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RP [Day 1] Unexpected End of Day

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Taii Nishimura held up a battery magazine from her belt."Using this one battery magazine, I can consistently hit 250-meter moving pop-up targets fifty out of fifty times with a my pistol from a standing position. If you are interested in watching it for yourself, there are videos of Taisho Yui and I demonstrating Nekovalkyrja range shooting techniques on YamaTube," the neko yeoman answered Johnathan. She stowed the battery again. " I hope that answers your question. If you are ready to leave now, I have a ship standing by. Before we go, I would like to make one last call for other diplomats to join us."
Seeing as the others of his delegation were getting up to their own thing, Washran decided that he should probably move about according to his doctor's orders. Good for him indeed, he thought as the image of the medical professional's toothy grin appeared before him while he painfully stood up from his chair with a groan. The elder then began filling his glass multiple times with water and pouring them over himself to keep him slightly saturated.

Once done his wetting ritual, he flip flopped his way out of the central chamber out into the hall and began looking at the displays from a distance, leaving little puddles behind him. After a few, however, he managed to locate Nibbi and Johnathan before a kiosk for... what? The aged Azorean's feet made more slapping sounds on the floor as he made his way over to make sure he was reading the Trade characters correctly.

"N... Nnnnaaaaataaaarrrriiiaaaa," Washran sounded out, "Nataria... Too... Toourrr." The elder took a moment to ensure he had the translation correct before asking, "What is on Nataria?"
"I have no desire to meet with the Taisho at this point in time. She is, however, free to leave her bastion and come show me the best ramen joint in Kyoto. Better yet, have the Empress join us for a meal and see what happens. Nevertheless, I have a mind to tour Kyoto on foot and see for myself what the capital has become. Plus, Nataria isn't known for its ramen," Valken looked to Charlie Coast to see if he was up for some shenanigans in downtown Kyoto. In truth, he had a very specific ramen shop in mind and did hope that Charlie or perhaps the Senator would accompany him. If not, then Kyoto would just have to see what sort of damage a full blown Nepleslian Grand Admiral, armed with a ton of DA and resplendent full dress uniform, could do in one night.

He spoke knowing full well that it was highly unlikely that the big cat herself, Yui, would deign to walk amongst the peasantry. Even more so for the figurehead Empress. Valken, as a former Star Army officer, knew the first rule about good food. If it's a hole in the wall restaurant, it's usually going to be packed to the gills and if it's packed to the gills, it means the food is damn good. Dominic Valken simply couldn't see the Taisho or Empress dining in a hole in the wall restaurant or eating street food. They probably liked to preserve their "Ketsurui pride" with fine dining.
Nibbi stood by and chewed on that boast. All fifty shots, hitting their marks every time sounded like another video you'd see on SYNCVid or NepStream. Could've been staged, she gave Nishimura a nod of aloof acknowledgement. "The more the merrier," she said.

The bodyguard put the demonstration NSP back into the kiosk's holster and looked at the battery in Nishimura's slender fingers. Fifty shots fit inside that. To her, the boast sounded like weapon advertising or military propaganda.

She knew every country did it, her own included - the image of a Fyunnen backflipping and throwing a hatchet at a target was memetic on the InterNEP and Lazarus Network.
Johnathan blinked twice in surprise.

"Wait, that was you?" he asked incredulously. The Nepleslian held his hands up, superimposing them over the Nekovalkyrja Yeoman so he could take her hair out of the equation. Looking at only her face, and remembering what he saw, everything fell into place. Her hair style had changed since then to what it was now, but it was unmistakable. "Oh wow, yeah. Nice shooting on the move like that," the Senator congratulated her. The video showed how deadly a Nekovalkyrja could be when their minds were properly set to the task, with the two accurately firing while on the move, leaping, jumping and even performing flips and so forth in their skirted uniforms. Though there were those that were open minded in Nepleslia, the bulk of people back home was Nekophobic for a reason. Even then however, he couldn't help but grin at her for other reasons. "Saw lots in that one, especially the extended version."

"Hey, whatever floats your boat Dom," came his reply to Valken. "The way I see it, the grub will still be there. Just not the tours. Or the opportunity." Before she could reply though, his ears heard it.

A presence. It was one that took notice of them all. One that saw that something with them was different with all the rest. It was a mind that became curious and wondered what was so off about this particular group. A being that decided to near in curiosity, its approach heralded by the sound of its unmistakable trumpeting steps, the sound powerful and reverberating. Something magnificent and terrifying in its majest - no. When Johnathan turned around, it wasn't who he had hopped. No Mermaid here. But he didn't let that disappointment show in the slightest.

Always nice to everyone he met, Johnathan explained just what was going on. "Oh, Nataria's where Yamatai makes a ton of their military stuff. Bases, factories, proving grounds - that sort of hardware, you know?" He gestured to the various images on display of just that, as well as the world itself. "Almost never that this happens I think, so take the opportunity," he offered.

