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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.3] Cold Reception


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The Tanoshimi set course for the indicated planet in the system. Just before it powered up its STL drives while the two soldiers from the AEON teleported into the cargo hold. The surged of the drives being used to obfuscate the energy discharge as they arrived.

With the transfer complete the ship proceeded with Freyja at the helm.

As they approached the 5th planet Josea's report of it being an ice-ball was accurate. From orbit it was obvious that a lot of mining activity was taking place. Since the mining operation was shallow it appeared that they were mining the ice aka water.

A large facility, perhaps a research base was identified by the sensors. Josea refrained from attempting to probe the base for more details. He felt that could be seen as a violation of trust at this point.

The coordinates supplied for the location of the landing were near a different outpost, a rather large one actually. Visually the activity and structures gave the appearance of a supply hub.

A signal was broadcasted on the frequency used by Kata'nova's suit providing landing clearance and directions to which pad the ship should land at.
Cargo Bay

Eiven stood there with a slight smirk on his face as the two materialized before him. He knew there were a few theories about how it was done, and one of them quite frankly scared the crap out of him - but the two new arrivals seemed to be alright.

"Hope you kids brought your longjons," the officer cadet quipped, "It's gonna be chilly once we hit the dirt, or - in this case - snow. I'm the doctor aboard, and I promise I'll enjoy removing frost bitten limbs more than you will."

The last was followed by a grimace to show he likley would not enjoy it, however, as it was one of his least favourite procedures.
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Yoshiro got up after a good amount of sleep. He didn't know how good he could be in a situation that would probably require diplomacy. He headed down to check his armor in the hangar bay when he heard Eiven speak. He sat next to his armor and waited for orders. "So what am I supposed to do? I am a solider, not a diplomat or anything." he said out of the blue. He was suddenly feeling as if he wasn't going to do well being that he was infantry and such.
In orbit above the frozen world, were a number of ships in parking orbits. These had the look and feel of freighters. Large volume, lower power signatures and small craft making runs to and from the surface. There were also a number of satellites; which the EM signatures classified as communication ones.

From their vantage point above the surface, several storm fronts were visible. Although the weather over their intended landing site was clear.
:: Engineering ::

Since there wasn't much for Sheela to do. She moved down to Engineering Main and fiddled with the controls and brought up a view of what the bridge was seeing and a view of the surrounding area on a small console monitor that was not in use. She leaned back in hers seat and placed her feet on the console before her.

As She brought the ship into orbit, Freyja kept an eye on the sensors and made sure she was ready to pull the ship out and race away from any attackers. She knew the ship could do some fighting, but it wasn't her fighter nor the Aeon herself. So she sat there waiting for the worst and hoping for the best.

Kata'nova had found herself in the cargohold, the place she'd mainly found as a place of peace during her time aboard the ship. She was leaning up against one of the many crates that were in the bay, her arms folded over her chest and her helmet on her head, albiet her eyes were closed; one might think she was asleep, except that wasn't the case. She was listening in on the comm. traffic that was now permeating the airwaves, listening in on ship captains as they chatted amongst themselve about an alien ship that was in orbit, others pondering 'who' it was and why they were here, others more simply thought that the ship might've been of a new Neshaten design. Although hidden amongst the chatter she could also hear several military vessels communicating with one another - including an Or'ion ship. Makes sense, wonder how long they've been here... she pondered to herself, thinking about how Or'ion's presence could be a blessing or a curse, depending on how they acted. Hope whomever is in charge has a tight leash on them...

With a heavy sigh she opened one eye to look at the ships landing coordinates, coordinates that had been sent straight to the bridge and had been translated into their metrics system so they could more easily understand them. She pondered how many would be coming to meet her people, of course, she wondered whom amongst her own would be there to meet 'them'.
"Well, no obvious signs of malicious intent. Have battle maneuvers in mind as we descend." Misaki warned Freyja. Nothing was ideal about first contact during active hostilities, but in some cases if you wanted to make First Contact there was no avoiding it, conflict was sometimes the /reason/ they found out about a new species, after all...that and the Empire could hardly point fingers about being at war, they were warriors after all.

"Land us at the supplied coordinates, proceed on the vector provided." The XO announced, then she keyed the intercom to the rest of the ship, "We are engaging our descent to the planet. Make adjustments needed if you are particularly displeased with the cold. Warmer uniforms are approved. We will leave from the port airlock on deck two once we have landed, starboard if they go to that one." The Chusa had actually prepared a few gifts of her own, one was a sword, one she hoped to give the highest dignitary they would meet as a matter of ceremony. The veteran felt it would best go to one of their soldiers, if they had a chance of understanding one another, at least.

Sheela sat up, placing her feet back on the deck. She looked over the consoles to make sure aether generators were operating at peek efficiency. And other subsystems of the ship. Specially weapons systems and shielding. She overridden bridge control to place the shields on standby, letting them warm up and ready for use.

She would take the tail chewing when it came. But them few seconds would come handy if things went to the hades in a hand basket. She adjusted the interior ship's temperature a bit warmer, yet comfortable for the outside environment. She moved from console to the next checking systems ad rechecking the for the ease of operation of the ship from the bridge. It was her job to worry about the ship, letting others worry about other things in keeping the ship, crew and Guest they was returning back to her people, safe.
Cargo Bay

"You would likely be for when things become a problem," Eiven offered to Yoshiro, "Out side of that, you will likely just watch unless the XO has other ideas."
As the Tanoshimi approached the base, movement could be seen; vehicles headed away from the base and a series of craft - obviously military - taking off from a deployed hanger bay and heading off into the distance. There was another ship though, one that followed them into the atmosphere but was riding parallel to the ship, the ship was long with a matte-black coating, it had swept back lower wings and an protruding conn. tower. Large areas of its surface glowed a light blue and the ship tilted onto its side for a brief moment before it moved away.

