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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Go: Dôshiyô

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YSS Kaiyō
23日 3月 YE 39
2100 Hours

"Their systems were offline!" Asuka yelled out. She pushed back and away from her console and ran to the captain's suite, yelling while she did, "Boss! Get everyone prepared for—" She cut herself off by yelling to Taii Teien Eden, "Their systems were offline!"

Eden responded quickly, but she rubbed the sleepiness out of her eyes as she did from her place next to Saki in bed, saying, "What?"

"I didn't see them!" Asuka said before her hands clasped over her mouth, eyes wide and pleading with the Taii and Chui now looking at her.

"What? Didn't see what, Deio-Hei?!" Eden snapped.

"Mi— Mi..." Asuka trailed off, then Boss interjected.

"Mishhuvurthyar, Captain. We are currently being boarded."

"Where?" Eden asked as she pulled Saki out of bed brusquely, stepping hard and fast towards the door of the suite.

"The storage area above the power armor bay and the bottom of the ship where landing gear and misc. systems are stored," Boss replied evenly. "They have not yet made it through the hull."

"I want infantry to the power armor bay to meet them there. I want them there now!" Eden said as she pulled Saki into one of the escape pods on the outer edges of the bridge and before closing the door said, "I love you! Stay here!" She then closed the door on the XO and made sure it was locked.

Boss had already sent out orders to the infantry, saying quickly into their bedrooms as they slept, "All infantry hands to the power armor bay to prepare for hostile boarding actions being taken by NMX forces!"

Boss asked, "Any other orders, Captain?"

"I want the princess in one of those!" Eden pointed at one of what she had just put Saki in. "I want SAINT to position themselves strategically of their own accord. And I want everyone else to go to the armory, weapon up, then go to the cargo bay to meet the rest of the NMX boarders there!"

"On it, Captain!" Boss said while simultaneously issuing out orders. Asuka followed Eden into the bridge, which was only occupied by the pilot, communications officer, and, now, Eden and Asuka.

"Motherfucking Mishhuvurthyar," Eden murmured as the bridge doors closed behind her and she began asking the comms officer to open up a line to the squadron leader Catherine Ross.
Meissa leapt out of bed. Right as she settled in, too. Few hours down though, she'll do fine on rest.

First things first.

"WAKE UP! WE GOT HOSTILES!" she yelled at her roommate. Then, not even checking to see if Arbs was actually up or not, she half-dragged, half-carried her friend to the armor bay.

"Damn whatevers." Meissa grumbled. She made sure to swing by Mat and Mochi's room while she was at it, yelling something about dudes who wanted to kill them, then bolted off to the power armor bay.

A conflict on the home field allowed her to use the whole crate of PE to her advantage. Hence, she had no need to carry any besides two blocks on her belt. She used the leg room to instead hold a whole ton of grenades. She decided that she'd thank herself later.

"I need help carrying as much PE as I can!" Meissa screamed at the people coming in.
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YSS Kaiyō
23日 3月 YE 39
2100 Hours

Riku remained at his station as Asuka, the Sensors Operator, ran off to inform the Taii of their current situation; his hands gliding over the console as messages and alerts popped up throughout the net as the YSS Excalibur, Intrepid, and Storm's occupied MEGAMI's struggled to communicate with the Kaiyō's. He was quickly informed of the Taii's presence on the bridge and briefly turned to face her, nodding as her order came swift, turning back once more to face his console.

"This is an emergency transmission of the YSS Kaiyō to the YSS Excalibur, requesting communications with squadron lead Ross-taisa. We have been boarded by hostile Mishhuvurthyar forces and will be engaged in close-quarters battle momentarily. Condition One, I repeat, Condition One. Please respond, Excalibur."

He waited - a second - two seconds, way too long for such an urgent message to not have a response. Then, with static in the background and what sounded like a voice caked in urgency, came the response he was looking for. Though it seemed they were busy on their ends as well by the sound of things. Orders were being yelled in the background as it appeared the YSS Excalibur was currently under attack.

