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International Relations Conference of YE 44 - The Summit

"Thank you for your kindness... Individual. I would ordinarly say It was no problem, but that would be a lie. Nonetheless, it seems to be resolved now, and as such, is no longer my problem." Yulata said, before saying to Taisho Flethcher, "The station here is quite interesting, although I have heard some rumours. I was brought here following first contact with the Yamataians, as I was promptly informed there was a conference ongoing. I've come to observe, and forge relations with the people of this sector." They seemed to pause for a moment, adjusting their uniform and looking the Taisho up and down, along with Jack. "Tell me, what of you, what brings you to this station?"

They seemed to stare for a brief moment, looking onwards as they did their best to analyse the two, while still remaining professional. "You seem quite the type, one of duty, honour. I have been impressed with many of the people here so far, but it seems even the peoples in this sector have their differences..."
Spark nodded, smiling as she retsheathed the little alien blade. "Thanks. I like this knife."

Easily transitioning to a cross legged and seated position on the floor, she waited for questions, still having an hour or so before she has to be at the military technology expo. "Sorry about that, Nyx. Some idiot brought pack roaches up here, likely for testing or some other dumb reason, and they got loose. Lotta civvies died. Lotta good soldiers, too. Lot more than would have if they'd just asked. By the way, you see where Princess got off to? I heard Mrs Ironhart-Pine was trying to get exotic animal permits to do an expo booth on the xenozoology. Might be interesting. I'm stuck doing live fire demonstrations with the new Revenant 2 prototype at the miltech expos."
The Quallox Vaibal delegation was a little bit self-absorbed and pandering to the media to have been involved with any giant insect unpleasantness. When they finally emerged from yet another press interview in the back rooms, and out into the main concourse, the twins looked at one another after witnessing the chaos that had unfolded when they'd been otherwise occupied.

"Well, it seems..."

"...that we appear..."

"...to have missed the fun."

The giggled at each other in unison as they surveyed the carnage and held hands as they approached Jack speaking with the Taishō.

"Hello there,"

"Captain Canterbury,"

"It's wonderful to finally meet you face to face,"

"Our Mother sends her regards,"

"And thanks you for your..."

"...invaluable assistance with her colony."

"She'd love for you to return under less..."



They flash movie-star smiles at him, uncaring they interrupted his conversation with a Yamataian admiral.
The Random Alien nodded to the Admiral, before noticing... Kuuvexians? Now that was something Yulata hadn't seen in a long time. A former CIN species, the Kuuvexians had an... interesting reputation amongst the Rathenkans. Walking over, the Random Alien frowned slightly, before saying, "It seems the Kuuvexians have made their way out here as well. I know you likely have nothing to do with the original ousting of your species from our alliance, but I hope you forgive my skepticism."

Psionically they transmitted to the Kuuvexian delegation, "It seems they have accepted you here, if only partially. Corporates, I presume? I should have expected nothing less. Kuuvexians don't lose."
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Nyx sighed with exasperation as she placed her head onto her hands. “Of course it had to be an idiot wanting to test them. I bet they didn’t read the manual that was created after Princess. I’m betting hundred Scripts that something else escaped and also caused them to become freed too.” She frowned as she heard that a lot of civilians died and so did good soldiers. “Idiot, whoever screwed up has blood on his hands” She muttered before she was asked about Princess and nodded “yeah, she’s with Grandma, and I think she’ll be sitting in as an example. I actually left them, seems they’d successfully got the permits, probably were impressed with a docile one.” She said then nodded as she learned of Spark’s demonstration.

“I’d heard about that, I was coming by to see if you needed an extra to help you, I could bring my other body to be of use too. If you’d like of course” She said and glanced towards the Random Alien, and nodded to them. “Greetings, I am Nyx Pine, lady of the New Dusk Conclave, the youngest sister of Archduches Pine. I am honored to meet someone new to the sector” She said before the Kuvexian delegation arrived. She noted that two seemed to be very different.
"If you don't mind me pulling you apart in a Revenant one and two, I could use the help... Wait, you can remote pilot drone bodies in the dozens! And I think we have another of these YE 45 update prototypes on display at the expo. I mean, I was scheduled to duke it out with a Daisy II because my armor's in the same role, but if you want to warm me up with a live fire fight against a few Revenenant 1s and 2s.. Could be a Hell of a show, considering it was planned to be a few nonsapient drones... Yeah, I'm down." She had completely lost track of Nyx in her thoughts, before rolling to her feet and standing to her full height.
Not long after the chaos and bloodshed, the transport ferrying the Kikyō Scouts for their field trip to the conference arrived, and the students began to disembark. They managed to make it to the concourse after the danger had passed, but before cleanup could really get underway. The Scouts halted, agape, taking in the macabre scene. All at once, they looked to the adult scout leader chaperoning them for guidance, but, unfortunately, the leader was speechless.
Jack deferred to the Taisho, allowing the senor man answer first. Besides, he wasn't the politician. His uncle was. In reality, Jack was just the chauffeur. His uncle always called on Jack, or some other family member to escort him whenever he was called away. The Nepleslian Captain nodded his agreement to the Random Alien dignitary's remark about the different people who made up the sector. "It is filled with all kinds."

Jack studied the Random Alien. He had never heard of them before. Maybe it was another player in that alliance he had heard rumor the Kuvexians were part of. The Random Alien didn't look particularly tough, though appearances were never what they seemed. He was distracted by the approach of two Kuvexians who began to speak to him in very confusing manner. One barley began a sentence before the other one was finishing it. It took Jack a moment to understand exactly what was being said.

"Hello...Yes I'm Capt... Likewise I... Your mother?... I barely know the woman... I... Sends her love?...." Jack was quite taken off guard and off balance. He had never made any improper... Well there was that moment after the fight was over... Jack was quite relieved when that Random Alien fellow came over and began speaking with the Twins. It gave him a moment to replay the conversation in his head and it wasn't as bad as he originally feared it was. When there was a pause he said, much more in control now. "Thank you. My compliments to your esteemed mother, the Baroness. I do hope duty will allow me to visit your fine planet again. You may tell her that I will be inquiring about that Akemi's restaurant she seemed so keen in wanting."
Alastair made his way over towards the group that had gathered. He had been informed he'd find some old faces within said group. He walked slowly up and greeted everyone. "Ah wonderful, I was hoping we'd have some old faces around here. Good to see everyone, I take it your trip in was uneventful?" Alastair then looked over towards the twins. "And my favorite talking in half sentences friends of Soon. I am glad you could make it. Though I was hoping she'd be able to make it but I am sure you can handle things just fine." He said stepping closer to them. "I am sure much assistance can be gained from this conference."

