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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 17: Reikoku

Deck 5

As William hit the deck, he noticed that all the enemy PAs had already been disabled. "No fair..." He grumbled as he stood. Looking around, he nodded to Mikael. As he gave William orders though he frowned. "I am much better at close quarters combat. Cover me." He said darting forward and low to the ground.

His coat began to shimmer as he focused his shield forward. "Focus on the armored ones! I'll take the bugs." He said as his blades slid out and locked into place. With all his might he jumped forward into the air and slammed into one of the bugs and slid a white hot blade across its neck. He then slid behind another bug and began to tear them apart with a ruthless efficiency. "DIE DIE DIE" He screamed as his blades found more bodies to slice through. His face and clothes were slowly becoming drenched in ichor.
Indira blinked a moment, feeling color come to her cheeks. "Y-you're right. Of course," the iroma replied, nodding. She added a "Chusa" as a respectful after thought and dismissed her investigation. She pulled up the ship's technical schematics and put them into her periphery to review while they moved. It wouldn't hurt to be prepared when -

'Wait. Does she expect me to go down there while there are still enemies around? ...Again?' Indira steeled her nerves and stood. She would be ready to leave when the others were, even if the thought of another round of live fire was not something she was thrilled about. Not that she'd ever show any of that concern - her face and posture were as steely and cool as ever.
Deck 5

Seeing William just charge in like a berseker, Mikael has the briefest of flashbacks back to his days in basic training. Drill Instructor Homna looked over him laying on the ground after he was declared "dead". "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood damn it Harris-hei!! You think this is a game!"

But he then snaps out of it, remembering to see if the short Nekovalkyrja is still kicking later. He shifts his fire to avoid William, switching to normal scalar mode since he can't chance one of the pulses to hit near him. His focus remained with the armored foes, but if he got one of the bug men, more the merrier. He needed something to take out his inner rage on.

He slow down his movement, readying to leap forward should William decide the do the smart thing and retreat back to cover. Doubtful though.
Deck 2 - stairway

"Right." The snake carried on slithering, NSP still at the ready. The coast looked to be clear, so they didnt waste any more time in getting to the engineering block. The constant spreay of the sprinklers would reduce any scents present in these hallways, so he wouldnt be able to find any enemies with his tongue, aside from maybe a very close-by Rixxor.

Deck 3 - hallway

"Alright, we're heading straight for the door, look sharp!" With a slight lunge, the Separa zoomed off at a speed unbecoming of his size, not at all bothered by the extra slipperyness of the submerged floors. Once at the door, he stood guard, facing the other end of the hallway while the rest would open the door and enter engineering for their devious plot, with Abart following along last.
Deck 5
Chlorate floated towards the armory. She was cautious at first, she didn't want to slam into any Rixxikor and she wasn't sure if the disguise that rendered her invisible was working. Once she got closer though, she picked up the pace. To everyone else, it just looked like a bowl of knives was defying physics, floating through the air entirely on its own.

Deck 2 > Deck 3
The parrot technician followed Abart down the stairs to Deck 3 and the hallway. She was surprised by his high speed, I mean, whoa, she didn't know snakes could slither that fast. Anyway, Kiki made her way to the door Abart was standing by and located a panel next to it, typing into the buttons so the blast door would open for them.
Deck 5

Klaus hit the deck shortly after William, able to see him charge like a berserker at the enemy. Klaus, despite his desire to engage up close decided to follow Mikael's orders. With the enemy occupied, the Raltian was able to slip to an unoccupied Mindy.

Removing his shirt and pants (Removing the badges and belt, and what not, would take too long) Klaus dove feet first into the armor. Donning it in record time, Klaus's pick ups a SMG just in time to see the 2nd wave of boarders arrive. Instincts screaming at him, Klaus started engaging the enemy, supressing them with his SMG, giving Mikael a breather. While he dragged his shots across the hostile PAs, forcing them into cover, he pinged Mikael.

