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RP [Day 1] First break, 30 minutes

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Yuumi took both hands extended to her, and brought them together between hers. She moved one hand away, holding the other two up, then bowed her head to the joining.

"May it never come to that, Nibbi. Charlie." She lifted her head. A heartbeat passed between the three leaders, then Yuumi spoke in Yamataian. "The Yamatai Star Empire's sword will rise against all who threatens her allies, and shall not be sheathed until she drinks their last drop of blood. May my ancestors mark my words on pain of death."

She looked to Coast after the moment passed. "Your scientists likely have the NH-1 Geshrin and possibly some of the NH-22 Citizen. We can augment both. It will be harder because your people don't have computerized brains, but with our geneticists and research, we should be able to bolster your people against any ailment."

Her gaze went back to Nibbi. "Thank you for the consideration of our two populated territories. The rest of the land ... in some ways, it never was ours. Managing them from so far away without strong governance has been a headache my people no longer need."

She paused. Coast and Nibbi saw the tightness of her jaw.

"I have something to ask of you both, though I have no right," she said. "When this conference is complete and home awaits you, I ask you stay. Just for a day, to meet my Empress Himiko-sama. I will present the treaty to her today, but if she is unable to meet you before we conclude here, I wish you both to meet her."

In the back of her mind, Yuumi had just two words for Kotori: "My duty."

* * *

Miki got the update first, which she then passed on to Koto through the same diplomatic signal. Kotori received it less than a nanosecond later.

Yuumi's full analysis came with it, complete with strawmen and excessive detailing her computerized brain churned through in just a few seconds. Yet it was the summary that topped it all, with a few short sentences in Yamataian.

"If all our wars bring is more war, then we fight not to live, but to die. That is to say we have no lives at all, and instead occupy this plane as we are accused — weapons wielded by paranoia and bloodlust.

"It is time for Yamatai to live."
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There were simple reasons why Helashio were not left off a leash for long, Snider's crass remarks were born from his primitive nature, and that same primitive nature was what trembled the moment Nibbi had set her mind to the task of disciplining the Helashio, reminding him of what was what. Johnathan's threat shortly before fell distinctively distant from the way in which Nibbi's authority rattled Snider back into a seat of quiet subservience. Truly, the scene which unfolded was a very model of why the Matriarchy had been insisting for the better part of a Yamataian decade to keep to the status quo, with Helashio firmly held by the reigns which the Lorath had control over.

After the silent scolding which Nibbi had delivered with a mere touch, Snider's posture was distinctively more slumped, as he truly seemed to have lost that 'spunk' that had accompanied him from the moment he had strolled into the conference. In the way of the Nepleslian dialect, he had 'Been learned his lesson', as he decided to refrain from speaking further, as was traditional of the average Helashio.

Guess offering safety from siblings is taken as an insult by these people. Snider thought, frowning as he mused on just where his words could have gone wrong. Or is it okay that she implied we're cowards? It would have likely been better for Snider if he were one of the traditional Helashio, which were just as silent in their minds as their mouths were. Even with all of his butthurt though, Snider could appreciate the moment that unfolded before him between Yuumi, Nibbi, and Coast. If anything, Snider knew, such a feat was something most certainly beyond that of a Helashio; after all, his people, and their history, were proof of that. Truly, the lady knows best. Snider concluded, as he spoke in a quiet tone; "Lady Middlewoman, I will go and contact our High Priest and inform him of the initial signing." with that, he excused himself... mainly, to find something to sooth the headache which was resounding within his skull, after he would complete the message transmission.
"Thank you," Gerhard replied before taking a seat next to Ahrim. The next comment caused the Minister to frown a bit. "Well, I must say the situation is certain more --- laid back than what you would find in Abwehran politics," he commented before sighing. "However, the Lorath and Nepleslian delegates seem more like Tyrani circling a wounded Höhlewolf."
Kotori silently considered the data forwarded to her. She weighted it, considered the decision in the face of what Yuumi had taught her and her own experience.

