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OOC LSDF Val'ta - To Boldly Go...!

I thought it was kinda cute...

*plots to have Ash arrange them into a smily face*

And as hilarious as the insinuations the NMX's neko's are making towards Akemi.
Given that things seem like they're cooling down on the Social thread, I'll let you guys decide whether we want to leap into the next Expedition in an action prologue after my next post, which I'll write up and post within the next few hours. If you'd all like, I can run the two threads concurrently if you'd like to continue engaging in harmless social shenanigans while the expedition goes on.

Your call, of course, but we can't stay in interlude forever.

PS: The little Below-Deck I've posted happens prior to the second mission getting started.
Ooh, Keib aside -- I've been waiting for that!! :cool:

I also just want to apologize for my lack of posts for Aran'ya in social, it's been a rough week with wife transitioning to new job and me having to play chauffeur all day... I hope to have a good one up today or tomorrow, since Ran seems fun and Porrim needs a drinking buddy. :)
J'ann is hanging back on this mission, so if there any side-JPs any other hang-backers wish to accomplish on the Val'ta proper while the away team does away-team things, by all means give me a shout.
The Val'ta's Plot Survey is live!

As always, answer the questions to the best of your abilities, and help me help the plot by updating your biographies with all the relevant events which have happened to your characters. I'll be working on the Val'ta's history in a bit, and cleaning up the rest of things for our plot.
Sorry I'm a bit late on this - EvE online hijacked my soul (getting billion dollar ships blown up is fun.) I'll psot the in-flight when I get up in a few hours - just got home, and I'm exhausted
Apologies for being a bit slow - my sister's back from London this week and the next so I've been running around headless. Will post in a bit.

PS: Whoever replied to the survey as Kirkatan, your response goes in the trash.
Just doing a bump check to see who's still around and get some more going for the second expedition, which I'll post for shortly.

@Ashlinn, @Jimmy, @paladinrpg

Moogle's character is still on ship.
Due to lack of RP posts, I'm going to remove the LSDF Valta subforum for inactivity. Your posts will still be available in the main Lorath forum.