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Approved Submission [Horizon] Falcon tunnel drive


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Submission Type: propulsion, sort of?
Template Used: none

FM Approved Yet? yes but also tagging @Jack Pine since this involves S6
Faction requires art? no

For Reviewers:
Contains Unapproved Sub-Articles? no
Contains New art? no
Previously Submitted? no

just want to tag both @Wes and @Nashoba too have a look at this one since, wormholes. I was getting a few ideas for this from the one the hidden sun clan use but i opted to use a different method that didn't involve dark matter and spooky materials like that as it doesnt make sense for Horizon to have that kind of massive access yet or tech level. I also nerfed the ability of this one compared to the Hidden clans one to emphasise the gap in tech levels.

that being said if this doesnt look acceptable to be used let me know, it was an idea i wanted to pursue but if this kind of method is not good enough to actually make it work i will wait until later when I have built up the corp more and they can build something similar to what the hidden clan have.
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@Wes - Permission to move this? It seems like it should be apparent you approved of the project since you tried to countless-times approve it; it's now been sitting here basically waiting on your approval, though, despite that.


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I know he originally did approve it, I just thought it might be a good idea to let him have one other quick look though was all.
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