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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2.1] Squids Come Calling

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Kame returned to the primary control station. "Atmospheric systems are now offline. And we are no longer draining our reserve supplies." She made to stand on the floor when the feeling of something sharp jabbing in her leg made her cry out. Looking down she noticed that her leg was bending in a place it was not designed to.

"Yukimura-Hei, I am going to need your services." She said pointing to her leg. "My leg is broken and I believe the bone has punctured the skin." she said her face turning white from pain and shock.


Hisa looked at the console, and shook her head slightly which made the world spin more than it was. Okay, let's not do that again. she thought as she fought to keep her gorge down. She looked at the screen and noticed the indicator drop another tick. "Fold field strength still dropping. There must be a short somewhere in the grid." She pulled up the power distribution schematic, and shunted the power from the life support system into the hyperdrive to stabilize the field.


Eternity chimed in across all sections of the Aeon. "Attention all personnel. Life Support systems are offline. Atmospheric processing is no longer functioning. All hands should use emergency equipment until further notice.
Eun-Kyung grimaced as the junior engineer blanched and announced her wound. Damn! Both engineers out of action and Life Support down; this is really fantastic. Beating down her inner sarcasm, she set about to deal with the task at hand. “Get on it, Yukimura-Hei. Im'inao-Hei, with me.” She turned and walked over to the senior engineer, resting a comforting hand on the Neko's shoulder as she looked at the displays. “Okay, Usaga-Hei, can you localize the short for us? I want this locked down soonest.”
Aeon is injured, my ship needs me. Must concentrate, hang on lady. Hisa thought, then pulled up the hyperspace fold system schematics, "It must be one of the field emitters...." she paged the screen, several times, pausing only for a second to see if anything looked amiss. "Lateral emitters are operating normally."

The throbbing in her head was not appreciative of the flashing of the system screens. "Checking the Ventral emitters." with each move of her hand the screen showed another portion of the Aeon's upper hull sections. All indicators were green.

"Damn, that means the problem has to be with one of the ventral emitters. I lay money that its the port side one near the external sensor array. That's the only location near an emitter we took damage." Switching to the suspected section, the screen showed several items flashing red. "Removing the Sensor array from the display. There it is... the dorsal forward emitter is damaged."

"I can bypass the damaged unit and but I will need your assistance Kim-Shoi. I need you to reroute the power to the units nearest that to maintain field integrity. You will have to do it from the console over there. We have to synchronize our actions, or the field will collapse completely." Hisa said.
"Understood," said Eun-Kyung, turning to face Asine. "Try to get to the emitter itself; Usaga-Hei and I will do what we can from here, for now, but we may need physical repairs if that doesn't work. Move as quickly as possible and look for other visual signs of necessary repairs on the way. Get to it," she finished with a kurt nod to Im'inao. The task assigned, she slipped over to the other display and settled in front of it, calling up a mirror of Usaga's screens. "Ready when you are," she said to the Neko.
Kyoka surveyed the scene as she followed her superior, her face one of distinct thought and confusion. The packet of information she had been asked to download was still quite complicated. They can give you all the knowledge in the world, but you still can't understand a thing. The Neko thought, trying to make sense of it all.

"Haruhi-Juni, is there any way we can just take out the power to this area of the wing? If the cannon was ready to fire, I'd assume there would be some sort of auto-lock feature to stop it from being interefered with."
Trowa was tired. The fight had taken a more out of him then he thought. After running through his post-battle scan of the ship, most of which was answered by a steady stream of mutterings and curses directed at the NMX and anything vaguely resembling a parasite, or a bug. Trowa then know test a blinking warning light in the corner of his screen that made him sit up straighter. They were losing fold strength and were about going return to normal space. But before he could report it, Eternity suddenly reported that life support was gone.

Trowa quickly sealed his flight suit and returned to his station. "Come on girl." Trowa said to the ship. "Hold together now."
Hisa entered the command sequence to disable the damaged fold emitter. "Okay Shoi I am ready to take the unit offline. On my mark switch the power as I said. 3 - 2 - mark"
Hisa pressed the execute commnd.
Eun-Kyung's finger hit her key a fraction of a second later, rerouting the power. She watched as indicators changed colors, indicating shifts in system loads. Glancing at Usaga, she sucked in a deep breath, hoping that their synchronization was tight enough... and that the field wouldn't suddenly fail on them. A little mistrustful of the sensor readings, she snatched up a handset. “Im'inao-Hei, this is the XO. Any physical signs of the situation worsening?”
Asi had been sitting fairly nearby the emitter for a little while at this point. "Um, no visible changes yet.I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for though, so I might have missed something." He shifted to get a better look at the emitter array. "Haven't seen anything in particular though."
Hisa looked at the hyperspace fold field readings watching for any fluctuation the readings were actually holding and slightly increasing. After a minute the readings leveled out.