"Sorry I'm late! Let's drive these bastards back Heisho!"
Kaiyo III
Deck 2, Dojo

"Agreed, we will move out and Wulf-hei will take the lead while we back him up, moving to deck five to secure the body and some means of jettisoning it without making things too suspicious - mayhaps a shuttle though preferably an escape pod, we will figure that out once we have a better handle on the situation, move out~" Wyatt informed and commanded the two under his wing, no intention of acting as though either one was expendable though the realization that loss was a part of war was something that the half elf had gone through the process of realizing early into his military career even if he'd not yet tasted death.

And, if at all possible, he'd really like to help Saya avoid the cold embrace of it herself~

The operative shook his head a little to clear his thoughts, he needed to have his mind focused on the goal of pushing the invaders away with false information and nothing else, so gripped his revolver's handle tighter and gestured for the two other soldiers to begin moving up, "I'll take the back, we'll move up through the zero-G passageways and hopefully break ground on Deck 5 with little hassle though I doubt that will be the case, I'll use my auth to open it."
YSS Kaiyō II

The atmosphere between the two was tense. Though they were a pair of Nekovalkyrja that loved one another deeply, Asuka and Hoshi said nothing of love and wishes to live with one another further, beyond this point of chaos, as they worked the controls, relayed information to one another, or even in the moments of interim between such tactical acts.

Hoshi heard Wyatt's commands to his team and comm'd in to only him, which she had sent in a fraction of a second.

"We were planning on jettisoning the Neko before this boarding action, but with the Kuvexians here and in our midst, we can send her directly to their boarding vessels and give them a reason to leave. Remember that the plan is for the Neko body to be a victory to the Kuvexians and a reason for them to leave without more fight.

"I just had Boss check on the boarding pod on Deck 2 while Mikael will be surveying that of the one on Deck 5. Deck 2's boarding vessel is viable for taking off from the Kaiyo and re-entering Kuvexian space, as far as we can tell. Jettisoning the Neko body in an escape pod now may have no favorable results for us, though. Don't make any mistakes today, Alder-heisho. Not with our ship in the level of jeopardy we are in."

Deck 3
Engineering Bay Door

The blast doors opened on Kiki's manual opening of them and Eden made sure everyone was in before going in herself and making sure the doors closed behind herself. She began speaking while making her way to the engineering control tower that was locked behind another set of blast doors, closely behind Kiki.

"I helped with the design of this ship but the engineering room is pretty standard. That doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two," she added, looking to Indira who was likely not as familiar with the technology as the technician. "There is a safety core within the aether reactor. The safety core can seal a volatile reaction within it and be discharged downward, which would ruin the decks and life directly below it. We will have to make it look as if the safety core is non operational. What do you suggest to meet that end, Leka-hei?"

Deck 5

Nobody would argue that an unarmored combatant was more lethal than a Mindy, but William did make a good argument through his actions as he pushed the life out of the small Rixxikor horde that had entered the kaiyo while Mikael assisted with the bugs and began the true beat down on the armors. Had Mikael been out of armor, he would have faced rather inopportune consequences as shots bounced off the Mindy and its shielding. His gunfire on the armors had originally made him a prime target, but soon the safe confines of the Mindy that held Mikael seemed to become apparent as a lost coss, at least for now, to the first Kuvexian power armor to enter, which had come up and behind the bugs with a quick tap of their thrusters. Once inside the Kaiyo's hallway, the armor turned to William and launched a three-shot volley of shoulder blasts of aether as they raised their arm, forearm weapon prime to continue an attack.

Klaus' suppressive tactics were recognized by the armor not yet in the hallway yet that was shooting from their forearm weapon at his Mindy and ducking from any fire of Klaus' by receding marginally into the boarding vessel, only to reappear to continue the fight once more via their plasma fire.
Deck 5

"Sorry I'm late! Let's drive these bastards back Heisho!"

Mikael responded back with a chibi of himself in his mindy, without the helmet on. The chibi flexing in the most Nepleslian manner possible, a text bubble appears. "Push and suppress. The boarding shuttle needs to remain mostly operational for our plans if these foes continue to push back."Mikael says as he moves forward to look like the more tempting of the two targets at the moment.

