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New ship same business

In perfect honesty, Care would have preferred to have not bothered the specialists who would have the technical knowledge to assist in the backing up of her data. To her, it was a part of the things she had simply automated in a way that allowed her to not think about it. She knew certain forms of AI in the early days of the exploration of synthetic persons often had the accidental and purposeful flaw of becoming stuck on paradoxical statements. Science and the structure of synthetic intelligence had moved far past that, but she considered the topic of data backups to be the same kind of forbidden knowledge, quietly accepted and shoved to that dark corner of the mind rather than come to terms with its implications, and whether or not she truly believed its function.

More than once she had found herself a quivering mess at the prospect of actual death, that her backup was little more than a copied set of code that was no more than a separate instance of herself, like opening several sets of tabs in the holonet indexes, then repeatedly refreshing only one of them. She knew of the events, but she had purged the memory from her databanks. Despite the attempt, it did little to calm her on the subject.

"Of course, Itto Juni. I shall take a medical kit with me when I return to my quarters for the day." Without delay, a number of presets and subroutines planned out the simple task of checking the stock of the cabinets against what should be in them. Though a majority of them were stocked, and she did little more than carefully rearrange them into excessively proper and methodically organized patterns for ease of access, only a few were over or understocked. The overstocked she promptly removed the excessive, crowding units of whatever it may be, showing a clear balance of filling the shelves without crowding them, even if it meant that a single one was left in actual storage outside of a sealed primary bulk. The understocked were much simpler to fix, and often times the process balanced itself out as she worked on the organization as well as stock.

All the while, even as her subroutines navigated her quickly and efficiently, each task giving a slight appreciation of their completion, the real daunting task was the one that lingered in her mind, as it was the one set of tasks that she could not designate to subroutines and hidden programs. Though the open door provided an excellent opportunity to speak, perhaps disjointedly, with another crew member, the state of them both being on duty nulled any progress in that direction. All she could do was endlessly write out possible scripts to approach people with, dozens of responses to common greetings and conversation points she had seen organic soldiers often discuss with a form of enthusiasm that she severely lacked.

None of them felt right, and it felt as if none of them mattered. Writing such scripts, even as a subroutine endlessly produced a babellian index of conversation, felt wrong, as if it defied the idea of what conversation was about. Though she could slip in minor subroutines like proper greetings and recognition of rank in her statements, full conversations felt wrong. Actual contextual responses would never work well without proper intelligence of social interaction, and the level of which such subroutines would need to borrow from her own was... Inconvenient, to say the least. The one task that her subroutines could not cover was the one that was given by the highest authority of the ship.

It was the one task that, try as she might, generated responses and solutions abound, she could not solve. A no solution puzzle of the highest degree. "Itto Juni." Care forced herself to speak before her reservations would close the gate on such thoughts. "I apologize for interrupting your work, but if you would be open to conversation, I have a question." Countless errors glared at her despite the heavy weeding of the words before they were even spoken. Some of them, she noted, were not even legitimate, yet they flagged in her system all the same. "How would you recommend getting to know the crew off-duty?"
RP Location: Main Medbay

Sunflower had completed her tasks in the office. So she came walking and crossed over to Care. "I always have time for the folks under me. And well as the ship's medic anyone who has concerns. " She leaned against one of the diagnostic beds. "How to get to know the crew off-duty?" She paused for a moment, "Well, the first thing to remember is we all have one thing in common. We are all Star Army and we're serving aboard a fighting ship of our Empire. It has been my experience that after a shift, you will find crew members gathering in various places. Some folks will gather in the Wardroom, getting a snack or a favorite beverage. Such gatherings tend to be informal and casual. Some crew members will gravitate to the Lounge. Older members typically congregate there. The activities there can be more intimate so to speak. I don't mean that they will be having sex, But the environment is more open, so folks there will have discussions about people they have been with. Or activities they did while on leave, which sometimes are more intimate. Of course the lounge is historically home to the Dare Party tradition. Which is an entirely different discussion. Besides, it would be unlikely for a group to be having one of those unless we are at Condition 4 or 5."

"My advice would be to ask Eternity where a group of crew members are gathering in a public area. Then go there," She gave Care a smile. "Then when you enter, if there is no one talking, introduce yourself. If they are talking, then quietly take a seat and listen. If is a private discussion, they wouldn't be having it in a publish space. I hope that helps you."
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Engineering, Deck Three - YSS Aeon II

Seina paused briefly when she saw the inspirational writings beneath the lower panel. Based on the writing alone, she could not determine who had written the messages. However, she suspected that the captain, along with a few of the officers on the Aeon, had created the hidden motivational message. However, a few moments after she found the inspirational writings, Hisa called out to her. With a deep breath, Seina committed the image of the writings beneath the panel to the files in her digital memory. Then, she floated up from the lower pit of the generator and towards the console.