Inside her chest, her passion was like this dark rabid beast tearing about as it sought release. Eyes narrowed to amber slits, Kotori did not let it have its sway, but rather harnessed it, fueling herself from its power without being mastered by it.

Finally, she slapped her hands down on the top of her thighs and smoothly stood to face the booth's exit, mentally sending to Yuumi: "Premier-sama, please come see me in the private booth you've assigned me. We need to talk."
"I will, after I inform our ally of what I've done. We shall talk." Yuumi knew the young Neko burned behind her sending; old Neko like her saw tinges in sending better, and controlled it best of all. She needed to address Kotori's concerns — the first of many, she was sure.
Kotori went perfectly still. She would have had prefered to speak to Yuumi staring in the white of her eyes, but Yuumi putting other nations first was especially what Kotori found so unfair of the situation. A second later she closed her eyes and replied to Yuumi: "Then allow this humble servant of the Kotori system to ask you, Yuumi-sama, since when it has been correct to place priority of colluding with foreigners and aliens before doing so with your own people?"

Kotori had faced that choice once, when looking for solutions to free the survivors of the Second Draconian Fleet from their psionic brainwashing. She had nearly turned to her prisoner - Melisson - for help... only to realize how wrong it seemed to trust an enemy over people that were on her own side. Yuumi just had the same dilemma, but didn't choose to take the high road. Or mistook the high road. Time to challenge her perspective.

"Having been under your wing, I can say this much: I'm calling bullshit on 'duty' being the real answer to my question," Kotori turned her head to look at the image of Yuumi walking. "You are not doing your duty: you are merely being self-righteous! The Office of the Imperial Premier may grant you priviledges, but you have gone out of your way to make Yamatai submit rather than cooperate. Other nations have no hand in ruling us, and you have just given them an example that they can achieve so through peer-pressure. By bullrushing this matter so - shutting as many of your people out of the decision, meaning the Empress is either forced to discredit your hasty decision or forge forward with it to retain credibility - you have martyred yourself in the eyes of foreigners whom will see you as sane, but see the rest of our state as lacking that same quality."

"How you can compute that you can earn respect while denying the same to your own nation while answering for it is about as arrogant as anything your sister has ever done. Your weapons may be different, but you are definitely through-and-through a Kitsurugi." Kotori clenched her jaw. This reminded her of something Yui had once told her: "When the Species Restriction Order came about, Yui once told me that she felt like the mother of children whom did not know what was good for them, so she had to impose because she felt she knew best for them. When will either of you - from your lofty vantage - ever will have faith that the children have grown up?"

"As Senator, if I have to condemn anything you are doing, it is your solitary brinksmanship," Kotori finished, her telepathic tone implacable. "If you represent us as Imperial Premier before our visitors, at least look like the rest of Yamatai is standing with you. At least make it sound like the rest of us are still relevant and not display that your esteem in our Empress is so low that you must attempt to preemptively overrule her. If you would have done what you have taught me, you would have promised to forward the treaty to your government with your full recommendation, and let them hopefully stew on a good note rather than leap through fiery hoops for them. Even Yui wanted this treaty; you could have afforded letting us haggle a bit rather than have us look like complete pushovers! We could've been real uncoerced allies, and that would have layed down far stronger foundations than what you have just done."

Kotori allowed herself an utterance that was half-frustrated growl, half "BAKA!". Thankfully, considering she was the sole occupant of the private booth, she felt she could indulge in allowing such. Lead by your own fucking example!
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Kohaku was definitely uncertain what had transpired with the Premier and the others. The body language was extremely tense and then the strange gesture of joining hands as some sort of indication of solidarity. She was also getting a touch of a headache, a buzzing in her head. She took another drink of the fluid on the table and stood up. She tapped the communicator and sent a message to Legos.

"Legos-sar, meet me in the outer hall as quickly as you can without causing a scene. Something is going on between those two adversarial nations and our ally. They reached some sort of an agreement after showing something to the Premier. There is nothing we can do at the moment, but I will want you, and Tesgi near me whenever I get to speak with her." she said just loud enough so that the cutaneous mic on her throat would pick it up.

