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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 17: Reikoku

Deck 2

The white-winged bird nodded her crested head and said "The reactor is being readied to be vented. Once that's done, all we'll need to do is prepare the rest of the plan and then carry out the venting process, with adjustment of the port." The highly dangerous nature of this situaiton was making the cockatoo stressed. Slowly, she reached one of her hands back to her wing and grasped a feather, about to give in to her bad habit.

Deck 5
The SLAM-wielding gynoid very noisily clanked out of the armory and aimed down the corridor, ensuring that no one would be hit by the backblast. However, she was caught off-guard to discover William was still tackling the power armors with no intention of avoiding the explosion. This had to be wrong- but Gravity and William himself were telling her to fire the SLAM. No... She couldn't... could she? William was still there, he would die! But the ship's optical sensors showed how gravely he was bleeding, and her electronic eyes' HUD even received the alert that he was dead. She didn't fully trust the alert, however- there was likely some room for error and it was very possible it simply flagged a false positive because his vital signs dropped too low. All of these thoughts were being processed in her computer brain in under a fraction of a second, but her window of opportunity was closing. He wouldn't be able to keep the Kuvexians pushed into one group like this for long, and she wasn't going to have a clear shot forever. Robotically, her metal finger clinked against the trigger and pulled, sending an SLEX rocket flying towards the power-armored Kuvexians... and William too. In the first smaller explosion, the liquid explosive came out of the rocket, dispersing all over the enemy (and one friendly) power armors. For the briefest instant, the synthetic liquid lingered there. It was a terrible fraction of a moment Chlorate was able to perceive. She stared at it for the duration that this microsecond lasted, and the heart she didn't have sunk. She could see every frame that came just before William's body and the Kuvexians were enveloped in the second explosion, coming from the explosive finally detonating. William was already dead, but Chlorate wasn't certain the alert was accurate (after all, he managed to send out his command just before it appeared); thus, she believed William's life had really been taken by her robotic hands, and she felt awful about this possibility.
Deck 2

Indira gave Eden and Kikios a nod, then walked over to the controls. She pulled a wire out of a slot in her arm and plugged it in, giving her direct access to the controls through her mental link. Her vision of the physical screen before her gave way to an inner view instead. She steadied herself against the console and appeared to zone out.

From the sceen the Iroma could see that Kikios' preparations were underway, just as the engineer had said. It made her uncomfortable to trust someone else with any part of her plan, but there were limits to what she could do. She was reminded of those limits as she looked through the interface before her, trying to make sense of it all. She was plenty talented at using computers, of course, but not to the point that she'd be joining any hacker activist groups.

She took a deep breath and got to work. The torpedo controls were not designed to simply release the munitions the way she desired. She might be able to fire them, but there was no immediate way to simply release them. Indira pursed her lips a bit in thought and navigated back to the original menu.

A 'maintenance mode' called out to her, so she enabled that. A number of options disabled themselves in response and she began to worry - but when she returned to the torpedo interface, she found what she was looking for: a maintenance release command. It was not intended to work while it held a torpedo, but it would do with a little coaxing.

Next she pulled up the access to the torpedo itself. Its interface was more immediately useful for her purposes, allowing her to set when and how much it should detonate. There was even an option to upload a firing program, likely to be used by particularly tricky weapons operators. She studied that option for a bit, getting an idea of the format she'd need to use.

The simulations came next. She fed all of the data she'd gathered from the menus and manuals thus far into her simulation program, trying a wide combination of variables. Such a shotgun approach was not how she preferred to do things, but the Kuvies weren't going to wait patiently while she finessed a torpedo's firing sequence. Her mind felt sluggish for a little while, such that she wasn't sure how long the simulations took. Eventually, a modified firing solution returned green. She compared its output and time of burn to that of the projected core dump.

It would have to be close enough. There was just enough variance for discomfort, but it was the best the torpedo could do.

"Boss," she said, through her link. She waited for a response. "I'd like your help with this next part."

"Yes, Indira-Hei?"

"Can you feed me a real-time sensor feed from near the ship's hull? I need to move an object outside of the vessel and don't want it bumping into anything."

"Feeding it to you now," replied the MEGAMI.

