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SYNC If this works it'll increase crew survivability. If it doesn't... At least it'll be fun


Convention Veteran
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To: Miriam Norita Ittô Hei
BCC Beryl Leyton Nitô Heisho

Sorry to bother you,

I’ve got a weird request. If we’ve got a Type 30 Machine gun on the Res, and if nobody’s going to be too mad about cutting it up and welding stuff to it, I want to turn it into a man portable (Well in power armor) squad support weapon.

I’m not an armorer, but I think we’ll need to:
  • Replace the spade grip with a pistol grip and stock
  • Shorten the barrel length slightly. (might screw with the terminal ballistics but as long as we’re getting full powder burn off we’re good) might need a new muzzle break, but I’ll leave that up to you.
  • Construct a handguard
  • A rail to mount optics,
  • A bipod

Mostly, I’m just wondering if the Type 30 can be pushed into a powered infantry role instead of as a vehicle/crew served weapon. If you can do it, access to my coffee stash for a month.

Very Respectfully,

Vec Wilson Chui
PS. If this works I'd like to put in a supply order for a few boxes of 35mm API on top of standard ball ammo.... I wonder if somebody could rig up some air burst rounds synced to either the optics or the shooter's power armor.