"This is the YSS Excalibur, we are currently engaged with several NMX Scout-class vessels! We will not be able to render you assistance, Taisa Catherine Ross has her hands full with the situation on this side. Recommend you seal all non-essential bulkheads and await them at the breaches. Empress's favor upon you all, YSS Kaiyō. I-I'm sorry. Excalibur, out."

"Understood, Excalibur. Empress's favor to you as well. Good luck. Kaiyō, Over and Out."

The communications operator didn't look up to see how the Taii would react to this, instead he began reaching out towards the Intrepid and Storm. Their response times were vastly improved but their situation appeared the same as the Excalibur's. NMX Scout ships had hit them hard, surprising the crew at their most vulnerable, though it appeared none of them had yet been boarded, which was a god-send, but this meant they were also unable to render any assistance for the near-future. The Kaiyō would be alone. For now, at least. This begged the question as to why they were the only one's currently targeted, though.

"Eden-taii, your orders?" Riku asked as he attempted to maintain some semblance of communications with the other ships of the squadron, a task that required most of his focus as the Yamataian Minkan listened to the battle chatter going on, but it wasn't so much that he could not lend his ear for the Taii's next orders.
Guest Cabin

Amanozako's eyes snapped open as the klaxons and the voice of the ship's AI rang in her ears. The Mishhuvurthyar were here? Invading the ship. It had to be a bad dream. But no, the alarms persisted and the dark haired neko bolted upright in her bed. What the hell were the Mishhuvurthyar doing here?

She swore savagely and rolled onto her feet. If the enemy was aboard the ship, there was little time. She quickly pulled her black jumpsuit on, not bothering to zip it up as she shoved her feet into her boots, then pulled on her personal armor as quickly as she was able to, not taking the time to properly seat and seal everything, as she could do that later, once she had an idea how bad things were. She strapped her gun belt in place, with it's 2 HHG's and Zen Arms .45 before grabbing her Impaler rifle and helmet. She was out the door less than two minutes after the emergency alarm had awoken her, her feet pounding on the deck as she sprinted for the power armor bay.

As she ran, she shoved the helmet on her head and triggered the suit's built in comm system and hoped they were not being jammed by the enemy. "Are you awake?!" she called over a secure comm channel set up between her communicator and her ship. "We're under attack by the Mishhuvurthyar and I need you to come in, guns blazing"
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Med Center Laboratory, below Armory

"What the..?" a voice rang around the normally-silent Med Center laboratory area, a labcoat-clad scientist perched in a grey swivel chair before a wooden desk filled with all manner of microscopes and petri dishes. Several feather of various colours and sizes could be seen, along with what appeared to be vials of blood. Placing the vial he had been examining hastily down, Mochi stood and made his way towards the exit.

Normally, nobody was awake this time of night. Very strange, though probably nothing. The blonde strode across the warm, strip-lit room, gently sliding open the door a crack and peering down the hallway with two emerald eyes. Strange - he swore he felt some sort of vibration or something.

"Boss? What was that just now?" he yawned, almost convinced it was just sounds of the ship settling. The reply came in. "That would be the sound of NMX trying to board the ship, Science Officer. Standby." Eyes widening, Mochi stepped out and charged as fast as he could towards the Bridge and his muster station.

"Santo Juni Iemochi, you are to redirect towards the cargo bay and to prepare to repel hostiles." Boss chimed in, the orders coming a thirty seconds too late or so - no idea what the delay was. "Aw for the love.." the blonde exclaimed, spinning back on his left heel in a full 360 turn. White coat streaming behind like a jet's trail, stationary struggling to hold on inside the various pockets as he took the short route to the Armory situated just above the Med Center.

