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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2.1] Squids Come Calling

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Katae upon hearing Eun-Kyung's report sent the necessary command to open all the blast shutters. Throughout the Aeon, the emergency blast shutters cycled from locked to unlocked and began opening allowing free movement within the gunship.

She then picked up the intercom and dialed the ship wide channel. "Attention all hands, stand down from alert. Blast shutters are now opened, take any injured personnel to the medbay for treatment, and return to your normal duty stations. We are en-route to Yamatai. Once we arrive, the squadron will be undergoing repairs in our starbase. So I am authorizing all personnel 48 hours of liberty on Yamatai, and I encourage everyone make the most of their time on planet. After liberty we will be departing on an exploration mission. Good Job all."
Eun-Kyung hoisted Hisa up a little before edging her into the zero-g corridor. “You hear that? We've got to get you healed up so you can take advantage of that liberty time,” she said with a smile before glancing over her shoulder. “Well, we're good to go, Im'inao-Hei.” Kicking off from the Engineering deck, she used her free hand to pull herself up by one of the loops lining the corridor. Using her limited inertia-manipulation abilities, she steadied herself and Hisa and paused to call back to Asine. “I'm going to put Usaga-Hei in the AMBU and then head back to the bridge. Comm me if there's anything the automated systems can't handle.”

That said, she pushed off from the side paneling. She moved as quickly as she could to medical without manhandling Hisa too much. Once the engineer was settled down on the AMBU bed, with another gentle pat on the Neko's shoulder Eun-Kyung headed back toward the bridge. She arrived a moment later, AMES helmet now tucked under her arm as she walked through the hatch. “All squared away below for the moment, ma'am,” she said, bowing her head slightly before trudging back over to the mission ops station.
"Will do." Asi made his way to the medbay, through the zero-g corridor and the other parts of the ship to the med bay.Once he got there, he settled Kame down on one of the examination tables in the middle of the room. "Right then, let's check you out, and see what all we need to get done for you."
One of the medical units in the Aeon's medbay was was already at work taking care of Hisa. When Asi placed Kame on the patient platform, the green based unit came online.

A gender neutral voice chimed in Nepleslian, "Greetings AMBU-2 is online. Please state the patient's name, if the patient is conscious or not, and if you want automatic diagnosis mode or assistance mode. Thank you."

While waiting for a response, the unit signaled for the ANU to get a PMS-1 kit from the charging station.


Katae got out of her chair and removed the AMES that she was wearing. She folded it up and placed the helmet on it and placed it over by the locker from which she had taken it. The suit would need to be cleaned and inspected before being placed back in the inventory.

"Yamomoo-Hei, go ahead and secure your station. You've earned a break, go stretch your legs. I will take home from here. You did a good job for your first time out." She said to Trowa.

"Shoi, have Eternity compile a complete list of the inventory of stuff we used during the battle, so that we can contact logistics for replacements when we get home." she said to her XO, as she returned to her seat.
Eun-Kyung had just started to sit down when the Taisa started to remove her AMES. She decided to as well and stood, quickly pulling the suit off and setting it next to the locker. Walking back to her post, she nodded as the Taisa spoke.

“Aye, ma’am,” she said in acknowledgment, settling down in front of Mission Ops. She pulled up the necessary queries and tasked the computer with organizing the data by department and priority. She watched for a moment as the data began to collate and sort itself on her screens before turning in her seat to face the command chair. “Do we know anything more specific about our next mission beyond it being one of exploration, ma’am?”
Trowa secured his station then unstraped himself from his chair. He staggered a little as he stood, but steadied himself and bowed to the Captain. "Thank you Ma'am. I could use a little rest." Despite how tired he was, the Nepleslian smiled a cocky grin at the complement. "Thanks you. Next time I'll do it without scratching the paint." Trowa excused himself from the bridge and made his way to his bunk. He managed to loosen the collar of his uniform and sat down on his bunk. He closed his eye for just a moment and was asleep.
Asi looked up, and thought for a moment before responding. "Patient is O'Kutsuu Kame, Santo Hei. Currently unconscious, and go ahead and run automatic diagnosis. I'll be back momentarily." That done, he turned and moved to the other AMBU to check on Usaga.
The AMBU upper assembly started moving and the arms began preparing to start diagnostics. The other unit had already diagnosed Hisa.
Patient: Usaga Hisa
Condition: Concussion and fractured clavical.
Treatment: Hemosynth fluid
Prognosis: Full Recovery
Hisa lay on the bed, watching with interest as the robotic arms moved about her in her treatment. The AMBU had positioned the broken clavical, and inserted an IV of Hemosynth fluid to assist her body in healing rapidly.

