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[Mission 1.1] What is lurking in the debris.


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The two squads of soldiers streaked away from the Aeon II. The two squads were going to search two different derelicts. It was the best way to use their forces. Jennifer Rose Carlier programmed her armor to avoid debris along their flight path. She could see why they could not bring the Aeon II closer to the derelicts that they were investigating.


Keiko Gi entered the Hangar Deck Package and approached Jôtô Hei Aeon Misa. "Which of the fighters are ready for deployment? Also what is the ordnance to be loaded?"

"Hi Ittô Keiko. Your fighter is in the starboard launch system. Should be interesting. As for ordnance you are loaded with Ke-V8-W4200 - Blazing Comets. They should be useful in the debris field." Aeon Misa said.

Trowa ran a final check on his flight suit before grabbing his helmet and walking out onto the Hanger Deck. It was an impressive area. The old Aeon didn't have a hanger deck like this. The Nepleslian pilot had just rejoined the Aeon II and hadn't even had a chance to take a full tour of the new ship before he had been thrust back into combat. He kinda preferred it that way. He wanted to get back in combat. He hadn't been in combat for almost 7 years, since he was injured on that way mission. His cybernetic left shoulder gave a twitch, as it always did whenever he thought about that day. Shrugging it off, Trowa headed over to where Keiko Gi and Aeon Misa were standing. "Ladies" Trowa said, "Which one is mine?" He was gazing up at the V8s, admiring their lines and attack potential.

Misa turned to face Trowa. "Glad you could join us Heisho-Yamamoto. Your Super K is prepped and ready in the port launcher. The Infantry members have deployed, you will follow the Alpha team. Ittô Juni Keiko Gi will provide support for Beta team. You have the Blazing Comets to protect the Infantry and yourself if necessary."

Gi looked at Trowa. "I hope you are ready to be shot out like a subspace projectile. Due to the density of the debris, we will be launching at .2 C."

Trowa walked over to the space fighter Misa indicated. "He walked around it doing a quick visual inspection of the fighter. He was around the other side of the ship when Gi made her comment about being shot out like a projectile. Trowa's head dropped so he could look at his fellow pilot from underneath the fuselage and smiled. "What? You nervous? Sounds like fun to me. It'll be quite a wide ride that's for sure." Satified with his visual check on the fighter, Trowa climbed into the cockpit and began his preflight check.

Yoshiro dodged around some debris and kept his course toward the ship that he assigned himself to. "Garnet, are you all right over there?" Yoshiro asked after a few moments of checking his systems.

Gi chuckled. "I'm not nervous after all. If something goes wrong, the Taisa will bring me back from backup. I'm just curious who came up with the idea. We can compare notes." Gi floated into her cockpit and went through her pre-flight checklist. All systems were green. "Launch control. I'm ready."

Trowa's check list had one item that was in orange. Backup not found. Acknowledge status.


Garnet was dodging chunks of debris that were larger than some small starships. She told her team to tighten up their spread. To avoid having some one get cut off from the group. "So far everything is going well Heisho. Dodging these chunks are a good challenge. ETA to target is 18 minutes are current velocity." She sent to Trowa.

Trowa paused as he read the last item on the preflight list. Backup not found. This one of the few things that one eyed Nepleslian didn't necessarily agree with Yamatai way of thinking. For Trowa, what made life so precious was it's fragility. The idea that you could do whatever and not worry about the danger was because you'd just come back in a new body never appealed to him. However, he had a wife and daughter who loved him and would be devastated if he was to die. Did he want to risk his daughter potentially growing up without a father because of a preference when there was a way that no matter what he'd get to see her again?

Trowa tapped the left side of his head, accessing his own cybernetics. He ran a backup and downloaded it into a little black box located deep inside his own skull. It was a grey area he could live with. His own personal backup carried inside his own body. If he were completely vaporized he would be dead, his life given in serves to Yamatai. But if his body could be recovered then he could brought back. Trowa checked the last box in the preflight and hit the launch button.

Gi hadn't been joking when she said Trowa was about to be launched like a projectile. The G's slammed him back into his seat like a baseball bat. But it soon became manageable and he was moving in a wide arch to cover his away team. Garnet sent him a signal from her team. "So far everything is going well Heisho. Dodging these chunks are a good challenge. ETA to target is 18 minutes are current velocity." "Acknowledge Hei." Trowa replied. "I'll give your team plenty of maneuvering room and move ahead to scan for bogies."
Yoshiro kept watch on his sensors so he wouldn't hit any debris. He had never done any maneuvering in space in a mecha. Garnet was right though, dodging the debris was a good challenge though he wished that he didn't have to dodge the really big pieces of debris, that was a bit scary, even for him.
Garnet instructed her team to tighten up their formation. The debris field was getting harder to work through. But that was because they were getting into an area where the damaged ships had died. There were remains of the ships. It was hard to identify the ships given how severe the damage was. Fortunately the AEIS was able to identify which hulk they were to board.