She then took her staff in hand and walked out of the room quietly, putting a casual smile on her face that did not match her feelings.
Johnathan's irritation at the Helashio quickly turned into bewildered surprise, which he did his best to hide - the most he showed was a slightly raised eyebrow, which was quickly replaced with a wry smile towards Nibbi before they continued their talk. It was best he looked like he had no clue what was going on.

Because honestly? There was something going on between those two - perhaps something wrong. He just didn't know what.

For him though, that took a backseat to what was unfolding in front of him. Almost every single IRC, save for Yuumi's last perhaps, was a farce, and he'd come here expecting more of the same. And then, The Everything was flipped on its head. Yes. He had to think of it as The Everything because nothing would quite reflect how completely, utterly weird this all felt to him. In fact, he wasn't even sure if the word weird was quite right. There had to be something else better than weird, right? Even more weird than weird? Here he was, right at ground zero of what was possibly a big change. He had watched a Lorath, Nepleslian and a Yamataian delegate sign onto an alliance, with the latter putting her entire career at stake if the Military, Empress and Senate all didn't agree. He wasn't sure what to think, but there was definitely one thing he knew was true.

'Yuumi really deserves a party. With bla - wait, I don't even know what the cats like in their parties.'

For once, he realized that despite knowing a good deal of the politics, he was ignorant of Yamatai and its people. Just once perhaps.
"Laid back you say?" Ahrim mused while sipping at the apple-tinged brandy. Swirling the glass thoughtfully, the Iroma Delegate continued watching the three even after Kotori's in-perceptible mental speech and retreat his expression soured a little at the continued emotional cloud hanging over the Neko's head. Taking another sip from the snifter, he looked over toward the Abwehran.

"I am unfamiliar with what those are... but I assume they are predators of some sort?" He queried before nodding toward the Nepleslian and Yamataian Premier's and Lorath diplomat. "There is much pressuring and stress coming from them. "
"Yes, at least no one has started brawling upon the conference table --- yet," Gerhard stated as he stared at the trio of delegates, all of whom were rather high in their societies' politics. "Tyrani and Höhlewolven are predators on Abwehr --- both quite capable of killing adult Abwehrans," the Old Abwehran explained as he glanced over at the Premier and Middlewoman.

"Those two seem to give off the feeling you get from a Tyrani Griff on the prowl. Quite disturbing to the senses really, since I'm suddenly feeling rather naked without a hunting lance right about now." Gerhard sighed.

"Anyway. Tyrani are surface predators while Höhlewolven are subterranean predators. They normally don't face off against one another, but the clashes are often --- brutal."
Coast let the Ketsurui's words flow past him, in a sense. The whole thing seemed rather strange, what with the joining of hands and declaration of loyalties and mentioning of ancestry. It seemed to Coast that the Yamataians took an extraordinary pride in their heritage, particularly the ruling family. It was to be expected, but still strange to a foreigner from a world where family lineage mattered very little before hard experience and time spent in an armored suit.

Coast merely nodded at Yuumi's stance on the requests from his government regarding genetics research to be applied to their own citizens, but paused for a second to listen to her stance regarding the Lorath requests for land. This was Yamatai they were dealing with; a proud and expansive empire. Now their premier, one of the Ketsuruis was entering into a defensive pact that would put checks on the expansion of all members' territory? Something was going way too well.

Paranoia crept up slightly on the back of his neck, which he immediately silenced upon seeing the Ketsurui's expression, and hearing her request to meet Empress Himiko.

Holy shit, Coast thought, does this Ketsurui even have the power to sign this now? What will happen to her if this treaty is ill-received? And she's the one who signed it...

Feeling not panicked but slightly restless, Coast put on a smile for Yuumi. "Ma'am, it would be my honor to meet your Empress Himiko. I must admit, I had my doubts bringing this treaty to the conference to show you, but your level headed nature is an extremely pleasant surprise" Coast let his smile and jovial tone drop for just a minute "If there is anything I can do for you, let me know." Coast let his stare bore into Yuumi, hoping to himself that she understood.

We'll be there if there's trouble for you from this treaty.
"Thank you Charlie. Nibbi."