"Jack, sight for sore eyes. I havn't seen you since our battle back on Soon's world. Now that was a grand old time giving out some aether freedom." He walked over towards him and extended a hand for them to shake.
It was then, that the delegations of the IRC would have seen someone very, very different approach. Qrr'ti Jahara ti Luta ka Wasa'haru entered the stage, surrounded by four guards, two on either side. As they strut forward, they walked head up, with pride, and the gaul of a senior miitary officer. Jahara was a professional and dignified individual, and such a visit was rare, if not unheard of. The Prime Minister had a lot to say at the meeting she had intended to have, but before doing so, she looked around the place, before giving a small smirk, and continuing on her way.

She was dressed in flowing white silken garments, covering her body from neck to toe. Her head was covered by a veil made of the same material. She wore white gloves and walked with a sense of immense pride. It was safe to say this was someone of great importance, and it was not often one could see the Prime Minister out in public like this. In fact, in recent years, they had not even bothered to visit various other Coreward nations. This all seemed to have an agenda of sorts, however, as they continued to slowly walk through the conference, hoping not to be interrupted, unfortunately, her appointment with Hanako would have to wait. Someone was bound to ruin her plans.
There was a soft snuffling sound, with the rolling smell of hunger as a large animal moved around the Duskerian tables. The IFF tag embedded under her first dorsal plate marked her as friendly and Duskerian to station security forces, but any who had been involved in the pub fight might be a little nervous. Especially as a brunette woman with green eyes lifted a slab of meat out of a cooler and offered it to the creature.

nearly thirteen hundred pounds of vertical surface climbing, power armor peeling death gently lifted the steak with her nose, softly hooking the slab as she took it out of the woman's hand and laid down, eating politely as she recieved her loving skritches.

It didn't take long for Spark to get back, offering a smile to the woman. "Hey, Rose! Princess behaving?"

"She's been antsy. It's like herding cats with her." The brunette shrugged. "No worse than getting the triplets to not pick on Mike. The kids love her, though."

"I've had some success with that, just so you know. Besides, she's been away from momma for a few days. I'm not surprised." Spark knelt down next to the overgrown packroach, gently running her power armor's finger tips along the dorsal ridges as she ate. "Besides, you try talkin' to her like a person? I find that works better. I spent years training her. I mean, Angela doesn't let her on the bed, and I gotta trim her claws again."

"Honestly, it's easy to forget those things are almost as devious as Mishhu," Rose gave a sigh, returning to her presentation panel. "You're on for the Revenant demonstration in two hours. You might want to keep Princess close. Station security's twitchy around her."

"Well, yeah. A crate of wild ones got loose. Three of them were ready to lay."

"I told those SARA guys to not open the crate."

"Wasn't SARA. SAINT decided to play customs. Opened the crate. Poor bastard got auto ST'd while the roaches were eating him. He's in Medical. That's not trauma that we get over in one night."

"Maybe next time he'll read the sign. How many people died?"

"Twenty. It was only eight roaches."

"You sure?"

"Checked the manifest and the kill count, myself." Spark shrugged, still scratching at her roach before Princess turned her head to look up and started panting, releasing a warm, honey like smell. "Hey, sweetie."

"Aight. Go take her for walks. Introduce her to some folks. All these new smells are overwhelming her."

"Gotcha. Have fun, Rose! Princess, you wanna come?" The Roach looked at Rose, and Spark shook her head. "Yeah, she's safe. She's fine. We need to get you moving. But I gotta put you on a leash, okay?"

Princess was decidedly not okay with this arrangement, but understood the necessity of it, and picked up her collar with those sharp forelimbs and approached Spark. She whined and complained as was normal, but Spark managed to cinch the collar over her stubby neck. Clipping a leash to the collar, she knew that the thin metal and the strap wouldn't even slow Princess down if she decided to run off, Goddess forbidding. The metal was likely to pull Spark off her feet and drag her a significant distance before snapping, if it did at all. But she trusted her animal. "Good girl. Just stay near me, okay?"

Double checking the paint on Princess's carapace, she gently reapplied the blue stripe on her back and the high visibility orange markers on the roach's shoulders before setting off.

As Princess pulled Spark along, sniffing at various tables and foods, she caught a new scent, pulling the power armor clad woman towards a Rethenkan in billowing white robes, and more importantly, straight towards the guards, until she stopped directly in the delegation's path. Tilting her head, she sniffed at the air near the delegates, immediately picking up and mimicking the body odor of one of the guards, amplifying it. and exuding it in a wash of information carried scents. She didn't understand it, not yet, but she would, and act based on their responses.
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Pisces Station
YE 44

Though Pisces Station boasted luxurious diplomatic suites, some emissaries were arriving aboard their own starships. The striped YSS Resurgence had already done so and looked green in the gate next to her veteran sisters of diplomacy, the YSS Eucharis and YSS Kaiyō II.The latter had arrived royally late due to being delayed docking by the trivialities within the station's Yamataium hull.

Captain Hoshi hadn't been shaken by a stormy port; not with her cargo. She had persevered to not lazily slip over to the station's Easterwood Hot Springs but to get her shining silver and blue winged ship docked for the conference or die trying, ST not included. She had known this cargo for three years and the grizzled captain considered it precious if not delivered to the IRC.

In YE 38, the YSS Kaiyō had gone out deep into Kuvexian space to fight the enemy there. They returned in YE 43 victorious as the only ship to have done such. During those five years, the ship's crew were able to see the dishonor of the Kuvexians time and again. On one of the stations within the Kaiyō's theater of operations deep in Kuvexian space, the enemy had cloned spiritual leaders of several alien species with the intention of the leaders guiding the species into subservience of the Kuvexians.

The YSS Kaiyō II's crew liberated the alien species on that pseudo-religious station, but the first contact would not be of note if not for the rousing speech of freedom from Ketsurui Aiko. In a huge way, she helped these species once under an abusive rule by Kuvexia be delivered to freedom from that unjust regime.

Today those aliens were holding Shosa Ketsurui Aiko good on her promise to help them exist, as she put it, "... peacefully among our nation's stars and free from the [Kuvexian] Kingdom's tyranny." Because of that event, the ship's diplomatic suites were brimming just like those of Pisces. The Kaiyō's quarters for representatives were absolutely replete with the aliens with which the ship had freed and made first contact with.

