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The Much awaited LSTV is now completed for submission! Please let me know anything that I need to do to make sure my article is up to snuff! thank you!
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Looks good,

Don't see any issues

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Since it's off-road capable, I'm wondering some basic off-road related stuff:
  • What are each size truck's minimum and maximum break-over angles? Since it has an adjustable suspension.
  • What are each size truck's approach and departure angles?
  • What is each size truck's wheelbase?
Also, it's cool you've given it a recovery winch and a shovel for getting out of loose ground. I'd recommend fashioning two traction boards to mount somewhere on the outside, as they provide a really necessary solution to many difficult off-road situations. Additionally, a vehicle's tires will need to be inflated to different pressures depending on the terrain. Today, even amateur off-road enthusiasts often carry portable air compressors or mount them directly to their vehicles to handle needing to re-inflate tries, so an onboard compressor would be cool to see added. Maybe since it's sci-fi, the tries could inflate and deflate by themselves depending on either automatic detection or some knob the driver could mess with.
True Facts: When I was in Afghanistan, I taught the SF guys how to traction board by breaking down one of the cardboard boxes that MREs came in and putting it under the wheel of the Hilux that was stuck in the mud.
I will address most of Raz's questions tomorrow, also, I forgot to wikify the Type 42 vehicle recovery Winch and will also do that as well.
Okay, I have addressed all of Raz's concerns in the article except for wheelbase, as well as added the type 42 recovery winch (Which has now also been submitted) and even made a distinction about the tires, as I was initially unaware that Yarvex was an SAoY only item; therefore, the star army version comes equipped with tougher tires than the normal civilian version does.

I also added some optional components, as well as added more versions and more images of the LSTV.
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