Yuumi didn't feel the stare. She saw it, understood it — but it didn't lift the chill in her blood.

"Himiko-sama has made it part of her reign to foster better relations with our neighbors, and to ensure the safety of my people. As her representative on foreign affairs, I have no doubt she will welcome you with open arms."

It's Yui I'm not so sure about. Or maybe that's all too sure about ...

"If you might excuse me, please; I must speak with the Emissary so that she is aware of this."

She offered a head dip to both, then walked over to Kohaku.

Absorbing Kotori's burst monologue took a half-second, as it stirred up so much. Kotori was not a child; she had experienced plenty of strife in her nine years of life. Nonetheless, Yuumi's overwhelming reaction centered on the phrase, "You're too young to understand."

What a bitchy, patronizing, condescending thing to say. It stuck with her anyway.

So her reply was curt, though her heartfelt meaning was clear: "I hope you never understand why I did it."
Too late for that. Despondently, Kotori sat back in her chair. She saw no point in pushing further; Yuumi's gesture couldn't be taken back, and railing more over it would just become disruptive.

The futility of whatever effort she could amount to at this juncture was... not pleasant. The proceedings had only just begun, but already there was a peculiar kind of weariness bowing her shoulders. Wryly, Kotori wondered if her present relationship with Yuumi wasn't a kind of mirror to the relationship she and Yukari - her executive officer onboard Miharu - had enjoyed.

What she hoped was that the perspective she'd provided was eye-opening enough for Yuumi to benefit in the upcoming sessions. Somehow. Yuumi jumping hastily into grand political maneuverings without so much as her staff being in on it, though, was not reassuring.

Yuumi approached Kohaku with more dread than she expected. The HSC was in the middle of giants, and no matter how comfortable it felt, it would know as soon as the Emissary saw the treaty that Yamatai was lowering their relationship down a peg or two.

She reminded herself that it was for the good of her own people, to whom she was most beholden. It didn't help.

Yuumi telepathically "pinged" Kohaku. She included an encryption key for a temporary diplomatic channel, so Kohaku could receive the full treaty text and analysis without any fuss.

Kohaku stood with Legos and saw Yuumi approaching. She made a small hand gesture and the guards moved a short distance away. Legos took a few steps back as Yuumi came up to Kohaku.

Kohaku felt something that she had not experienced in nine years. It also dawned on her what the angry buzzing she was feeling in the main chamber was. 'Telepathic connection? Who would do that. The only telepaths I've had any contact with were the Tula and their form only worked through plants.' she thought. That it came with an encryption key meant that it most likely had to come from a NH series lifeform.

She suspected that Yuumi had initiated the contact, but just in case she chose a cautious approach.

She accepted the encryption key, and warily opened the connection. "Hello?"

"Emissary," Yuumi sent back — while baring her teeth for the benefit of Legos. "I need to send you a block of secure data. Stand by."

A spillway opened into Kohaku's mind, the datastream falling into a pool guarded by the encryption key. It was the treaty, along with Yuumi's analysis. The spill hardly took a second.

"You need to know what I've done, and why."

Kohaku accepted the data and while her mind decrypted it she spoke to Yuumi. "Premier I was hoping for the opportunity to speak to you after your exchange with the Nepleslia and Lor representatives." She said to Yuumi and then turned to Legos. "Leave the Premier and I alone for a few minutes. I will signal when I require you." She said with a wave of her hand, and she touched a small button on her armband communicator.

Legos gave a brief nod and walked away from the Emissary the guard in tow.

She started scanning the data that Yuumi had provided. She had no problem processing the document, noting numerous points that were extremely flawed.

"We may speak without fear of being overheard. My armband has a white noise generator so no one may eavesdrop. Kindly explain what you have done, and why."

"Peace," Yuumi said. The white noise would get cleared up by the site's KAMI, but the unit was on its own network anyway, so she didn't question the precaution. "I have signed the treaty for the pursuit of peace. This ensures my nation's safety like never before, and brings to a halt the next avenue that would continue the endless cycle of war that is my only heritage."