And Hoshi had gotten them all safely docked and disembarked! Her satisfaction was palpable.

Walking the dockway, Hoshi's gleaming formal white Type 23 uniform lit up her relieved and pleased smile that made her pink cheeks bound up to her deep blue eyes. The little captain was walking in step with her XO, famed amongst Yamataians for her bravery and infamous amongst the Kuvexians for the destruction she wrought both against their Kingdom both on the battlefield and during televised fights in their fiendish gladiatorial ring. She had earned a dozen odd medals during the Kuvexian War but only wore a singular Service ribbon alongside the Order of the Blazing Sun medal that hung from her neck today. Even her Prisoner of War ribbon and Tomoyo's Kikyō were absent upon the Shosa's Class A dress uniform, for all else was unimportant compared with service to the Empire and bravery in defending it.

Aiko was champion of more than just a paltry fighting pit of the defeated and bore the able-bodied composure of a woman that had walked the path of a warrior, diplomat, and leader. Ten soldiers from Legion 777 had preceded the Ketsurui officer's appearance at the Kaiyō's airlock, having marched out to secure the dock before forming two columns of five when they were finished. Two Ketsurui Samurai dressed in red-and-white closely flanked their royal charge's departure from the ship, and one of those two remained behind alongside the Natarian Grenadiers who stood at attention to guard the Kaiyō's berth. Only the Shosa's senior yojimbo Rei remained and followed in the black haired beauty's wake.

The species the Kaiyō had brought grew uneasy as they saw their former Kuvexian enslavers milling about the conference. Hoshi noticed and put herself between the balking Leinve with a reassuring smile.

"You know," Hoshi said to Aiko when she was done putting the leaf-browed people at ease. "Last time I had anything to do with this conference's host, I was pushing back concerns from nearly every crew member about his behavior. Seems like he's a changed man if he got this posting. Or at least a changed officer."

"Yours is an amusing first thought as we approach the conference, Captain," Aiko replied. Her gaze remained forward while she spoke and cut a path through the halls and lifts that led to Pisces' Grand Concourse. "Perhaps it would be better to join me in concern for our present duty. A duty only moments away from its end. Better, at least, than worrying about whether a former comrade is a concerning officer or a changed officer. Once we exchange pleasantries with the Empress, I consider our mission fulfilled. Diplomatic functionaries can handle whatever future relationship develops between Yamatai and these liberated peoples and we can get back to more pressing missions."

"I'm not eager to start feeling burdened with their safety now that they're on station. Besides, I just think it's funny. A lot of different crewmen have come through the ship. All I have to say is my confidence in my crew has never been greater than right now. Your determination to see the assignment though is all the mission is riding on, now, Shosa. I'll be checking out which actual celebs showed."

"Only you and I, other than our glorious Empress," Aiko said flatly, remaining stoic as she walked. And then she peered down to Hoshi next to her and, for a moment, put on a wide smile before resuming her forward focus.

By now they were at the Grand Concourse. Hoshi's fixation on the crowds was interrupted when her smile cracked to laugh at Aiko's words. She was about to respond when her expression changed again. She gently nudged her body towards Aiko.

"Speaking of Yamatai's biggest celebrity," Hoshi murmured quietly to Aiko, looking to Hanako and then to the Empress herself.

"Excellent," Aiko said, turning to address the alien delegations with her next. "My friends, that woman ahead is my Empress. I will soon deliver you to her, and then you will be free to negotiate relationships with her subordinates throughout the conference. It was my honor to destroy the Kuvexians who enslaved you, and I wish you all a prosperous future in harmony with the Kikyō Sector."

In response, many of the Leinve alien delegates waggled their leaved brows in ecstatic response while the Skrumpo kicked up their heels with the same excitement.

Hoshi nodded as she checked over the delegates of the other species who showed the same enthusiasm. The pink-skinned triangle-eared captain even looked towards the dock where the samurai from the heavy legion had stayed. They were a group that represented the one time the Kaiyō had gotten backup out there, in the dark of the enemy's home space. The reinforcement that Legion 777 had provided her ship and crew was vital, especially when so few had dared come fight the Kuvexians save for at Glimmergold. Her heart swelled as she was proud of where they had come and what they had accomplished.

With an exacting bow and a swift gesture with both arms, one towards the Imperial entourage and one towards the many assorted aliens behind her, Hoshi approached the Empress to gain an audience.

"I am Chusa Taiyou Hoshi of the YSS Kaiyō II, your Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko. In YE 41 my crewmen liberated the species you see here and on that day the Kaiyō's Ketsurui-hime offered freedom and a promise of friendship to them." With a swift movement the short captain tossed her open hands out as if presenting a gift. She had tears in her deep blue eyes as the words choked in her mouth, but she pressed on, "On this day I am extending that same promise of friendship from them to you!"

With Hoshi's introduction, the Kaiyo II wrapped up one final mission of the Kuvexian War. The captain even unceremoniously had a red fruit-bearing plant gifted to Hanako, explaining it was from her home on Planet H. From there, the aliens stepped up to speak for themselves and began to make individual introductions. This allowed Hoshi, Aiko, and Rei to step back and let diplomacy take its course so they could get back to their own journey out between the stars of the Kikyō Sector and beyond!!

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The twin pair of Aealim, Kuvexian-Human hybrid-based bioroids much like Minkan or Nekovalkyrja, smiled politely as the Random Alien addressed them. Despite the telepathy, they responded aloud

"We weren't,"

"You see,"

"Born until after the war was over."

"Our Mother is an executive for Quallox Vaibal,"

"Who is governor of a neutral trade colony."

The male twin, Koloon Bardoon, gestured towards to the Nepleslian captain,

"Captain Canterbury was instrumental in staving off an invasion,"

"By rogue privateers."

Sodoon bowed at Captain Jack,

"We do hope you will find the time to return,"

And Koloon looked up as Alastair approached,

"We also thank you, Belmont-Shōsa. The invitation to return,"

"Is extended to you as well."

The traumatized Scouts were ferried off into a conference room by their leaders, who did their best to interpose themselves between their charges and the carnage, until cleanup could be finished.
YE 44.3.x
A Quiet Yamataian Bar

After working hours during the International Relations Conference, Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako waited in a quiet bar for the Random Alien representative to arrived, looking small behind the very solid polished wooden table of a red leather booth seat. She was dressed in the her Type 35 uniform with a pencil skirt and a great many colorful ribbons below her flower-shaped golden rank insignia. Hanako had long hair that started teal at the roots, was mostly a vivid ocean blue, and then purple at the tips, and big golden saucers of eyes. In front of her was a glass of red wine along with its bottle and an empty glass for her guest. Mentally she went over what SAINT had briefed her in preparation for this meeting, which left her both cautious and curious.

