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RP Concluded God's Lightning Forms


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RP Date
YE 44.5
RP Location
Fort Shizuka
Star Army Special Operations Headquarters, Fort Shizuka, Valentine, Virgo Defence Sector
YE 44.5

Iemochi Feyani stood silently in the warm sunshine of Valentine, home of Star Army Special Operations. As of late, SASO had been moving to cover a more cerebral role than originally intended. While it was designed as a body for command and control of units that had different training, management and management requirements than regular SAOY forces, in recent years the innovation and invention of Special Forces had been just as present in the minds of the SASO leadership.

Beside her, Shosho Kanachi Hibe, the Ranger-General, was present. As of right now, the first testing group of their new Special Force - the Kamirakurai - had been jointly trained by both Star Army Rikugun and Star Army Reconnaissance. Shosho Kanachi had spoken highly of Yamatai's new 'shock troops' and was eager to show them to Chujo Iemochi for their final assessment.

The test batch had been intentionally chosen from the most fierce, reckless and extreme that Star Army Special Operations could find. All of them had been cited or reprimanded at some point in their personnel records for their brutal or borderline insubordinate style of combat. However, they were just the kinds of people this new unit needed.

"Joto Heisho Shinomori." Shosho Kanachi beckoned Matsuvo over, having sent for him directly from the barracks where the rest of the platoon was resting, unaware that the exercise was about to begin. "It's time. I leave it in your hands if you want to simply show the Chujo what the platoon can do, or if you want to explain the concept in your own words first."

"Iemochi-Chujo," Matsuvo gave a short bow as he approached wearing a repurposed Aerospace Flight Suit, helmet clipped to the waistband. "If you'll indulge me, I believe a brief explanation is in order. I'm told you were the original visionary behind the concept for our unit, but the execution was left mostly to Kanachi-Shosho."

"As you can see," The white-haired Joto-Heisho said as he gestured behind himself to a line of M19 Ryoko mecha, "Kanachi-Shosho and I have seen fit to requisition several of the new M19s for this demonstration, the idea being that this platform allows us to concentrate a great deal of firepower in one location without sacrificing on mobility too greatly, as well as improving survivablity. We've also acquired some more conventional armored units. While they might seem out of place here, we think that they'll be quite suitable when working alongside normal Rikugun."

The tanks and mecha behind the NCO were repainted in a bloodred hue with a black-rimmed golden thunderbolt emblazoned on the turrets of the tanks and the left shoulders of the M19s. The mecha were armed with a variety weapons, with seemingly very little consideration given to any kind of operational sustainability.

Feyani nodded along with Matsuvo's explanation, seeming interested in what he had to say. "I enjoy the colour scheme. Was that your idea, or Kanachi-shosho's?" The shorter woman asked in a calm yet inquisitive tone. "I'm also noticing the choice of weaponry. I see that you've both understood the assignment of 'firepower above sustainability'. Very promising. I'm sure this demonstration will be quite something."

The Chujo crossed her arms, tilted her head in one direction and looked to be in thought for a moment. "The original concept behind the Kamirakurai was to have a highly mobile strike force, of course. One to punch through fortifications and stalemates. To go in quickly and be deployed elsewhere within an hour." She rubbed her cheek subconciously, "Ryokos we can do with certain craft, but I may need to commission some test units from SARA for dropships capable of moving the more traditional armoured units behind you."

The Chujo glanced over one shoulder to Kanachi, "Please make a note of that, if you would, before it slips my mind." Feyani returned her gaze to Matsuvo. "Very well, SEA Shinomori. I'm ready when you are, unless you have any thoughts or concerns at this juncture?" She raised an eyebrow, but seemed to be genuinely asking what Matsuvo thought, something that was probably a rarity amongst higher officers.

Matsuvo rubbed his chin for a moment in thought. "The Ryokos have impressed me so far, but I'll admit to having a few concerns about using tanks in this application. They're impressive defensive units, I've seen them at work in training exercises, but as you said earlier, unlike Ryokos we need dropships to carry them in."

"For the time being we've been using Geshrinari Tenba-class transport ships to move them but I, for one, am eager to get them replaced with something better suited to a combat zone."

Feyani twirled a lock of hair between her fingers at Matsuvo spoke, clearly listening intently. "A great observation. Tanks are far slower than power armour, frames and CAS ships. However, they likely have a use as longer range support for the Ryokos, would you agree?" She hummed, "I will put out a SARA bountry for a new transport.." The platinum blonde Neko gazed at the man with her thoughtful purple eyes. "You are quite something, Shinomori-heisho. What are your orders once the Kamirakurai project is concluded?"

"I was previously assigned to the Fort Minori training garrison, Iemochi-Chujo. I have no other standing orders after the trial platoon's duties are done." The white-haired Heisho said, returning himself to the at-ease stance as he stood in front of the Chujo. The man wasn't sure what his fate was to be after his duties here were done. Between the relative calm of training recruits at Fort Minori and the chaos of his previous assignment on the Eucharis and Nishitama, he still wasn't sure which he prefered.

"Well, Shinomori-heisho, should you ever go through the Accelerated Officer Programme, I'm sure we can find a better use for you than Fort Minori." Feyani offered, giving a glance to Kanachi, who seemed to nod fractionally. That seemed to be enough for the Chujo, who simply smiled to Matsuvo. "Alright. I'd like to see what they can do please, Shinomori-heisho." Kanachi cut in, "We have simulated enemy set up one click north. Forces that standard Daisies and Mindies would have trouble with. Take the Kamirakurai over there - we will be watching on PDAs."

Matsuvo gave both officers a salute as he began his return to the Kamirakurai platoon, rousing the waiting soldiers to their machines. As they boarded their machines, monoeyes flashed to life and fusion drives gave a throaty roar as they lit up and the machines rose from their kneeling position.

The marching steps of the Ryokos and the treads of the Bulldogs shook the ground and filled the air with a sound akin to thunder as they moved towards the testing area, where a simulated enemy force of AI driven outdated PA and fortification of a scale that would give a full Century pause waited, dug into a forested and hilly area.

Ten Ryokos and six Bulldogs sat assembled at the testing area, waiting for the starting signal from the administrators. At its arrival, the machines surged to life, treads churning dirt and fusion drives scorching the earth. The Ryokos leaped into the sky, raining down missiles on targets as their sensor suites identified them and marking anything that survived for the tanks that would follow as they reached the apex of their jump and they began to descend back to the safety of the terrain, firing their handheld weapons all the while.

The tanks began to surge through the hills in groups of three, cresting them and firing their cannons into the fortifications that had survived the onslaught, their secondary turrets barking airburst shells at the AI driven dummy power-armors.

Kanachi held up a large tablet screen for her and Feyani, who watched with raised eyebrows at how the test platoon was doing. It was quite something to see. The overwhelming firepower of the Kamirakurai was startling. A platoon of Ryokos backed up with heavy fire support from Bulldogs was a potent mix.

The sheer ferocity in the actions of the PA pilots and tank commanders was startling. Truly the 'shock' troops that they had envisioned. Not only the targets, but the surrounding area was reduced to rubble. The blanket damage that was being done was a step up from what either of them had seen before from a few soldiers not aboard a fighter or starship.

"Now that." Feyani muttered, "Would break a stalemate." The small Neko ran a hand through her long platinum blonde locks in wonder. "One of these platoons at an Area Army level would give a brilliant spearhead to follow up on if and where needed." Kanachi grinned, "Another way for my Commandos to get behind their lines." They continued to watch together, with Feyani adding, "That Shinomori did well with them. I think celebrations are in order. Call them back.."