"Shoi, the rerouting of power is working, our fold field is stable. Now can someone finish sealing the hull so we can pressurize this section and I can get to medical." she said.


On the bridge Katae watched the ship status. The restoration of field integrity was a good sign. "Yamamoo-Hei, begin plotting our next fold to Yamatai, and provide the coordinates to the other ships in the squadron." she called out.
“Good,” replied Eun-Kyung, nodding as she checked the screens herself. Patting the engineer’s shoulder she made to leave. “Now, just rest easy. Let me know if anything changes.” She strode off, around the scattered equipment and machinery in the compartment, toward the forward breach. “Im’inao-Hei, make sure we don’t have any pressure loss in your area and then, if you don’t see anything requiring immediate repairs, pull back and meet up with me. We’re going to shore up the forward patch,” she said, arriving near the breach at just that moment. What a mess, she thought to herself, taking in the shoddy construction of the patch. Shaking her head, she turned and started back toward the Damage Control locker.
"Well, there's no gaping holes in the hull, and nothing visible we can fix with tools, so I'm going to say no immediate repairs needed." Asi went to scratch his head, then remembered he was suited up. "As for pressure, it seems fine to me, so any leaks are minimal at worst. I'm headed back your way." That said, he turned and made his way back to her, looking around as he went in case he might find something which did need repairs.
Trowa breathed a sigh of relief and patted his consol. "At a girl." Trowa wished he could rub his tired eye, but his flight suit helmet was shield up which made that impossible to do. "Aye Ma'am. Calculating now." Trowa began his calculations then sent them to the rest of the battle group. "All ships this is the Aeon, I'm sending you our next jump coordinates. Enter these coordinates and report when ready."
Eun-Kyung sighed as she stared at the DC locker for a moment. Making up her mind, she snagged a Repair Kit and a couple sheets of hull patches. The load hefted up into her arms, she trudged back toward the breach. “Try to grab some CASTER dispensers from the tool lockers. It seems O’Kutsuu-Hei used up the supply in the DC locker,” she said to Asine.

She ducked around the last obstacle and set the panels down against the bulkhead near the breach. Pausing a moment to switch her audio sensors off – the high pitched whistling was incredibly annoying – she pulled the first panel into position and started up the Repair Kit’s welder. She began the weld, trying her best to keep the patch flush with the bulkhead, though the unholy mess that was the initial patch job made it difficult. Grumbling to herself in the privacy of her helmet, Eun-Kyung looked over her shoulder for Asine.
"Well," Haruhi spoke as she worked her way deeper into the pylon and towards the rogue positron cannon, "at this stage I'd hold out on doing that, as who knows which other sections depend on the power running through that section given the damage to the power routing through here. The power could also be the only thing holding the containment together."

A while of twisting and turning later, she arrived at the access to the errant cannon. "Right, let's break out the laptop from this repair kit and see what this thing has to say for itself." The Juni quickly released the laptop from the rest of the kit and hooked it into the weapon's maintenance data ports, after she brushed away the spall that covered a portion of it.

"Have a quick check around and see if this stuff has damaged anything," Haruhi addressed Tsubei as she rolled a bit of the spall between thumb and finger then flicked it into a darkened corner, "or if you can find the reason behind bridge being unable to give an accurate status on it."
Asi shook his head, unsure of how someone could use all of that quite THAT fast, but stopped by a locker on his way back, and grabbed more of it, trying to guesstimate how much of it he would need. That done, he trotted the rest of the way, trying to get there a bit faster so they could get done with the repairs as soon as possible. "Where do you need it?"
Haruhi's laptop queried the damaged gun system and displayed.

System Analysis Complete
Control System - Operational
Signal Lines - Inoperative
Cooling System - Losing pressure
Firing System - Armed
Firing Port - blocked
Containment system - non-responsive
Containment field - decreasing
“I can’t quite get things flush with all of this junk!” The word came out like an expletive as Eun-Kyung slammed all of her weight into a panel, forcing it into some semblance of alignment. She quickly brought the welder to bear and attached it as best she could. Stepping back with a sigh, she split her attention between her handiwork and Asine. “Just run the Molecure around the seams. I’m not worried about the patches coming loose, but rather that there are gaps I can’t close. I really don’t want to keep losing pressure after all of this work,” she said, stepping forward to heft another panel up into position. “Well,” she said, glancing over her shoulder. “Let’s get this done.”
Asi smiled a little. "Don't worry about it, you're doing a pretty damn good job of it." He got started, putting the tape down in doubled strips, overlapping over the edges to hopefully be a slightly more solid seal. "Remember, a lot of what we're doing isn't meant to hold forever, just until we can get back to a base with the proper facilities."
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