If seemed to work for a time as the bugs got cut down and the first of the armored foes he saw with his drones before they were cut down. But for whatever reason, the Kuvexian's body language shifted towards William. "You idiot! Pull back!!" Mikael yelled out as he threw his sub-machine back towards the door of the ward room.

Free of weight of the sub-machine fun, he raised his own forearm weapon opposite of William and charged the foe to bull rush him back into the hole. He pushes William towards the rear so he switches spots with William, all guns blazing once more towards the foe and the hole. As stupid of a move this was, he could not live with himself if he let William die in such a stupid manner. Hopefully he learns to think before leaping next time...
Deck 5

William sliced the Rixxikor to pieces, his entire body covered in their blood as he cut them completely apart. As he slid his sword out of the last of the bugs is when he noticed the enemy armor had decided that he had become enough of a nuisance to target him directly. 'Damn it...' He thought as he started to shift his coat into stealth mode. As his body began to disappear, he was thrown back by Mikael.

He cursed as he was flung back towards the Armory. He twisted in midair and brought a fist down to slow himself down. As Mikael began to engage the armor, he looked back into the armory to his waiting Air 2. With a mental command the amor began to open, and William began running towards it. He was stripping his clothing as he ran, tossing it to the side. He dove into the armor and it closed around him.

Wires snaked their way up his body and began to jack into William's ports. The red eyes of his armor began to glow brightly as he drew his fusion lance. "Let's see how they like this." He said over his comms as he re-entered the hallway. The autocannons on his forearms began thundering out their rapport as he charged back at the enemy position.

Mikael was right, he was a Berserker. However, this time William was a fully armored Berserker in a massive suit of power armor. He released a massive roar that seemed inhuman as it came from the speakers of the Air 2 as he drove his fusion lance into the first enemy combatant he could find.
Deck 5

Alastair managed to get into the armor bay as quickly as he could. The sounds of combat bouncing off the metal of the ship filled the room. He stood in front of his Mindy with the biggest of smile. If the ship was getting blown up, then he would not have any reason to hold back. In a less than grand fashion Alastair got himself suited up. He had prior to starting the mission to break into the armor bay to adjust the Mindy load out. He switched out dorsal to be a Ke-M2-P2904 Barrier Shield Module to gain added shields. This freed up the shoulder mounts so he could use twin mounted Ke-M2-W2905 Shoulder-Fired 50mm Gauss Cannon. He planned to come loaded heavy and ensure nothing was left standing.

The HUD of the Mindy came to life as his systems gave the green light. The barrier shield charged as soon as the Mindy hit the ground. Alastair caught William bolting out of the armory in his armor and followed behind. Between the gaps between friendlies, the 50mm Gauss rounds screamed down field tolds the enemy.
YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 2

"Aye sir moving out" with his left hand he signaled for the squad to rally and move with him. Moving slowly aft he was double checking each way, though boss said it was clear he knew instruments and visuals could be fooled he knew he must use caution. A life time preparing for war and with abit of combat experience back home had taught him to take all information and recheck it till it could be solidly verified. Sweeping the corridor he went with his pistol at the ready.

Thankfully finding no hostiles on the way he stopped at the hatch to the zero-g tube. Using his left hand again he signaled for the the unit to stop as he checked the hatch confirming the seal was still there. Checking the hatch controls he confirmed everything was running fine before he opened the hatch. Signalling to the squad to the squad to breach up with his left hand again he got ready to breach the hatch. Counting down, Three, two one, before uttering "Breach". Opening the hatch he peered down with his pistol before calling out " Clear!".

Waiting for the go ahead to move forward he waited before going into the tube.
YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 2

Orders were received, and beside her, she heard Lover Wulf’s response to that as Aye Sir, moving out. She knew that it meant that he was ready to go, so she grabbed a few grenades and then proceeded to join him, a second after he had given his signal to rally.

