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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 20: Baka yarō


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YSS Kaiyō II

"Bakayarou!" Hoshi laughed as she presented the first slide of the briefing, which shone to life on the volumetric panels of the wardroom's walls and central table. Hoshi repeated, "Bakayarou! Baka, baka, baka... You know, they took our bait. Fools! When they boarded us they expected more conquest on Yamataian property. These Kuvexian invaders... I am sure we have all looked over the memo on how we are to deal with them. Any armored civilian is to be considered," Hoshi lead in to quote the mandate she had gotten and passed off in pieces to her crew, "'...as hostile extensions of the Kuvexian Navy and wage a campaign of unrestricted warfare against them both here and, for our expeditionary fleets, in Kuvexian space.' In Kuvexian space, crewmen!" Hoshi's boots had been propped up but she pulled them away from their sturdy place on the chair opposite her and she stood to face more of those at the briefing. "Know these orders, know what they should mean to your future actions... And know not to let Alastair-chui get out of hand with his looser interpretation of the ruling. It's bound to happen, just..."

Hoshi sat back down and looked to the volumetric 3D model in front of her that became centered on a planet. "We're going here. Krothrol. It's a largely uninhabited sphere of oxygen-less death save for the infrastructure built. The infrastructure built by our enemy. The Kuvexians." She snapped the enemy's name off her mouth like she was pulling jerky apart. The planet's spires were obvious on the planet's readout. They made it look sort of like a landmine shape, except the spires were long enough to touch out of the atmosphere and then some. The visuals then showed the deep penetrating scans of the area below the spires. There were energy signatures equivalent of large scale habitable installations. "You see these giant metal constructs? They're hangars for starships while below are Kuvexians transit posts of an unknown type. It's our first stop to our next mission and what I would like to think of as free market freeing that we are doing."

Going back to her original point, Hoshi went on, "They took our bait and moved their defenses away from this planet, a planet of strategic importance to all of us. By the way and very importantly, Musuku Penny's ST data or words where a Yamataian fleet would be are the only reason we are able to slip past these defenses. To pay her homage, we will be making her as a soldier to serve alongside yourselves. Let her know what she did matters to you. Eden?"

Eden took over for this interlude about the Neko that had been sent away with the Kuvexian boarders months ago with a step forward. "I will be loading in true training, Kessaku OS, along with her personality and memories," Eden said with a steady voice and reverent expression. "We will be letting her know through the mission report just how invaluable her sacrifice was to us. She died out in Kuvexian space somewhere and now she's living to fight on her own terms. On all of Yamatai's terms. She is a true example of what I aspire to promote during this war. If I can ever build one you or all of you up to grab any kind of handhold on the enemy and to pull them down..." Eden trailed off but snapped back with her last addition, "I'll be looking to do that more often. Speak with me after the mission about training for some leadership roles in the coming months. Moving back on to... Yes, Musuku-hei. She will have a two rank promotion. I also think it's time for promotions. Everyone sitting in this room that was a part of the last mission, save for Hoshi-dono and myself, are promoted one rank."

The volumetrics closed as Eden spoke up, "The mission we are undertaking is as follows. We'll need to have several teams go into the subterranean structures. Scouting, then some of you will go in undercover... In Kuvexian or perhaps Elefirn disguise. Command apparently tried L'Kor but our volumetrics don't extend out enough to assimilate to the form of wings. That's right, only Nekovalkryja will be wearing skin-based volumetric disguises for this one. Anyone that is not Nekovalkyrja, you'll go as yourselves, just with perhaps a changed up backstory. We'll require you learn those and those of your crew men. Some of our teams will only be surveillance while some are on the stock market floors of this Kuvexian place and still, others will be out procuring a Kuvexian datapad of sorts with some limited Kuvexian tender we have procured. Every role will be important for this one, but some of you might be waiting while the action happens somewhere you are not... Or you will need to be prepared to provide additional backup. Some of our crewman will have backup disguises on to take over the role of one of our crewmember if they become compromised due to any unforeseen circumstances mid-mission. We'll choose roles through a raffle system, though. First up are Nekovalkyrja of the crew, come pull a slip of paper. Those slips of paper can read: Understudy Kuvexian, Understudy Elefirn, Kuvexian, Elefirn, and a few Leinve.