In the cargo hold, Kata'nova's HUD flashed a warning - the Kit blinked and tapped the air, where the sign was; her gauntlet gave off a warm glow as a holographic representation of the base appeared for everyone in the bay to see - it was a map, granted the labels were all in Tinacen, but a map none the less. The Kit packaged it and sent the map to the Tanoshimi's bridge. This was a good thing, considering she'd never been here before - she could tell by the way the map appeared and by teh images presented to her that this base was very new, probably not even a year old; which made it all the more amazing that there was so much comm. traffic going on right now. A lot of the civilian traffic, however, wasn't being diverted - it seemed it was just business as usual.. like seeing an alien vessel was normal.
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Josea had programmed the ship's sensors to record everything they could get on passive scans. He especially did not want to risk doing an active scan on their 'escort'. After all an active scan could be construed as a targeting lock. Not something he wanted to give the impression of.

As the ship entered the lower atmosphere it was buffeted by the winds blowing across the surface.
With the ship entering the atmosphere Freyja had to adapt to the turbulence of the air engulfing the ship. There were slight vibrations and shimmies that she had to account for and adjust the ship's flight path with minute trajectory changes that added up to less then thousandths (.001) of degrees. Nothing that anyone would rally notice or feel, or even see with the naked eye, but enough to cause the atmosphere to work around the body of the ship with a bit more ease. A signal bead of sweat rolled off her forehead as she concentrated on bringing the ship in safely, and, keeping an eye out for and hostile gestures from Katanova's people.

She really wasn't thinking about how this was going to be a first meeting between two races, nor the fact she had a little remote controlled starship in her personal bag, to be given as a gift. She had worked hard on it over the time she had since they first decided to start looking for Kata's people. though she could have built it with the fabricator, she did a lot of the work by Slowly working the parts and placing them as precisely as she could. She had hoped the fact it wasn't perfect was as much as an statement of her people as the fact it was well built.
Cargo Bay

The flash of light caught Eiven by surprise. He turned to look and began recognizing it as a map. "That looks useful," the doctor commented as he began looking at the shapes to see what was what while ignoring the words he obviously could not read.
Cargo Bay

Yoshiro thought about what Eiven said and then got up to make his final checks on his armor. "I guess that I am good for something. I am not used to this, I want to fight as I have been taught but I guess that we need to adapt to a different situatiom." Yoshiro said. He looked at his armor and decided that he needed to ask about a paint job for his PA.

Kata'nova's expression remained blank. "Sorry about the language, I'll have to spend some time translating it for you, but since I'll be with you I can guide you and the others straight to where we are going." She watched as several of the areas highlighted in blue, and a long white line that lead from the landing pad to one of the rooms. "That's a long trek," she blinked in surprise, noting but not stating, that the path would have them passing by a couple of security checkpoints. My people are concerned, not surprised.

She tapped her helmet for a moment; and sent a request off to Josea for the latest work on translation, making a note that she would be handing it off to her people so they could use it to create a translator.

Josea sent the latest lexicon of the Trade to Neshaten that the computer and he had worked out. He was also visually recording everything as they approached the landing site.

He then looked at Misaki, "Chusa, when we depart. Should we bring FARS with each crew member to record everything?"
Cargo Bay

"A person is always good for something," Eiven replied with a kind smile, "but yes, it requires adapting - something one ends up needing to do more often than you would expect." The smile then seemed to acquire a touch of sorrow, as if from a passing memory, then lightened again. Yup, one must always adapt...

The doctor then turned to Kata'Nova, "How long? The XO will want to know in case it changes how we go about this."

Every spare minute while doing her job as Technician, Sheela studied Kata'Nova's language she could gain from the Megami. Being of an animal species, Sheela picked up the nuances and accents of the words much quicker. She was thankful that being a tech, she had much broader access to the data than most crew had. She programed the security system to pick up Kata'Nova when she spoke her native language to learn the language. Some sounds were beyond her capabilities due to species limitation.

Making her rounds of the ship, doing 'look busy' work and some of it was actual work in keeping the ship fine tuned. Even a stop into the cargo hold that also was Power Armor storage for the troops

Cargo Bay

Seeing Kata'Nova amongst the senior crew of the ship. In Kata'Nova's language, >"Greeting Officer Kata'Nova"< As Sheela gave Kata'Nova a quick bow as she passed by the small group to assist the Soldiers with their Power Armor with technical support.

Kata'nova thought about what the Doctor had asked, trying to figure out how best to translate the different time mechanics used between her specise and that of Yamatai's culture. "At least half an hour, give or take. They want us to avoid the more dangerous areas, but that means that we'll have a longer trek; since it would take a mere.... twenty minutes I think, if we were to have a straight shot."

Her attention was taken then when she heard Sheela speak her language, it was a rough speakage, but it was a decent one and one that actually put a smile on Kata'nova's face. Amongst her people, Kata'nova would be considered an officer - at least by now she would've been had she had returned from her original mission - but then again it seemed the information she was receiving from her people did in fact state that was promoted to an officer rank a year after she had vanished, more than likely ceremonial but it mattered not. The rank was still hers to accept, even if the rumours of her desmise were greatly exaggerated.

"Once we arrive, please let me do the talking; I'll introduce everyone in turn, but there is no telling what we'll see upon arrival."