Mochi scolded himself for not keeping any weapons inside the lab, with his pistol being back in his quarters with the rest of his clothes. Usually, he could get away with just wearing black boxers and white t-shirt at this hour, which was much more comfortable for research in his (rather interesting) opinion. Perhaps there would be some sort of rifle in the Armory he could use.

A minute or so of high-speed coat flapping later, Mochi burst into the Armory, unbeknownst to him ahead of all but a couple of other crewmembers using his shortcut and already being prepared as he was. Swiping one of the many weapons from the racks upon racks of firepower, he checked it over and grabbed a handful of ammo. There was no sense going ahead practically without a squad, so the Juni awaited a couple more non-Infantry personnel.
YSS Kaiyo
Captain's Suite

Misaki gave a slight mewl from being suddenly removed from the bed and sleep. She had heard the word Mishhuvurthyar, but seemed to still not know who 'they' were. She tiredly asked, "Eden, what's going on?" before giving an audible whine and being shoved into an escape pod. This frightened her, especially once she heard that Eden was going to muster with the infantry.

She tried to open the escape pod door, but realized it was locked. She whimpered before sniffling while reaching out to Eden telepathically, "W-What's going on? Please tell me!" She felt alone, and slowly found herself balling up at the door. She was tearing up, she was confused, and she was terrified.

"Eden, I'm scared."
YSS Kaiyō
Cabin 2
2100 Hours

Anastasia was enjoying a nice night to be full of sleep for once in what seemed to be a while. And then, the Mishhuvurthyar attacked.

Hearing the alarming message from Boss, Anastasia quickly threw herself off the top bunk, yelling at Yoshida while throwing on a pair of stretchy workout pants to go with her tank top. "We gotta go!!" In a rush, Anastasia slapped her belt on, complete with holstered service pistol. She slipped her feet into the boots from her working uniform, before exiting the cabin, pistol drawn.

Anastasia quickly moved down the hallway towards the armory, keeping an eye out for anything nasty. She had only been awake for about a minute and had been thrusted into a defensive position. Her worst nightmare was coming true.

She busted into the armory along with a few others, quickly holstering her pistol and running over to the racks of armaments. She grabbed her trusty SMG and an extra clip, attaching it to her belt. In addition, she grabbed two concussion grenades, clipping them to her belt. She'd hate to have to use a grenade of any kind within the cargo bay, Mitsuko would have her head on a plate. But, it was an emergency precaution.

Anastasia then booked it to cargo, SMG carefully at the ready. She looked like a three minute soldier, and given the situation, that's exactly what she was.
Orion was just about to pass out on his bed, when he was startled by the call, he jumped off the bed and got his boots and his belt, he was already wearing a shirt and some pants, and ran off to the armory, without tripping with his own wings while coming out the doorway. Sometimes he didn't even remeber he had wings...

Running into the armory, he went to grab his infantry rifle, tripping with the doorway AGAIN. He finally got up to it and holstered it on his belt, along with the service pistol. If someone really paid attention to him they would only had heard some grumbling and him mumbling:
"Why did it have to be while we were sleeping..."
Sutahira jerked up as the message that they were being boarded came. He was only wearing his briefs, and threw his covers off, slightly shivering at the cool air hitting his bare skin. He quickly grabbed his uniform and pulled everything on, finishing by snapping his pistol belt onto his hip. He burst out of his cabin, and ran to the armory to grab his rifle and service pistol.

He witnessed the clumsy Elysian stumble through the armory doorway, and rushed past him as the Elysian grabbed his gear, and Sutahira could have sworn he heard him mumble something.