"We'll be having some of our disguised crew obtain selling permits to sell shares of a business we have forged together. This business will be one of many that we put speculative profit on buying in their market through internet pressures. The other ones are in the same market to provide a destabilization of a sector useful to the Kuvexians. To coerce those speculative Kuvexian buyers we are going to take to their net systems and speak to the public, but to get past the net defenses of Kuvexia is not yet possible on our equipment. We will need a second costumed party to acquire whatever Kuvexians use to get onto their net systems, it will look like a datapad or datajockey, possibly bigger."

Eden gave a short chuckle while she looked at Hoshi, whose eyes were closed as she sat in a reverent still.

The XO said, "I didn't want to get too far ahead of myself, but I may have. Are there any questions so far?"

((OOC: Title means "Idiot"))
YSS Kaiyō II
Kiyo sat silently in her seat as the blue-skinned Neko listened to the debrief. At the mentions of Penny, she glanced at Wulf, she knew that he’d been affected by the sacrifice, so she hoped that this would help him but she didn’t quite understand the psyche of human males, but even so she hoped it helped. She turned her head back to the briefing and when the XO asked if they had questions, she raised her hand to signify that she had one.

“During the previous mission before our last one where we infiltrated a station undercover, would the identities that Wulf and I assumed is that still viable? or would I need to choose something else?” she asked of the XO, though the Neko had found it fun to play at being a devoted wife, she wasn’t sure she liked the idea of leaving Wulf like this, she was certain that he could handle himself sure, but she thought since they seemed like a wealthy couple, perhaps hey could be in charge of a business or something. If not She’ll follow orders her ears twitched, as did her tail had as she shifted in her sleep.
OCC - Fatigue and Rest

YSS Kaiyō II

Wulf Soban

Wulf was listening to the briefing and had a small smile by with how his commanding officer spoke. Compared to previous commanding officers he was grantful for the mix in command, Hoshi though serious spoke in a light way with Eden the serious professional with a light side. As he listened to the briefing he was glad they that with there previous mission they where able to make into enemy space and now it was time to wreck some more havoc against the enemy.

He was abit surprised by the unrestricted warfare order but as any indication from there previous mission the enemy could come from any quarters. He just hoped that those given this directive would still uphold the merits and honor that each solider represented of the Star Army. Looking around though at the crew other then the one officer he knew that the crew though would uphold the merits of the military. Though he thought maybe to make a mental note about the belmont.

As he thought of plans it was then eden dropped a personal bomb shell. He thought he may never know of Penny's fate and eden had told them at face value. Though Wulf was not stranger to death, he lived with it since he was a child but Penny's fate was different. During the boarding action Wulf and the crew that was with him had to guide her under false pretenses to a dark fate. One filled with torture and other dark deeds. To hear though that she died far away from home still pulled at his heart strings abit. At least, yes at least her death had made a difference.

To those around him he almost seemed like he was staring into space as he thought and didn't may as much attention to the briefing. He wondered with her now serving as part of the crew what he would to her. Did she have any memories of that mission and had she been shown any video of it? He could only wonder and think of what to do.

YSS Kaiyō II

Sakura Sjet.

Sakura listened with intent for the whole briefing. Still not used to follow mission briefings and field work she silently was looking forward to the next operation. Her tail though betrayed her as always swinging and moving intently betraying her emotions.

Hearing Eden's news about Penny brought joy to the neko. Hearing her fate and her friends sorrow it was nice to hear that everything she had done had helped the empire as a whole. In Sakura's mind every neko dreams of being so important that it might save more lives for the cost of one of there rebirths. She also wanted to hopefully get to know her better as she did with all the crew, for her usual reasons.

Listening to the briefing her mind raced with the idea of getting into Kuvexian datanet. Her tail would be in a flurry at the possibility of new information and for the trickster neko to play her favorite game with the enemy. The thought of it was almost mouth watering and things she would never mention. Content to be part of the mission she raised her hand after Kiyo "Did that previously capture power armor give any ideas of the security of there net might be like or possible interfaces?"
YSS Kaiyō II

"I am not shocked at all, the Kuvexian appear to be too arrogant for their own good thankfully." Mikael said in response to Hoshi calling them fools and waiting for a natural pause to make the statement. The response also came from his recent thought of the Kuvexian that charged him and their prototype armor. Those things are terrifying if they make it to the front lines. He was more silent on talk about Belmont-chui.

