January 2019 Notes


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Jan 27, 2003
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Welcome to 2019, Star Army!

The news of the moment is:
  1. Due to some problems with the current forum style, which started during the last software update, I'm going to take it offline and re-install it in an attempt to fix it, so there will be a brief period where the site looks different because one of the other styles will be made the primary one.
  2. It's YE 41 in the RP now (for new threads)!
  3. Join me and each other for a community meeting on Discord Voice chat at 9pm Eastern Time on Friday, January 11!
  4. As mentioned a couple months ago, I will be doing some wiki cleanup of old WIPs that haven't been touched for a while and clearing out the wiki's quarter-million-file attic of old versions of pages. If, for some reason, you need some of the removed files, you'll have to contact me and I'll get them from a backup.