As Sutahira holstered his pistol, snapped his helmet into place, and yanked his rifle off of the line, he began sprinting towards the cargo bay, joining a stream of crew and other positions as he continued to don armor and clip extra ammunition onto his belt.
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YSS Kaiyō
23日 3月 YE 39
2100.02 Hours

Yoshida was up in an instant as boss informed her of what was happening. Is This really happening?! She thought to herself as she rolled straight off the bed, and hovered with her body parallel to the ground for a moment, perfectly level before she hoisted herself back up to vertical, And quickly grabbed her service pistol and utility belt. Everything else was a waste of time, instead she threw up some holographic clothing of her usual attire instead. Unless somone was paying attention and noticed the uh 'clipping' there would be no issue. "R-right! Let's repel the unwanted guests!"

She took off along side Anastasia, keeping pace with her rather than zooming off ahead. She thought again in the breif period they had, on how this had happened, and how she felt about it. She had fantasies of battling against the mishhu and rescuing dudes and damsels in distress from their insidious clutches. But now that it was happening? With no warning? She almost wanted to beleive this was a dream- or a nightmare. But she couldn't quite decide which yet.

Yoshida nearly slammed into her armor as they entered the PA bay, even as she expertly slid between the legs of one individual that was in her way with a short "Comin' through!" She made the decision quickly, not changing a thing about her loadout, Just grabbing the Aether Gattling Rifle right next to her personal armor. "Okay! I-I'm ready! Lets erase these guys!" There was a slight hint of fear behind her bravado, as she noted Anastasia with no armor, she quickly began activating the volumetric hardlight sheilding systems instead. Her hands full with properly weilding her Gattling Rifle, she couldn't help with the collection of PE so easy.
YSS Kaiyó, crew cabin

Jumping up in surprise from the sudden alert, Abart'huse practically flailed out of bed, landing on his muscular, scaly tail neatly sprawled out on the floor next to it. Being fully awake, but still tired, the snek drags himself from the floor, opening the door of his cabin to peek outside. With the people running back and forth, with plenty of shouting to go with it, even he could make up the gist of the situation.

"Oh crap......this is for reals!"

Slipping back inside, he hastily whipped on his type-35 jacket along with the belt and pistol holster, not having to bother with anything else. Ignoring his tiredness, made evident by the slight bags under his eyes, the Separa slithered towards the Power Armor bay at breakneck speeds, easily overtaking some of the other personell. Reaching the PA bay in just a minute or two, Abart'huse barged into the room with his huge snaketail in his wake.

"Teisilis-Heí reporting for duty! Somebody mentioned something about carrying PE?"
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William's Cabin

William had just finished taking a shower and had dressed when the lights began to flicker. "That's odd..." he thought to himself. Then... his heart dropped and a cold chill ran down his spine. "Boarders... Mishhu... oh no." He was terrified. He remembered the horror stories the older childern would tell at the orphanage. Of the horrible things they would do. Of the monsters they were. A split second later he remembered the story his mother told him on his first mission of the hunter and the bird.

"Aiko, Mama!" The boy's fear for their safety quickly outweighed the fear for his own life. He grabbed his newest sword in his hand and clutched it tightly. A new emotion bubbled to the surface, hammering down the fear. It was pure, unadulterated rage. His Nepleslian heritage boiling over in this time of crisis. 'These things think they can come here and hurt my family? My mama, this crew...Aiko? I can't... I won't let it happen.' He thought as he grabbed the other sword, Rei's Heart, and sprinted out into the corridor. His heart hammered in his ears as he sprinted to Aiko's quarters. His hands gripped tightly into fists as he ran, his fingers turning white.

He had to find Rei and Aiko... he had too...
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It took several moments for the nearly nude weapons operator to recover from the awakening and subsequent throwing around she had been subjected to. As Arble sat up, she deliberately began to breathe quickly and as deeply as possible, jump-starting her body naturally as she made it to her feet and stumbled over to a weapons rack, grabbing a short SMG before navigating out of the weapons area. MEGAMI said... Cargo bay? As the tiny angel made her way upwards towards where she recalled being told to go in only panties, she cursed to herself for being so warm when she went to bed. By the time she had passed Mochi the smol had acquired enough internal energy to engage in a form of tunnel vision, glowering as she marched bare feet towards the compromised area. She knew enough about boarders to not try opening some door herself but the Angel did not catch any information about what was causing the problem.
"Yes, I did!" Meissa shouted at Abart'huse, who just slammed the doors open. "I'm gonna set up a whole bunch around the entry point, so when they break through, we're gonna satchel charge and PE them until either there's nothing left but their ashes!"
Snapping towards the source of the commanding voice, he quickly regains his posture.

