja aren't the most well-respected ones out there. I am sincere in allowing for Neko to visit us in a secure fashion, but until they are somehow reduced to baseline Nepleslian limits, our view on them stands." Coast reached into his pocket and shoveled some nicotine gum into his mouth. "It doesn't bring me any relief to mirror the Species Restriction Act that your people enacted against mine, but for now I cannot afford to compromise on such a heated subject. I hope you understand."

Coast reached into his pocket to pull out his datajockey, and looked in the direction of Nibbi. "Miss, I'd like you to join this conversation I'm having with the premier. It concerns the item I just sent you."
Johnathan sat there, hunched forward like a person who just watched an amazing game, but stayed on the bleachers, stunned and uncertain what to think.

"You know, I came here not really caring," the Senator began dourly as he spoke to Valken. The field that had silenced them had to be down by now after all. "I mean, I thought it was just going to be another big nothing. Maybe it will be after all, maybe it won't. Maybe someone else will go into labor on the IRC floor again." Johnathan sighed, shaking his head at that. When he heard of that years ago, what he felt was peculiar - it was like the voices of hundreds upon thousands of career politicians cringed and groaned all at once, and were suddenly silenced as they gave up and left, calling it hopeless. "But you just had to make another one of your speeches, didn't you?" the Senator cracked a smile at the military man. "I mean, when I was feeling the whole crowd up and fragging myself in the process, that was me giving up and tossing the whole thing to Coast. Have a few good kicks and let it all go," The senator sat there, elbows resting on his knees as he was hunched forward. "Ha. Yeah. Can't do that, since it's pretty much dissing all the dead. Sorry for dragging you into my mess, and thanks for reminding me Dom."

He held up a bag of sunflower seeds, rattling the contents. "Want some? Just opened it." Before he could say more though, Charlie was already making a move. Johnathan made to stay close to Coast however, as he held that bag. Dominic definitely was going to do the same of course. After the conference began, he was under the impression that Charlie didn't care like he did too, with the way he just bulldozed through. But something was going on. He caught hints of it, but, there wasn't enough to go off of. The man seemed to bulldoze his way through the thing, but looking back, did he already have something else in mind? The Senator just couldn't help but wonder.

Just what's your game?
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Nibbi stood up and rolled her shoulders with her datapad in hand, looking at what the Premier had sent her. She flicked the message open as she stood up and started walking towards the Premier's side. Nibbi was the messenger, the middlewoman. Ideally, the Lorath equivalent of a Premier, another high ranking member of the political hierarchy would be here to convey this news, but it was all resting on her shoulders now, her footsteps heavy and ponderous with the burden of expectation and anticipation as she walked between her booth and that of the ageless Iroma delegate, towards the middle of the conference hall.

Nibbi was acting not just for her superiors but perhaps for a greater goal she could put some pride in if it all went off without a hitch. She came to a stop between the Premier of Yamatai and the Premier of Nepleslia, exchanging glances quietly. She could see it in Yuumi's eyes, a gut feeling in her stomach as she sensed her national ego had taken a beating - but somewhere under it, Nibbi admired her for not cracking, giving her a taut smile before looking up to the Nepleslian. Coast's aloofness as he looked back down at the smaller Lorath delegate signalled that it was Nibbi's place to open the communiqué.

She nodded back solemnly. "Premier Yuumi, Premier Coast," the New Tur'listan opened quietly, a reservation in her voice as she stood between one of the oldest Nekovalkyrja, and the most powerful Nepleslians in the room, a truly stunning event - but she was to keep things businesslike, bowing towards them both, datapad still held against her chest. "Our nations and people have had a shared, mutual interest in what we can offer each other and the universe. Today, we are here to cement an alliance, more than fair weather friends or those trapped by circumstance to collaborate."

She bought the datapad up, scrolled back to the top, tapped a couple of commands in to translate the contents to Yamatai-Go and passed it to Yuumi for her consideration. Yuumi was watching the Lorath language morph before her eyes, coalescing into clear Yamatai-Go. The title was the last thing to morph, the document now ready to show the world what it was made of. "This is the Defence Arrangement Treaty of the Alliance of Signatory States," she said plainly. At the bottom of the document, hers and Coast's signatures were there, stamped and approved by their handlers. "Reparations wise, all the Lorath are looking for is the Yugumo Cluster, minus Asura and Koukotsu, as we understand that they are of ongoing interest to you." This included Miyamae, a chokepoint system.

