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RP: YSS Aeon [MIssion 7.3] Ground Site

"We will take the commander prisoner and make him surrender. Yoshiro, you cover the exit. Return-fire only. Nagato-hei confirm location of your civilian contact, once you do that we will go on with the plan. We cannot risk the civilian getting killed in possible combat. Shina-heisho stay put and tell us what will be going on outside. If things get too hot, retaliate and get out of here, but careful about enemy gun emplacements. I will buy time for now. " Saki said over comms to her team. She then turned to Zeumatazola.

"All right," she said, trying to put on a pleasant voice. "I think we can come up with something and forget this issue. I am sure this all was just do to limited communications between us. After all different cultures, different ways of thinking. Let's not toss the possibility of diplomacy out of the window right away."
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"Roger that . " Yoshiro said and prepared to fight when he had to. He was sure that it was going to come down to a fight and if it came to that he would protect his squad with his life if he had to. He covered the exit to make sure that no one was coming to surprise them.
Several combat suit clad Thaurgons came into the chamber. Several of them sporting a weapon mounted on the back of the armor. A dull glow could be seen from the barrel showing it was some sort of energy cannon.

"I believe you have out stayed your welcome aliens. Leave." Zeumatazola said .
"Right, on your command for the attack" Maki replied to Saki via wireless. "Attempting to contact the civilian"

The SAINT operative switched back to the covert channel with the contact. "We are going to attempt to subdue and capture Zeumatazola. They have already made an attack on our ship and threaten to do so again. We may need your assistance here shortly, please be standing by"

"Yes Ma'am." Pulling into a turn the Tenba came about and raced towards the location of the Away team. "Switching over to the comms of the Away team, main channel still open though." Freyja spoke as she switched over to the secondary channel.

"Ground Team this is Tenba, Please give me sit rep and team markers. I'm bringing in close air support. mark targets and give me any area you need heavier fire on."
"Ehm.." Saki coughed a bit in her helmet. At first it seemed easy, just bring out the guns and stop the bad guy. Now that it was in front of her it did not seems so easy. Saki was thinking how to get trough this without turning into bloodshed. The only idea that came to her was a good old bluff. Or rather semi-bluff. Saki was not exactly experienced with lying, but how hard could it be? From what she heard Nepleslians did all the time and even her personal hero Luca Pavone used lying to get around badguys. Sure this was a good cause for lying.

"I am afraid we won't." Saki said simply, she pulled out option to activate her barrier module, but did not do it right away. "Please note that as we speak, all your forces are being surrounded. Our armoured have stealth capability, which my colleague here can show you." Saki pointed to Maki. "Soldiers from my ship are all around your base with weapons aimed. Alas, we do not seek bloodshed. Not to mention our ship is around as well. Also we have found out about military coup you staged. You will surrender yourself, you will remain under guard until you will be given to law enforcement powers of your race. Give it up ma'am it is over. You have nothing to gain by fighting us. Also note that should you choose to fight I will activate shields of my suit, which tends to scramble living beings around it. Basically, once you make activate my shields, you and your guards will die."
Maki took a breath, this was the crucial moment here as Saki layed out the ultimatum. Would there be a quiet surrender or an instant firefight? Se hoped for the former.

"Stand by for targets, Tenba" Maki replied to Freyja over the secure channel. As she responded she quickly powered her built in weapons and engines, preparing to jump into action asap.

"Give me a little warning if you are going to hit that sheild" she sent wirelessly to Saki. She had no desire to get fried herself, even if it wouldnt be as bad for her in her own MINDY.

Zeumatazola gestured with his forelimbs. "You dare to threaten me in my demesne. I am the commander of the Thaurgon Garrison. There are only two of you here. I have fifty of my most loyal warriors present. Your mighty starship has fled from our missile batteries. If they are foolish enough to try, they will receive an even warmer reception. I have been magnanimous in offering you to leave. Now I think I will just have my troops kill you." He gestured to the warriors closest to him. "Bring me their heads."

The warriors positioned themselves in front of their leader and brought their weapons to firing mode.

Meanwhile Maki received a response. "Standing by, at least for a long as we can. We've barricaded ourselves."
Not much of a leader. Yoshiro thought to himself as he listened to the speech the Garrison commander gave. But I guess that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He used his targeting computer to lock on to some of the weapons and prepared to fire when the stuff hit the fan. He knew that it would come to this eventually and he was prepared for what he had to do.
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"Have it your way," Saki said simply. "Barriers on!" She commanded her team and started her own barrier module. "Nagato-san, take their leader. Yoshiro, give them hell!" Saki sent as she was already jumping into action. Using her armoured flight systems, enhanced by her own gravitational control. She activated both eather blades on her forearms and chose to fly low, hoping that the gun on back of the beasts will be bad at aiming down, after all their body could be in the way. Saki's intention was simply to fly among Thaurgon warriors and hurt them, trying to use surprise and rapid attack at her advantage.
"Roger that, giving them hell!" Yoshiro shouted as he turned on his barrier. He fired his gauss guns at the targets he had lit up on his targeting computer. He fired at a Tharugon's weapon and hope that he hit it and then moved on to another as he fired at weapons and limbs attempting to disable the targets."Yeeahahh! Get some of this, bugface!" He said and fired at some more with his sniper rifle. His sniper rifle jammed so he threw it aside and used his aether blades to attempt to disable weapons and personnel without killing them.
The chamber became a field of energy discharges as the combat suited Thaurgons opened fire on the Star Army soldiers. The swift movement of the power armor caused most of their initial volleys to miss. The sight of Saki streaking towards the warriors flying just barely off the ground caused the group to scatter for safety but not before she amputated a a few limbs from the soldiers.