Swiveled in his seat a bit and looked at Wulf's reaction to Penny 1.0's fate. He would have said something to the now Nito Hei had he not heard Eden speak of Penny 2.0 being added to the crew. Despite having died numerous times himself, he could never get used to how Yamataians think of death. What terrified him a bit was his soul transfer data getting corrupted. He just instinctively shivered at the thought.

He stopped swiveling a bit once the meat of the mission details was revealed. He clapped his hands together and rubbed them together once Eden was finished. "Now that is what I am talking about. Isn't piracy, but I love market manipulation." Mikael vaguely made the statement. Being SAINT, who knows what might have done related to this in the past.

Sitting to the right of Mikael was the ship's clerk. At the mention of promotions, she looked around to see who was present. It should have been all of the crew, but it never hurts to check. Especially since she would have a lot of paperwork to do to log it into the system for MEGAMI to relay to Personnel Command in the next data burst. She then leaned back in her seat and continued to listen.

The nature of the mission was fascinating to her, though she jumped a bit once Mikael clapped his hands together. She then raised her right hand. "Excuse me Teien-Chusa, should I draw straws as well? I am not well versed in this kind of work." She said. She wasn't trying to back out, but she was utterly ill-equipped for such a thing. She could act as infantry though. Bang bang pew pew while wearing the triple Sakura is easy right? Right!?
YSS Kaiyō II
Indira Vaikar

The science officer nodded along to the details, dispassionate as usual. Ever since the last mission, she'd kept her emotions and stresses heavily dampened. The alternative would have been to deal with the firefight, the blood, and all the rest, which didn't seem like an efficient use of her time.

"More details on the business would be good, when time permits. My maata-pita are merchants; I may be of some use there. I am also happy to assist with acquiring the network device you mentioned."

She also had a bit of a bone to pick with the Kuvexians for how they had designed their equipment. She had lost much sleep as she worked her way through the various vendors, specifications, and all the other signs of a disjointed capitalist society; an outlet to relieve her frustrations might do a lot of good for her mental health.

As always, Dalida was quiet and more to herself. She had her tail in her hands and was petting it slowly as if Dalida was trying to comfort herself. Yet her mind was more thinking back to the last mission, everything happened so fast and in a way, she felt not so successful as she didn't do many technician things and rathe was doing piew piew at the enemy that had barely a chance to defend themselves. She did, however, make a mental note that the drones were quite an annoyance to be dealing with. Yet her process of thinking got disturbed as she heard that everyone in the room, well almost everyone, was promoted. Wait, let that sink in for a second...everyone in the room aside from the two mentioned was being promoted? She looked at her right, then at her left and then realized "I got promoted..." Muttering to herself with a bit of surprise and confused eyes. The little Daur pulled her tail to her face as she was blushing from happiness.

She kept it to herself, but her eyes followed the conversation from person to person as she thought for a second that she needed a background story, but what can a Daur like herself do "Hmm...question...what can I do?" Dalida asked a bit daring trying to get out of her comfort zone and be more interactive with the crew.
Kaiyo II

Saya couldn't help but draw in a small breath at the mention of the new ordinance that have been passed down on the fate of soldiers and civilians alike for the Kuvexians. She had seen it only a bit before the briefing and it made her a little sick, that they could and might have to attack civilians who could only be trying to defend themselves in the crossfire of combat. Then again Saya was ever the optimist and always tried to look to the better side of people. She was smart though, she kept such words and thoughts to herself, and buried it down a little to try and focus on the briefing.

The mention of a promotion did catch her ears though and pulled a small "Reh?!" from her in shock. She was a simple rank away from a non-commissioned officer now... Something she had never thought she would ever see. Mentally she worked through the idea that her and Wyatt's ideas of living comfortably after the military might be true, if she ever did decide to retire. A hand slipped to her stomach as she looked down, half tuning out the words about Penny and thought about the little bundle that grew daily inside of her. Her blue eyes instinctively sought out Wyatt to gauge his reaction to the news of the promotion, again the words about Penny over her head. She had known little about that part of the nightmare that was the boarding attack and frankly had she known, she would have wished instead for ignorance.