Nibbi rolled her shoulders and wriggled her toes beneath her sandals. Her breaths were measured, three point one four seconds taken to inhale and exhale, focussing on the irrational number as an anchor for her thoughts - currently in a perfect shape, smoothing out the irregularities into clarity. She was not going to let her blood boil over this, she was representing her people. Today she was trying to be a dove amongst hawks.

She looked into Yuumi's eyes looking down at the pad and waited for her to finish reading before addressing her again, keeping eye contact with her. "Premier, I... admire you for taking the first steps to curing the hurt between our nations." She let a portion of her emotions go in this address, expressing an unseen warmness, levitating her gaze as gentle tremolo of her true self could be heard in her voice - but the irrational number was still binding a true outpouring, "Pride may take a beating, old ideals may have to be compromised, but for the known Universe it will benefit all in the long run. Yamatai can repair its ill reputation and stand proud in the future. Together, we can let this be the first step."

She wasn't going to ask if an appointment was still on just yet for dinner. Not after something of this gravity.
What followed behind Nibbi was Snider, who kept at a discrete distance but remained close enough to be clear as to his intention to remain in the supporting position to the Lorath delegate, while not seeming like a house pet. As he watched Nibbi present the data pad, he could not help but to perk his ears and look upon the exchange with a feeling of apprehensive excitement. There were so many ways in which that moment could go; rage, understanding, anxiety, uncertainty, questions, confusion. Though, what Snider knew for certain was simple; the Matriarchy and Imperium were together at that point, and the entire playing field for the conference had a--- and there came the thought that interrupted Snider's introspective.

"Hey, does this mean we get new seating arrangements? I mean, it would make sense to get new seating arrangements after this, right?"
Once the Doors rolled open and the call for recess finished echoing, Rayntax let out a long breath and closed his eyes. Sitting stock still he meditated over what all just happened. The real show here was strictly between Yamatai, Nepleasia, and the Lorath. The simple fact that even when the discussion was moved to a subject that could be spoken easily about the Neplesaian stole the show and used it as another way to attack the Yamatains.

The few moments that he sat there meditating, allowed him the patience to regain control and not show his anger over the blatant political battle that was being played out. Letting one more long breath roll out, he stood and looked around the cambers. First to Yuumi whom looked like she was about to be ambushed by predators yet again, then up at his own advisers and fellow diplomats. He rand his fingers across his tablet sending them both a quick last message.

What do you two think? Warm the drives up on the Pulsar and head back to the sea? Or do you think the frenzy caused by the blood in the water, will dissipate and real diplomatic conversations start up?

With it sent, he stood slipping the tablet into his shoulder bag. With a lopsided toothy grin he walked up and ignored the others trying to hand off pads and what not. He acted the best he could as the bumbling 'new' senator and stepped right up to Yuumi.

"Ma'am... I'm beside myself that I didn't get to speak to you before we started this session. I hope you will allow that slight to float on like flotsam." he bowed before continuing, "I was wondering if I might procure some of your time to discuss the possibility of space travel?"
Kohaku was disappointed at the sudden call for a recess. Her people had no real issue with Nepleslia wanting to limit access to their worlds. That was their right as a sovereign power. The discussion had revealed insights into the Nepleslian psyche. Ones that could be delved into deeper at a later time. The question now was what to do during the 'break'.

She surveyed the room and watched as the Lorath and Nepleslian delegations gathered. 'Once again those two appear to be up to something....' she thought and then noticed that Yuumi was making her way over to them. 'So the game is beginning... apparently this break is more about private meetings and dealings.'

She turned to her fellow delegates, "Tesgi, Legos, feel free to mingle about and talk with any of the representatives that you like. Just be sure to be back here when things resume. I plan to remain here and watch what is unfolding over there." she said casually gesturing towards the gathering of Nepleslia, Lor and Yamatai.

Both gave Kohaku a brief nod of the head and separated. Tesgi made his way out of the chamber, preferring the open space of the hall beyond. While Legos started moving slowly through the occupants, listening for any interesting discussion.
Ahrim had paused outside of the Princess' booth's closed door; staring at it analytically. He'd shed the cloak in favor of displaying the decorative plate-mail armor he wore underneath. A hand on a hip, the other rubbing his chin, the Iromakuanhe couldn't help but feel the swirling storm of emotional discord from within. Another audible sigh escaped him, the second this day, the first when the Lorath representative and Nepleslian Premier had began their circling approach over Yuumi.

