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RP: YSS Aeon [MIssion 7.3] Ground Site

As the Tenba flew over the Garrison the scene below could best be described as chaotic. There were Thaurgons scrambling out of the command building. There also appeared to be fighting between the Thaurgons themselves. Tanks were firing at each other. It appeared that some of the tanks were protecting the unarmed Thaurgons that the other tanks were targeting.

"It is turning into an ugly furball out here Squad Leader. I am transmitting target data to the Tenba. Seems the military out here started targeting the technicians. I have several that were nearby hiding in the shuttle. But it also appears that the military is splitting. Some of the soldiers are protecting the techs. I'm protecting the shuttle and stunning any soldier I see aiming at an unarmed person. Takes two hits to drop them with stun." Kim replied to Saki as she sent the data to Freyja.

Zeumatazola absorbed most of the impact with his armor and kept himself stable by virtue of his low profile and using his five remaining limbs. But he was definitely pushed away from his personal guard.

A Thaurgon leaped at Saki with two plasma blades swinging toward the armor clad Yamataian demoness.
Maki adjusted the direction her thrusters were propelling her, using them to drive her down on top of Zeumatazola and pin the alien against the floor. As she did this, Maki balled up her right fist and slammed it into the alien's head in a savage punch and kept it pressed against it's head, making sure to wedge the emitter of her aether blade against Zeumatazola's skull. Her left hand lashed out, grabbing onto the body of the alien, holding fast to help steady herself even with the thrusters keeping her pressed down on the alien leader.

"Order your forces to surrender or I'll end you right here, right now!" the SAINT operative commanded.

With the targets painted Freyja rolled back around and went in low and fast. With all of the targets tagged in the targeting systems, all she had to do was get into range for the split second and the shuttle's AI fired.

The Shuttle shot over, but for the briefest of seconds it was no more then 100 meters off the deck above them. its weapons flashing like a rave strobe light. Then as quickly as it swooped in it was gone with a sonic boom left behind.

Freyja was already using the sensors to scan the area that she had just strafed, looking to see if any of the targets were still active and if she needed to give and other high speed pass before going in with a more slow hovering attack.
From what she could see the Thaurgons were brave, but they now fought for bad cause. Or they were just good soldiers listening to their commander. Hard to tell if they were corrupt as Zumatazola was. Some of them were not only good soldiers, but also good people, protecting the civilians. "Shina-heisho! I got my hands a bit full, I need you to co-ordinate with shuttle providing fire-support. Mark enemy comabtants for it if possible. If thing get way too heater, get out of there. Our priority is survival and protecting civilians! Do you see on which side Gildozee is? I hope he is- OH CRAP!" Her message was cut short as one of the Thaurgons gathered courage to assault her with plasma blades.

Saki made a step back, activating both her aether blades and block his slashes. That was the plan, block the blades, then kick the enemy soldier straight into his face.
The sound of the Tenba passing over the garrison was like a rolling thunder, with rumbles following after from explosions where the weapons struck. Freyja could see plumes of smoke and flame following in her wake.

Zeumatazola started making the eerie wheezing sound that the Thaurgons made when laughing. "Kill me, and you do my work. You and your people and everyone in the garrison will die within seconds of my death. When my heart stops, my armor will transmit a destruct command to the reactor beneath the surface." He said as he pushed against Maki in an attempt to regain his footing.

As plasma blade met plasma blade there was a blinding incandescence where they interacted. The Thaurgon side skittered to avoid the armored boot to the face. It brandished its blades as it prepared for another strike.

To Saki's left another Thaurgon that was charging toward her was intercepted by Gildozee and some of his comrades. Gildozee was missing a rear leg and was bleeding from a number of minor wounds. He and the others fired their weapons, laser beams struck the armor clad Thaurgon and severed the limbs with weapons. The follow up shot was an explosive round that penetrated the Thaurgon armor and killed its wearer. He waved his remaining leg at Saki in an attempt to convey that they had her tail covered.
Yoshiro went to help Saki and Gildozee. He targeted the Tharugons that were attacking Gildozee locking on to their weapons and firing his gauss gun. He activated his aether blades and engaged some other Tharugon in close combat slashing at limbs to incapacitate the enemy.
Maki pushed back down on Zeumatazola as he tried to push back up onto his feet, or what passed for feet on the alien, keeping him pinned down on the ground.

"Well, let's try a different approach then" the SAINT operative said, shifting her right hand, pressing the aether blade emitter against one of the Thaurgon's knee joint's. "Surrender or I take off your legs, one at a time" she demanded, then to show her sincerity, she activating the weapon.
Saki gave Gildozee a quick nod, even though he probably would not know what it meant. It was nice to see a Tharugon with heart in the right place. Saki had enough of plasma blade Thaurgon in front of her, she kept her right hand weapon in blade mode, extending it to full range and sweeping it in front of herself to keep the Thaurgon away, while she set her left forearm weapon to rapid fire mode and sprayed the Thaurgon soldier.
Gildozee actual flattened himself when the hypersonic rounds from Yoshiro's gauss gun screamed by. He bounced back up, glanced at where they came from and then seeing his attackers with damaged weapons charged the closest. He took advantage of the moment of surprise and stunned the first one.