It was an unconventional place to say the least, but the Random Alien Prime-Minister, Qrr'ti Jahara ti Luta ka Wasa'haru was happy that it wasn't anything so formal. "A quiet bar," she told herself, "This is certainly not the way I expected to meet a leader for these people, but Nonetheless, I am grateful." Approaching kindly, they said, "This is the seat, and you are Hanako, yes? It is a pleasure to meet you, I shall... extend a modified greeting, so as not to make a scene, as our traditional greeting can be rather boisterous. I am Qrr'ti Jahara, Prime-Minister of the United Random Alien Federation. It is a pleasure to meet you." She smiled, as she extended her hand.

"I had it reserved for us," Hanako explained, while standing up to give the Random Alien a respectful bow and then offered a handshake. "I am Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako, Director of Star Army personnel. I allocate manpower and oversee the administration of staffing and people issues in the Star Army of Yamatai. I understand you have some proposal for me."

Before Hanako could give the handshake, Jahara stopped her, and said, "I will warn you against shaking my hand, should you not wish to. Phsyical contact for us is very different, and often results in a psionic link. I am willing to do so however, should you not mind. If we could sit and talk for a moment, before we begin formally." Jahara then took a seat, noting the comfort of the plush, velvety cushions.

Hanako flashed a white-gloved hand and gave her a smile. "Certainly," she nodded, and returned to her seat in the booth.

"I have a few questions before we begin... I understand your people have been involved in an... array of disputes... Might I ask what prompted you to initiate them?"

"Absolutely," Hanako nodded. "As the strongest military force in the sector, it is Yamatai's moral responsibility to defense the Kikyo Sector from hostile invasions and groups that seek to disrupt the well-being of the sector. It is also a matter of survival. If we fall, the sector falls. It is the goal of the Yamatai Star Empire to establish peace and prosperity throughout the sector and to expand beyond it. The Star Army is largely autonomous and we defend the sector as we see fit."

Jahara leaned forward, and said, smiling slightly, "We have a saying amongst our people. Pride is the death of a person, for in humility there is a beautiful story yet to be made. I can understand your most noble goal of peace, and I will not go so far as to imply that you do not know what I say next, but... Peace cannot be achieved by an iron fist. War benefits no-one, especially when gone unchecked. Your... Less than diplomatic way of handling disputes has caused concern amongst my peers, especially considering the recent proposal our government has made."

"War clearly benefits us," Hanako countered. "It is the only reason we've survived attack after attack. That's not to say we're trying or eager to start a war, but my people--the soldiers of the Star Army--are ready to do what we must to protect our nation. We want to set an example. We want our reputation to precede us. We want everyone to know that war against us is a far worse than peaceful diplomacy. A deterrent against war only works if we demonstrate our power, and we have had plenty of chances to do that, for this is a very dangerous universe."

Jahara stared, a rather horrified look on her face. "There are no winners in war, Ms. Hanako. No one wins, there are only losses. Territory and space is material, lives are not. They are invaluable. This is primarily why we proposed this agreement, partially to better understand your people, but also in hopes that you will be able to have a greater discussion about war as a whole. Ms. Hanako, you and I both know we are not the person to see combat in this day. It is unlikely that any of us ever will. It is important to remember the impacts of war on people. On those below us. On those equal to us. You have a rather draconian way of looking at things, and quite frankly, this is what had me concerned." Jahara said, before pushing the glass forward, and saying, "In my experience, it is people that think the way that you do that can justify any atrocity, with misguided morals, and scarce judements."

"As the head of Star Army Personnel Command I see the effects of war on people literally every day. I am in the hospitals, in the cemetery at Nataria, and in the living rooms of soldiers' families. I assign soldiers to bases and starships and missions, some of them I know they aren't coming back from. Every soldier is sworn by oath to do whatever is necessary to preserve their country and I support them all the way. We do it for the Empire because we believe in the Empire. Simply put, it's our home, it's where our families live, and its what gives us purpose. Before I was part of the Star Army, I was just a slave, and had no purpose but to be experimented on and to serve. Since then, I've come a long way and so has the empire. We've outlawed slavery and torture, and I've earned my way to admiral and got elected senator of the Yamatai System. I have no doubt in my mind that our young Empire will continue to grow in scope and character."

"Have countless dictators not used the same logic, of imperial might and national worth, to justify countless more atrocities?" Came the simple response from Jahara. "Anyone can be manipulated into doing something for the wrong cause, with the right intentions at hand. Bigger stick diplomacy, in my experience, only paints you as the enemy. As for your... history... I understand that. It's unfortunate to say the least. I would say I understood, but to be honest, I don't. What I can say, is I understand the impact war has on someone more than you might think. No matter how justified any war, it is always a crime." Jahara said, before noting, "I have no doubt you will continue to change, but will it be for the better?"

Hanako gave a little laugh like she had heard a bad joke. "You have to understand that nations are just animals doing whatever they can to survive, no matter how lofty their intentions are. Just like an otherwise rational and peaceful person might strangle an intruder to their home, so must the Star Army spill our blood and the blood of others to protect what we care about. It's not a crime. It's just the circle of life. And if it ever ends we'll go down fighting with honor, because giving up is not a Star Army value, nor a Yamataian one."

"I would not call any murder, rational." Jahara said, deadpanning and looking at Hanako. "I believe there is a fundamental cultural difference, between our peoples. I do not wish to change that, nor do I expect you to learn what I mean just yet. Just know, the arrogance does not suit you."

"Arrogance is thinking that life can be protected by ideals and laws. When a Mishhuvurthyar is set on trying to kill me, there's only one option to protect myself." She took a sip of her wine, thinking about the darkness of her past. She could sett in her face that was obvious that she had been subject to the horrors of the Mishhuvurthyar first-hand.

"I only respond to you with this; you don't always need to survive, or protect yourself, to win. Our species is a living testament that peace can be achieved without war. However, that is besides the point, I'd like to discuss our deal. Clearly we have our differences in opinion, but that by no means should prevent us from working together, and learning from one another. Whilst i have enjoyed this... interesting... discussion, I believe it would be in both our best interests to cease. I'd like to disguss an agreement going forward, an exchange programme of sorts..."