"So the Neko crew members are the ones doing most of the visible infiltration?" Saya asked as she stood and walked to the raffle spot to pull out her slip to see what her role would be. "What will the teams be? Is there any idea for far as to who is going where? Or will it be like last mission with team leaders that choose?"
Kaiyo II

William learned against the bulkhead, his green beret covering his blonde hair. It felt odd for him to be in uniform on the Kaiyo. Though now that he thought about it, he always did wear his jacket. He missed his jacket...

The ID-SOL was broken from his day dream when Hoshi began to speak. He listened close as she began the briefing. Stealth mission it was then. There wasn't anyway William could go planet side and not be spotted.

He cleared his throat from the back of the room and cast his glance to Eden. "Excuse me Boss, but where do you want me for this operation? I'm not as stealthy as I used to be. QRF then?" He surmised. If that were the case, he already had the perfect load out in mind. If he was needed he could rock that Kuvie town to its very core. Though he would rather the Op went well, that way he wouldn't be needed at all.
RP Date: YE 42
RP Location: Wardroom - YSS Kaiyō II

YSS Kaiyō II

Kiana quietly adjusted the black headband on the top of her forehead as she listened to the briefing from the diminutive blue-haired captain. In doing so, the Sprite’s long and thick hair rested neatly against her narrow shoulders, allowing her to maintain her focus on the meeting and look somewhat chic while also keeping loose hair out of her eyes. Although she had not been familiar with Musuku Penny before the briefing, the Nekovalkyrja’s sacrifice was undoubtedly something for her to honor. The courage to face certain death always was, especially in a place that was far from home. She supposed that visiting a hostile planet to gather intelligence with only a visual disguise to protect herself was a good example of that kind of bravery. Ultimately, all Nekovalkyrja were born to one day make that kind of sacrifice. Kiana was no different, even if the prospect of doing so intensely scared her.

Every few moments, the Sprite took notes in her digital mind whenever the captain made points that she believed were critical to the mission. She had not expected that her first mission would be an infiltration operation. After her experience with piloting the Mindy, the Sprite had hoped that she would get a chance to do so in live combat so that she could push the limits of the machine and see what it was capable of. As a Nekovalkyrja, she possessed an instinctual connection to the armor that made it feel like a natural and powerful extension of her body. The mere days-old Sprite had not undergone the formal training of her peers, but she was nonetheless confident in her ability to keep up with them when it came to the Mindy.

An uncertain anxiety defined Kiana’s emotions as she silently contemplated the implications of upcoming mission in her digital mind. Once the captain finished speaking, an immediate string of questions were asked by a few of the more distinct individuals in the room, including one regarding a QRF from an eight-foot tall Nepleslian that looked as dangerous as he was large. Nevertheless, the diminutive Sprite did not delay in moving towards the front of the room to draw a slip of paper from the raffle box. As she did, Kiana took in visages of the other Nekovalkyrja in the line with her, including the eternally bright Medic with bubblegum hair, the blue-skinned infantry Neko, and the anxious looking clerk who seemed to be somewhat hesitant to draw from the raffle box. Their names and ranks were registered and presented instantaneously in the Sprite’s digital mind, and she found that virtually all of them were extensively trained and seasoned soldiers. If she wanted to perform according to expectations on the mission, she would need to defer to their superior experience, especially since she was entirely untrained in undercover operations.

After anxiously tugging on the collar of her form-fitting bodysuit while waiting in the line for the raffle, Kiana took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and pulled a slip of paper from the box after she reached the front. Then, as she gracefully floated back to her seat, the Sprite unfolded the paper to view her role for the upcoming operation...
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YSS Kaiyo II


Alexander Mathews

Alexander sat quietly in the room while Hoshi, and Eden spoke about the upcoming mission. This would be his first mission, so he seemed to be paying close attention, not wanting to miss a single bit of detail on what needs to be done. He only seems to remain quiet, and leans back into the seat he has taken. He is nervous, but he doesn't show it at in the slightest. He signed up for this after all, and infantry specifically.