"The things one most tries to hide are often things most easily seen. There is no greater enemy than one's own fears." It felt a little silly speaking to a door. But he had. Shaking his head, the Guardsman moved off.

A short while later he found himself sitting alone, a snifter filled with amber-hued brandy before him, a fluted emerald green bottle beside it. 'Apple-Brandy', they'd called it. Apples were something wholly foreign to the man when he'd first come to this world, but he had sampled one, and found enjoyment in it. But to now find an alcoholic beverage derived from them? Curiosity pique'd, and he had requested the bottle and a glass. Alcohol had no effect on him anymore, the inebriating effects the multitude of humanoid life, untold billions took for granted were lost upon him now. After so many centuries of life, his body had been so thoroughly ravaged from combat that much of him had been replaced with symbiotics. Alcohol's pleasurable effects no longer held sway over him as a result.

But he could still enjoy the sight of it, the scent, temperature, even the taste, breaking it down into a symphony of layered flavor.

And so here he was, lifting the snifter up and swirling the liquid about. The light making it appear as liquid gold in a glass. Bringing it to his nose he detected apple, nuts and butterscotch. The taste however was a blend of apple and floral notes he found quite pleasing despite the sharp taste. It was rich, with a certain smoothness to it.

Sampling it further, Ahrim looked up toward where Yuumi was speaking to the other delegates and raised his glass to her. A subtle smirk on his face as if saying, 'I've beaten you to it.' referring to the glass he held in his hand before its contents disappeared entirely down his throat.
The Abwehran Minister of State leaned back in his seat and sighed as he set his touch-computer upon the table. "At least no one is starting brawls upon the table," he commented in his native tongue before swiveling his chair to view the trio that were behind him in the gallery. Grasping his computer again, he stood up and fixed the buttons of his jacket with his lower arms while moving towards his entourage.

"Frau Kaldrack, I'd like more information on the Hidden Sun Clan and the Azoreans. Anything before I start discussing embassies, Trade Agreements, and Non-Aggression Treaties with individual Representatives." the Minister requested his Chief Aide. Klara nodded as Malwine made a separate record for his requests.

"Oberbootsmann, please get me everything you can on this whole 'bioweapon' argument. It seems damned discriminatory, but I want to make sure of both sides of the argument before I make a decision.

"Jawohl," Kriemhild replied stoically before accessing the black box, memory cube she had attached to her touch computer. Gerhard thought it might have been Nachrichtendienst issued, but decided against asking. The Fanatics of the Geists weren't individuals he wanted visiting him on late nights.

With that done, he glanced around the room for conversation partners. The Yamataian Premier had been instantly tied up by the Nepleslian Premier, Lorath Middlewoman, and Azorean Representative. Not wanting to overwhelm the gentlewoman, the Minister of State decided the eldest Representative in the room would make for much better conversation. While only a mere brat to Ahrim, Gerhard liked to believe his 134 standard year age lent him some respect in the 'elders' department.

Greetings Honored Representative, he replied in Saal'sari, though some of his wording was hesitant.
Lux left the conference room without ceremony, and perhaps even without deep reflection.

She also breathed, once she was certain nobody was looking, onto her hands.

The temperature that most of these creatures felt to be comfortable did not appeal to the matron; she, joined by her advisor - a young House member, along with an Onson delegate looking uncomfortable in what must have been the most clothing either of them had worn in a long time, began to go off to a warmer room for recess.

In transit, she reflected in Sharan, "Feels like eating sand."

"I'm sorry?" asked Bel, the Onson representative. Lux gave her a withering look, and continued on her way.

"If I'm reading the situation right," started in Hakkar, Lux's own assistant, "What you mean is, sal, that we are not being useful. Or, our being here is not useful at all."

"Oh." Bel seemed disappointed. Lux glanced at her out of the corner of her eye, and noticed the way the girl held the datapad. Lux stopped; Hakkar was used to her moods, but Bel was new, and nearly tripped.

Lux extended a clawlike hand out for the datapad. After apparently weighing it very hard - to Lux, a little too long - the girl handed it over and Lux examined it at length.


Yellow eyes squinted. Lux could smell the anxiety wafting off of Bel.

"Yes, Sal."

"Dust trout?"

Again. "Yes, Sal."

Lux handed it back, sniffed slightly, thinking that soon she would be both warm, and in good company, again. She had not relished the idea of coming here, half as much as her assistants had.

She didn't reply to Bel. Instead, she turned and sought some comfort. The cold was beginning to soak into her brain and ache her bones.
Yuumi hardly edged a word out of her mouth before Ryantax of Azorea approached her. The distraction broke her concentration in front of Coast and Nibbi, but she regained it as she faced the Azorean diplomat.

