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RP: YSS Aeon [MIssion 7.3] Ground Site

Zeumatazola made no move to provoke the angry alien. Once Maki was off of him he slowly raised himself off the floor, and activated the controls for the armor. It split down the back and once fully opened he stepped out of it. He took a few steps away and then spoke. "I have complied with your demands."

Inside the structure the Thaurgons who surrendered dropped their weapons and move back from them.

Outside the structure a ripple of movement started as the Thaurgons began to surrender. Around the XO the deadly effectiveness of her years of training was evidenced by the kill zone. Any Thaurgon who had raised a weapon towards her was dead or dying. There was sufficient clear space for the Tenba to land and not be on any of the fallen.

Across the compound a large Thaurgon tank made its way over towards the Shuttle. It moved slowly and as it grew closer the turret swung around so that the weapon pointed away from the Star Army personnel. It stopped about 50 meters from the shuttle.
"LZ clear." Misaki sent to the entire team, her voice smooth, authoritative, and clear. She carefully kept a bead on the tank, in case it did not belong to frendlies, and finally put herself to the ground in that she hovered slightly above it. "Begin extraction. Where is the ally that is is command here? I would like to coordinate this. Have any spare member of your team secure the area and assist the locals as needed."

With that, she pinged the Aeon and updated their sitrep to Katae, watching the Thaurgons carefully as she did in case things started up again. There would be no resting until she returned with everyone in tact, as she had promised.

The woman's main weapons were still engaged, but not firing to that end, waiting to rain more death upon anything that moved as her small pods droned around the area when she recalled them to a shorter perimeter about herself and the landing zone.

Once the LZ was light, Freyja brought the shuttle in to land. She kept the engines powered and ready to launch at once if any of the vehicles moved or looked a bit hostile.

She was relived that maybe this whole mission was over. It seemed as if this day had dragged out for almost a year. cautiously she was hopeful that everything was going well back aboard the ship, and once she returned she could grab a shower and then go pass out in her fluffy blankets with Mr. Waffles.
"Good" Maki replied, then signalled the Aeon. "Nagato to Aeon, the Thaurgon leader has been captured and has ordered their forces to surrender and stand down" Maki reported to her commanding officer.

Outsidd, she could hear the Tenba landing. "Shall I load them into the shuttle for transport to Aeon and processing, or leave this thrant for their own people to dispose of?" she asked, then waited for orders.
"Aeon Actual to Away team. Keep their Leader secure. Ultimately we will turn him over to his own people to deal with. But let's wait until the situation has stabilized before we turn him over to anyone." Katae sent as her reply.

The Tank came to a stop and a hatch opened on it. A Thaurgon climbed out of it and waved its forelimbs. "Greetings. I am Tessonzee. Senior Scientist of the Garrison. On behalf of the civilians here, I thank you for your assistance. Without it Zeumata would have succeeded in his purge."
"Well that he didn't thanks to our friend there." Yoshiro said to the scientist with a smile and pointed to Maki. He felt exhausted but elated. It wasn't often that you got to stop a madman from destroying his own people. "Excuse me but do you know the name of the one that is in command of your people?" Yoshiro asked after a few moments of catching his breath.
One of Misaki's pods moved towards the opening hatch, then floated about a moment as Tessonzee spoke, before she recalled it. "I am Kursu Misaki. My rank is Chusa, I am in command here. My commander is in orbit." She used the speaker of her power armor to speak, setting it down on a section of the tank so she was not hovering over him, "We are currently ensuring the area is secure, he is in our custody for the time being. How soon can you round up his people to a more manageable group of prisoners?"
Gildozee looked at Yoshiro, "The senior civilian is Tessonzee, they will be in charge for the duration."

Tessonzee looked around at the battle strewn garrison. She could see dead and wounded Thaurgon's along with damaged equipment.

"Such a senseless waste of lives and resources. Kursu Misaki Chusa, a transport is enroute, it should be here in 10 minutes. We will put Zeumata and his loyalists in it and take them to the prisoner compound. Zeumata was nice enough to build it, one suspects he never expected to be occupying it. Please advise your commander that your ship may land without risk. You have my personal assurance." she said making a low bow.