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  • 📅 October and November 2023 are YE 45.8 in the RP.

OOC Hinomaru Sunrises II - OOC Discussions

Side posting start - Everyone from the Mazu, Iron Company, Key personnel from the Civilian Fleet, and YSS Lorheim III are invited. Keep in mind that Tsukimi happens in YE 45.8, which is 7 months after Mission 1.1.

@Charaa @iaincarter @Nakshatra @Yuuki @Miyako @Commissar Farzi @demibear
I need some posts in Mission 1.1 please guys, I'd like to make a GM post soon!

@Charaa @iaincarter @Nakshatra @Yuuki @Miyako @Commissar Farzi @demibear

Hinomaru Sunrises II - Timeline so we're all on the same page.​

  1. Mission 1.1 Just More Questions - YE 45.1
  2. Days and Days...Cat and Mouse YE 45.7
  3. Tsukimi - YE 45.8

I am also moving the ISS Shiori (plot to soon be changing) back under the Hinomaru Sunrises II banner.​


Now that we are rolling again --​

  • Hummingbird Points will Reset - Those left from the original crew will get a reward, so they don't get anything out of the hard work they did.
  • Hummingbird Points will start accumulating again - In Mission 1.2.
  • Side plots such as the Shiori will also get Hummingbird Points.
  • I will finish the points shop once we get moving.