"Of course, Chief Ambassador," Yuumi said, polite and sincere as she could muster talking to the Azorean. A lot more was on her mind, but she had to maintain her posture, her poise. "I'll speak with you today, if you'll allow, but if you require a faster response, my deputies also are available and are quite knowledgeable. Could you excuse me, please?"

She turned on a heel, not waiting for a dismissal, and sped through the rest of the document. Point by point. Line by line. Between the lines too, as best she could, trying to understand just what she was looking at. Nibbi's words, sincere or backhanded or both, failed to touch Yuumi. She had to use the time to lock herself inside her own mind along with her straw versions of Yui and Himiko so she could debate over what she was reading, at the speed of Neko thought.

~ ~ ~

At first, everyone agreed: this was Lor and Nepleslia threatening Yamatai. Another reading would have been naive.

With that settled, Yuumi pitched the broadest point the treaty made — if Yamatai signed, it'd have to change.

Yui scoffed. Himiko looked concerned, but Yuumi pressed on as points about the treaty came together in her mind. At its core the treaty was about mutual security from Yamatai, but turn it around with Yamatai's signature and it became about security through Yamatai. The SAoY remained the most powerful single military force in the known galaxy, but it was battered and needed time to grow. If Yamatai committed to the treaty, it meant that malevolent forces against Yamatai had to contend with two other militaries who were treaty-bound to assist.

Yui didn't think Yamatai needed anyone and she wanted to call all the shots. Himiko remained concerned.

Yuumi pressed on then. Yamatai still could have an expeditionary force, but it meant finding new directions and taking precautions instead of wildly expanding out into the galaxy. It meant diplomacy meant something now, that warships needed diplomats on board just in case they came across a new race or bumped into someone with unknown intent. "Fire and forge on" had to be reserved for when everyone agreed to it. Which meant convincing people to agree when it suited Yamatai, something Yui didn't do without a gun.

Himiko objected, saying giving away such sovereign power was not in Yamatai's best interest.

Where had sovereign power landed Yamatai so far? Yuumi asked. When the NMX sent their huge fleets against the planet, Yamatai had to protect itself without help, and how many died? How many died in the edge worlds, the UOC, Nepleslia, Lor — all because everyone was watching out just for themselves and no one else? Such a loner attitude was not in anyone's best interest anymore. To become stronger and thus safer, Yamatai needed to rejoin the intergalactic community and become a source of good. Giving up the freedom to wanton belligerence for guaranteed security was a great trade.

But to be dragged into conflict because someone else is attacked — that weakens us at home, Himiko said. Yuumi already had dismissed the silently bitching Yui.

Garrisons from other nations meant the homefront had mutual defense maintained as well as readily committable forces to help an attacked neighbor, Yuumi replied. No one would be weaker as long as everyone stuck together.

Himiko's eyes bored into Yuumi from below her black bangs.

All of it was about trust, Yuumi said. Trusting no one was Yui's way of doing things, and Yamatai now was on the verge of becoming a pariah to the two largest other nations in known space. War would follow. More war.

Endless war.

Could peace be given an opportunity, Empress? Trust, kinship, mutual respect — these are what the times called for. It was time to stop threatening our estranged brother and our prickly acquaintance over the fence, and join the neighborhood watch.

Himiko didn't say anything. Yuumi didn't give her the chance.

~ ~ ~

The Premier slowly breathed and regarded Nibbi.

"You still don't trust anyone, let alone have faith in Yamatai, if you want Miyamae," Yuumi said. "Your government wants territory to build a little hegemony for itself, and then promptly forget about the rest of us until we come calling, safe in the knowledge my sister can't gallop around your house without risking war. Anything to be left alone, neh? I don't blame you. She's earned the reputation. It's hurt us for too long."

Yuumi didn't wait for an answer, because to wait was to be too late. She signed the treaty, knowing she had so much explaining to do — to Himiko, to Kohaku, to Lux, to Yui.

"This signature starts the process on my end. I'll have to get our constitution changed and convince my Empress and my sister that it's in our best interest." She left out that the treaty was a threatening gun made of words.

However. She was a former prisoner of war, a former Empress.

And a Ketsurui.