"I hope you do not think I am some sort of distant commander who does not know what real war is like, or that I am arguing in favor of war for the sake of war or preserving my career. Being in the Star Army has not been easy for me. I have been stabbed shot, drowned, burned, frozen, captured, tortured, raped, implanted with eggs, marooned, illegally cloned, and I have lost three gunships...the Sakura, Plumeria, and Elfin Princess. I helped conquer Lor, the saved Lor, then accidentally caused a Lorath civil war. I led the so-called Freespacer genocide, and I was at the battles of Nataria, Elysia, and Yamatai during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and saw the war to its end by personally leading the attack on NMX headquarters. I led the Third Battle of Nataria that turned the tide of the Kuvexian War. I've seen things you wouldn't believe."

"Regardless of what I may think, Ms. Hanako, that does not mean we cannot work together." Jahara said bluntly. "There's something you may not know about our species, but people in my role must live through the darkest time in our history in order to be elected. We must live out the life of a child, a parent, and a soldier, all within our minds. I am fairly certain I could believe you. I fought in a war of my own, and to be frank, I don't think it's fair to compare what I've gone through to your own experience. It may also be hard to believe, but I've felt the pain of loss, the sting of abuse, and seen the horrors of war. I've lived three lives, in addition to my own, all tarnished by war, but one."

"I like it when I have things in common with others but it is with no joy about sharing that kind of pain. Let me put a question to you: what interest does your military have in the Star Army?" Hanako asked. "Our exchange program is designed to help two military forces work together better in case we have to combine forces to defend our space together. Is it realistic to think that that scenario will be necessary?"

"It is not. I will admit, my motives for this are less than secret, as our military is generally not considered such. They are an exploratory force, dedicated to searching for different means of understanding. I do not expect we will ever have to combine our forces, rather, I expect tha tthis could be a valuable learning experience to better relationships between our nations, and our people."

"The military?" Hanako grinned incredulously. "You want to experience relations by going through the military?" she giggled. "For a supposedly peaceful nation this just seems really like a really weird angle to me!"

"I cannot dispute your warlike nature, so It is better to embrace it in the interest of cooperation."

"I do not know if I would consider Yamatai to be warlike. The Star Army of Yamatai is sort of a distinct subculture and nation within a nation. While I am a senator of the Yamataian government, I cannot claim to represent the nation as a whole. That falls to the Imperial Premier and Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko. Also, keep in mind these wars were forced on us."

"I know. And to better understand your people as a whole, this is something we must do. You defend the people, it is best to know how you do so, to better understand your cultural ideals, and what exactly you hope to protect. I trust you understand this not the only thing we are doing to understand Yamatai on a deeper level."

"That is fair, and I know that," Hanako smiled warmly. "I am personally grateful for your interest in the Star Army, and it is my understanding that the Empress has an interest in gaining a friend in this universe in your people. It is in everyone's interest that we understand each other and to work together. I suspect the more you learn about Yamatai, the more you you will see why we must be what we are and who we are, and that, we too are trying to be a force for good in the universe."

- - -

JP by @Deleted User and Wes
Jack paused a moment and stared at Alistair's hand. He wasn't sure if calling him so informally in such a formal setting was the best form. But the Nep Captain brushed it aside and smiled as he took Alistair's hand. "It's good to see you again Taii Belmont." Jack noticed the new insignia on Alistair's shoulders and corrected himself. "No I see you've been promoted. What's next... Shosa. Shosa Belmont." Jack smiled widened and he shook the hand with more enthusiasm. "Give you joy of your new rank."

Jack still hadn't figured the man out. They had both been sent by their respected nations to Sood Zander to investigate the Baroness's claims to a neutral port. During the interviews, Kuvexian pirates, for that was what they were in truth, had tried to take over the planet for themselves. The Surprise and the Koun had helped repel the invasion. Afterwards, Jack had invited the Yamatai Captain to dine with him aboard the Surprise. It had been an interesting dinner to say the least. Jack thought that maybe Alistair could be bipolar. One moment the man seemed as competent as any Starship Captain, the next he seemed more like a pimp of a brothel. The man was amusing to try to figure out. Jack would bet money that the man would either wind up an Taisho or be court marshalled.

Jack turned his attention briefly to the twins as they prepared to retire for the evening. "Of course. My complements to your esteemed mother. I would be happy to visit again, duty permitting."
As dignitaries mingled, Koyama had made her way through the small groupings. Finding the delegation of horned humanoids known as the Iromakuanhe. A group of four. One of them having been the High-Guardian of the Vigil, who had committed atrocities against roach-kind earlier. Cleaned and in a new uniform, the only slightly taller man’s hair forever seemed messy. Two of who could only be members of his order quietly observed while a much shorter, lavender-tinted snowy-haired Iromakuanhe female spoke in low tones to Ahrim. At her approach, the High-Guardian turned his patient expression toward her. And the snow-haired Iroma did as well. Red eyes regarding her critically.

“Adravni,” Koyama greeted, using the formal form of their exotic tongue. It felt clumsy, where she expected speech to flow it rolled. And vice versa. The thick Yamataian accent only seemed to mangle it further. For their part the Iromakuanhe took it in stride, each nodding. Ahrim placed a hand to his chest, bowing slightly, returning the greeting.

“Koyama-hime, I am pleased you were un-harmed in the unpleasantness earlier.” the deep reassuring tone of his voice came from a man that just seemed ill-equipped to have.

The princess inclined her head a fraction, her lips creased as a little frown formed, “Thank you, High-Guardian, but I must apologize to you. For you became involved in an event that should not have happened.” She wanted to question the man about how he’d shrugged off most of the attack.

It was not proper at the time to do so, however. The Sund Wakir’s eyes crinkled at the edges as a slow smile showed.

“That is the tenant of our order, Princess. We protect those that cannot protect themselves. To provide succor to those that require it. Trouble was afoot, and I answered the call.” Ahrim’s smile ebbed eyes drifting over her and then past. “Please send my apologies to your... associate?”

“Iemochi Seinosuke, he is a friend.” Koyama offered. Ahrim thanked her for the name.

Before she could speak, he continued, “This is not an offer I make lightly.” Ahrim stated in the warning, that little needed to be said. Every nation had its secrets. Just like one street vendor on the other side of the road from the other.

Each sold the same offerings, but both differed in ways that turned their fare into something unique.