Her weapon was held close as she followed him, noticing that he seemed cautious as he moved, and she followed suit, She was ready to strike at a moments notice. Her eyes shifted from right to left, her Aether blaster saber shifted slightly as she pointed it in front of her, now in blaster mode as she waited for something bad to shoot at. Soon they came up to a hatch that she remembered was a zero-g tube. She nodded her head when he uttered the breach word, and she moved into guard position again and then she turned when he called out Clear, and she turned to look into the tube as she too waited.
YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 3
Engineering Bay
The crested birb though for a moment, and said "The first thing we can try is having the ship announce the safety core is discharging without actually discharging the core. If that doesn't deter them, we can seal off the lower decks, then we can turn off the lights and fly the ship in an awkward pattern to make it seem like the decks below were destroyed and the ship took serious damage." She figured if the enemy couldn't see the lower decks and the power went offline while Boss made fake announcements about the safety core discharging, they would assume they went through with destroying the core.

Deck 5
After some sneaking around as if she were merely a spectator, the robot made it to the armory. She heard the sounds of combat and took a path around them to avoid being noticed. Once she got to the blast doors, she pressed the buttons on the panel next to the door with her invisible metal fingers and the door opened. The blast door shut behind her as she floated inside and looked at all the weaponry available. Any of these would be a fine choice and superior to her knife bowl. She turned off her camouflage put the bowl on a shelf and grabbed a cadet blue duffel bag for storing some of these weapons in. The first thing that caught her eye was the SLAM launcher. She quickly clanked over to it and picked it up, but realized it was way too big to fit in her duffel bag, so she'd have to carry it after filling the bag with something else. Locating the submachine guns, Chlorate took two Ke-M2-W2913 Aether/Scalar Submachine Guns, both of which had their sword-like bayonets attached to them. She put them in the duffel bag, and found the swords made them too long to fully close the top of the bag, so she just let them stick out without closing the lid. She then took eight SLEX missiles, storing four in the bag and loading the other four in the SLAM launcher. Just in case, she stuffed extra battery magazines in the duffel bag in the event she ran out of ammo for the scalar submachine guns. The android then wore the bag with the guns' swords sticking out the top on her back. Now that she was ready, the death robot picked up the loaded SLAM launcher and walked towards the door. The additional weight of the guns and missile launcher made her clanking even louder, as if it wasn't already loud enough.

Sutahira, as one of the ship’s medics, brought up the rear of the group. As they approached, he noticed the blast doors down and locked. “I’ve got the doors. Doesn’t look there was a breach, so it should be clear inside.” He said, holstering his NSP and approaching the panel next to the door. He punched in the code and unlocked the blast doors manually, overriding the emergency sequences. The doors lifted and unlocked, revealing an empty medbay and a tank with a Neko woman inside. “Alright. We’re in. I’ll get her out of there.” He said, approaching the tank and beginning the extraction of the Neko.
YSS Kaiyō II

Eden nodded along as Kiki spoke, then added her own commentary. "There are enemy personnel on the lower decks as well as their breaching vessel attached to deck five. They may not know our procedures well enough for that to matter, but they also have a good enough where MEGAMI and life support are, so they may very well be able to call our bluff. Boss, can you begin to give ship announcements about imminent release of the core as Leka-hei advised? We'll figure it out from there."

"I can do so, Chusa," Boss replied over comms as Eden sent a message to her crew that could receive it that the preceding announcements were false intelligence to push the enemy off the ship. She turned to Abart and Indira, "Abart, beyond Boss' warnings, we should sound the alarms. Bright red boxes are located around engineering that will sound an additional alarm. Find one and and switch it to the alarm mode. The fire mode will just get us more wet than we already are, though. So alarm mode is only necessary, at least now." The black haired woman turned to Indira, her golden eyes alight with questions as she asked them of the scientist. "Any other backup ideas that you may have to really convince the enemy?"