“Yes, Juni!” The pink-skinned Nekovalkyrja answered snappily as she set the red pin on the console. Then, with a quick succession of thoughts, Seina plugged back into the console via SPINE and made preparations to re-engage the aetheric generators.
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Engineering, Deck Three - YSS Aeon II

Hisa came over to verify that Seina was ready. Her Working Uniform was unzipped to make her more comfortable in the warm environment. I need to have a discussion with the Taisa after we get the power working. I just heard that the Working Uniform was being phased out." She then went to the master panel and brought the Aether reactor back online. "Okay, bringing the reactor back online. This time things should work better." Hisa said to Seina. "Reactor at 50%, Stable, increasing to 60%... reactor still stable. Here we go, bringing reactor to 70%. Reactor is stable at 70%, Engage the generator Seina on your mark. As long as it is stable take it to 85%, that's our safe margin."
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Engineering, Deck Three - YSS Aeon II

Seina monitored the power levels of the reactor with razor-sharp focus. Her SPINE connection to the console was a welcome distraction from the heat of the room, allowing her to direct all of her digital mind’s processing power into the task at hand. When the reactor reached 70%, with a single thought, Seina kicked the generators back to life. Then, she partially disconnected from SPINE in order to better perceive the noises from the reactor and the generators with her own acute senses. With a few measured thoughts, the pink-skinned Nekovalkyrja slowly increased the power levels of the generators from 10%. The generators were robust, yet fragile machines, especially during initial startup procedures. As such, Seina carefully heeded Hisa’s warnings. After each 5% increase, she waited a few moments for the generators to settle before raising the power levels once more. It was a time-consuming process, but the technician hoped that in executing it, she could avoid a potentially calamitous situation...
The response was, in a sense, precisely what she anticipated and feared as a response. It was obvious before the question was even presented that no singular answer would prove to be a proper solution. Details and suggestions that, despite altogether being true, were altogether unhelpful with the reasons she was unable to do it. Finding the people was not the issue, nor was having something in common with them. The ship was large, but it had designated areas of lounging, and anywhere apart from a busy street, be it a restaurant or a hobby store or anything else, you would find that something unifying was shared among most everyone there. Whether it was Yamatai or not, it hardly felt appropriate to open a conversation with someone based on that alone.

There it was again, that strange sense of invisible values, trying to equal or overcompensate numbers she couldn't conceive with roles of value she couldn't sense. Things didn't work because these false numbers that held no meaning were not equivalent. "Of course, thank you, Itto Juni." With that, she returned to the work at hand, though the self-improving subroutines kept most of the thought of it automated, leaving her head to herself.

Concepts and ideas, cultures and behaviors so utterly foreign to her that they defied comprehension.

What's wrong? It's easy as long as you 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 .
The 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 򪪪 is the key to socializing!

Like a mocking ignorance of it, so fluent in it that it simply couldn't be understood where the issue arose. Like words and meanings she couldn't understand, as if the whole blots of conversation were simply missing.

Though nothing visible had physically changed about the quiet gynoid, the abrupt response, followed by silence spoke well enough. I appreciate your response, but that doesn't help.
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42

RP Location: Main Medbay

A black haired female came walking through the doors and stopped a few meters from Sunflower and Care. "Santô Hei Nakano Chiyo reporting for mental backup."

Sunflower turned to look at the crew member, She then turned to Care, "TraumaPatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411, kindly take care of the Santô Hei in the Mental Backup room. It will give you a chance to address what we were talking about earlier. Let me know when you complete this task we have several other crew members who will be coming this way."

Engineering, Deck Three

The generator responded with each increase that Seina gave it. Once the generator reached the specified level and remained stable, Hisa sent a command to the environmental systems. A cool flow of air started moving through the main engineering. She walked over to Seina. "Well that was fun. Thank you for your assistance." she said clapping Seina on the shoulder.

"You should probably get moving to the cargo hold. There are eight androids that the Taisa acquired that we need to be online. I believe that is your specialty, so get moving. Once they are online it will make things much easier to get the Aeon ready to go." She said with a smile.
Thankfully, it seemed, chance had decided that one uncomfortable topic would be replaced with a second one. This one could be danced around, ignored with a veil of ignorance as if she truly had no opinions on the subject of Soul Transfers. No one ever asked a medic their opinion of it unless their own beliefs were on uneven footing. For the most part, she had noticed, the Yamatai population had more or less accepted it as something as true as two plus two. There was no consideration of the idea that something flawed could be introduced with it, the concept of the 50/50 shot of it truly being the individual, and so on and so on.