“He was injured. I felt his pain. Such a thing can be traumatic in the heat of conflict when victory is uncertain.” The Guardian stated, “Had I heeded him sooner, he may not have been harmed. I did not.” closing bright bio-luminescent eyes, he sighed. “I offer to him symbiotic replacements for his injuries. By my authority, he may have them if he so chooses.”

“I... see. I will inform him when next I see him, High-Guardian. If I may ask a question?” Koyama asked, having to tilt her head back slightly to stare up at him. At the nod from him, she continued, “Why didn’t you follow him?”

A craggy hand went to his jaw to rub at the stubble there. “In following your friend, I would have allowed that group of fauna to roam free. They would have attacked others.” Ahrim then let the hand clasp with its brother in front of him. “Anyone within the vicinity, beyond your refuge, would have been at risk. One for many.”

“You were playing bait,” Koyama stated, the snow-haired Iromakuanhe lifting an eyebrow at the tone, ruby eyes glinting as her golden set matched them. His response came within milliseconds of the two’s reaction. Separating them with a few words.

“Of a sort. Your security teams were unprepared for such specimens. Something that goes without saying. That one cannot be prepared for every eventuality. And they needed time in their response.” Staring down at her, Ahrim continued on.

“Nor should such beings have been aboard a station during such an event, to begin with.”

“I cannot say I know all the details, Princess. Only mistakes were made. Harm caused. On one side or more. This is a humbling experience. I hope we can take it in stride.”

“Learned from,” the red-eyed woman added, much to Ahrim’s chagrin.

“Just so.” the eldest of them said.

“You believe we were at fault?” the princess queried, tone level as her posture shifted to the defensive. And in response, Ahrim shook his head, “Not entirely, Princess. No. It was a tragedy, one that could not have been foreseen in its entirety. Yet happened. I can only offer condolences to those harmed. And express relief that you were uninjured.”

Ahrim eyed her, “You would have done the same wouldn’t you?” startling the Neko with the statement. “Risked life and limb.” at her silence he carried on, “A member of my order, Mu’tasim Farouk was a guest of your Empire for a time. During a then grave misunderstanding almost a decade ago to the day. And confided much of what transpired then to me when I brought him home.”

Koyama felt more than realized she’d taken a half-step back. “Yes...”

He raised a placating hand at seeing her eyes widening, “That a young woman, ink-haired, golden-eyed, and low of rank helped defend a fallen ship of my nation from a rogue corporate faction within your sphere.” that hand closed to a fist save for one finger.

“I was told one of higher rank was also present. Knight Farouk felt she was duplicitous. He instead heeded that lower-ranked girl for her earnest desire to help. That she boarded his armor with him. And helped fight off the attackers.” Koyama looked down at her feet as she remembered the event. Hands clasped before her as if she were a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar being found out. The whole affair came to mind again. Everything is so in the moment. Her first taste of war. People on all sides, mistrust, violence, bloodlust.

Death and destruction were the words of the day.

“Bridging two different worlds of technology. Our own with that of those that fought against those stranded crew. Raising that cruiser’s shields before a de-orbiting ship fighting in orbit of Asura III collided with it and would have killed them all.” the unnamed snowy Iroma hastened to add, Ahrim looking pained at having his thunder stolen.

“It was a group effort,”

“It was. Between the Commonwealth, and the Tenth Standard Fleet’s Ryuusei. Of which only one member stands before us today.”

One of the Neko’s eyebrows twitched at the mentions of the fleet and group, “We adverted disaster. And war. Yes. I was part of the operation. Yes. I was the one who helped the Guard.” gesturing toward the group of Temple Guard. To their leader in particular. “I understand what he is driving at. If our roles were reversed I would have done the same in being out there against those animals.”

The red-eyed woman gave the Neko an unreadable look just as an unseen hand rested on the princess’ shoulder acting on some sort of cue. Ahrim seemed not to notice at all. “We hope that sharing this information, Princess and my offer to your friend will help us close the gap between our respective peoples. My nation and those of this sector. Even before this point, you and my disciple had begun negotiation and understanding so long ago.”

Another smile, his hand to his chest again and a bow followed, “We hope to see that the foundations you both laid will see use.” the delegation drifted apart. The Iromakuanhe woman stared a moment longer. Making a small noise, she too left. The silence in their going threatened to swallow her whole. Trying to imagine how some rash decision; offering to assist an unknown species throw back what they had discovered to be rogue elements in the then still lawless Yugumo Cluster just gained her favor with said aliens. Koyama knew nothing of the tentative ‘QUIET RAGE’ Operation, which arose in the aftermath of the Boutros incident on Asura III. Remaining ignorant to it. Still only knowing that in that moment of recklessness it now put the Empire and, by extension, herself in a more favorable position with the Astral Commonwealth. The sudden soft squeeze of the hand on her shoulder was released by her unseen guard.

"Haaahh...." She hated politics.
Yue was quiet as she usually was when observing interactions and things of that nature. However, thinking it was boring where she was sitting, the young girl decided she should walk around, maybe meet people. She was a little apprehensive around the Male dignitaries, but she found comfort in the ladies. Of course none would ever replace Tachiko She spotted Koyama speaking to a dignitary, she stopped in her tracks as she didn’t think it was proper to join them just yet, but when Koyama was alone, she found herself joining her.

A hand moved to grasp Koyama’s before she remembered this wasn’t Tachiko but what was done was done. “Greetings, cousin!” she said with a smile on her face as she looked up at the much taller girl. “I’m learning a lot about diplomacy here very.. Um fascinating ... But more importantly, how are you feeling since you know.. Last night?” “If you don’t want to talk about it, it's ok, I’m also free to hug if you need it” she finished saying. Yue had gone to the conference to see if she could learn diplomacy and how these things went about, but she hadn’t expected to have to be saved from bugs.

"I would like to say your motives for cooperation are admirable. I expect as time goes on we will learn much of each other, and eventually, grow to work together in a more cohesive way. Perhaps one day you may even join in an alliance. Only time will tell." Jahara pushed forward a resolution, from the URF Diplomatic and Military assemblies. Smiling, they said, "This is the official document that would sign the exchange programme into being. It is drafted as of current, and would have to be signed by myself and you, in order to ratify it." Jahara then smiled, before adjusting her veil, and pushing it upwards, revealing her face in much more detail. Looking towards Hanako, she began to speak, "I trust you will make a wise decision in this matter. I will admit, politics goes hand in hand with ulterior motives, and this is no different. Many people in my nation wish to see yours grow past your warrish reputation."

