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RP [Former UOC] A Fortunate Day


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A Fortunate Day
Tokyo, Jiyuu III


Part I - The True Hanabusa
  • Lobby Cafe - Fuji Hotel

https://stararmy.com/roleplay-forum/threads/hotaru-an-unfortunate-night.334/ - An Unfortunate Night

I can’t take this anymore. Misato has to be stopped. If not, soon she will control everything and the rest of us will be left with no choice but to bow down to her.


I can’t take this anymore. Misato has to be stopped. If not, soon she will control everything and the rest of us will be left with no choice but to bow down to her.

Miho’s problems seem to escalate, every message she received that morning was about some act of unfairness that had been bestowed on her people. Her thoughts slowly turned toward a less than sane plan, one that would end this game of tit for tat; Tange Misato needed to die.

Part of Miho’s responsibility in the fleet was the daily transmission of the upper echelon’s ST backups to every ship in the fleet. She managed the database, updated the records and purged the old images from the system. She logged into the system, as usual, purging the old files from the system-today however she ensured all but Misato received an update and made sure the previous copy had been deleted.

Miho wore her uniform without the need for guise for this operation, her new NH-33 features a stark contrast to her previous appearance, her pink hair done up in a ponytail similar to the trademark look of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. She sat at one of the round-top tables close to the door of the cafe which opened up into the lobby of the hotel. She sipped at the steaming latte that had been brought to her table, she resisted the urge to turn around to look at Misato who sat at one of the tables closer to the counter. Her thoughts ran with memories from that fateful night on Hotaru years before.

https://stararmy.com/roleplay-forum/threads/hotaru-an-unfortunate-night.334/ - An Unfortunate Night

Meanwhile, Miho took her move, drawing her own sidearm, she braced herself against the rail, her aim locked onto Misato's head. This ought to end the Tange reign... the ungrateful little bitch. I should have done this a long time ago. Miho thought to herself, feeling success in her future.

Yuriko bit her bottom lip slightly, her hand had already been near her NSP after Misato had said she hadn't called Yuriko. The Shoi brought her wrist up, a silver bracelet with a beautiful white gem embedded in the center. Using her little invention's life signs sensor, she did a quick scan of the area. One life sign...one close by...it was on an elevated position... One thought came to mind... Get down! Yuriko's telepathic voice yelled in

Misato's mind. The Shoi should've seen this setup coming now she pushed Misato down, and hopefully behind the safety of a series of supply crates as she drew her NSP, she then began to fire her shots however failed to hit the would-be assassin, instead striking a pipe, and large gouts of steam began to pour out.

Miho closed her eyes, the sorrowful memories and when Misato escaped her and the Tange manipulated Tono Hanabusa to take the Hanabusa tributary and place them in allegiance to the NMX and later the United Outer Colonies. She had paid with her own life for her failure to stop Misato then, she wanted nothing more than to turn around and kill her right there. Sadly such actions would not be in accordance with her mission, she desired to follow Katsuko's plan regardless of how she felt.

"Good Morning, Hanabusa-Chujo," Aoi said in a louder tone than normal, the SAINT officer was actually in uniform now. "They are on their way down the elevator now, we will move at your order," she informed Miho as she glanced towards the group of black paneled uniformed officers in the hotel lobby before she headed towards them.

https://stararmy.com/roleplay-forum/threads/hotaru-an-unfortunate-night.334/ - An Unfortunate Night

Misato looked up, wiggling out from Yuriko's hold and looking over at the mess one of the soldier’s lights revealing to her the faces of the Chujo and one of her Blackcoats. So Miho...looks like this is the end of our little game--I am sure a few tears will be shed, perhaps your family will find comfort from their...loving Tange friends. Inside she smiled, outside she blushed..."Clean this damn mess up and I want some explanations.." one of the soldiers responded "Hai, ShoSho." Misato reaching down towards Yuriko to lend her a hand up.

Misato panicked when she heard the two SAoY officers speak to each other. The name of her thought to be dead nemesis Hanabusa Miho repeated in her mind several times. She was unsure of what to do so she remained in her seat, her eyes locked on Miho as she stood from her table when the chime of the lift on the other side rang to mark the arrival of the lift car at the bottom floor. "No." she whispered to herself.

Mayumi and Tange Fumiko exited the lift and walked across the lobby, Mayumi stopped a few steps before the exit doors and said, "I have to pay our tab up at the desk, I will be back in a minute." Fumiko smiled and nodded and sat down on one of the sofas. Misato found herself in a position where she wanted to scream, she wanted to warn Fumiko but there was no time and if she said a word she would be discovered herself.

Miho's steps intercepted Mayumi, Aoi was right behind her along with the group of SAINT officers. It happened so quickly and smoothly that there was no time for even Fumiko to react or call the others from upstairs to assist her. They were in public, it was not like they could draw weapons and open fire. "You're coming with us Koyanagi Mayumi..." Miho said as she and Aoi both grabbed one of her arms. The group of officers formed up around them as they led Mayumi towards one of the service elevators that was down one of the hallways behind the front desk.

Fumiko fumbled for her communicator as she slipped out the front doors of the hotel, "Get out! They have Mayumi, meet me at point-three," she ordered as she slipped into the crowds. Misato left the hotel shortly behind her, the morning had not gone as planned. Little did the Tange know, it was all apart of Katsuko's plan to allow them to leave the hotel. The other members of their group rushed into action to pack their belongings and bolt from their rooms in the hotel. How could this of happened? They had all seen the arrival of the 1XF ships just a short time before when they were on their walk. How did they find them so quickly?

In the service elevator, Miho and Aoi let go of Mayumi's arm, they briefly met gazes as the elevator opened up in the underground rail access. "Alright, that went smoothly. Hanabusa-Chujo will take you to Jiyuu-jo on one of the secure line trains. We will keep our eyes on our Tange friends until the Taisho is ready to put an end to this operation," Aio said before she laid a light kiss on Mayumi's right cheek.

Miho stepped out of the lift and waited for Mayumi as her and Aoi said their parting words to each other.