Kohaku pondered what Yuumi said and chose her words carefully. "Peace... is an admirable goal. The pursuit of it is good, but one must carefully weight the price."

"The price is right," Yuumi replied, hands at her sides no matter how much she wanted to fold them across her chest. "I won't pretend the circumstances are ideal, though."

Kohaku allowed a small smirk to come to her face, "Premier you have a gift for understatement. In the archives I have seen terms for surrender that were more equitable. I know your people are a young race and your Empire even younger. You need to learn some lessons on your own." she said the smirk leaving and a slightly sad expression came to mind as Kohaku reflects on some of the events of the Clan's distant past.

With a neutral expression, she asked "Were you aware of this document prior to the start of the Conference?"

"No," Yuumi replied, staying equally neutral. Already the conversation headed in a direction she expected, but didn't happily suffer. Kohaku was not a Yamataian anymore, and seemed imbued with more than just the history of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. But to talk to her, one of the first two Nekovalkyrja to ever exist, like she was some youthful child who didn't know any better?

The Premier of Yamatai knew how to appear cordial when she didn't feel it, so she did. Seething would just make things worse.

Kohaku considered the conversation up to this point reviewing every nuance and gesture. Once satisfied with the review, she spoke again.

"Yuumi-sar, I hope that my words have not given offense. But I carry many memories from Qaktoro who were in my position from before the Exodus. Their memories give me a perspective of having lived longer than I have physically. Referring to the Nekovalkyrja as a young race and your empire was not meant as a insult. It is just a statement of the fact. The clan has always had the policy that species who have been around less than we have, deserve the right to make their own decisions. As they are also to be allowed to learn from them for good or bad.

"I am glad to hear that you were not aware of this document before the conference. I can tell you most assuredly that there is no way that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo will ever sign this document. Some of the terms are the same that led to the destruction of our worlds and the near extinction of the clan as people.

"So I respect your decision to do what you feel is best for your people, my challenge will be when I return home to see if I can convince that Mui and the Tonai that this does not violate our existing treaty. That will take some doing, but I believe in the alliance we have forged. Forged between two governments based on mutual respect. We did not come to Yamatai seeking protection. We reached out for exactly what we have, respect and an opportunity to learn and grow together.

"The terms of this new treaty you have signed however.... I fear that it may eventually undo what we have achieved."

"If there are concerns you have, I am here to address them, Kohaku-sar," Yuumi said, letting the rest of it go. She forced herself to relax her shoulders, slacken her back a bit. Too tense.

"Your government need not sign this treaty for our existing one to remain, which we plan to uphold it without reserve. I came to you first out of that mutual respect we have, to ensure you, our ally, knew what was done."

"I truly do appreciate that Yuumi-sar, and I know the Mui will to when I speak with her. It was she who made the decision to contact Yamatai."

"As for concerns, the main are the clauses that deals with territory. The Poku Saeruo Degonjo have made it clear to our ally Yamatai the territory that we claim.The worlds in that area ones we have visited for resources over the centuries. It was the Mishhu taking then that brought us into the most recent war. We do not recognize your allies' authority to respect or not respect our claim."

"As our ally when it comes to section 13. Your people have been to World Station, you have seen our ships. Some of your forces have even seen them in battle. We respectfully ask that you do not share any information you have about our forces and ships."

Yuumi nodded, crunching through the treaty over and over to correctly interpret that concern.

"Before new, nonsignatory-claimed territory is claimed by a signatory, the claiming signatory must go to the council," Yuumi said after landing on a spot she felt worked. "They don't get to roll over a nonsignatory, either. Others must confirm the territory grab, and Yamatai won't support our allies being rolled just because they value their autonomy.

"Still," Yuumi said. "While we won't share information about you, the less we know, the better."

Kohaku nodded at Yuumi's last statement, but her expression showed that she was not pleased with this development.

"I will have to discuss with the Tonai and Mui how this clause will affect our interactions. The Tonai may choose to restrict travel within Yamatai territory to non-fighting ships only. Or they may come up with other restrictions. As soon as I advised of their determination, I will contact you."