Medical Bay

The Neko suspended in the goo of the hemosynth tank was losing the liquid around her fast. Her once flowing hair of an indiscernible hue was now apparently golden and long, flowing to the bottom of her waist. Her eyes, closed as they were, seemed at peace above a soft, pursed smile. Her flesh had the appearance of a sun-kissed life while her slim body betrayed an athletic past that had never existed. Naked as she was, the liquid dripped from her fingertips, nipples, pointed ears, nose, and hair in slow, controlled motions- until the drying mechanism of the tank began splattering it off of her in large amounts. Within a few moments, she was freshly dried and her eyes opened- a deep purple that inspected the faces of those around her before settling on Sutahira expectantly. The doors to the hemosynth tank folded open for her and she stepped out, looking again at everyone before she asked her question.

"How long until the assault on Kuvexian defenses?" she asked. "I am ready now... But are you?" One of her sandy brows raised while another lowered as her eyes fell on the bare presentation of Wyatt's body.

Hoshi had seen her awakening on the volumetric screens before her and sent a message to Wyatt's team, sans the Nekovalkyrja, "Betraying our plan to her will betray the plan to the enemy. Remember, she knows what we want them to. Don't add anything to that knowledge base that would compromise our plan of deceptive intelligence. We on the bridge will begin moving the ship towards Kuvexian borders."

As she said this, Sutahira would be able to notice a hemosynth tube activating. Further inspection would show him that Mikael Harris' body was being reconstructed within it.

Deck 5 Hallways

As William came back in the hallway, he would be working to defeat the enemy as he loomed over the body of Mikael. One was power armored and difficult to discern if the life within it was still present. He had died trying to protect William and had succeeded in this body's last cause and last hope.

Elenor herself had been caught up in the mix and had been hit too many times for a Nekovalkyrja to compensate for in too short of a time and at too close of a range. The plasma was pulsing into her legs and arms, notably having ripped into the lolita dress she wore around one thigh and a complete sleeve. The plasma had torn through flesh and muscle and to the bone in some places, though the bleeding was not so profuse compared to her dead comrade nearby due to her body's abilities to patch itself up as an emergency service in and of its own right. She was still capable of moving herself out of harm's way- straight to a pocket behind a wall near the zero-gravity lift.

The enemies were being pushed around by William, Klaus, and Alastair's assault on them, but not pushed back. A third armor jockeyed for position below them as the second armor had moved into the hallway proper. The first armor to have come forward stepped about and found a position to shoot from that meant they were standing in the center of deck five and were stepping on the bodies of two dead Rixxikor, near the blast door they had previously been trying to breach earlier before Mikael's heroic and lonely assault.
YSS Kaiyō II
Medical Bay.
Wulf and the team had quickly made it through the rest of the ship and made it to the objective. As he watched medic Sutahira work the control to revive the target in the hemosynth tank. As he waited for the process to finish he took a look at kiyo hoping that his love would make it out of here. As old training kicked in he knew he had to focus on the mission he looked back the tank go through it process.

Though everything in this plan had so far irked Wulf he knew the necessity of what they where going to do. To throw a living being to the wolf's for them to endure torture and other trauma it didn't sit right. Though with that in mind one life for a major strategic victory was well worth the sacrifice and death. He only hoped that it would work.
As he heard the final hiss of the tank he saw the neko exit the tank. Trying not to stare at her present state he was going to wait for some one to answer her question's as he double check his surroundings. As he waited he heard Hoshi's communication on his helmet he decided to act.

"Ma'am sorry the ship your on board was presently ambushed on the way to rendezvous point, as presently we have been ordered to extract you before the ship's destruction". Still not skipping a beat " Also sorry for our present attire but like you some of us where not outfitted for combat operation's just yet" pointing abit to her attire as he saw she hadn't turned on her volumetrics. As he rechecked his pistol one last time before moving out " So if you don't mind ma'am I'd like to to get you moving quickly" before adding " Oh and since my briefing didn't include it how should I properly address you ma'am ? ".

As he waited for everyone to move out and carry out the mission.
YSS Kaiyō II
Medical Bay.
Team Wulf had made it! She felt happy to be in the Medical Bay of the ship, though she’d have preferred to be in the Power armor bay, where Her Mindy was and where she could go and kick butt on a monumentally higher scale. Alas, that wasn’t to be, but she would be patient, who knows she might be able to get a chance.
Kiyo caught Wulf’s eye when she looked over to him, her mind and thoughts somewhat connected to his own in concern for his safety too, but much like him, she knew she had to focus on the mission and normal Kiyo was caged again, as she looked back to watch the process. The Neko found it fascinating to see the process from this side since the young Neko had been through it herself.

