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RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 02: Cause and Effect



The rope already set up by the time Suzu'ha detonated the explosives, she wasted no time going down as soon as they went off. Catching her breath on the way down, her blue fox eyes focused on her surroundings, they had the element of surprise, and she intended to take full advantage of it. It seemed that despite the terrorists' experience, they had forgotten the fact that overconfidence was a slow and insidious killer, believing themselves protected by the building they had claimed.

Landing right behind Cirillo, who was quick to raise his shield, the girl readied her SMG and got to work. - "Roger that sir!" - She quickly replied. His covering fire giving her the brief safety she needed to aim properly and take out as many terrorists as she could, always prioritizing the safety of the hostages and themselves.

With the element of surprise, their quick dispatch of the nearby terrorists and Kil'nda's sniper support, victory was as good as theirs as long as they kept their nerve, thought the young Daur, keeping up the rain of lead upon their foes.

The KrimsonWulf

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Yuri'no smirked, in the chaos.stepping closer to the unlucky daur. closing distance quickly his tied hands pulling close straining the restraints until they snapped. towering above the Terrorist his white eyes locking on their target, several terrorists turned in the fray beginning to shoulder their weapons. the situation played out in almost slow motion. drawing the the blade from its owners sheath. a black clawed hand wrapped around the chin of the of the Daur. laughing to himself Yuri'no ran the blade through his chest.lifting the terrorist off the ground his own blade now piercing through his chest. as the daurs life began to fade, his comrades opened fire.Yuri'no started moving, using his captor as a shield, taking advantage of the Div.5 team breaching the safehouse. closing distance to yet another would-be terrorist, the massive Laibe threw the now bullet riddled corpse at his former comrades, darting to the side before allowing his blade to dance through the throat of the distracted gunman, using their hand to turn the submachine gun they held, to fire a burst into the closest enemy. before throwing them aside. his final target began to take aim, firing a burst in Yuri'no's direction. grazing his arm before the Laibe could throw the blade in his hand into the trunk of his target before picking up a proper sword from a previously dispatched terrorist, taking cover to assess his wounds."Its about time you decided to breach!" he called out to the assault team still staying behind cover.


🦊 FM of Neshaten
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A brief vapour trail quickly dissipated as Kil'nda's target slumped over their shortened machine gun, covering the other terrorist's clothing and face with viscera that used to be their partner's head. The deafening shot had rang true, splintering a fine hole through one of the safehouse's reinforced windows and causing it to crack, forming an intricate and web-like pattern of cracks through the dense panel.

Though the layers of composite material held themselves together for the most-part as Kil'nda cycled his rifle, the sniper's deceased target dragging the machine gun down the stairs as they collapsed further, putting it out of commission and sending belts of ammunition tumbling as their terrified companion stumbled out. Clearly dazed and out-of-sorts the bloodied Laibe stumbled up the stairs and out into the open, hand making a few limp, failed attempts to unholster an archaic-looking pistol from its leather bindings as their piercing blue eyes stared deeply into a blank wall.

The pincer manouver performed by the rest of the team was also very effective, their compact firearms flinging low-drag needles through their targets, producing notoriously hard-to-close wound channels that granted their unfortunate targets a quick, clean death nine times out of ten. With Kyet and Leo using their elevated position to their advantage while Cirillo's heavy shield helped make sure Suzu'ha could keep the pressure up without exposing herself too much, it was like shooting fish in a barrel for such highly trained individuals.

The hostages, some gagged and others with their mouths uncovered were trying their best to crawl out of the way, letting out the occasional yelp of surprise or shock simply because they couldn't do much else. The bodies piled up and Kyeterinyah called out Yuri'no's name to get the man's attention, studying the only free captive closely for a few short moments before tossing him her sidearm, hoping he'd be useful enough to help finish off the handful of terrorists that remained.

Discounting the still-dazed Laibe who was wandering around aimlessly there looked to be another two or three Kingdom-Fall members still fighting back from behind some makeshift furniture barricades at the back of the safehouse. One Laibe with an uncharacteristically stout build tossed her empty, smoking rifle aside and ducked down behind cover, reappearing with the sharp tip of a standard-issue Seta'sis sword held close to the neck of a terrified Daur.

There was no clear shot for the team's sniper, at least not on the hostage taker, the others were fair game though he'd need to be careful to not misread the situation.