"To be blunt, given your actions in the past, very, very few people outside this sector are happy with my decision to begin the exchange programme. My goal is to change that. The Kuuvexians... were a necessary loss. Know that we did not condone their actions, and in fact, we pushed for them to be thrown out of the coreward alliances. However, your incident with the Freespacers is... concerning. Before I agree to an exchange programme, I require assurances that our personnel will not ever be asked to do something similar."

"You can trust that I will do everything possible to avoid such an occurrence. The Star Army will do nothing to harm anyone without just cause. I assure you," Hanako told Jahara. "The Empress has wisely guided us on a path of coexistence rather than the old ways of conquest. The current, more mild Yamatai has existed since YE 30, some 14 Yamataian years ago, after the Empire was split by internal politics after the attack on the Freespacers. That was an unfortunate low point for us. It was justified action, but the way we conducted it wasn't just to the people on the other side. There was no military to fight, nor honor to be found."

Jahara frowned, before saying, "I will venture to disagree on the justification. You attacked a civilian body based on unconfirmed evidence, only suspicions. Your concern was well warranted, but the war? A genocide? Hardly Justified."

"We're talking about a group of people who have a hive mind, who were actively consorting with our enemies at the height of war, and also invading our space. It wasn't unconfirmed, I was there clearing them out of Halna. At the time Yamatai considered the Freespacers to be a single networked entity."

"And so you attacked civilians. The ends do not always justify the means, Ms. Hanako."

"Yet here you are trying to beg me to sign this," Hanako observed. "Where's your morals now? You rush to judge us based on the past. You were not there. You did not have the threat of annihilation over your head. We did it and it worked. It kept the other factions in line and the Freespacers never bothered us again...so I am not interested in hearing it. War has never been a sanitary business. I may not be proud of what I had to do but I am proud we won."

"I was getting to that. Insofar as saying this, you've admitted that you're open to change. That you desire change. Quite frankly, I think that's admirable, and it's that desire that makes me want to change the opinions of my peers. I judge your history based on the past, and your merit based on the future. I can't say the same for my colleagues." Jahara, despite being appalled by the rather utilitarian nature of Hanako, and frankly, disgusted by her words, kept her cool. She did not want to sour this relationship, considering how unstable this situation was already.

"What kind of change are you referring to?" Hanako said. "One thing that I do not see changing is Yamatai's desire for maximizing freedom of sovereignty, which is to say that on a national level the Empire values its ability to protect itself above all else. A few years ago, this was proven correct when we attempted to form a defensive alliance with two other nations, only to be hamstrung by them when we needed to hit back at the Kuvexians. This alliance delayed a military response until we could get free of it, and resulted in unnecessary loss. Specifically we will not agree to any terms that prohibit any military actions related to our defense."

Jahara tried their best not to let their anger show, all this boasting was beginning to get on her nerves. The self-righteousness. Too many red-flags. Justification of genocide. It was all too much. She was fuming, and rightly so. "And we reserve the rights to have our personnel to not face punitive measures when they refuse unlawful orders, in accordance with our military code of conduct. So long as that is the case, I can agree to your terms."

"So what do you want to do, provide a diplomacy advisor on our military ships? A sort of expert in your conflict resolution techniques that can help us avoid unnecessary loss of life? I am starting to see some expertise your people possess that would honestly be legitimately useful to our empire. In return perhaps we could provide you with some of our warriors who are able to, when all other options have been exhausted, fight with the vigor the Star Army is reknowned for. And no one, exchange officer, or otherwise, is required to obey unlawful orders in the Star Army."

"We could do that, most certainly. I would not be opposed to having your people on our ships, and ours yours. Medical advisors, diplomatic liaisons, non-combat focused personnel from us, warriors from yours."

"You have my attention," Hanako smiled, softening a little. "I like the idea of a mutual exchange and we are still incredibly under-informed about your people and their culture. Up until a few months ago we did not know you even existed. Please forgive us if we are concerned about moving too fast when it comes to engaging in relations with your country. The important thing is buillding bridges so we can be allies. There will be times when we need to call on others for support. Your support would make a big impact if we can earn that. I see this as part of a process working towards that."

"I'm glad you feel that way, and I believe we have the same goals in mind here. I look forward to working with your people, the Star Army, and the Yamataian government going forward." Jahara said, now somewhat relieved that they were getting somewhere with the conversation. Looking towards Hanako, they commented, "Now that we have come to an agreement, I must ask; I have never seen this kind of drink before, would you mind telling me more about it?"

"This is red wine, it is produced fro fermented juice of a small cluster fruit called a grape that grows on vine. I used to have a vinyard, which is essentially a farm for grapes, on Hanako's World, a world named after me for discovering it. I had to take a crash course on farming when I was marooned on a planet for a year once and had to gather my own food, and ever since I've had an interest in making food and drinks from the earth. In our culture, wine is ingested at special occasions such as a party, or the arrival of the new year, or for date nights and important meetings. Sadly my planet and its vineyard fell to the Kuvexians during the war, and my bottles are becoming increasingly rare."

"Peculiar, yet interesting..." Jahara noted, before taking a small sip from the glass. noting its flavour and texture. A dry, fruity, and slightly bitter drink, with a mild stinging sensation. Unfortunately, due to the Random Alien biology not having evolved with alcohol, their body really wasn't meant to handle it. Nonetheless, the continued to sip, seemingly enjoying it. Pulling a small thermos like capsule from her bag, she smiled, and said, "This 'wine' is pleasant. I have something of my own, as you may be interested. This is wulutu, a tea common to our homeworld. We too generally reserve it for similar occasions. It, however, is quite potent. Would you like some?"

"I am very much a tea drinker," Hanako smiled. "I will give it a try." She slid her hand over the agreement Jahara had offered and began reading it over in detail to make sure it would be acceptable to Yui.

Jahara quickly poured out some of the blue tea in the flask, one cup for each of them. It had a nice woodsy flavour to it, smokey, yet also slightly sweet and fruity. Then Jahara's words hit like a brick. She had said it was potent, but perhaps it had not occurred to Hanako that Jahara meant it was a potent psychoactive compound, as Hanako may have began to feel woozy. Presumably seeing Hanakos reaction, Jahara apologised, "Oh- Oh my. I am sorry I failed to warn you. For our species the effect is mild, I had not considered- I should have mentioned that Wulutu is a root that contains psionic enhancing properties, along with a mild psychadelic... I really am sorry-"

"Thankfully, Nekovalkyrja are resistant to spiked drinks," Hanako said, making a face that could best be described as a playful version of suspicious. "This reminds me of Lorath wines, which were laced with similar mind-altering compounds, and became a frequent sight at off-duty parties on Star Army starships, until the Lorath all but disappeared from the sector in some form of nation-wide suicide. The Lorath and I never saw eye to eye because I was involved in pressing them into the empire and because I took the virginity of one of their princesses, which started a civil war between their castes. By the way, it was her who put the moves on me. And even though I saved their planet from destruction by the Mishhuvurthyar, we never did get on great terms."

