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Approved Character Karen Merkur


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Karen Merkur.

This is my GMPC Sierra Merkur's little sister. She's an interesting character concept- a Deaf girl in a world that usually fixes said 'flaws' in people. However, I believe I should be able to play her pretty well. She certainly has the necessary supplies to communicate, so it won't be like she's just silent all the time.

I'm not 100% sure where I'll put her, but it shouldn't be too long before I decide.
Where was she born? Could you include metric conversions for her measurements?
Being Nepleslian, She was Born on Nepleslia.

As for the measurements- Why? That's never been a requirement in the past. Heck, the measurements themselves aren't even required, just a general description.

If you really need the metric measurements, I guess I can add them, but, I would like a reason, first.
This is an international site and the rest of the world uses metric measurements. It is a requirement for all articles on the site that measurements be given in metric or in both formats.