Indira's view lit up with the new sensor data. She felt jealous of the Nekos, who could likely do such a thing whenever they wished. She had to be plugged in directly. She put the thought behind her and released the torpedo once its program was ready. Actually moving the torpedo into place would not take long, now that it was in the grip of the CFS. They just had to get the timing right.

She leaned back and dropped the connection, letting the torpedo hold its position. Indira was surprised to find sweat on her brow. 'How long was I in there?'

She turned to find Eden and Kikios. "When the time comes, things are ready on my side. I'm going to sit until then if you don't mind," she said, finding a place to do just that. Her head pounded from the effort.
YSS Kaiyo II
Deck 2

The chaos and maelstrom, all the sounds of combat, his injury and his worry for Saya had made Wyatt forget about the NSP he had shoved into the back of his shorts what felt like forever ago - without a word of warning he shoved the blue sidearm into Penny's arms, it's metal exterior warmed to body temperature from pressing against his bare skin for so long as the coppery Minkan stepped forwards to offer Wulf support.

He entered the hallway proper and advanced methodically, using his uninjured hand to squeeze off measured and precise shots towards the enemies the ranger had so brazenly charged at, his breathing purposefully paced to breathe out a little when pulling the trigger of the plasma revolver and breathing in after every third shot - Wyatt reached Wulf's prone form and reached down without any hesitation to his actions, using the Minkan strength of his bloodied and pained arm to hoist the man back up onto his feet with a grunt while continuing to empty his revolver into the enemies, cylinder almost running empty at this point.

It was either two or four shots left, he could not remember - Usually counting shots was no issue for the Operative but...

...well, usually he wasn't nearly as worried as he was right now, even if none of that worry was reflected on his stoic features.
Deck 5

Saya was a medic, that much was for sure as she had a window of vitals for all the crew members in the side of her vision just as a small bit of information for her. She could see Elenor's was still fine, if erratic, and she knew when the others were hurt and damaged. Wyatt was hurt from the looks of his vitals, but suddenly one flatlined outright. Her eyes went wide as she spun in place and spotted the scene just behind her. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes as she saw the combat, the blood-soaked Gravity holding William, Chlorate firing the rocket.... Everything was spiraling out of control and Saya wanted to rush back for William, to try and revive him... But she knew she had work to do, but Elenor could still be saved.

She had to fight herself to turn back and continue to the medbay with Elenor in her arms. She had tears in her eyes as she eventually barrelled her way into the room after she made sure to keep herself out of any danger and quickly went to work, regardless of who was in the room. Shots of Hemosynthetic fluid were quickly spread out on the table, gauze to help keep the wounds covered until they could heal, soaked in hemosynthetic fluid to promote the healing of the skin quickly. It was everything she could do to try and keep Elenor alive and maybe get her back in the fight.
Deck 5 - Cargo hall

Klaus had been behind William, fighting beside him, bringing down those that tried to flank the Nep. Klaus fought with rage, galvanized by Mikael's death.

Yet... despite all that, William fell. Klaus's heart sank, knowing he was gone. He wanted to mourn, to curl up and cry. But the enemy was at the gates. Now was no time for emotions. Except rage.

"You bastards!" shouted Klaus, jamming the muzzle of his gun into a nearby Kuvexian and blowing his brains out. "Odin shall take you all!"

Klaus noticed Gravity covering Chlorate and followed suit, letting forth another barrage from his SMG while his tongue loosened curses upon the kuvexians.
YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 2

The movement of enemy against Kaiyō crew had a wild energy within its effort to destabilize the unarmored combatants. The once-listless Kuvexian armor pulled the plug that had been attached to it off of its person and threw it to the ground before charging towards the crew. Penny, armed and dangerous, flung herself towards the ground in front of the Kuvexian that was already engaging her quasi-crewmates and rolled on the ground, away from and behind the armor so that she was nearer the airlock than ever. She sidled the wall and in a flash of her sunny blonde hair, she pounced towards the ship docked onto the Kaiyō's hull. Soon, she was out of sight of those that had escorted her from the med bay.