"Of course, Itto Juni." Was her muted response, as she quickly moved to direct Nakano Chiyo to the table that served as the hub of ST backups. It was, in her opinion, much more fitting a device for the deep-tissue scans of more primitive times than that of saving someone's consciousness like a hard set of data. "Please lay on the platform while I begin the process, for clarification and verifications sake, you wish to have your ST backup updated and verified?" It was an archaic sentiment, of course, she wouldn't be here if she didn't want it, but something felt wrong about raw assumptions of it.

She integrated a sliver of thought into the system as she primed its scanners and servers, picking out the individual laying down with existing profiles. Soul Transfers had always made her uneasy as a rule, as they never quite felt real. She had heard it compared in training to the more technically minded as backing up and updating a drive, but that simply made it worse in her head. When you backed up a drive, you didn't save the file itself, you saved a copy. Even if it were a direct transfer from system A to system B, it wasn't the same instance, of which she saw a specific important notice that few people seemed to give any credence, instead looking at her as if she were a wayward pessimist.

You opened a program, you closed it, you opened it again. For all intents and purposes, it was the same program, all the exact details are there after all. There's objectively nothing in the first instance that the second is not capable of doing. However, it cannot be argued that it is the same instance of the program, the continuous stream of code that operated it. It moved the details into strains of psychology and philosophy that Care was, quite frankly, ill-equipped to deal with.

"Please confirm your identity as Santô Hei Nakano Chiyo." The system connection already told her that this was the exact individual as what was recorded in the name, but once more the archaic verification of sound mind prevailed over standard operating procedures.
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Engineering, Deck Three - YSS Aeon II

Seina was relieved to see the generator responding so well, especially after the flow of cool air began to move through the sweltering room. With a deep breath, Seina unplugged from SPINE and wiped her hand over her sweating forehead. The work was difficult, but in the process, she had gained a newfound appreciation for the engineers that toiled so tirelessly to keep the ships in the Star Army running. There were some who thought such work to be a waste of a Nekovalkyrja’s talents, more fit for a Geshrin or a human. Now, Seina realized that was a fiction, propagated by those who viewed soldiers in non-combat occupations as inferior.

Nevertheless, every Nekovalkyrja was expected to wear power armor and fight on the front lines, regardless of their occupation. They were Tier One soldiers, and thus more fit and capable than virtually all natural born personnel in the Star Army. It was that commonality which united the Nekovalkyrja as a sorority of warriors, fighting to serve and protect Yamatai. Discrimination on the basis of something as frivolous as occupation only weakened that sisterhood, making it liable to internal strife, and ultimately failure.

In spite of her department chief’s jaded disposition, Seina was glad that she had learned something from working with her in the engineering room. In addition, the smile that shifted across the woman’s features seemed to be one of approval.

Maybe she hadn’t made such a bad first impression, after all.

“Yes, Juni! I’ll have those androids up and running by the time we launch!” Seina replied snappily. “Hopefully they’ll make things easier. I’ll see you later, ma-I mean, ahh Juni.” She finished awkwardly, knowing that the engineer was not one to entertain excessive formalities.
RP Location: Main Medbay

Chiyo paused briefly to see who was going to do her backup. The individual that the CMO had spoken to was unlike anyone she had seen before. She followed the person and got onto the table with ease. "I am Santô Hei Nakano Chiyo, and I have come here to have my first official Mental Backup created." she said in a clear voice. "While I did go through the process once at training, I chose to not take a copy of the original. After all it was mostly incomplete. You have an unusual name." Chiyo said pausing. She wondered what kind of person this medic was.

RP Location: Engineering, Deck Three

Hisa smiled, "I am sure you will get them up in no time. Take one of the EM-J4-1a MARI to assist you. They are handy. You did a good job helping with the generator. Meanwhile I have about two dozen things on my to do list. Fortunately there is another member of the Engineering team coming on board shortly. Plus we have a team of techs who will be tending to the Taisa's fighters."
First official, meaning that this was likely the individual's first ship she had been stationed on. Quite a jump, but she was more than aware that she was practically made for it. No family is left behind, no history aside from being trained. It didn't sit right with her, how that functioned, to give someone a purpose before they knew who they were. Did this one even have a real identity? She didn't bother asking, believing it would be quite rude. She was more than aware, of course, of how hypocritical it was to have such a belief, but she assumed that her opinions on it came from somewhere. What would I have chosen? Is something she asked herself many times, but not once had she come up with an answer. Would you have chosen at all?