It felt different for sure, and she couldn’t help but wonder, was this what her and Gravity’s mother saw? Unfortunately, she didn’t recognize the girl, probably someone old that had been gone before she arrived. Wulf explained the situation to her, except for the true plans, which made her feel bad. She glanced to her attire, which reminded her she will have to strip when she got to the Mindy.

She waited for the new Neko’s response before she introduced herself “I’m Kiyo, Kiyomori, but Kiyo for sort” she told her.
YSS Kaiyō II

Indira Vaikar

Indira nodded, thoughtful. She dosed a little adrenaline and sugar into her system to really get her thoughts going - and to squash the fear that was worming its way into her head. One of the downsides of watching all of your ship mates move about the ship is that you also got to see when they stopped moving.

"Chusa, you mentioned that we could vent the aether reactor's safety core. I believe the best way to convince the enemy would be to give them the kind of proof they have no choice but to acknowledge. To that end, can we selectively vent the core?"

The diminutive Iroma called up a display that everyone could see, motioning to a few systems. "Instead of an outright purge, could we open the Reactor Discharge Port, here?" she motioned, causing the projection to move and zoom in on the port. "If we reduced the reactor's output substantially, the venting would still be very damaging to the ship itself, but we wouldn't lose the reactor. Probably. The discharge does need to have a similar signature reading to a sealed core being ejected."

She shrugged, then continued. "After that, we cut the power entirely and start switching to backups. This doesn't complete the illusion, however. That's why..."

Indira motioned once more, zooming all the way out. She tapped one of the torpedoes mounted to the ship's hull. "We need one of these. If we released it and used the ship's CFS to move it into position, here," she motioned to the bottom of the ship this time, indicating where the aether from the reactor would be vented, "then we could have the torpedo move into a near-critical state and appear to exit the ship. Getting the readings of the torpedo to match that of an ejected core will be tricky, but I believe I'm up to it. I would need time to prepare the activation sequence, run simulations, and get the instructions to the torpedo."

She dismissed the projection, looking to Eden. "There are a lot of ways this plan could go wrong, Chusa. Venting the reactor. Trusting the Kuvexians to not notice the torpedo until we want them to. The damage to the ship from the venting process. The list goes on and I confess that I am still learning how your vessel works. However.."

The Iroma set a fist on her hip and grinned. The adrenaline was working just fine. ".. you did ask for a backup plan."
Deck 5

With William out of the way, time almost seemed to slow down to Mikael as he watched the bolts of aether energy leave the Kuvexian's weapon and make their way towards him. He was able to somewhat weather the first bolt that landed square on his chest, the breach of his armor "limited" by the now depleted shields of his Mindy. Losing his breath for a moment and stepping backward in pain, he sends an update to his daily journal. "Addendum: Tear a new one into that young idiot. But remember he is still young."

The 2nd bolt slammed right into his abdomen, causing him to let out the briefest of muffled screams. With nothing to dissipate the force of the impact, Mikael started to fly backward and to the side towards the passageway's wall. Mikael took a moment to send Klaus another chibi message. The pain on his face could be seen despite his attempt to hide it, perhaps the mind knowing better. "I'm going to take a nap now. Hold the line."

His body was still moving midair towards the wall when the final bolt slammed into his right shoulder. The suit no longer had shields and there was previous damage in the location. Thus the bolt had no issues impacting and severing his right arm from his body. An even louder muffled cry of pain could be heard before he slammed into the wall, falling to his left side.


His helmet fading to black, Mikael was left to his internal processes screaming at him with critical damage tones. As his vision begins to fade as he stared into the darkness, smiles a pained smile. For with what little energy he had left to focus his mind, he would send a more perfect chibi of himself with a simple text bubble to Eden and Hoshi.

"I failed..."


Chibi Mikael faded away.