Jahara couldn't help but stifle a laugh, given the fact the wine was getting to her. "Ah, I remember those days, I had just began my first term in office. I made my share of misjudgements as well. I learned not to make the mistake of touching Tsulrati Burial steel. I still can't believe the headache I had for days after that. It's good that you are resistant, however. I did not intend to drug you. I assure you, it was inadvertent." Jahara said, feeling a bit woozy herself.

Hanako took her glove off her hand and held her index finger over the table and stared at it. "Psionics, you say," she mused quietly and then the tip of her finger caught on fire. "What do you think of this?"

"An interesting feat, but certainly not psionic in nature. Nonetheless, I am impressed. Does it not burn you?" Jahara added with a smile, as they placed their hand out in front of them, and a small bead on top. Palm face up, the bead began to float ever-so-slightly.

"I was born from the union of an Elfin necromancer and a black mage specialising in fire and ice spells. To me psionics sounds like magic." she said, stopping to wave her finger back and forth like a match. "It is just a little parlor trick I picked up when I was little. I was trying to see if the drink somehow improved my abilities."

"Many call it that, but ultimately, both you and I know that It's just as much a science as your spells. Psionics is interesting in that it is the primary way we communicate with eachother. Not to mention it's also how we mate, but that's besides the point. I'm sure you'd love to experiment with the psivix cube. It's a puzzle that's existed for centuries amongst my people. Legend has it only a handful of psions have ever successfully solved it."

"I wonder if one of my children could solve it," Hanako speculated out loud. "We do not really see each other that often, though. During the Mishhuvurthyar wars I..." she tried to think of a delicate way to put it, "had kids I didn't ask for. Mishhuvurthyar ones. And I let them live so they're still around today."

"I have heard the Mishhuvurthyar are psionic. It would be interesting to see if your children could indeed solve it. I for one could never figure it out." Jahara said, very much responsive to Hanako's pain. "And I am deeply sorry for what happened to you. I will not pry further, but I know people who have gone through similar experiences. Sadly, no place is perfect."

"Everything looks in order, so we'll start a trial of one officer each, alright?" Hanako asked. She pulled an astronaut pen out of the interior of her uniform jacket and signed her name with large, flowery letters on the page. "If it goes poorly, remember I'm high right now," she joked.

- - -

JP by @Deleted User and Wes
Koyama looked on at the backs of the Iromakuanhe. Taking cleansing breaths while memories of that day replayed themselves. That was the curse of memory for Nekovalkyrja. The ability to recall a memory so perfectly you could swear you were there again. Sight, smell, sound, even touch. Touch? Lifting the hand Yue had grabbed, she thought herself lost in remembrance before noting the blue-hued skin. Cutting off the replaying scene, the princess noted the appendage’s owner. It took a moment to plan a response. So lost in thought that some of Yue’s remarks went forgotten.

“Fine, Yue-chan, fine,” murmured Koyama, looking back and seeing that snowy-haired alien staring at her with crimson eyes. Someone moved across her field of view and passed. The Iromakuanhe female suddenly gone. Disappeared as if from thin air. Blinking, finally looked back at the shorter girl. With her free hand, Yue found the top of her head suddenly patted, a gentle show of intimacy between friends.

“What happened should not have. But as the High-Guardian just told me, mistakes happen. Things that cannot be wholly foreseen.” Her brows lowered in thought. “But enough of this. Are you here alone? Where are your sisters? Your security?”

Taking her hand from atop Yue’s head, the golden eyes swept the area. Looking for those in purple and black, Motoyoshi colors. “Not even one of your sisters?” finding she’d placed her other hand over the one Yue had laid claim to. “You should not be roaming around alone.” The offer of an embrace hadn’t gone unnoticed, as she did so, wrapping the smaller Minkan in a hug, patting her back gently. It gave her a moment to reflect before placing the blueberry at arm’s length. Small, pale hands peeked from her crimson and silver attire now resting on Yue’s shoulders.

“Your sisters, let alone the rest of your family, would be cross if they found out you were running loose by yourself. Especially during such a pivotal event.”

Yue allowed one of her trademark smiles to appear on her lips as she looked up at the much taller Nekovalkyrja, as she was told that she was fine. This knowledge pleased her greatly to know a member of her family, even if a distant one was fine. Her head was patted a reaction she’d grown accustomed to now that she was a member of the Motoyoshi clan. Quite a bit, even from people such as Freydis liked to do it too, so she didn’t complain. They kept her hair in twin tails, so it wasn’t like her hair would get mussed by the act.

As Yue nodded the act would have caused the hand on her head to move as she did. The High Guardian was correct; mistakes happened indeed. Some things cannot be unforeseen, such as her escape when she was younger. She also hadn’t foreseen getting adopted into the clan either or meeting Tachiko.

Soon the topic changed to her specifically, and she was asked if she was alone, and where her sisters were, or her security. “Big sisters are serving on the Mazu mostly, though, from my last communication from Tachiko-Chan, she might be putting in for a transfer to another ship, I’ll have to check if she mentioned which ship, but as for my security, they are behind me,” She said subtly pointing out a small group dressed in suits and dresses, trying to look inconspicuous, and camouflaged making it seem like a member of the Motoyoshi clan was alone when she hadn’t been.

There were members of the hidden security team in strategic places. As Koyama hugged her, Yue happily allowed herself to be hugged by her, and she reciprocated with a hug of her own. “You are right, they won’t be happy if I was alone, especially above all Kazumi, who seems especially protective of me, not that Tachiko-Chan isn’t protective, of course, but Kazumi seems to be extremely protective. “

She told Koyama, who likely knew of Kazumi and had heard of her protectiveness. Like a good girl, Yue had sent a message to the Motoyoshi’s security team, as well as to the clan’s communications about her intention to come here to observe. As a result, they selected a team to go with her to protect her. This was something she needed to get used to since she wasn’t a street rat anymore.