"Hai! Got it!"

Following Meissa's lead, he picked up two crates of the highly versatile concoction, grabbing a third one with the lower end of his tail. With the strength and overall bulk of his tail, carrying this much material was well doable for the Separa.
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YSS Kaiyō
Cabin 3

Hanna was woken up by the frantic stirring of her cabin mates and the voice of the Kaiyō's AI ringing in her ears. In their panic, none of her cabin mates had thought to wake Hanna up. Slightly annoyed by this and her unacceptably slow wake up time, Hanna jumped out of her bunk and proceeded to her locker-style cabinet to clothe her nudity. Despite her annoyance, Hanna managed to calm her emotions and to procedurally and efficiently attire herself. She slipped on a set of undergarments, and attired herself in her Type 31 Working Uniform. She then put on her Type 32 Utility Belt, her Type 31 gloves, and her Type 31 Work Boots. Satisfied, Hanna took her Type 33 Service Pistol from her locker and prepared to exit from her Cabin. Taking a glance in her periphery, Hanna noted that she was the last one in the Cabin. Prior to opening the door, Hanna slid a BR-28 Battery Magazine into the back of her pistol. After taking a deep breath, Hanna sighted her pistol and swiftly kicked open the door, scanning the corridor for hostiles...
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Crew Lounge

Cabin 1's door slid open to the commotion of Kaiyo's crew scurrying off toward the ship's Armory or Power Armor Bay, variously dressed with some half-awake as the Condition 1 alerts continued to sound. The Ketsurui Samurai Rei appeared and paced into the lounge as they ran off to their assignments aftward, calmly peering left, right, and around with sharp, intense eyes before stepping aside to make way. In the dimly lit quarters behind her, Princess Aiko stood tall in her white Type 35 while she finished making sure the Yamataian bellflower ornaments in her hair were perfectly adjusted. They were, so she grabbed her sword from by the door and joined her yojimbo.

Boss's message from Teien-taii had been received without confusion: report to the bridge and take shelter in an escape pod. Aiko and Rei had discussed the order, too, however briefly.

"It would not be right for a samurai to flee in the face of the Empire's enemies, would it, Rei-san?"
Aiko had asked.

"Iie," Rei replied.

"And I am your noble lord," the princess would continue. "Thus I am bound to lead my vassals wherever they must go."


Aiko kept her eyes closed as she walked across the lounge, contemplating the chaos unfolding on the Kaiyo. Not even her steely heart could deny the nerves fluttering in her abdomen, nor suppress the sickening dread that a whispered mention of the Mishhuvurthyar brought to any sane person. Those monsters were an old foe—an incredibly distant memory to most mass-produced soldiers in the Star Army—not even Rei had met them in combat. The soft rumbling she could feel in her feet and through her long legs was a constant reminder of the Mishhu invasion and their effort to penetrate their ship's hull.

But determination separated a warrior from those they promised to protect, so Ketsurui Aiko wore a grin even as the hold around her katana's sheath tightened with each passing moment.

William came running out of his cabin, making a beeline for her and Rei, and met them quickly as the pair of imperial Neko moved against his direction. Aiko opened her eyes as he ground to a halt in frot of her. His steaming emotion was clear—he wore mask of resolve he had back when they snuck out to see Kyoto after dark and were confronted by some rabble—and she was happy to see it.