The Thaurgon in front of Saki was slammed by the destructive bolts of the forearm weapon. The first of the shots from the barrage burned into the armor the Thaurgon wore and knock it back some. But several of the remaining bolts burned through the armor into the Thaurgon. It collapsed and thrashed about in pain.

Zeumatazola struggled a few more times against the armor clad alien, but could not get enough leverage to move her. "I yield to you alien, but do not expect that my surrender will mean my warriors will stop fighting. Would you stop in battle if one of your leaders were held hostage?"
"I think they will surrender when you give the order" Maki replied, "Or are you suggesting your troops are so undiciplined that they will not follow orders by their commander?"

The SAINT operative brought the humming blade of her aether saber closer to Zeumatazola's knee joint.
Lances of energy spiked from the sky targeting the heaviest, largest tanks and armors in range. Another thundering din surged through the atmosphere when a Mindy-1H arrived over the garrison. The reinforcements had arrived, and she did not stop firing while giving orders, anyone reacting quickly enough to her caught her next target priority as the powerful suit laid down fire on anything she could come in contact with, attempting to lance through anything that could be engaged without harming the technician forces. As she neared the ground, she deployed her NSB from the hardpoints at her thighs and kept firing, her priority after that was continue to ensure that Saki's team could get their job done, even if it meant she had to kill everything between her crew and her position.

The veteran sent two of the NSBs into the garrison through the hole, to support her unit.

"Aeon ground. This is Kurusu. I caught that. Incapacitate the primary target and get it to the tenba. Keep your moves fluid and together, engage hostiles for this priority." The XO ordered, pinging the feed of the battlefield to the team's armors more clearly: the soldiers protecting the technicians were made neutral-combatants, while the loyalist forces to the military commander all kept their kill or incapacitate status. "Use the chaos to our advantage."

At that, she went back to attempting to clear the LZ, and really to assist what she best could ascertain were forces momentarily aligned with their desires.
"Yes Ma'am!" Saki replied to Xo and checked to room. "Yoshiro, clear the room with Gildozee and his buddies. I am moving out. Miss SAINT, what is the status on that scumbag Zeumatazola?" Saki moved on, calling her team. As she went for the exit, she marked Gildozee and his friends as friendlies in her HUD so her team and Tenba would not fire on them.
"He has surrendered, but so far has refused to order his forces to do the same" Maki replied and edged thd aether blade closer to the alien commanders knee joint.
"Right away." Yoshiro said and went to Gildozee. He spoke to him quickly. "I am here to help you and your troops. What do you need me to do for you?" He said and fired at a couple of troops that were aiming at him.
There was an explosion on the side wall of the structure Saki and the others were in side. Through the dust and debris a large form emerged and then landed nearby. It was a TASHA and its cannons swiveled and rotated as it sought to identify hostiles. "IGNO online, Compliments of Ise-Taisa." said in a booming voice. It then strafed a number of Thaurgons that were aiming weapons at Saki and the others with its Gatling turret. Aetheric bolts streamed from the M9.

Maki's prisoner relaxed and then activated its comm system. "Zeumatazola to command. Our base has been overrun by aliens. I have been captured. Inform the troops to stand down. I repeat, order the troops to cease fire and surrender to these aliens."

Meanwhile Kim continued defending the shuttle and the technicians who had gathered near her against any hostile forces. There were at least six Thaurgon soldiers who were actively helping to defend the technicians with her.
The SAINT operative smiled as the surrender order went out. Now hopefully things would quiet down and could get sorted out with no more bloodshed.

"Good, now, remove all weapons you are carrying, deactivate that little dead mans switch of yours and ditch the armor" she commanded, waiting for Zeumatazola to agree before showing any hint of letting the alien get back to it's feet.
Yoshiro shielded his face from the dust and debris kicked up from the M9. "TASHA, link up with my HUD." He said and lit up the targets for the TASHA. He targeted the enemy armor and troops that were still firing at Gildozee and his loyal troops. He returned fire with his Gauss guns.
Zeumatazola looked at the alien, "What you are asking for I can not do. The deadman switch was surgically implanted. But more importantly, I can not get out of my armor as long as you are on top of me pinning me to the floor. "

IGNO looked at Yoshiro, and established a link. It then immediately fired several bursts at the hostiles that were still attacking.

However, in the chamber the loyalists started to lower their weapons. Meanwhile the conflict outside was still in full swing.
"Try anything stupid and I will lop off all your limbs" Maki growled as she got back to her feet, finally releasing the pressure on the alien leader. She had both of her aether blades activated and ready to make quick work of Zeumatazola's limbs should the alien try anything.
Ever so slowly Freyja brought the Tenba down to low above the embattled shuttle and it's defenders. She fired on the attackers hoping to at least get them to drop their heads, and let the defenders gain an upper hand.

"This is the Tenba, is there an open LZ yet for me to set down?"