When Asi approached she looked at him and smiled. "How is O'Kutsuu-Hei?" she asked.


Katae swiveled her chair around to face Eun-Kyung. "Actually our orders are fairly broad, and two part. We are to deploy a series of FTL sensors to help locate and track NMX ship movements. As we do so we will be visiting some of the uncharted star systems. Both to determine if they have any resource value, and to look for signs of enemy emplacements. We will be operating to the south of the Samurai sector, starting around HX-23."
A rueful grin crept over Eun-Kyung's face. “I was about to say that a relaxing mission sounded nice, ma'am, but that's a rough area in space. I just hope we don't hit any concentrated NMX formations. Still...” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “That's a problem for when we get there. In the meantime, should we be expecting any collateral duty when we reach Yamatai, ma'am? Any extra evolutions to get squared away?”
In the medbay, the AMBU unit had finished diagnosis and was awaiting user input. On its display the follow message could be seen:
Patient: O'Kutsuu Kame
Diagnosis: Unconscious
2 Simple Fractured Lumbar Vertebre on the left side
1 Compound fractured femur on the left side
1 Compound fractured tibia on the left side
Treatment: Reviving Patient; Pending...
Prognosis: Pending...

Soon after the machine inject Kame in the arm with a strange long needle, the engineer slow regained consciousness and began to search the room while talking out loud, "Where am I? Is this the medbay... or Cat Heaven? What happened to Usaga-hei? Is she ok?"
"Well there is a lot of space in that direction. Our first goal is establishing that picket of FTL sensor drones so our forces will have warning of approaching forces." Katae replied. "Our orders are simple, explore investigate, identify potential resources. Engage the enemy only if we have a reasonable tactical advantage. The NMX have a propensity for throwing significant numbers at a target. Our squadron is not really meant to go up against an assault force."

Katae adjusted the ships trajectory. "As for when we arrive, it is my sincere hope that most of the crew will get some time down on planet. To help give them some perspective about what we are fighting to preserve. But depending on the circumstances Logistically, some of us may have to spend some of that down time locating supplies."
"Well, crisis averted." Haruhi stated as she peeled off the helmet of her AMES. "Let's get the hell out of here, Hei, the decor sucks." The Juni followed her own advice, though stopped briefly to put the repair kit she'd brought back together and slung it over her shoulder before she resumed her exit.

Haruhi headed for the armoury to drop off the repair kit and straighten the place up from the hasty dumping of equipment that had taken place after escaping the NMX destroyer.
"Well, I think we'll know momentarily." Asine smiled. "I just wanted to check on you while the machine was running it's diagnosis." That said, he turned and went back to Kame, resting a hand lightly on her forehead. "You're in the medbay, we just finished getting you diagnosed and woken up. Looks like you have quite a few fractures though, so I think it's best if you stay still for now. I'm hitting you with a painkiller now," and he had the machine give her a slight sedative and painkiller, not enough to knock her out, but enough to dull the senses and pain. "So we should be able to get you fixed up for the most part very quickly. As for Usaga-Hei, she'll be fine. She's better off then you, so don't worry about it."
“Good to hear we have reasonable ROEs, ma’am.” Eun-Kyung glanced briefly back at her display as she spoke, checking the computer’s progress in categorizing their logistical needs. “And just to state it ahead of time, ma’am, if there’s anything to be done that requires losing some leave time, I’d like to volunteer for it. The crew already works hard enough on deployment without adding extra duty during a port call,” she said, falling into silence for a moment before perking back up, remembering her duties as XO.

“Sorry, ma’am; if you give me a moment, I’d like to check in with the crew.” She turned back to her console and snatched up her handset, keying in both Asine and Haruhi as recipients. “This is the XO. Status report, if you please. Im’inao-Hei, how are our engineers? Juni, what’s the status of your work party?”
Katae checked on the progress of the squadron on its way to Yamatai. "Thank you Shoi, once we get to Yamatai, I will be in a better position to determine if we require any work parties. I have been hearing reports of Logistics encountering short falls on the supply chains. Damn the Mishhu."