Yoshiro's guass cannons hit the targets he had identified. The burst of shells penetrated the armor of two of the Thaurgons after the first few rounds dented it. The cannon that he chose to attack exploded with a halo of plasma energy dissipating.

More of Zeumatazola's soldiers swarmed in through the doors. Meanwhile Zeumatazola himself moved briskly his armor emitting a glow of a force field.
Saki rotated herself upright, quickly aimed at the doorway and fired four missiles for her shoulder into the doorway. She then activated weapon system on her right forearm, put into Charged Beam mode and let it cut one side of the room, she did not care how much damage she causes, she wanted Thaurgons to get scared. Meanwhile ellipsoid shield was activated on her left forearm and she tried to use it to stop any incoming fire, while she used her offensive weaponry.
Thaurgons in who were farther back and not wearing combat armor were fleeing. Some of them were caught be weapon fire, and debris that was falling. Some of the armored Thaurgons moved to form defensive groups and others scrambled to try and get a shot at the flying soldiers. Some of the larger ones started lobbing grenade like devices at the Star Army soldiers.
Maki was not infanty and left the heavy fighting to Saki, who now seemed in her element as she battled the alien troopers. The SAINT operative set her sights on the retreating form of Zeumatazola, who's shielded armored form was rapidly falling back.

Maki kicked in her thrusters, vaulting into the air, over the lobbed enemy grenade like devices and land judt behind the alien commander.

"Zeumatazola!" She called as she activated her MINDI's aether blades and slashed at his legs. Taking him down at the knees would suit her just fine for disabling and capturing the alien.
Saki would not stop, the fight was there and now they started throwing explosives. Saki rolled down, grabbing the grenades as she went. They would be timed explosives, the Thaurgons tossed as they retreated. Saki was sure, they would not explode, before the soldier were out of the hall. That gave her time to grab one grenade into each hand and aimed her at the retreating Thaugons. The blue haired neko used her gravitiy control and launched the explosive devices into the crowd of Tharugons.

"Aeon actual!" Saki communicated with the ship as she fought. "This Aeon ground team leader, we are engaged in combat, I repeat we are engaged!"
Zeumatazola side skittered when Maki landed in front of him. Maki's swing severed about 1/3 of one of his legs. The Thaurgon commander returned fire shooting a large weapon at the SAINT. The MINDY's shields flared from the impact and a solid mass slammed into the chest panel knocking Maki backwards.

One of the grenades detonated just as Saki went to throw it, the others flew into the Thaurgons and detonated with devastating effect. Thaurgon limbs went flying through the air from the blast. Meanwhile pain shot up Saki's left arm as her hand was shredded by pieces of armor blasted by the grenade.

Over the MINDY comm came Katae's voice "'Aeon ground team this is Aeon Actual. We are keeping the Thaurgon's busy, have dispatched the Tenba to your location to provide you with air support. Also arranging backup to assist at your location."

Freyja came zipping in low and fast, jets wash and the scream of the shuttle's engines drowned out the sounds of combat for a faction of a second. The sensor data poured in showing her the battle field below.

"Tenba to ground units, mark targets, prepare for close air support run."
"Roger that Aeon actual, we will try to mark targets!" Saki replied as she got back on her feet. Her armour was scorched from the explosion of the grenade, but her barrier module, eased the worse off. Using the gravity control, she stood right up like a vampire from coffin, her forearms aimed at to see if any targets remained, but it seems that the Thargons were in pieces. Then she noticed her left arm and finally realised the pain she felt. The thinner armour on the hand got hit hard by the shrapnel and Saki could see hemosynthetic blood dripping off her hand. She gritted her teeth and held the pain back.

"Shina-heisho. Status report, are you able to mark targets for air support run?" Saki commed to the Kim who was still outside in the shuttle they used to arrive. "Tenba, this is Ground team actual, stand-by for targets. Also note there is friendly shuttle in the garrison!"
Maki gritted her teeth and let her armor do it's work as the hit came in. The shields took most if it, the chestplate thd physical impact. She didn't have a smoking hole through her chest after the smoke cleared. That was good.

The SAINT operative hauled herself back to her feet and bumrushed Zeumatazola, propelling herself into the wounded alien shoulder first with aid of her suit's thrusters.