"So help me, I put faith in this treaty, and in peace," she said and looked to Coast first, then Nibbi, "but if you don't aid us when we need you, I'll lead the retaliatory slaughter myself."
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"Tisk tisk, someone forgot about our loyalty to your Empire when that miserable shit-weasel Melission came to our world, trying to turn the Matriarchy against the Empire. Someone forgot how fast we were to try to grow to aid you as soon as we were drawn into your war." Snider chimed, as he reminded Yuumi of just what kind of friends the Lorath were to have. "Now, we can give back, instead of relying on your protection. Our High Priest made a promise to your former Emperor Uesu; one day, your people will come to respect us, with this treaty, we'll be equals. Birds fly as a group, never with one being deemed a leader." added the Helashio, before his lips spread into a wide smile, it was something nearly harlequin in nature; "On the other hand, your siblings can oust you and try to kill you for this, accusing you of turning your back on your Empire. If it seems like they're going to, we'll welcome you with open arms, purely because you're a friend of sanity and good reason." With that, Snider chuckled and chortled.
Yuumi didn't give Snider the time of day, though she might have given him a sound stunning had she been so armed. Because joining with Melisson would have been a smart move, and because the limited foodstuffs we got from you weren't a slap in the face the same way those stupid gifts were.

"I don't forget," Yuumi said to Nibbi, "and neither do my people. As you said, old habits."
Kotori shot back to her feet, staring disbelievingly at her view of the conference room, hands reaching out almost to claw at the volumetric display that had so riveted her.

She could see enough to distinguish that Nepleslia and Lor had offered Yuumi a proposal. She'd seen Yuumi spend as much as an eyeblink's time considering it before exhaling and speaking to them. She heard the words, even if she could not see what they had shown Yuumi.

Speaking, and then signing the treaty. There was no consultation, no talking to anyone else for a second opinion - Kotori would've known! - and Yuumi was willingly skipping over that!

At this juncture. With this timing!

Without bringing it before the senate, without querying Yui about it, without Himiko's approval. Kotori, somewhat acquainted with brute forcing things to get what she wanted without argument, felt it was what she recognized. Yuumi had just staked her political career for the sake of that treaty - Kotori could only think something worth risking that was to the height of a mutual defense pact or the like on terms unfavorable to Yamatai... Yuumi's words had said that much.

Such could be seen as an abuse of Yuumi's authority, one which could even be seen as criminal; a very public betrayal of the trust which had been placed in her office. It made the two other nations far more complicit with her than her own government. She could so clearly picture the Yui in her gape in sudden, incoherent rage. Eve would've cackled and found yet another example of Yamatai's disfunctionality amusing. Just, hold on. Maybe she was empowered by Himiko to have this much decisional power. Oh, I really hope so! That being otherwise implied consequences Kotori hardly wished on her, the one whom had taken her under her wing and given her the upbringing to be a proper Ketsurui princess. She didn't want to see that pandora's box Yuumi had opened slam down and crush the hands that had so boldly dared it to open.

Staving off panic and the impulsive urge to storm out and confront (arrest, even?) Yuumi, Kotori swallowed down her turmoil and instead reached out, via encrypted telepathy, to Yuumi: "Yuumi-sama, what have you done?!"
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"Yuumi" said:
"So help me, I put faith in this treaty, and in peace," she said and looked to Coast first, then Nibbi, "but if you don't aid us when we need you, I'll lead the retaliatory slaughter myself."

"Hoho, spoken like a true Ketsurui. As I mentioned before to many of the diplomats here, you will not find a better friend in Nepleslia, nor a worse enemy. It looks like we'll be able to walk together under the same flag once more, Ketsurui Yuumi." Coast managed to force out her entire name, instead of using the casual honorific 'ma'am' that he had been addressing her as.

"In the interest of smoothing over this treaty, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will not pursue reparations in the form of territory or monetary compensation. We do, however, ask for access to some of your genetic research so that we may enrich our own population." Then the Helashio piped up, which Coast rode out before continuing, "Just as you are a Ketsurui, I'm all Nepleslian. We won't fail to come to your aid, but do not count on our people being slaughtered by anyone." Yuumi's final warnings were a challenge, which no Nepleslian could really back down from. "I look forward to being able to work with your people, Ketsurui Yuumi."

At that, Coast offered his open hand.
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Kohaku observed the exchange between Yuumi and the other two delegates. It was apparent that she signed some sort of document. But the look she gave to the two could probably bore through Saemâqi. 'This does not bode well. We need to learn more, perhaps that was some sort of reparation agreement.' She tapped her armband to open a channel to Tesgi and Legos. She brought the arm band up near her face and spoke quietly.

