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Abandoned Submission [Nepleslia, Kinda] Aseri Zemith


FM of Nepleslia
Remove the private army thing, lower numbers to around a flat "roughly 200,000". I understand the idea of "well IPG plot hook" but I really don't want this to turn into something years down the road if you end up leaving at some point for someone to go "WELL TIME TO PRIVATIZE THE ARMY AND CAUSE ANOTHER SCHISM" or whatever. Everything looks more or less fine aside from that since it's just more build-up for their culture/info dump.

As a not-entirely necessary to change a thing, I would prefer it if we nix'd expat Hanyadi living outside of it. That's also very strange posturing that could lead into "and then there were 50 billion more", based on site precedence of folks pulling new populations out. I don't think it's likely to happen with this line as much as the private army situation, however, so that's why I don't really mind it as much.

After that, I'd be fine with approving it I guess. This isn't about you "being Zack" or whatever, it's merely the fact I've seen it happen both inside and out of Nepleslia so much with these two specific things that I want to keep ourselves grounded in more finite numbers. We can modify them based on RP and time progression but keeping it reasonable and limiting things that could cause sudden growth keeps us trying to use things moderately-paced.


FM of Nepleslia
It seems fine from a concept point, then. FM Approved, so long as it checks out with NTSE.


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Placing this on submission on hold till March 1st 2020. When NTSE can finish the review.


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The user was perma-banned on 02/13/2020.