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Approved Submission [NDC] "Mithril" Military Bodysuit


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It's the Mithril, a bodysuit for the NDC! Has a variety of RP-fluff features to make things fun and keep characters alive.

The sub-article is a new corporation that will be making this suit and other future stuff for the NDC. Pretty simple, I think, but it has a lot of mostly fluff around how the corp operates.

As an FM of the NDC, I approve!
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Okay so first the suit, it looks good there is just one thing that I think needs to be handled. The suit needs a section called Controls or Operations that explains which interface systems work with it, and what functions are usable without said interface. I understand it's meant to be used with the geist as the primary, but it's best to have a centralized place where people can look quickly and see what their character can do with it.

Also I guess it would also be best to under materials give a quick rundown of what the helmet is made of? I think I know the answer, but I'm not sure I know it.
Is there a price for these suits? If not, I can make one up.
This equipment is issued to soldiers, not sold to buyers, similar to many uniform articles on the site. Because of that, Whisper and I didn't see fit to give it a price. If you feel that having a price would be useful, even if it's not available for sale, I can work with Whisper to come up with one and update the article.
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