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Holidays in Yamatai/Kikyō Sector


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This is a thread meant to help decide the fate of Yamatai...Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 11.59.21 PM.png
Here are two months that have no holidays in Yamatai. I would like to change that! Please help decide which holidays can fit into the summer months!

For existing holidays, click here.
Hmm, not sure how independance day would fit into Yamatai history, as i can't recall them ever having been part of a larger empire that they would have separated from. I dont know if there's any hollidays related to the ending of the first and second Misshuu wars, but that might be an option.

(Also an independence day-ish thing for an empire that has a multitude of factions under it's wing seems a bit out of place ^^;; )

The harvest festival sounds like a good idea to me tho. ovvob
I have an idea that might not fit in this window of time, but how about an Empresses' birthday holiday?

(also harvest festival sounds cool)
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My own traditions have a First Harvest/Midsummer thing around the Summer Solstice. Perhaps it's a planetary solstice thing, which won't necessarily be June 21.
TECHNICALLY Uesu thought one day: What if I made a hologram that ran the Empire for me while I ran off and did my own thing where not even @Reynolds' plot could find me???

That is when Himiko was made, but it's super shrouded in mystery.

My favorite Japanese holiday is Tanabata, because it's on my birthday. So if you wanna reproduce a variation of that one for the earlier holiday, works for me!
I like the idea of harvest festival for the second one; I will make it up when I can. A day on the 7th of August where everyone floats boats and write wishes on bamboo is nice, but it seems like it might not be SUPER engaging, it needs something more to it.