"With regards to the subject of acquisition of 'military intelligence' I wish to state for the record that Poku Saeruo Degonjo does not engage in such activities upon our allies."

Kohaku thought about the conference, with the signing of this treaty by the three largest governments present. She did not see much of a reason to continue.

"At this point I have to say. I see no compelling reason to continue with the Conference. Nepleslia and Lor have achieved their goals, and you have your peace.

"I plan to go back in for a moment and advise the other delegates that due to recent developments my delegates and I are leaving the conference. But that we are willing to meet with any of the other delegates at our embassy. That way I can still achieve my task of establishing relations with them, and set myself to the task of briefing the Mui and the Tonai. I also suspect that as long as this Treaty remains in effect that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo will probably not attend future ones."

She then crossed both her arms and gave a short bow to Yuumi, "Thank you for your time, and your input. I will personally contact you when I have heard back from the Mui."

Yuumi mimic'd the gesture to Kohaku. Behind her eyes she considered just what damage she had done to the budding alliance between the Poku Saeruo Degonjo and her people.

What was done had to be done, she reminded herself. Especially when the alternative was a sure path to war.

"I respect those choices, Emissary." The formal tone felt necessary now, not intimate. "I hope our governments still can cooperate in other areas of life beyond this one."

"So do I Premier, I still believe there is much our people can learn from each other, and combined we are both better." she replied.

"I would like to extend a personal invitation for dinner at the embassy. Just two people dining, no titles, no duties." she added.

"I am delighted," Yuumi said with a wide smile, though the blood of her lips felt stiff. "It is my pleasure. Perhaps after the conference is over, when the stress is low?"

"That would be perfect. That would definitely make it more conducive to good digestion and discussion and relaxation." Kohaku said with a warm smile.

"Wonderful! Perhaps a week after, then. No titles or duties means I can wear jeans and a jacket. Get out of this suit."

"Yes, and I can wear something casual as well. It is a date then. I will be sure to block the date so that my people do not plan anything." she answered.

"Mine as well. Miki is quick to pack my schedule. Such is the help." Yuumi winked. "Speaking of, I must talk with some of mine too. Be well, Kohaku-sar."

Yuumi sent to Kotori as she strode away, "Meet me at the main entrance and we'll talk."
Yuumi already knew that any private telepathy sent about in Kotori's vicinity was never truely private around the adopted Ketsurui princess. That, after all, was how Kotori was able to unmask Ebi Nadeko's treasonous ways the year before. Kotori would already know there was a meeting with the Hidden Sun Clan emissary, as well as the information concerning the treaty. Yuumi's die was already cast and Kotori's objection had already been voiced. There's actually not much else we can say that won't end up being adversarial, and I didn't want to go there.

She felt ambivalent about meeting face-to-face now. She had the impression the next minutes would pressure her into doing something uncompromising. Still...

"At once, Yuumi-sama," Kotori obediently sent back and slowly stood.

Any sign of her depression vanished as she crossed the private booth's doorway. Ketsurui Samurai could hide beneath an expressionless mask, mirror-like eyes revealing nothing. Kotori was tempted to hide behind the same, but decided against it because it would already speak volumes. And besides, a Ketsurui Samurai was just a warrior. Kotori had become a princess to accomplish more, so, she would present herself to Yuumi as one. With that thought, she used the inlying cheat in her volumetric camouflage to make herself pretty, accenting her pale doll-like countenance with the makeup colors that would present her as a more mature young woman.

It was in such as state that Kotori met Yuumi in the main entrance, sleeves joined as she bent respectfully and in demure deference said: "I have come to your summons, Yuumi-sama."
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Kohaku watched Yuumi walk away, and motioned for Legos. He came over, "So what is going on?"

"It would appear that Yamatai has signed a treaty with Nepleslia and Lor. One that will unfortunately impact our treaty with them. I do not believe it will invalidate our treaty. But Yamatai will be caught between the two. Kindly have the vehicles brought up. I am going to tell the other delegates that we are leaving the Conference. But extend an invitation for them to come and meet at our embassy." she said.