She ran a sensor scan. "There is some power aboard our target, it is low enough that it must be emergency energy. Prepare to touch down." She rotated her position so that her feet would attach to the hull."

Yoshiro being behind the team his armor was pinging some of the damaged ships still had power, in fact one seemed to be increasing power.

Trowa's sensors started to ping on the various damaged ships. One of the seemed to be sending a signal. It was not a SAOY signal.

Trowa dodged around a particularly large piece of debris and got his first look at the target ship. It was quite impressive. Did the Kuevenains do everything in gold? He scanned around the ship, looking for possible surprises that might be hiding out among the debris. Trowa glanced down as his control board started blinking. He flipped a switch and realized that one of the ships out there was sending a signal. That could be trouble.

Trowa opened a channel to the Aeon II to report in. He also opened it to the away team so they would be aware of what was going on. "Aeon this is Overwatch I. I'm picking up an outbound signal from one of the damaged ships. Sending you what I'm picking up." Trowa through another switch and sent the signal he had picked up to the Ship so they could use the more powerful sensors. He continued to scan the surrounding area. The hair on the back of his neck was starting to stand up.
Yoshiro looked at his sensors and was starting to be wary. "Aeon, I am also picking up a ship that is increasing power. Can you confirm?" he said as he continued to watch for whatever was going to happen.

"Kahen Yani to Overwatch I. We have confirmed your findings. Analyzing the signal and its confirming its origin. It seems to be relaying data to one of the ships that appears to be derelict. But its energy signature seems to be higher than a ship supposedly damaged."


"Yoshiro, we are confirming your readings. This is Auda Taii, you are advised to consider vessel as hostile as the signal is not SAOY. Investigate at your discretion. Advise you may take two of the Recon team to back you up."

Trowa's grip tightened on the stick. That sounded super suspicion to him. He powered up his weapon systems. They wouldn't ketch him unprepared. Trowa locked on to the signal of the second ship. He looked again at the energy levels. Far to great to be emergency life support. Energy levels that high would easily power a ships engines or shields. Or weapons. Trowa adjusted his trajectory and moved towards the second ship. He kept his weapons powered up, but also increased his forward shields. He was close enough now to make almost make a visual read on the ship. "What the feth are you?"

The vessel was bulky and most of the surface appeared to have projections from it. It was possible that they were antennas. If they were then it might be a vessel that was designed to gather data during battles. The energy surge in the craft did not appear to be hyper drive powering up. It was possible that as the antennas charged that they may send whatever data they had gathered.
"Roger that." Yoshiro responded to Auda. He radioed his team's. "Alpha team, Beta team, we have a ship that is powering up in the debris field. You are to consider the vessel hostile until you are told otherwise.Watch your backs out there and continue your work." He said and continued to monitor the ship.

As soon as Trowa got a good look at the mysterious ship he called up the Aeon II. "Aeon, this is Overwatch. Mystery ship appears to be some kind of recon ship. Lots of antennas." The Nepleslian pilot threw a few switches which sent the Aeon a visual feed of what he was seeing and activated jammers. He checked his own position and the position of the away team. He was still not commented to the mystery ship and could break away and cover any threat to the away team but there could be some very useful intel to be gathered here. "Aeon please advice. Do you want me to open communications or blow it to space dust?"
Katae's voice came across the channel. "Aeon-Actual to Overwatch, energy signature of the unknown continue to increase. You are cleared to open communications. However maintain offensive posture."

Kahen sent a message to Yoshiro. "Alpha Team at target. Multiple openings in the hull. Entering to search."

Trowa smiled grimly at his captain's instructions. When had the Nepleslian pilot ever not maintained an offensive posture? "Overwatch to Aeon, solid copy." Trowa brought his fighter around and lined up for a shot. He then opened a channel directed to the mystery ship. "Unidentified ship, this is Joto Heisho Yamomoto of the ship YSS Aeon. Identify yourself immediately and power down. This is your only warning. Failure to comply will result in your immediate destruction." Trowa took one last scan around for anything out of the ordinary then hit his thrusters towards the mystery ship, his finger began to tighten on the trigger, ready to fire at the drop of a hat.

The energy surge continued. Instead of one object. The energy split into four sources. Each of the objects looked the same as the others. They were also emitting signals to interfere with communications. Each of the sources moved in different directions. The V8's ordnance systems recommended deploying Ke-V8-W3201 Decoy Launcher.
"Be careful." He said to Kahen as he flew over to where she was entering the ship. "I have a bad feeling about this." He looked at his displays and decided to try and get a status report. "Beta team, Status?" He said.