Alexander looks around a little bit, seeing a few people he hasn't seen yet, or maybe he just didn't notice them at the year end party. Either way, his attention seemed to be focused on the details at the moment. He can always formulate questions later once he hears everything.
YSS Kaiyo II

Wyatt's brow was furrowed slightly as he sat through the briefing, the creased features of the half-breed Minkan's face casting dark shadows down over his eyes, obscuring the amber beasts - he had no doubt the new ruling about unarmoured civilians would lead to tension among the populace and the likelyhood of a miscommunication leading to an incident of some sort grew with each passing day.

He felt speckled blue eyes pan across to him and let out a small huff, lips curving up slightly behind his mustache to offer Saya a small smile and nod of silent congratulation across the room, before refocusing on Eden and Hoshi's words.

He was horrified for the future, the may happens and could happens making the Minkan's perfectly balanced metabolic system feel nauseous though he quickly pushed the thoughts away for the moment - for another time when he could afford the opportunity to worry about that sort of thing, Wyatt's genetic stoicism and maybe even the strings in his brain being pulled by his SAINT puppeteers allowing the black-paneled soldier to refocus on the present.

"What is the infiltration plan for the personnel not going in under false aliases?" he queried with a small sigh, crossing both arms across his chest, each hand tightly gripping at the opposite bicep of his uniform.
YSS Kaiyō II

Hoshi looked to Kiyo, "No, we will have to be Kuvexians -or at least disguised as such, to do business on this planet. Your previous disguises will not work for this mission. One exception is if you have been disguised as a Kuvexian in mission such as when we retook the religious station." Eden turned to look at those there for mission sixteen. "I hear that that station's occupants are well and and have settled in a few uninhabited systems. They are even sending out their feelers to others of their species to build a resistance force. Yamatai is a bit of atrek for them, longer than the three months it took us with a warship built for exploration and comfortable transport." Eden herself had sent in designs to Star Army command that had become the Fuji class and had to digress from something she was interested in speaking more on. "But no, we will need to be Kuvexians or Elefirn while in disguise here. Elefirn will be playing a slave role who will also be able to be sending information back to those working support roles. WE want to collect everything happening on sensors while we can."

"That brings up a point..." Hoshi said and Eden's golden eyes darted to her. Hoshi spoke again, "I'll reserve it for after you answer some more crewman queries, Chusa."

Eden continued...

Hoshi said, "My point from earlier... Ever heard of a SAINT operative captured behind enemy lines exploding rather than being a PoW? Well, every Nekovalkryja here will have the real version of that. We don't want PANTHEON access or an active Kessaku OS in the wrong hands."

Eden spoke once again, "Sjet-hei, thank you for the coffee first of all. Secondly, the armor was, like our Mindy, running a much more tactically operated security system- likely a military-grade piece of equipment. We will not be able to know the true security of their net until we have the armors but..." Hoshi waved a hand to indicate to took at a volumetric projection. "There should be an application on their devices that will allow us to look into the net and interact with other Kuvexians from it, even from the border space station that we're welcome to dock at any time." The volumetric projection was on a moving example that rotated to make sure the whole room could see it. It was a screen capture of an operating system while accessing a spherical button that had a gem-like pattern below it. "This is the application you are looking to access. It should be pretty straight forward with a search engine splash page as its entry site. From there, the mission briefing you have all received has some of the next search and command terms. Repeating those would be like reading a list, but for the most part, great questions like yours are getting us over a lot of the mission info. As far as possible interfaces, we will be equipped with data transfer units. They're smaller than the smallest pinky finger in this room, but the universal adapter for the data transfer and language systems to work on the Kuvexian tech is a bit bulkier- they can still fit in your palm though so not much concern there."

"Those are in the armory along with anything anyone one of us asked for from Yule magazines. Happy year end! A lot of suits and sword, hehe... Wyatt you have something big that was added yesterday, please check on that- a TARSA?"

