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Naming the UX and HX systems of Yamatai


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So I've been wanting to get actual names to the systems of Yamatai that currently just have a number like UX-3, etc. One idea I had was to name them after our most notable members (e.g. ones with high post counts). For example we could have a Nashoba system and an Aendri system. Some names might have to be altered a little to make them suitable for a planet. What do you guys think?

The names would be given to the following systems:
  • UX-13
  • UX-15
  • UX-16
  • UX-17
  • UX-20
  • UX-21
  • UX-22
  • UX-3
  • UX-8
  • UX-9
  • UX-10
  • UX-11
  • UX-12
  • HX-2
I'd reserve that for systems which we actually settle.

I liked the presence of these with generic names, since it meant that while we know they are there and have been charted, that the Empire is kind of stretched thin. Those are places we know, but that also don't necessarily have imperial presence, which makes them ideal to play with.

Once more formal names are applied just for the purpose of naming things, I feel some of the potential for that will just feel leeched away.

I certainly don't want anyplace to be called Fredland. =P
While the idea of giving those systems names has a certain appeal. I have to agree that until they are settled, they should remain. as is.
Okay. Thanks Fred and Nashoba for your feedback. I'll leave their names as-is for the time being.