It took some moments to get everything ready, but between the competent engineer, ingenious scientist, and the commanding officer, all systems were soon online and ready to be nearly taken offline in a catastrophic way. Eden's resolve grew as she watched the toll on the ship and heard the voice of a dying man's last breath- for now. She knew William would not be on their ship for some time. The limbo of not knowing if he was well had begun for her already, but she used the pain and confusion to her advantage. Sequestering away the confusion, she made sure she found no complications in their plan in progress. When the time came, she gave the order and MEGAMI asked her to verify. With the decision made, the ship's torpedo was launched and the ship's CFS moved it into position and ready for the reactor's discharge to be vented onto it. Eden made sure the plan was accomplished. Now it was time for the Kuvexians to make sure they left.

Deck 2

Once the engineering team members had accomplished their task, the Kuvexians on board the ship that were still left standing began to retreat. Only Deck 2 faced this problem to a substantial degree, but their two power armor forces moved out of combat in a much more swift manner than they had been able to enter it. They retreated into the docking ship Penny had disappeared into. The closing of the drop ship's door came a moment too late to muffle the sound of a series of grunts and shifting of metal on metal before Boss' alert came to the ship.

All Decks

"All docking ships are removing mooring clamps." The MEGAMI said over comms. "Thank you for your sacrifices made for this ship, your crew, and the Empire today."

Deck 5

"Deck 5 will begin to be vented. Please secure the open hull," Boss said to those on Deck 5 before her ship-wide thanks was addressed to them.

The SLAM's charge was enough to debilitate and decimate the enemy. The orders to remove themselves from the Kaiyō came at an opportune moment for any left on the docking ship on the underside of the Star Army vessel that wanted to continue to live. Suspending the day they would have to face Chlorate's -and the rest of Yamatai's- wrath, to another day, they announced their departing from the ship with a violent closing of their docking shuttle's many mechanisms, exposing the area between hull and hallway floor of deck 5. They unclamped their ship and Boss repeated the need for securing the the hull before the docking ship was all the way removed from the hull, which left a large seven foot radius hole with depth that spanned the hull to the hallway's floor. The hallway began to vent into space.
YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 2
Wulf was in a world of blurs, emotion, and raw energy. For seconds or was it minutes ? That he was fighting. He couldn't tell but it was truly a world of blurs. He tried to recall it all from his mind yet he only got random images. From when he first fought them, a fated chance spent in a blink. From the thunderous fury of a saint's pistol, wounded but still noble. To the death defying charge of a thrice betrayed and martyred solider. To the blue and beautiful avenging Valkyrie, a almost beastly fury had awaken in her. The melody of broken blades and the rage of weapons as this all played out.
As the ranger slumped against the wall, the energy he had was gone. A tiredness he never had in battle before attacked him. A deep sadness had taken him and a cold had stabbed at his warm soul. As even then as the enemy retreated and victory was in their grasp no cry of victory was let out. The wickedness of the deed despite its noble cause was still there and a stain on his soul.

He remember he saw a flash in the battle a sunny blonde hair flow in battle. He wonder did she know or suspect of there betrayal ?. Did she curse there names as a weapon given to her rang dry like the promise they had to protect her?. Did it hurt those fake smiles they gave her and encouragement to live through the fight? In the end he might never know.

Pulling off his blood stained helmet he took a few troubled breaths. Letting it go and clang on the ground he looked around. The ship seemed darker then before, was it smoke from the gunfire? Or the smoke grendies he used? Wulf couldn't tell as he let out a few coughs.
He felt a tightness in his chest. Was it the just the armored plate he wore? He wondered as he coughs some more his mind seemed cloudy like the world around him. Maybe it was his soul projecting its displeasure at him. Pushing off the broken knife hilt and spent pistol he had on his lap he tried to take off the vest.

As he undid the flap, pain radiated through out his body. It begged him to stop but he just wanted to breath in a world that seemed to lose color . As he finally got the vest off he saw some color of crimson. The ranger saw he was shot and some how he didn't notice to now, the shock must of taken its toll. As he pressed his hands on the wound he let out a chuckle.

I guess it was poetic for him. A way to scale the balance for his betrayal and dishonesty to the martyred solider. He laughed a few more times as he slumped abit in darkness. He wondered if it was enough. Almost accepting what ever fates the galaxy had in store he thought he heard a cry ?
Looking up he saw a familiar face. In that moment his heart sunk one more bit. Was he about to break the heart of a loved and cherished one? He hoped not and rested a hand on her blue face. Though it was stained now by a Wulf's blood she still looked as beautiful as the first time he saw her. Trying to get out words "I'm sorry my...". Those ice blue eyes of his shut and darkness robbed him of thought.