"Stop! or your man gets his Drisa throat slit!" she yelled out, a burly arm around the Daur's neck securing the shorter, gagged fox close to the Laibe's chest, her teeth bared and black coat of fur puffed up in a primal display of danger. The others near this ballsy woman kept as low and behind cover as they could, barrels of their guns barely peeking over their cover as they swept the Operatives.

"Lets talk," she demanded, Leo carefully making his way down the stairs with one hand extended, trying to stop the knife-wielding woman from doing anything too brash just yet, Kyet bracing her SMG against a nearby guard rail wordlessly.

"No sudden movements, team," the Captain whispered into his helmet's microphone as he took up position near the remaining enemies, causing the Laibe to press the sword a little deeper into the side of her hostage's neck, drawing a small bead of blood that ran down the length of the blade before dripping onto the floor.

"Operative Sher'meso, make sure nobody is skulking out a back door... has anyone got a shot on the big Laibe?"

"What are you saying?! Speak up!" the hostage taker demanded, not quite able to hear Leo's muttered words over all the commotion outside, ears still ringing a bit after the team's explosive entrance.


Typical of an operation such as this one, it was chaos. A rain of lead and blood, floor and walls painted red from the destruction, debris and broken glass everywhere. Countless terrorists lie dead, and the few still with a beating heart, acting like cornered animals hiding in fear with only one outlier, the stout Laibe threatening the hostage. A classic and desperate attempt to take control of a poor situation, an attempt to negotiate what can't be negotiated.

Looking around, Suzu'ha studied her surroundings. No casualities so far, the entire team was ready to shoot at a moment's notice, and there was also that captive with the sword Operator Kyeterinyah tossed her pistol to. Skilled without a doubt, but clearly cocky and, from her first impression, not so disciplined. Saving a hostage was a delicate procedure, like defusing a bomb or performing a surgery, and she finds herself hoping that Laibe can at least keep it together for a few more seconds.

"Captain, I'll attempt a distraction. I may be able to create an opportunity." - Whispered the girl on the comms.

During her time in the streets, Suzu'ha lived among poverty. Crime and criminals were constants back then. In such places, the ability to trick, persuade and impress can be a valuable tool to preserve one's life, and especially the weak, must learn it. Suzu'ha does not expect to earn a surrender out of the terrorist in front of them, a momentary distraction is all they needed. Raising her voice, she spoke, in an attempt to sway the enemy's heart.

"Lets talk then." - She said simply, but firmly. - "I've seen this movie before and there are only two endings to it. You die, or you don't, I suggest you choose wisely, friend." - Started the girl, putting pressure on the enemy.

"You're putting your trust on the wrong people, leaving your back open to your comrades. What do you think they'll do once you save your own skin? Let you walk away? I've seen the scene from both sides, now lay down your arms and we can garantee your safety." - Said the young Daur, trying to build in some paranoia among the terrorists, and at the same time, trust towards her team. - "I suggest you do it fast, the bullet may be coming from the other side any time now."

Chaos Havik

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Kil'nda cursed as the enemy had resorted to a hostage stand off. For a moment his sites were on her head, If she killed the hostage he'd take off her head as well, however it felt to him like every other gun was on her as well he began to take aim at and get ready to fire at the others now. There was every bit the chance this was a ploy so they could get in some last suicide shots before being taken out. Not wanting to chance it he looked to the other terrorists. If one tried to make a sudden move he would put his current round in them as well. Still he waited to hear an order to fire as well ready to start shooting should the squad leader deem it acceptable as well. He really didn't like it, but there was a chance one hostage might day so that all the others might live.


The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
"Operative Sher'meso, make sure nobody is skulking out a back door... has anyone got a shot on the big Laibe?"

Overseeing the entire situation through cameras, the energetic Daur did a quick check through the many electronic eyes she'd taken control of. There - Just out of direct view, because of the loft, some boxes tumbled from a haphazard stack, a cluttered vent grate making it clear what the person's goal was. She relayed her information back to the captain, "Someone's crawling out the back vent. I don't think we'll get a clean shot from this roof unless they run our way." Nonetheless, the operator's ears had flattened, then perked up, and re-flattened, peeking away from her screen to get a personal view of the darkened street. Just in case, she had her pistol ready... Though splitting her attention would make it difficult to do either goal well.