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[Mission 1.1] What is lurking in the debris.


"What the Feth?" Trowa's eyes widened in disbelief. "Sacred Feth!" His hand tightened on the trigger and send a deadly stream of energy at the nearest target for 2 heartbeats then banked off. Moving with automated speed, Trowa armed and deployed a decoy device to help scramble signals. He had no idea if there were actually four ships out there or if it was some decoy device of its own but Trowa chose the ship that was moving roughly in the direction of the Away Team as his first target. He got a visual then had to dodge around a big piece of debris before continuing after his quarry.

Trowa's burst of weapons revealed something about the object. The object he fired on continued moving, but portions of it were missing. Not as if it had been vaporized, but rather something that resembled solid light.


"Beta team lead to Overwatch 2. We have run into a problem. The holes in the derelict have force fields. Not sure if its an emergency system to protect people on it, or a defensive system to keep us from getting in." Gi linked to the Beta team and downloaded their sensor data. Analyzed the data. The amount of energy in those shields were far higher if it was just to keep the atmosphere inside. "Beta team, advise to proceed with caution. That derelict has more power than expected."
Arashi was checking his sensors as he approached his objective and stopped, seeing shields in gaping holes of the ship. "Alpha leader, are you seeing these shields? Energy output is massive and I am not sure if it is meant to keep us out or to keep something in. Advise caution and keeping your eyes on a swivel." He said and looked around.

This mission was getting crazier and crazier. Trowa checked his scanners again. The mystery ship he had tracked was still broadcasting the same energy signature, but his shots should have left a trail of debris at the least. He was getting very tired of this thing. He lined up for another shot and this time fired a much longer flood of destructive energy towards the target.

"Alpha leader, we are seeing shields. But there seems to be different kinds. Some just luminescent. Others solid and can't be seen. Like an emergency repair system. We are moving in 2 by 2 through the corridor. The corridor is huge, You could put large objects like a fighter or tank in them."


With the prolonged burst energy caused the solid light. Several of the barriers failed. The section was also venting atmosphere as debris started streaming out of the damaged section. An object was ejected with the debris, but it appeared to be a piece of ordnance. The sensors identified it as an active nuclear device.

Just when he believed things couldn't get anymore crazy. Trowa didn't even have time to swear as he pulled his fighter back to put distance between himself and the nuke. He looked at his sensors to get an overview of the whole area. Where had the other 3 mystery ships gone? Was the nuke following him? Was it a threat to the Away team?
"Away team to Aeon, we have a problem. We have an active nuke in the area. Please advise." Yoshiro said as he flashed a picture of the device to the ship/
"Aeon to Away Teams this is Aeon Actual. Our sensors have confirmed that the object is active. Advise object seems to track to the closest energy source. If possible try to have it follow you out to a point safe to detonate and not affect the away teams. First try using the Decoys. "

"Garnet to Overwatch. We have found some technology that could be useful. We are working on removing the items. If you folks have to detonate, give us a countdown so we can try our best to shield them." Garnet really did not like the idea of uncontrolled nuclear devices.
Trowa took a deep breath then pulled hard. The G's slammed him back into his seat as he turned his fighter around and headed back towards the nuke. He lay in a course that would take him close enough that he homed the nuke would pick him up and target him yet far enough away that he could get clear if it detonated. He armed his second decoy so it would be ready. Trowa's plan was to have the warhead target him and change it's trajectory away from the away team. Once that happened, he would fire the decoy and pray that the warhead would pick it up instead of him. "Here goes nothing." Trowa muttered as his fighter cut through space in front of the nuke then hit his thrusters hard.
The weapon started pinging onto a target. It's targeting locked onto Trowa's Super Kawarime. It accelerated towards the fighter. Which meant that it was moving away from the rest of the Away Teams. It was continuing to increase it's velocity in an attempt to get close enough to detonate.
Trowa smiled tightly as his display told him that the warhead was moving away from his comrades. He gunned his Super Kawarime Fighter for all she had, putting as much distance as he could away from the away team. After 10 seconds with the smaller warhead rapidly closing the distance to him, Trowa activated the decoy then launched it before pealing away as fast as he could maintain control.
The warhead diverted from the Super Kawarime to the Decoy. Since the deployment of the Decoy caused a brief pause of emissions. The warhead veered off from the Fighter and locked onto the Decoy. It streaked forward and then detonated. In a spectacular fashion.
Trowa watched the spectacular detonation of the nuke and almost slumped in his seat in relief. Feth but that had been close. He took a few seconds to compose himself then readjusted his grip on the stick and turned back towards the away team again. Trowa looked over his scanners again, looking for the mystery ship that had started all this mess. While scanning, he sent out a message to the away team. "Away team, this is Overwatch. You guys ok?"
"This is Away Team to Overwatch. No one is hurt and we are currently gathering tech for Star Army to research or whatever they do. That was quite a maneuver, quite epic as we young bloods would say." Yoshiro said with a laugh. He was surprised that Trowa pulled that off. He was actually afraid that Trowa would end up being blown into his constituent atoms. He had to get a status report from his teams so he radioed them. "This is Team leader to away teams, requesting status report." He said, wanting to be sure that no one was hurt.
Trowa would see a couple of bright objects that moved rapidly away from the projectile. They moved on differing trajectories. Then vanished using a form of hyper drive.

"Garnet to command, we are having to cut a few openings to get the rest of the teams access to exit. We checked the items we have were unaffected by the explosion. We also found some organic matter. Possibly members of the crew or perhaps soldiers or prisoners." she paused. "Sadly the objects were damaged by the decompression. Science and Medical may be able to determine what they were."
Trowa took another few moments scanning the surrounding debris field to make sure there were no other surprises waiting. Satisfied there were none, the Nepleslian pilot opened back up channels to the away team. "You ought to have more faith than that in me, Tanaka-Hei. I may have been in reserves for a few years but I haven't lost my touch. Haha." Trowa's manner was care free but in realty he was starting to realize just how close he had been to cashing in his chips. He would definitely need a drink or two after this mission.
"Roger that." He responded to the away teams and said with a grin. "Let's get ready to move out as soon as you are ready. Secure all that you have found and keep your head on a swivel." He moved swiftly and with purpose.
Trowa flew his fighter through the debris field and maintained a careful watch on his scanners. He did not want a repeat of what had just happened. As he flew, he thought about his wife and daughter. He missed them. He thought about how close he had come to never seeing them again. Yamami could boast all they wanted to about there backup systems for people, but would it really be the same thing? Trowa hoped he would never find out. Opened his comms to the other fighter, "Overwatch I to Overwatch II. Are you picking up anything else on scanners?"
Keiko Gi sent a response. "Overwatch II to I. No sign of active power systems. Advising that Team two rendezvous at my location and head back to Aeon."

Garnet sent a message to her Infantry team. "Gather what you have, we are being recalled. We will form up at Overwatch II. Then we're return to the ship."
Her people finished securing the items that they had found. It would be up to the folks higher up to determine what they were and if there was any data on them.

"Beta team is exiting the derelict, hooking up with Overwatch II." Garnet sent.

Kahen also relayed the recall order. "Okay Alpha team. Time to return to ship. Rendezvous at Overwatch I."
Trowa agreed with that suggestion whole heartedly. "Aye, the sooner the better." he said to himself. Over the coms he said, "Roger that. Stay alert. We've already had one close call. No need to get careless now."

Trowa then sent a message to Alpha team. "Overwatch I to Alpha Team, time to head back to the ship. Regroup at..." He paused to check his coordinates. "0624. Last one of your team to reach the ship buys the drinks."