His body slumped as his hand dropped. Though not dead a reapers due might be had. Between damaged organs and a clean through gun shot he lost abit of life. Now his fate was in other's hands.
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YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 2 to Infirmary

Kiyo smiled at Wulf as he promised to buy her the Drake. He was such a nice kind man, it was no wonder that she loved him so much. Already she felt her morals get a boost in it as she thought about her Drake in that moment of peace before they would have to get into battle once more. Wulf had been the first, Kiyo joined soon after she and Penny had, then she saw him engage her weapon was gripped hard as she moved to join him ready to fight but then the dark sight she had seen.

Suddenly all sound went silent, she no longer heard the sounds of battle, as a shriek of rage erupted taking all noise from around her, her throat vibrated as her body shook, rage-filled her being energizing her pushing her into battle mode. “You! Spawn of evil!” she screamed as she charged forward at the targets her blade moving into position as she did so, its glow illuminated her rage as she did. She didn’t give the target time, time to process its screw up it had committed as she sent him and its companions that had hurt her man to their maker.

Penny and then another joined the battle ending the miserable lives of the enemy. She deactivated her weapon and holstered it as she returned to Wulf’s side who had been helped up and had been taking off his helmet. She heard his voice, apologizing as she moved to him, her hands finding their place before he fell unconscious.

Her eyes widened as she held him close, her throat vibrated once more as she screamed for medics. She didn’t care that the Kuvexians were retreating, she’ll allow them the time for their head start, because should Wulf die, she knew she would want to kill anything Kuvexian related. “Stay with me honey, stay with me!” she said to Wulf, hoping it helped keep him alive as they waited for the medics to come. She gently laid him down. She carefully removed more of his clothes to see the damage to his body, before she used her abilities to carry her man to where the medics were. “Wulf needs medical attention!” she shouted in communication, in telepathy anything that could be used, her fear and her great concern could be heard as she brought Wulf to the infirmary.

She looked around, her eyes saw how many other wounded there were, and how many were in the tanks. Though her mind was on Wulf, she had been pleased to see that Gravity and her other friends weren’t dead until he heard that William had died, but that wouldn’t be until later.
Deck 5

As quick as the battle had started it had ended. Alastair stood in front of the large hole that would be left when the Kuvexians pod unlatched from the ship. Was this a victory or an acceptable defeat he wonder to himself. How could one of the most advanced ships in the Yam fleet be overrun like this. The Kuvvy menace was to be nothing, they would swat them out of the sky like the bugs they were. Yet he was coming to see just how advanced and combat ready they were. This was but a warning, that no ship of Yam was safe from the grasp of the Kuvexian Empire.

As the pod released and the room started to vent into space, Alastair looked down at his weapon. He had killed yet it was not enough. Crew lay wounded or dead, brought on at the hands of the kuvvy trash. The Ke-M2-W2901 he held glowed as the blade extended. While they had won the day it was not without a cost. "Let this be a warning." He yelled out into the vacuum of space. The pod drifted away from the ship a few feet. Alastair took a step back with one foot and in a forward motion spear throw the Ke-M2-W2901 through the door of the pod. He turned away and worked to activate containment force field over the hole. From the corner of his eye he watched as the pod exploded, then was nothing more.
Deck 5

Deck 5 was being vented, but- oh no! The clanky death bot was still in there and she had no power armor! The air was depleting, was this the end? Oxygen was leaving the deck, Chlorate found herself unable to breathe, and... nothing. Nothing happened. Chlorate was still there, but she was immune because she didn't need air. She could've even been ejected out into space and she would've been fine, heck, she probably could've made it back inside all on her own, she was a robot (Fortunately though, that didn't happen). She was, however, hurt by what she did moments ago. Believing she killed William by firing the rocket, her hair plunged into a deep blue color. She dropped to her robotic knees on the metal floor. Thunk. Setting the SLAM down, she silently covered her face with her black metal hands and kneeled there, artificial tears starting to stream out of her glowing-irised eyes.