"Something has just happened. The Yamatai Premier just signed some sort of agreement given to her by the delegates from Nepleslia and Lor. She does not appear to be happy about it. See what you two can find out from any of her staff. Also put the guard on alert, hopefully we will not need them. But best to be prepared."

She stood up and smoothed her cloak, then started moving gracefully in the direction of the impromptu gathering.

Legos looked around but did not see any of the staff in close proximity to his position. He continued moving in the hopes of finding out information.

Tesgi out in the next chamber had been looking at the displays when Kohaku's instructions came through. He looked around for the dark haired Kotori who had so graciously met them while the Premier was detained. Perhaps she would be able to provide insight into what was going on.
Standing by Coast's side, Johnathan essentially got a front row seat to what would hopefully go down well in the history books.

Just glancing it over quickly, the Senator could tell that it wasn't entirely favorable for Yamatai - if anything, it meant they'd lose a valuable juncture and be politically unable to assault either Lor or Nepleslia. Though, he did note that figures tended to damn politics and ignore them entirely. Even then, the potential boost to Yamatai's international standing was very badly needed. Badly enough that Yuumi would sign right then and there. Yes, it'd have to go through the whole processing and whatnot, but that was besides the point. The poor cat was made to swallow a pretty bitter pill. Even if it did help in the long run, it was still very difficult to stomach. She was potentially putting her career on the line. That was why when Snider spoke, Johnathan didn't appreciate it in the slightest.

"You know, I would fire you for that if you were one of my staff," the Senator idly remarked to the Helashio. "And if I'd let you keep it, assuming you were one of my staff, you'd walk away with a black eye. We're not on the big stage anymore after all."

Before, she was standing, but after that? It was shitty to kick someone when they were down, especially when it wasn't even necessary.
Nibbi was about to open her mouth to chip in on the dialogue between Yuumi and Coast, but her gaze shot back down to Snider, expression going from serene to quietly furious, expression going to the other aspects of a matron - the less lovely ones. Just as a mother was able to nurture and provide warmth, they were also there to provide discipline. In any culture, annoying a mother or a grandmother is normally 'you stepped in it, you're on your own!' territory. The Lorath just amplified this aspect. Woe betide those who annoyed a Lorath Matron, a family war was the least of your worries.

Her scowl remained on her face, almost like a primal war face as she removed her left glove with a single flick and placed a her fingers against Snider's scalp, looking down at him aloofly. What the fuck are you thinking. Are you seriously willing to be the first to hurt the baby steps to galactic peace by insulting our host? Her thoughts were furious and fiery into Snider's cranium, a burning sensation arcing through his primitive brain while her expression eased into dissonant serenity. I have half a mind to let the next Kodian have you.

His nervous system was starting to wrack too, mouth dry, eyes watery while Nibbi remained utterly calm. So help me Goddess, I will send you back to the jungle we found you in with a drop pod if I hear another outburst from you. Her expression eased into a sigh as Snider was beginning to realise that his heart had skipped a few beats. Do not overvalue your position as a mere data servant. I can have another assigned to me, Tribal Representative Snider G'rth.

The exchange had only taken a couple of seconds as her fingers lifted away from the Helashio's head, her phantom voice still ringing in his mind. "I think Snider's chair privileges have been suspended altogether," she said calmly to Coast and Yuumi, putting her glove back on. "If he misbehaves again, I will let your staff deal with him as you see fit." Nibbi spoke of him as if a rich mother spoke of a disobedient child to the school's principal, they'd stepped in it, they were not going to take the responsibility for their actions - but they were going to make their spawn wear all of the shame. She was happy to take responsibility for the discipline. The glove was back on, extended to her elbow.

"As for the Lorath and I, if Yamatai is to raise the first sword to an enemy without, we'll raise our own and follow," she spoke directly to the Premier, ignoring Snider altogether now. "And were we to abandon you, I'd be honoured to have your knife in my chest first, Yuumi." Old Lorath saying from the Occhestians and New Tur'lista, an assurance that if they were to be the ones to betray you, they'd welcome the retribution calmly.

She extended her right hand, decidedly smaller and more delicate in comparison to Premier Coast's, but no less dangerous.
Ahrim had taken a sip from his glass when accented Saal'sari drew his attention. The Abwehran delegate received a friendly smile, and nod of the Iroma's head in greeting. "Sit?" Ahrim offered with a wave of his hand to one of the other chairs. "I was just watching the Lorath, Nepleslians and Yamataians. It is proving to be an enlightening day."
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