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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.4] Aeon Landing Site


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The Aeon sat on a large grassy field, there was a breeze that caused the grass to sway. Meanwhile the local animals that had been startled by the gunship's landing settled down and resumed their activities.

Katae looked at the screen as Eternity alternated the view using the ships' various visual arrays. While the site appeared to have an abundance of life, there was nothing in close proximity that would give any indication of any sort of civilization.

In Engineering Hisa looked at her todo list. She decided that for the moment this was a good time to do some work on the secondary power distribution panel.

She picked up the intercom and dialed the bridge. "Engineering to bridge, Ma'am, I am going to do some maintenance on the secondary power panel. Some of the switching units on it are the original ones the Aeon was equipped with. I want to make sure the panel is ship shape. Primary systems should be unaffected."

Katae picked up the handset, "Understood Santô Juni. I don't think we will be going anywhere."
Cargo Bay

Eun-Kyung had been briefly torn about whether to use the APC or the ATV. This was, nominally, an exploration mission but the ATV didn’t seem to offer any specialized scientific equipment. Moreover, she knew a mission falling under the heading of exploration hardly prevented things from going wrong, or getting quite dangerous. Thus she settled on the APC and busied herself with getting it started up and ready to move.

She had just finished up when the Aeon set down. Eternity had kindly passed along the alert and Eun-Kyung stepped back from the vehicle, crossing to the main Cargo Bay control console. She lifted the console’s handset and triggered the Bridge circuit. “Bridge, Cargo Bay. Taisa, requesting permission to drop the ramp. Also, are we to deploy in AMES or powered armor? I would like to request PAs; better safe than sorry, ma’am.”

Katae looked away from the screen at shook her head when she heard Eun-Kyung's message.

What is it about the crew and their over dependence on power armor. So far we having seen any sign of technology or intelligent life. she thought with a mental sigh.

"Chui, I am giving you the same instructions as the other team. You may load the power armor into the vehicle. But for now, filter masks or AMES should be used. If we encounter anything I do not want our stance to look militant. Permission granted to lower the ramp."
Cargo Bay

“Aye, ma’am. Dropping the ramp.” Eun-Kyung set down the handset and hit the volumetric key to release the ramp. She split her attention between watching the ramp actually open and the displays on the console ahead of her, particularly the atmosphere-containment field. There were no problems, though, with either system and so she turned back to the vehicle. Bringing the power armors along just in case worked just fine for her. She could well understand the Taisa’s point about first impressions if they did meet someone else on the surface and about keeping consistent ROE between teams. And besides, wasn’t that the captain’s role, to rein in over-eager junior officers?

Smiling to herself, Eun-Kyung brought up her comms again.

Kim-Chui to Survey Team. Please proceed to the Power Armor Bay. We need four M2-3As prepped and palletized for transport. No heavy weaponry necessary. When they are secured, bring them down to the Cargo Bay. We’ll be bringing them along on our mission.”

Trowa headed for the Armory and began prepping the Power Armor. It felt strange not suiting up in it and grabbing the biggest guns he could get. The effects of the war he supposed. Or it could just be he was Nepleslian and loved big guns anyway. Probably a little of both.

Once the Armor was secured on the pallets Trowa checked in with the Chui. "Ma'am, I've got the suits secured and am heading for the lift. I'll be in the Cargo Bay shortly."
Sunflower looked around the armory as she tried to decide what she wanted in the way of weaponry. She selected a LASR and added it next to her armor on the pallet.

She then accompanied Trowa as he brought the pallet over to the APC.

"Good day Chui, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." she said bowing to Eun-Kyung.
Cargo Bay

“A pleasure to make yours as well, Sakura-Hei,” said Eun-Kyung, returning the bow.

She straightened up and looked around. “Ah, and Yamamoto-Heisho and the armor as well. Excellent. Let’s get the armor and weaponry stowed. As soon as our last team member arrives, we’ll get to work.”

She turned and strode up the ramp into the rear of the APC and began to remove some of the configurable seats to make room for the armor.

“How long have you been aboard, Sakura-Hei?” she said, calling back while she worked. “And how have you been, Yamamoto-Heisho?”
Sakura smiled as she straightened,. "It has been my pleasure to serve aboard the Aeon for five months now. Prior to that I was aboard the YSS Vesper."
"Well I can't complain Ma'am. It's been pretty good." Trowa said as he pushed the pallet up into the APC and unloaded the first suit. "We've got us a pretty good crew." He continued as he secured the first suit and moved on to the second. "Some are new but we've got enough experienced people to spread out among them."

Trowa secured the last suit then removed the pallet. "It is good to have you back Ma'am." The one-eyed pilot said as he walked back up the ramp. "Last time we were on assignment together was Genus wasn't it? When we destroyed that computer, Intellicus I think it was called. That was one hell of a fight."
Cargo Bay

“The YSS Vesper,” Eun-Kyung murmured to herself as she stepped out of the way with the dismantled seats. “Isn't that in Second Squadron? I've never personally interacted with the Second, but it certainly has a reputation, to say the least. Well, in any event, glad to have you on my team.”

She smiled at the medic and watched as Trowa deposited the armor.