To Saya, Eden answered, "No, all crew members can be a part of the visible infiltration, just they'll probably be Nekovalkryja's slaves- in the roles we take on as Kuvexians, only, of course." She looked to Saya's hand, "Those slips of paper will help decide the teams. Some of us have obvious roles. I'll be a Kuvexian who I hope never sees the light of their artificial light... I'll be dressed and ready to go to come and save any of my crew if things go south. They could, we'll be in the heart of enemy territory. I'll have some infantry muscle doing the same in other locations near where our operations will take place. If you're a red panel, green panel, or can just read sensors you'll be hidden from sight, watching scans, sensors and data as it comes in to relay it to Kaiyo actual through a relay point, since a direct line to the ship would show up on their scanners. But other than occupation color being something useful for surveillance, my muscle or some special position, teams are up in the air. I'll be grabbing Muyomi, Halsie, and Reina Madoka for that backup."

She looked around for the next questions, "William, ah, that special position. Private Sanders, I want you to be QRF, just on the trading floor. You might be getting topless to be a slave of a Kuvexian, but I want your strength next to someone disguised. Sometimes when you are in a disguise, you have to under-react to situations to keep control. I want you there to be able to over-react as their slave bodyguard if need be."

"Dalida-hei, as believable as a Daur slave is, you'll be doing behind the scenes working on sensors, like I mentioned while answering another question. That leasds into Adler-heisho, your question. Those playing back up roles, as in understudies and surveillance as well as my muscle... We will all be going in as cargo. Close fit, but there are large crates of food that go in and out, in and out. The demand of this planet's restaurants and food services almost exceeds the supply of the sector. We won't be noticed if we don't make any loud noises during a period of twenty-ish minutes where we'll be on an inspection floor. Pray to Yui that your crate is not opened... We will be sharing crates, too. Find a comfortable position with the other two people in your crate before unloading from the cargo runner we are bothering. That leads to some info, not an answer..."

Eden went on, "We have secured a cargo ship from our friends at the station. Oleera is safe with her father and grandmother, who is very thankful for what we did in that Kuvexian compound to get her grandaughter back. That was the trade for Zesuaium repairs on the ship from our pyrrhic victory over the boarding action against us but..." Eden sighed, doing away with the memories from her last sentence. "We made more than a trade there, we can dock at Olleera's grandmother's station. I do not recommend exploring the station while we are docked, but if you do please wear disguises... Not the ones we're wearing for the mission." Eden looked to Kiyo. "Disguises like our small team wore the last time we were on that station. Ask Bossif you have questions. That's for after the mission, but we've been only on this ship or in a mission for a year and some days, now... We all deserve some off ship time. Make use of your personal time. Oh take a buddy, though, that's a rule and an order for going off of this vessel. And, of course, no non-Yamataian or exchange officers with us, such as William, may come onto this ship. Is that understood?"

Eden waited for an answer before continuing to answer mission questions.
YSS Kaiyō II

If William had a cigar in his mouth, it would have fallen out... 'Well, there went my load out idea.' He thought grimly.

"Understood Commander. If that is what you want, then it is what I will do." He replied quickly. William began to think on what he could bring with him that he could hide on his person. There must be something he could sneak in with him.

He was apprehensive about not being in armor and not packing heat...

The ID-SOL frowned and bit down on his tongue till the taste of copper permeated his mouth. He was a pure ID-SOL! His new body was created for war.

Finally psyching himself up he got the news that he wouldn't get to have shore leave.

'Strike 2...' he thought.

"Aye aye." He said, turning his thoughts back to the load out problem.
YSS Kaiyō II

Eden's brows furrowed, "Load outs... Right." Her eyes widened and she breathed in through her teeth. Even Kuvexians are searched for weaponry and anything suspicious. It's almost like a weekend music festival in there. No food or drink, no contraband, no heavy weaponry, and a few other miscellaneous rulings. Those of us dressed as Kuvexians will be allowed to bring in one hand pistol and should declare them before entering and be open to inspectors of our own that we have them. They are the absolute maximum firearm size. I went ahead and got a case of twenty pistols within those restrictions with their own seperate plasma cartridges, two per at the station during our last dock for those of us dressed as Kuvexian. If you are not going to be disguised as Kuvexian, then you will not be allowed anything other than the clothes on your back and shoes on your feet. Nobody here is going to be in chains, too, or collars..." She looked at Alastair. "In Kuvexian culture, a shackled slave means you are a slave that can not be trusted and should probably be doing heavy labor. This is high society of Kuvexia we're going into and the slaves expected to be here are also of high society... so act like it."

