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Approved Submission Military Buildup Limitations Update


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Same as before, except that the corporate limitations are now based directly upon what Wes said here.
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Again, why are we trying to add in rules to solve a problem that doesn’t exsist that explicitly target the USO?

This pretty much gimps PMCs, making expansion for them painful. It stops the FSC from doing their own thing. It’s a huge give away to factions that have minimal RP but a lot of barebones system articles where a group that makes swords can support dozens of times the amount of ships of a group with actual RP and facilities.
These are some good points too Zack, but in any case RP will determine the IC in events that result in ships. Realistically a company that makes custom swords is not going to need the same Fleet a shipping service like fls does. This is a good maximum limit though, and a good compromise to keep the peace. What you and I do need to focus on now is crashing that 1000 drone Fleet we somehow forgot about. Commence the Mishpocalypse!
Small factions with little to no RP tend to inherent a lot of planets so they have no need to expand. Corporations in these factions also get the bonus for being a part of those worlds so they get a huge buildup limit for no work.

Meanwhile players who have a lot of RP and do wiki work get penalized for not having a bunch of planets to inherent.
A few months back I got permission to generate a 1000 C5 drone Fleet specifically to use in that Mish invasion of 188. So let's blow them up! It sure beats the hand-waviness of selling them.
When exactly? I’ve been thinning out our numbers every time we hit the MBL. If they were USO drones they likely got blown up during one of the Misshu/Elysian/PP events.
There are like 7 playable factions. Yamatai, Neplesia, Hidden Sun Clan, USO, Elysia (Technically also Yamatai), Neshaten, and the Iromakuanhe.
I don't remember exactly when but Frost kept on talking about how I would be affected by this MBL and I had no idea I still had them listed Here on the fleet page. You can tell the amount by the serial number starting at 1 and ending at 1,000. After seeing it I totally remember doing it it having permission because I distinctly remember Frost not liking it, and I can totally understand why. Let's not bother with arguing about this anymore, this has been discussed at length privately and these guidelines are super generous for what we're dealing with. If we need more ships we can just conquer another planet or relocate Howard Station and put a government office in it.
Consider the distribution of player corporations. The majority are in factions that have far more planets than they have people. Corporations there get a ton of free ship cap for nothing.
Apologies for the brevity of this - heading out the door atm - but iirc Rizzo got approval for FSC's 1,000 warships in the "FSC (or was it titled FSCorp?) fleets" submission, something I, uh, strongly objected to at the time.
I read it as being under similar restrictions to a faction. If you have a corporation that is effectively one player making stuff, that's one system. If you actually have some RP, then you can get larger.
See? I got a thousand drones approved! This is why we need an MBL for corporations.

I'm sorry Zack, but I caused this. 110% my own fault for going overboard!