“Heisho, I think ‘one hell of a fight’ qualifies as one hell of an understatement.” She grinned at the Nepleslian. “In any event, it’s good to be back, aboard the ship and with all of you. There is something special about her, isn't there?” she said pensively, glancing around at the bulkheads and overheads before her gaze fell to the open cargo ramp. Her smile widened.

“But here we are again, off into the unknown. Let’s just hope we don’t run into any unamicable new acquaintances this time around.”
Sunflower smiled, "Prior to the Vesper I was assigned to the Sakura. But I am enjoying my time here on the Aeon." she said climbing into the vehicle.

"Are we looking for anything specific ma'am, or just general recon?" she inquired.
Cargo Bay

“The Sakura?” Eun-Kyung’s eyebrows were raised, but she didn’t say anything more. The name certainly fit, and also indicated the nurse was a former sprite. Still, she had one impressive service history.

“For the moment, our orders are generally to survey the surface. We’ll report in to the Taisa once we’re ready to depart for more specific directives.” She glanced around to check on the loading process. “On that note, let’s get suited up in AMES. Once the Heisho gets these armors squared away and our infantry support arrives, I want to be ready to move out immediately.”
Sunflower picked up her AMES and gave it a quick check. She then removed her gunbelt and laid it on the floor. With practiced ease she slid the protective garment on over her uniform. She sealed the main seam and then picked up her weapon belt and took her NSP out of it and put in the thigh holster on her right leg.

"This should be different then. Visiting a planet without everything trying to kill us." She said aloud.
Cargo Bay

“Well, that’s certainly the hope,” said Eun-Kyung as she pulled on an AMES herself. “The Taisa doesn’t see the need for us to take an aggressive force protection posture. For that matter, she seems to be more concerned that we don’t come off as militant in the event that we do encounter someone - or something - out there.” She nodded toward the ramp.

“Still, we’ve got the APC and the armor just in case. Better safe than sorry and all. But still, a little peaceful exploration would be just the thing.”
Trowa laughed as he put on his own AMES. "Yes, but when have we ever had a peaceful mission? We can hardly go on shore leave without a fight." Trowa was thinking back to his first shore leave when Eun-Kyung had a fight with insurgents. "Well, maybe this time we'll get lucky and nothing will go awry." The irony was not lost to the Nepleslian pilot as he adjusted his gun belt and felt the reassuring weight of the two pistols, his standard issue and a sterling silver .45, a gift from his first shore leave. Plus his standard combat knife and his 30cm double edged bayonet.
Sunflower listened to the exchange, she had been around non-sprites to realize that these two had shared experiences and there were tonal qualities to their voices that said more than their words.

With her suit sealed and checked, she slung her medical kit over her shoulder and made her way into the Yusou.
Eun-Kyung smiled at Trowa's comment; he certainly had a point. But her gaze darkened a little as she recalled the incident, or at least the portion of it she could actually remember. That was bad enough on its own. Dispelling the thoughts, she checked her suit's display panel, confirming positive seals and functioning systems. She tucked her helmet under her arm and walked up the ramp, heading toward the front to take a seat in one of the passenger seats.

"Alright," she began, "Heisho, take the pilot's station and get her warmed up. Sakura-Hei, you're the gunner. Get the weapon systems spooled up, but your main task is going to be operating our sensors. I want broad spectrum active and passive scans going. No targeting systems, but anything short of that I want emitting and detecting at maximum gain. One way or another, we'll be rolling out momentarily so let's get to it."

Hefting her helmet, she latched it in place, feeling the seals make a good connection but confirming on the display panel again anyways. Satisfied, she opened up her suit comms.

"Bridge, this is the Survey team. We're geared up and preparing to depart. Just waiting on our missing infantryman. Requesting an update on his status and any specific mission parameters. We're prepared to execute a general survey in this area, but can adjust to any more focused requests, over."
"Aye, aye Ma'am." Trowa acknowledged as he sat in the pilots chair and scanned his control board. He hadn't flown one of these since his training days but it was pretty straight forward stuff. He quickly familiarized himself with the layout and began his pre-flight check. Within minutes, the APC engines were humming. "Green lights all across the board. Just say the word Chui."
Sunflower took a seat and strapped herself in. As she was relaxing the entire APC gave an undulating movement. "What was that? Yamamoto- Heisho? Are you playing games with the Yusou?" She inquired.

"Survey Team, this is the Taisa. You are cleared for departure. Good hunt... stand by." there was a brief pause. "Survey team you are still a go for deployment. Seems this area is seismically active. Should not be a problem for you, and Eternity is going to monitor activity to compensate with the inertial systems for the ship's interior."
"Aye aye, ma'am. We'll see if we can get some more detailed seismic readings in this area. Survey team, out."

Eun-Kyung closed the comms channel and turned toward the flight deck area. "We've got clearance, get us rolling Heisho. There's seismic activity in this area so keep us clear of anything that could collapse or be otherwise problematic. And Sakura-Hei, once we're airborne, try to get any data on the activity. The ship can compensate, but if we can provide a better predictive model it'll make Eternity's job a bit easier."