"Otherwise, those coming in as cargo can bring firearms and weaponry, explosives.... Nothing bigger than your own forearm. Inspectors would note on scans anything big enough to be of any use, of course, so this whole mission will be out of armor for everyone but... I don't know, someone on the Kaiyō during the mission that would suit up to defend her. Otherwise, naked. As far as size, if you can't move it under something nearby to avoid suspicion then don't have it. Surveillance, understudy, and muscle will all be secured in discreet locations- of which understudies and surveillance will be in resort rooms. The threat to them is lower than to those out in the open, but it's just the way it is. We'll work past the weapon limitations with our minds."

"Boss," Hoshi asked in the lull, "what roles have those that have picked up slips of paper?"

Boss replied over comms, "Sjet-hei will be a Kuvexian, Kaiyō-hei has received," she went on, referring to her own newly added sprite, "Leinve. Fujiwara-hei will be a Kuvexian."

"Fujiwara-hei?" Hoshi asked. "Not heisho, yet?" The captain looked to Saya with a stern expression and a clipped tone. "That will be a two rank promotion you received, Fujiwara-heisho."

"Fujiwara-heisho's double rank promotion has been noted." Boss went on. "Yoshinaga-hei has been selected as another Kuvexian and Kiyomori-hei has been selected as an understudy Kuvexian.

There was another pose and Eden pushed her shoulders forward to speak, "I think there were sme questions I missed...?"
YSS Kaiyō II

William began to think. 'Well maybe I could sneak...'

But his thoughts came to a screaming halt when he learned he could not take any weapons.

'Strike 3... fuuuuuuuuuuu' he screamed in his thoughts.

If it were possible for William's heart to sink lower, it have dropped down through the floor and down to the storage bay.

In William's mind every curse he had ever heard flew through his mind at his luck. If anyone could read his mind, they would agree that it would make a sailor tell him to clean up his language.

His head dropped, only sending a message to Eden through his Mindware that read "Aye aye."

His last thought while he stood there was 'I'm going to rip a Kuvie's spine out and beat their friends to death with it...'
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YSS Kaiyō II

Hildr's long crimson tail flicked in annoyance as she listened to the briefing from where she was, arms crossed and leaning against the back wall of the wardroom. She wasn't annoyed about the briefing itself, but at the circumstances of late; in particular, her new roommate. She had been less than thrilled to know she would have to give up part of the cabin she had taken for herself, and so had taken to avoiding her new roommate when she could, even making sure her shifts were opposite to him. Hildr hadn't even bothered to learn the guy's name, she was so annoyed. She didn't have anything against him personally, she just hated that she had to give up her privacy.

Hildr was so annoyed, in fact, that she nearly missed the news that they had all been promoted. She perked up, excitement clear on her face, her cabin privacy woes forgotten for the moment. The details of the mission likewise left her excited for more action, although the infiltration aspect of the mission wasn't her forte, the possibility of getting up close and personal with the foe was interesting.

Not to mention it could go south and we'll have to fight our way out, the red-headed Neko fantasized, a goofy grin on her face as she stepped up and took one of the slips of paper. She fidgeted with the slip for a moment before holding it close to her face, as if embarrassed or secretive about it, and read her assignment.
YSS Kaiyō II

With only an instantaneous thought, Kiana indexed the Leinve in her digital mind through her connection with PANTHEON, since she had not heard of the species up until that moment. She processed the information on the species within a few moments, filing into memory most of the details regarding their general appearance, communication habits, anatomy, and culture. By the time she returned to her seat, the diminutive Sprite immediately understood most of the rote details of the Leinve. She would need practice to master their communication habits, but she hoped that with her stored knowledge she could at least be somewhat passable. However, Kiana was more concerned about how she would replicate the draping folds over their bodies with holographic projections.

Fortunately, that was something that she could practice right now.