"I will take care of it Emissary. Will you be heading back to World Station?" the Qaktoro inquired.

"No, but I will be using a priority channel to speak with the Mui." She said as she turned and walked back to the main room.

She walked up to the table and tapped her staff three times to get peoples attention.

"My fellow delegates. Matters have arisen that require that my presence at our Embassy. So at this point in time. my delegation is withdrawing from the conference.

However, it is still my desire to meet with those of you who are new to us. So I would like to extend the opportunity to meet with at your convenience at our Embassy. Kindly contact my aide at the Embassy to arrange an appointment. May the Eye of the Divine watch over you." She said and place her closed left hand against her right breast and bowed. She then straightened, turned quickly and walked out of the chamber her robe flowing behind her in the wake of her movement. Once she was out of the chamber several of the guard fell in along side of her and she made her way to the exit. 'Now to see if I can salvage this situation with those back home.' she thought as she exited.
"Why, I'd be-" but she was too late. She had been thinking of just how lofty that proposition had been to a woman such as herself. In her seventy two years of living she'd never been offered to meet someone whose admiration by her pantheon nearly rivalled that of the Lorath duotheism. Alike, they had heretics, blasphemers and ardent, rusted on worshippers. She watched Yuumi walk away as her next word came dangling out of her mouth, "-delighted." She seemed to stand there for a moment, a statue amongst the rest of the delegation. "Ah..." she sighed, shoulders slumping and head bowing.

It seemed as though in her mind she was celebrating the cementing of hers and Charlie's endeavour a little too early, unwinding, relaxing, giving herself a moment to space out a little too soon. Of course, she'd be happy to come along, it'd be an honour - but she just didn't quite communicate it to her soon enough. The invitation was still there. She looked down to Snider and tilted her head back towards her booth. "C'mon. Not out of the woods yet."

They both started walking back towards their table and Nibbi was surprised to find something on Snider's chair. Well, something in it rather. A divot had been cut out of the back. It just went to show that a deal was a deal, and a little idiocy shouldn't let things go sour. "Huh," Nibbi shrugged as she sat down at her own chair. She didn't want Snider to feel as though he was being rewarded for making an arse of himself, and clasped her fingers as she waited for proceedings to continue, watching the Hidden Sun Delegation leave.

"Interesting," she said, chewing on the thoughts for a moment. The bodyguard behind her seemed ambivalent to the Hidden Sun Clan's delegation peacefully withdrawing. At least no fiasco or mayhem had been caused. They had exited gracefully to consider their next moves. She waved them goodbye and fared them well. Not everyone would get to walk away with their head high today.
Gerhard frowned in concern as the Hidden Sun Clan delegation left the conference. "Hmmm. What do you suppose that was about?" the Abwehran asked the older Iroma curiously.

The Minister could actually guess quite a few possibilities given the frustration emanating from the general direction. However, they would all be guesses more than anything. He did believe that it had something to do with the conversation the Nepleslian and Lor delegations had with the Premier. Something told the Minister of State that he had better keep his guard up when it came to Nepleslians and private conversations.
"Quite possibly a withdraw from the rest of the Conference, for reasons pertaining to what just transpired." Ahrim offered as he watched Kohaku and her fellows leave. The Iromakuanhe carefully surveyed the rest of those nations embodied in human form. Their emotional states were all a jumbled mess a Nepleslian'd akin to Lewis Pasco Day lights needing untangling from their box. Frowning, Ahrim could do nothing but sigh once more.

"Rather sad, really. The Emissary had a level-headedness that was beneficial to this conference."
"Sadly. We could use more level-headed delegates." Gerhard agreed with a nod. His own eyes seemed to wander around the room before locking onto his own delegation. They were conversing in low tones, though the Minister had no idea the topic of said conversation.

"Then again --- I believe we're both the eldest delegates in the room..." he made the small observation. "Though I'm probably still a child when compared to you," the Abwehran Minister stated with a chuckle. "Though this makes me wish for the times when I was just a Supreme Judge in the High Courts. Constitutional law was just so much simpler." he remarked.
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