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RP: YSS Aeon [MIssion 7.3] Ground Site

Maki raised an eyebrow as something came up on her scanner. Movement. Fast. The handheld scanner could not get much detail at this range but told her enough to know something or someone was coming.

Maki grabbed her communicator and switched it on. "This is Nagato It to Hei to Aeon" She said on the channel she had set open to the ship and the team here at the ground base. "We have multiple targets inbound. Scanner cannot getnanfirm ID yet but I'm recommending precautions against possible hostiles" She said.

As she spoke, Maki retraced her steps quickly back to the camp and where the power armors had been set out when unloaded from the shuttle.
As Maki approached the camp she would see that a good number of the large insects had returned and were sitting on various items. Most of the were on the top of the shelter slowly moving their wings. But there were others about the camp, with several over by the power armors.
That did not bode well. Maki thought to herself as she spotted the giant bugs landed all over. She had seen very well what they had done to the bird earlier and had no intention of falling to the same fate. She also had very little time if she was going to armor up before whatever was coming got to them.

Maki drew her NSP and strode up to where the MINDY's were resting. She sent instructions via her wireless to the MINDY assigned to her for this mission, ordering the suit to open up. Hopefully the insects would just be scared off by the movement of the armor. If not, things were going to get tricky.

She quickly checked the time she had left before the incoming fliers arrived before the MINDY split open, as it did Maki raised the NSP in a steady two-handed grasp, ready to shoot if she needed to defend herself from the bugs.
The insects did not seem to care much about Maki's presence. They remained as she first saw them. Until she opened her armor. Then the bugs that were resting on it, made what appeared to be an annoyed sound and took flight and landed a short distance away on one of the storage containers.
Yoshiro pulled out his pistol and held it at the ready. "Shina-heisho, is there anyway we can get rid of these things without getting them riled up? There seem to be way too many of these things to deal with." Yoshiro asked over the radio. He watched as the bugs buzzed around occasionally and he knew that he did not wanted to agitate them.
Maki frowned as the insects did not go as far away as she would have liked. At least they are off my MINDY she thought. There was little time left to worry about the bugs and she was not thrilled with the idea of getting caught defenseless if whatever was coming was hostile.

The operative quickly got out of her uniform as she ran to the awaiting MINDY, tossing the mass of clothes and effects onto the crate next to the armor. Normally she would have taken the time to carefully fold and put away her uniform, but now she was in a hurry, putting everything aside and climbing into her armor. She slid her legs into the suit and settled herself in quickly.

As soon as her spine connection was established with the MINDY, she sealed up the armor and brought everything online as quick as possible. Even before all the MINDY's systems were up she energized the suit's built in sensor suit and began sweeping the area, focusing her scan on the incoming objects in an attempt to find out what was coming.

"This is Nagato-Hei, I am in my armor and scanning to identify the incoming objects. Aeon, please stand by, we may need assistance if the incoming are hostile" she said over the comm to the ship.
Whatever the objects were they did not appear on sensors, there were no indications of power or transmissions. Radar barely was tracking them. Visual enhancement showed them to be gray winged objects that were moving at an estimated 40 mph or 65 kph. The wings would flex to allow them to curve, occasionally there would be a brief flash of flame behind one of them.
Maki frowned at the new sensor data. Whatever was coming in was not moving fast at all. She had to wonder if this was some other sort of local life form that this planet had. Some sort of bird or something.

The operative focused her sensors, scanning for the energy signature of a power plant or propulsion engine of some kind, or if this was some sort of biological creature.

"I am going to advance to meet the incoming contacts away from the camp" she reported, then kicked off, using her gravity manipulation systems to propel her towards the inbound at about 100 kph and just a meter off the ground. She did not want to advance too fast as she ran the more intensified sensor scan.
"Be careful Nagato," Saki said, watching the situation, with her rifle firmly held. She did not raise it up yet, no sudden moves was the way to not rile up the locals. "Everyone I want you in the armour asap. No sudden moves, if you armour is too occupied by the bugs, go hide in the shuttle. We know these things can eat meat pretty fast, but so far they don't know that we are food, let's keep it that way."