Once again, Kiana stood up from her seat and floated towards the front of the wardroom. As she moved, the ditzy Sprite unzipped and pulled off her Type 22 bodysuit and tights, briefly exposing her nude creamy-skinned form as she did. However, she didn’t bother to take off her headband, since her holograms could quite easily cover it. A few moments after she reached the front of the room, her holographic projections materialized and slowly transformed the appearance of her naked body to that of a petite female Leinve, complete with draping folds, leafy-looking limbs, and expressive eyebrows.

The Sprite hoped that it was a nigh-perfect replication of their appearance.

“Teien-Chusa, is this how the Leinve appear? Any suggestions to improve the disguise? Are the...drapes, okay? I didn’t think the holograms would do them well.” The disguised Sprite asked the First Officer in a complaisant tone that formed an implicit plea for her approval. Then, with a demure upward stretch of her slender arms, Kiana spun around so that Eden and everyone else in the room could see the details of her projection from the back as well.
YSS Kaiyō II

Kikios looked at her back. It would appear that she had something most other people here did not have- wings. It would require some clever thinking, but if no one else could be disguised as a L'Kor due to their lack of wings, she might be able to accomplish the feat. "Teien-Chusa, would it be possible for me to go undercover as a L'Kor, somehow?" The bird woman flapped her fluffy white cockatoo wings, which looked rather soft.

Chlorate idly stood there with her clanky feet placed on the ground. She knew she wasn't a Nekovalkryja, but she technically did have the same volumetric capabilities as one. (But she did NOT have the quietness of one) "Teien-Chusa, should my body be disguised volumetrically as well?" she asked with a beep. She used her volumetrics to make her entire body flash a rainbow of colors, demonstrating her ability to change her appearance.
YSS Kaiyō II

Hoshi's eyes widened, "I'm glad Boss has ow shown you the ropes of your new body, Kiana-hei. Or is it Kaiyō-hei?"

Eden piped up, "Kaiyō-hei. that looks very fitting. You have a translator waiting in the armory for you to check out as they predominantly communicate to one another with ear wiggles. Practice one for me?" And Hoshi, Kaiyō-hei is fine for her. Boss is Boss, any sprites are extensions of the ship name if they choose to be. Saki changed her name to Teien once, maybe Kiana will one day decide if someone that Boss didn't even create as a sprite here gets Kiana's name of Kaiyō in a marriage like mine with Saki." Eden looked from Hoshi to Kiana and stared at the Neko for a long moment. "By the way, this is Boss' construct if you haven't met her, Kaiyō Kiana. Boss' sprite. What a.... It is an honor, Kaiyō-hei," Eden said with a short but reserved tone of respect. Nice chest, too, very adorable presentation, Boss, if you are listening."

Boss piped up from over comms, "I plan to make more, but Kiana is my first of a many random experiments in sprite making. Eden is right in my approach and I am happy with whatever choices the random profiles of my sprites make. Simply knowing they exist as they are, however that may be- that is enough for me It. It also makes sense to test new Nekovalkryja creation with what I have onboard with the future mission profiles of larger scale efforts to do so on the horizons."

Eden looked around, nodding, "Their arms are connected to their wings and LKor are not usually slave creatures brought to resorts, so no, Kikios. Crew, we will be having a small mission after this with a smaller team than normal to scan some areas. Within what they scan is going to be some areas to create forward posts. We'll have Princess Aiko's Natarian Grenadier Legion... But you may still call her Taii Ketsurui while her personal operating position remains with us on the ship. Ketsurui-taii, do you have anything to tell us about the Legion efforts yet? I wanted our crew to look forward to soil, but that's about all I know I can say right now."
YSS Kaiyō II

Arai Yuu

Yuu sat quietly, doing their best to pay attention. This is it. This is their first mission. It had been just about a week now since they boarded the Kaiyō, and it had felt like lunch rush at their family's restaurant back home, all day, every day. What in the world have I gotten myself into.

Their new superior's voice from their side finally snapped them back to reality. They turned to Saya.

"Congrats, by the way. Fujiwara-heisho."

They flashed a dimpled smile at their mentor, bowing their head, and directed their attention back to the front, and sighed. So it begins, I guess.
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