The Seventh Squadron flew without incident, and entered the Capital star system of the Empire. The squadron dropped out of hyperspace at the out edge of the system. The system defenses identifying, and challenging them. Katae send her authentication code, and the squadron was allowed to proceed further into the system. She pulled up the star map, to her Yamatai appeared even more vulnerable given the presence of NMX forces on either side of it, even with its defenses.

Katae picked up the handset and dialed the squadron channel, "Ise-Taisa...." she paused, still unused to the rank, "to all Seventh Squadron vessels, job well done. You are to dock with our starbase the Kyoten above Yamatai. The Aeon will be landing at the KFY facilities on the surface. Afford all crew members as much shore leave as possible over the next forty-eight hours. They've earned it." She adjusted the trajectory and velocity of the gunship as they continued in system. "Kim-Shoi, have a complete list of damages to give to the dock chief when we land. As part of our mission prep we will have some equipment being delivered that will need to be stowed in the cargo bay. But that should not arrive until Departure minus 4 hours." she said turning to her XO.

She picked up the handset and dialed the ship's armory after confirming her location via Eternity. "Haruhi Juni - Ise Taisa. Have the 19 recovered teleportation units loaded into a small SSCC, so we can turn them over upon landing."
"Both of them are stable for the moment, Shoi. Usaga-Hei should be up and about within the hour, and I've just finished running the diagnostics on O'Kutsuu-Hei. She's got broken bones all over, so it'll take a bit longer, but I wouldn't expect it to take much more then an hour or two at most to get them knitted back together." He looked up. "System, what is the recommended treatment for lumbar fractures?"
“Aye, ma’am,” said Eun-Kyung, covering the handset’s mic with her hand, in general agreement and acknowledgment. Turning back to her station, she lifted the handset up to her ear again. “Excellent, Im’inao-Hei. We’re on approach to Yamatai now, so if recovery is going to take longer than the time we need to settle into dock, have our engineers transferred to a surface facility. It would probably be more comfortable than staying in the automated units. Keep me updated.” She kept the handset raised with her left hand, waiting for Haruhi’s report, but used her right hand to work on her displays. The computer had finished generating the report and now she was simply transferring the data into the standard forms the repair crews would want.
Hearing the soldier next to her, Kame replied, "Glad to hear that Usaga-hei going ok is going to recover, Imano-Hei. Tell her to check the little green gear symbol button that should now be on her and the Shoi's communicator. Using it should allow them remotely patch into the SPANNER Drones running engineering."
As Im'inao-Hei administered the sedative, Kame wondered to herself, I wonder if he knows, that since I from a peculiar Nordic descent, 2 times the normal about is required to keep me drunk... err sedated? Nah, He probably can tell from the Kanji-zation of my last name.

Soon after Asine reported in, the computer finally showed a suggested treatment for Kame's rather "unique" condition.
Patient: Kame O'Kutsuu
Diagnosis: conscious
  • 2 Simple Fractured Lumbar Vertebrae on the left side
  • 1 Compound fractured femur on the left side
  • 1 Compound fractured tibia on the left side
  • Administered 3 times normal sedative.
  • Need to reopen left leg wounds, reset tibia and femur, put a cast on leg. Full recovery in 1 - 2 weeks.
  • Major Spinal surgery to area above tail required for lumbar fractures.
Prognosis: Pending success of surgery
Unable to turn her head correctly to see the display panel, Kame did see Im'inao-hei face pale just slightly as he read the last three lines.
Amending Treatment
New Treatment to follow....
Surgery to align damaged skeletal structures only.
Infuse damaged areas with hemosynth fluid.
Place patient in Hemosyth tube to accelerate healing.

Commencing Treatment procedures.
Preparing patient for surgery.
Prognosis - Return to duty 24 hours

The arms of the AMBU began cutting away all of the clothing on Kame as sterilization screens came up around the unit. The unit then began swiping the areas for surgery as it moved along with the ANU to the Hemosynth tubes.
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