With those orders for others Saki took flight and slowly levitated to where here armour was, hoping she will be able to get in without trouble.
The insects on Saki's armor simply buzzed their annoyance at being disturbing in their sunning and flew to the top of the dome.

Meanwhile Nagato's scanning continued to show that the large objects were non-metallic. In fact now closer they appeared to be large life forms. they were vaguely shaped like a manta-ray, but with a much thicker body. The sensor did confirm that periodically the creatures were igniting some sort of flammable gas.

Her system then started pinging a RADAR return at 50 km and closing at 500 kph.
Yoshiro headed toward his armor and shooed away any bugs near him and his armor. He got into his armor and made the necessary checks to make sure that he had his armor working. "Ready to go." He said after closing up his suit.
"Yoshiro watch over the camp site, arm yourself you will be long range support if needed. I am going to Nagato to find out what in Empress's name is going on." Saki said as her armour connected. This time she chose to not equip dual gauss cannon as usual. Instead she had a sleeker and simpler to carry missile launcher on her left shulder and capacitor on her right shoulder.

On her legs were another capacitor and Nodal bits. Saki grabbed her LASR and slid SLAG under it just to be sure. With that she changed the small mag for large-capacity one and took off after Nagato.

"SAINT-san, what do you got for me?" Saki asked Nagato over comms, speeding towards the Saint agent."
Nagato would at the moment see bright flash come from the metallic objects. One of the creatures suddenly went into an uncontrolled bank and crashed. Another flash and a second creature died.

Nagato's sensors showed that craft was fusion powered, the craft suddenly decelerated. Sensors showed the craft was sweeping the area with RADAR. The craft itself looked like nothing in the SAOY database. It had a number of legs tucked under it, and the body was multi-sectioned.
Yoshiro grabbed a sniper rifle and armed his gauss cannons. "Roger that." He said simply and then watched the camp. He was wary of the bugs but when he had heard about the unknow targets he was nervous about fighting admist all of the equipment.
Since the distance was not very far, Saki was able to close rapidly on Nagato's position. The unknown craft rotated slowly scanning the area, then began descending near the creatures it had fired upon.
Maki recorded all of this. She switched her MINDY's active camouflage, making the armor nearly vanish as she approached. "Looks like..some kind of vehicle is hunting the larger creatures, just shot one of them down" she replied to Saki

"Coming in close now" she said and used her suit's enhanced optics to zoom in the image from her cameras to get a clearer look at what was going on with the vehicle and the creatures. She slowed her pace, wanting to be as stealthy as possible as she drew near.
"Roger that, put on camouflage and be careful. I will cover you from here," Saki said, watching the craft as it rotated. She made sure to not aim at it with her combat systems yet, as it might send a ping to it. Instead she aimed her rifle at it and manually aimed her missiles as well, ready to activate targeting system if needed. There was still some chance there would be no fighting involved. Saki wanted to be sure though.
The craft landed silently with the landing legs extending to support the craft. The left side of it opened and a ramp extended from it down to the surface. Lamps extended from the craft and illuminated the two carcasses. The section the ramp extended was a tapered sphere obviously intended for atmospheric streamlining. The two modules behind it were more bulk.
"The vehicle has landed...seems that it is some sort of hunting vehicle?" Maki frowned as she scrutinized the data coming in from her cameras and sensors. "They may be about to retrieve the downed animals... No sign of the crew yet"

She was close now, killing her flight power and hovering in slowly, coasting a few feet above the ground as she carefully moved in for a closer look.
Two creatures emerged from the hatch, they appeared to be hexapods and had six legs. They had a some sort of mask like item across what appeared to be their face. Strapped across their backs were what appeared to be some sort of weapon or cutting tools.