The Nepleslian sent Nibbi's personal device a few clips from the reel.
The Azorean stopped reading more when Johnathan began talking and listened intently. Military hardware and such - sounded like something more along Asri's current; however the two before him were among those whom Yuumi had been talking before looking distressed and soon causing the early adjournment of the day. It may be well within the interests of his delegation, and his people, for the elder to go along on the tour.

"I'm interested, though I should check if Asri would also like to go," Washran smiled, "I'm sure some of the explanations would be less lost on her." He then pulled out his communicator and sent the Commodore a message:

I think I found something that may interest you. Would you like to go on a tour with me?
Nishimura nodded. "We have shuttles waiting just outside the conference center's exit on that side, she explained, raising her arm out and pointing to one of the exits. They will take you to a ship which will bring you to Nataria and back."
Nibbi looked at Johnathan, then at the Yeoman and raised her eyebrow before she saw the attached files to the datapad. "Interesting," she said before muting the volume and watching the agility and flexibility of the pistoleers. Yes. The agility just uncoiling in those thighs. She incongruously skipped through the video to look at the good bits while keeping a practised stone face on - on the longer days on the job it wasn't uncommon to unwind with a little 'observation', just as you would browsing a social network. I get it. Winding me up like that, the cur, she thought as her gaze raised from the pad back to Johnathan's grinning face.

The Fyunnen bodyguard looked over Nibbi's shoulder by chance and raised her eyebrows at the acrobatics before stiffening her face again.
'You don't say. The one with the green hair looks like a catch - shame she is not available.' Nibbi typed back to Johnathan as she decided to send some clips of her own back at him - Lorath military training was always regarded as one of the broadest reaching thanks to how varied its castes are (especially the Llmanel), their needs, and how to make them the best at what they are with their body. A single Lorath was always full of surprises - backflipping while throwing a hatchet was only the beginning.

"Indeed," she said, "I guess we can wait together for more. It'd be an awfully lonely trip with just us, hm?" she looked over to Johnathan and Nishimura. "A whole planet to tour - or perhaps the interesting parts at any rate."
"Go right ahead - we're in no hurry," he warmly replied to the old man, nodding to the Lorath woman's idea of waiting. His sights were turned back to the Yeoman however.

"Are you coming along Nishi?" the Senator asked her. He was well aware that using a nickname like that was considered intimate in Yamataian culture, something that they'd take offense at. Or should. The Nepleslian noted that despite being face to face, the brief flicker of humanity tended to come and go with this particular Nekovalkyrja. A normal person who was on guard for any trickery would be unresponsive to wordplay, but blunt complements? Not so much - a 'Thank You' was typically in order, as it didn't offer any chinks in verbal armor and was also polite. But for some reason, she was stiff at that, and stuck to the business of the tours like a machine. Moments like these hinted at their nature as 'Ningyō' - dolls - made to a certain Emperor's tastes. That observation of the Yeoman aside, he couldn't ignore Nibbi.

'Yui herself you mean? The person directing the shoot did a great job showing off how pretty both her and Nishi are - great camera work - but I have a hunch nobody's thought of just talking to her before their other plans with her,' came his reply. 'How many people can claim to really know Yui? If we're lucky, she's sweeter than most people think when behind the scenes. Public appearances are usually just that after all. If not, oh well. Not like she's going to shoot us.'

They could be scary things, the Nekovalkyrja, but unlike more Conservative Nepleslians however, Johnathan didn't let his fear keep him from understanding what he dealt with. One thing he knew for certain that the more they were like proper war machines, the less humanity they had - and right now? Just how much Nishi had in her was what he was curious about. "Like the Lorath Middlewoman said, it'd be a lonely trip without some more company," he offered her with a grin. "You're the tour guide after all, right?" came his not-so-innocent jibe.
Asri paused what she was doing when the note came in on her personal communication device. "A tour of what?" she replied to Washran, raising an eyebrow in interest
Apparently it is one of their military bases. Might be an interesting way to find out what our hosts are like as well as some of our fellow guests.

With that reply sent, Washran could not help noticing some kind of energy between Johnathan and Nibbi as well as the Nepleslian's aim at the woman manning the booth. Observation was usually the best way to capture mannerisms; however, under certain conditions, a wide enough range may not occur.
Yeoman Nishimura-Taii shook her head. "I must remain at the conference center to offer tours, but I assure you wiill not be left alone," she smiled. Some of her teeth looked rather fang-like. "The tour will be conducted by Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Taisho Kessaku Irim, or possibly both of them depending availability." The yeoman gestured towards the shuttles outside. "If you would please follow me." Nishimura led the way as her slender, skirted legs and glossy black heels lifted a few inches off the ground. She didn't walk to the exit, she hovered towards it a brisk walking pace.
Sounds fascinating!

Asri replied and quickly made her way over to where Washran was, making it just in time for Yeoman Nishimura-Taii's indication that the group should follow. She fell into step with the older Azorean, clasping her hands behind her back as she walked with him. "I am curious to see how this Yamatai military operates and what sort of hardware they have" she said to him.
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