"Good of you to join me, Wil-kun," Aiko said from behind her smile. Her big, crimson red eyes gleamed under the deck's light as she spoke, burning with the excitement she was holding back. "I've been ordered to the escape pods. We will make our way there through the Power Armor Bay and then down back around via the decks below. Are you prepared?"
Crew Lounge

William finally rounded the corner and came to stop in front of Aiko, his blue eyes meeting her crimson ones. He looked to her, and wanted to stop her from getting hurt. However, he knew that he couldn't stop her.

Even through the chaos, William crossed an arm across his chest. "I am merely a tool that you wield... Use me as you see fit, my lady." He replied, bowing to Aiko, and fell into step. He then looked to Rei, to his mother, revealed his true feelings. He was scared... truly and utterly terrified. But, a split second later, the anger came back and his face went back to an angry sneer as they walked.
Cargo Bay

Mitsuko had been unable to sleep. Things had been going too well the past few weeks. It was too quiet, and that left her with extra time and energy to spend worrying. So, instead of tossing and turning while adding entries to her list of ways the NMX Neko bunked a few doors down could kill them all in their sleep, she'd gone somewhere even more comfortable than her bed with the non-regulation sheets and extra plush comforter she'd brought on board herself. She'd go through the cargo manifest in reverse alphabetical order this time. That would keep things interesting.

Of course, things quickly became far too interesting for her tastes.

The Logistics Neko ignored the MEGAMI's warnings and the Taii's orders, which was somewhat out of charcter for the relatively reserved Warrant Officer. She grumbled to herself as she worked, something about 'beaches' and 'frozen margaritas' while the two robotic arms attached to the ceiling of the Bay went to work. Standard Starship Cargo Containers were quickly rearranged, leaving a tunnel down the length of the Cargo Bay. The rear door/ramp was left exposed, while the entrance into the ship, and the cargo lift, was blocked with lines of containers providing perfect cover.

She could hear, and feel, the intruders slamming against the hull of the ship, scraping their way around towards the best potential entry point. It felt very familiar, seeing as they themselves had used roughly the same tactics to board the L'Kor Albatross. As she finished her work, Mitsuko heard tools and tendrils working on the rear door...ramp pried downwards before it was sent spinning off into space. NMX Neko in protective suits began to pour into the opening, the bulk of a true 'Advanced' Mishhuvurthyar pulling itself in behind them, tentacles grasping all around the freshly created entrance. The ship's forcefield could hold in air, but it did nothing to keep out the invaders.

A moment later, the hulking shape of a SSCC-Medium dropped from the ceiling, slamming down onto the first unlucky squad of unfriendly Neko that had eagerly boarded the Kaiyo, blood practically exploding all over the previously pristine Cargo Bay.

"Get off my ship!"

Murakami's voice could be heard projecting out of the Type 30 Tankette she had backed out of the Vehicle Storage section of the Bay and parked near the cargo lift entrance. It sounded like she was not in a particularly good mood.

All of the other crew members outside the Cargo Bay or in the nearby Power Armor Bay could hear the unmistakable racket of a Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30 being fired inside of the Kaiyo. However, it was likely only Taii Eden that realized this was actually the second time Mitsuko had been involved in the firing of one of these weapons to repel hostiles on board a Plumeria. For better or worse, last time she hadn't even had a tank to attach it to.
YSS Kaiyō

Having taken a detour to grab a GP-12B and three Smokescreen grenades from the armory, Hanna was one of the last of the infantry to arrive at the Power Armor Bay, and one of the few infantry still in duty or working uniforms. Hanna went to her designated Type 31 Armor Storage Rack and prepared to don her armor. After removing the suit's helmet and hanging it on the framework, Hanna floated herself into the suit, wiggling as the suit adjusted to fit her mass and body shape. After the armor adjusted to her fit, the mechanized loading arms guided the helmet on to her head. At Hanna's direction, the support framework released the restraints on the armor, permitting her to move freely. With this completed, Hanna took her weapons and awaited orders from command.
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