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OOC LSDF Val'ta - To Boldly Go...!


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Welcome to the long-range, Lorath made, space exploration mothership vessel. It is a custom-made vessel for the job, a collaboration between the enigmatic Lazarus Consortium and the Lorath Matriarchy Shipyards, made to go long distances, catalogue things, stay away from home for extended periods, and its combat capable if the worst happens.

It can dive into gas giants, swim through oceans, pierce through enemy spaceships, and it's pointy! Very pointy! The ship can Phoenix Punch - sorta!

Your captain for this expedition is Captain Porrim, played by Yours Truly.

The plot is looking for Lorath characters, though Jiyuuians are also welcome, and other soldiers of the DATASS treaty may also be welcome if they show promise, skill, and a good previous record.

(Painting by Roger Dean)

The tone of the LSDF Val'ta will be taking a lighter turn, and the exploration of space will be less concerned or dealing with things that will rip our face off, and explore beautiful vistas and wonderful places.

Take a look at the art around this post to get an idea of the sort of age I'm trying to harken back to. In addition, think of the early Star Trek, the Original Series. I'd like to capture that tone.

In addition listen to this, including the long two minute introduction. This will give you an idea too.


Ideally, I'd like to get the first thread going by the end of the month, and at least six to eight people interested in the plot. The ship article is currently a work in progress with the aid of @OsakanOne, so I'd like to have that complete too - but if it isn't complete by the time August is over, I can continue playing the ship by ear.

Gotta say, I've never wrote a ship before, and I probably don't want to in a hurry. It's complicated as hell, but it'll be totally worth it!


Our planned route is to first go to Tange and to scout if the planet is safe to start rebuilding in, as an agreement from DATASS to get the planet's infrastructure back on its feet. From there, we go East and make a loop around the Nebula back to Lor, examining systems and planets along the way and passing the other planets by, grabbing information on the way and corroborating it with DATASS since they're in Yamataian territory.

Then, we head back to Lor with our DATASS duties done and brownie points cashed, and exit again to do another loop into the unexplored systems to the 'north west' which were given to the Lorath as part of the third International Relations Conference treaty that created DATASS.

Those planets will be scouted for settlement, rather than mere documentation, and planetside exploration may be required if something interesting is found. After all, we can't just be observers when we explore, we need to be in the thick of it!


The mission of the Val'ta is to explore and interact with the weird and wonderful universe that may be lying just within grasp, to find places suitable for habitation and expansion of the Lorath race in population and materials. In addition, it will also document and catalogue strange space phenomena.

Things could get rather strange. Maybe not fatal, but definitely strange.

(Dr. Gear's grand warning sign)

We're going to do this in a brand, shiny new space ship, the Val'ta! The article needs some polish and finishing touches, but it is very close to completion, and can be played 'by ear' by the GM.

You may find the Plot Page on this link. It has more information.


I've been putting a lot of work into this. Also, ex-Akahar players are welcome to come back for a 'round two' of the Lorath saga.

Things are still very much being put together, but you do have my assurance that they will be completed in time. Lots is currently being planned, and with the construction of the Ship's article - which so far is very complete, you have my assurance that Luca always delivers, even if it takes time.

Do post your interest if you want to play, and hop on the IRC channel, send me a private message, leave a message on my profile, or send a carrier pigeon if you'd also like to talk further to me!

You know I'm interested, even more so after seeing these pictures. I think SARP is missing this kinda stuff, focusing on the strangeness of space. Ny'za will be back.
I just wanted to say that Luca is an amazing game master and I have the highest confidence that he'll run an amazing and memorable plot for all the players who are able to put in the time into this plot.
Since it may appear to those interested that Porrim is the sort to not only boldly go, but to boldly come I'd like to make a quick statement about +18 content on the Val'ta, which I'm totally fine with so long as it isn't out in public. When it comes to +18 content on the Val'ta, it will be placed in the +18 Subforum with a "[LSDF Val'ta]" prefix, and will not comprise main mission content.

And that said, you're all welcome to flirt with each other and be social - but there's one rule in Lorath canon as dictated by the High Priest:

While physical contact is allowed, cross-caste procreation is expressibly forbidden. There is no taboo against contact and dry rutting - just don't create anything, and everything should be hunky dory.

(This is for the sake of game balance too. Can you imagine a Fyunnen with a New Tur'lista's touch psionics, or a Lmanel Shapeshifter with touch psionics, or a Fyunnen capable of redirecting and transforming all that muscle mass? Madness! Utter madness!)

I figure this is worth putting out there because of the extended and lonely nature of the mission. Sooner or later, the crew will have to make friends with their hands, the livestock (the Helashio that is), or each other. For your consideration of these facts.

That said, you do not have to participate in NSFW content if you do not want to, and the experience aboard the Val'ta will still be an enjoyable one filled with exploration and wonder.
Ny'za and Jiji have each other, as well as their animal companions should things get to lonely, To bad guys D:
I figure I might as well post this. My initial plan for where we intend to go. Follow the arrow and the little Val'ta and see the road we'll be taking. Once we reach the end of it (which may be a long time away) we'll pick another direction and gun it!

Might I suggest that the Val'ta swing by the star to the stellar South-East of Miyamae before heading out west toward Lkihujngfv? It is within official Lor territory and would probably be a good idea to check out.
Might I suggest that the Val'ta swing by the star to the stellar South-East of Miyamae before heading out west toward Lkihujngfv? It is within official Lor territory and would probably be a good idea to check out.
What's inspired this?
The white dot indicating a star inside of Lorath territory with no label on the star map. The one more or less above the "M" in the bottom right corner. It's presence is known, it can be seen from a Lorath colony (Miyamae) we have no reason not to go there.
I'm interested if I can join as a little Yamataian mewser just looking to explore space and work for someone other than Yamatai.

And also to meet some hawt Fyunnen and L'manel.
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Hi all, as I stated previously I'm hoping to get an IC thread going before the end of the month. Please get your new character biographies ready and posted. If you have existing characters you'd like to bring along, post them here in this thread.

Once the thread's up you'll still have plenty of time to get approved and post if we play things by ear. After all, the Val'ta has a large crew and your character just might not have stood out to begin with and they can appear there.

So yeah, this weekend I'll post something to get the ball rolling~!