"You can simply call me Care, most of my name is largely irrelevant." Care responded as she booted up the system, verifying the files of the system itself first. Backing up did little if the very system they used was faulty, even if it was one in a million chance of there being an error, much like most of Yamatai's gear. "I was created as a Freespacer, I immigrated to Yamatai via the military option. Freespacer sourced immigrants are not common, as you likely noticed, particularly due to the Genocide." She stated the word as plainly as any other. She gave it no particular worth of note, no inclination of value to her, but nevertheless, the very nature of the word was a heavy one.

"As such, my name follows Freespacer cultural inclinations and syntax. The preface of my name is a title closely affiliated with the job I was designed for. Traumapatcher, in this instance, of course, refers to medical practices. Most names in this sense are usually some creative take on the subject, with very few going into the specifics of the job." She paused, deciding that being open, at least like this still got her somewhere, even if she didn't know where. "I should note that I did not choose my name, or the job I was created for. I find it largely meaningless, particularly the list of numbers that follow my middle name. My middle name is Care, as you heard, and is the only name of particular value, as it is the only name that refers directly to me."

Verifications of system integrity, check.
All device drivers were updated to current regulations in the last system installation.
It was all boringly finished before she even looked at it.

"You'll have to forgive me if I'm expanding on the incorrect faucets of your inquiry. Despite being of Freespacer origin, it is unlikely that you could find someone of such origin as far detached as I am. Please remain still for a moment while the scan begins." She paused before giving the instruction, flicking the switch that started the scan.
RP Location: Main Medbay

Chiyo relaxed her facial features going slack as the SIU began the process. After a few minutes the process to run its course. When the unit cycled off, she moved the SIU from her face. "Well that was more comfortable than the one in training. It must have been rather brave of you to leave the Freespacers. I appreciate you explaining how you came to be here.

I know it was difficult decision for my family to accept. But in the end it was my decision. And the mental backup will help to ensure that if the worst ever happens to me, that there will be a version of me to carry on. Although to be honest, I would prefer to remain the original me. Now that this is done, I need to find a free bunk, then report to the XO. If you have some free time I would like to hear more about your origin."
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"I've found that most things seem quite overwhelming from a distance. You hear someone's story of an experience they've had it feels far from achievable, but sometimes those actions and accomplishments don't phase them in the way you'd expect. Some of the largest mountains on recorded planets aren't jagged peaks that scrape the sky, but rather a gradual incline that many could find the summit of without ever realizing that there was a mountain at all. Moving to Yamatai was not particularly brave of me, because I did not have fearful emotions on the matter. Fear is a prerequisite for bravery, meanwhile, I simply played the hand I was dealt without caring too much of the possible consequences." It seemed, after all, that this soldier was organically born to a family. Uncommon, but it still occurred, though she couldn't perceive why one would do so.

Then the opportunity presented itself, she could speak more on the matter now and describe in explicit detail how boring the true details were, giving the plain and simplistic answers she had memorized, but she could withhold it for later. She could effectively use it as leverage to grow closer to that goal given to her, though she gave no indication of such thoughts. Naturally, she would obscure the details she wished not to share, such as the cruel creation she believed herself to have been put through.

"Of course, it would be appreciated to speak with you further, at your convenience. Please do not allow me to delay you." Her mind automatically pushed for the checks in the systems, data integrity, match it with the final scan that came after the upload, and all at once the backup was saved. The cut-and-paste that everyone had seemingly convinced themselves was a copy-and-paste. With that, she ran a final diagnostic on the system, reviewing the process of the scan to further check for issues, more so to prep the machine for the next batch to come in.
RP Location: Main Medbay

Chiyo got off the medical bed. "Thank you. I look forward to getting to talk with you more. Perhaps in the Lounge or Wardroom. Depending on our schedules." She waved as she made her way to the doors, about the time that two other crew members arrived.

"Santô Hei Taki Jirai reporting for Mental Backup." said a black haired Minkan male who had teal eyes.
"Santô Hei Nishino Emi reporting for Mental Backup as well." said a Minkan female with light blue hair and blue eyes.

RP Location: Hanger Deck Package

Yani walked into the Deck space. "Well there are the maintenance crew. Seems they are working on a Ke-V8." she said to Shunjou. The technicians she was speaking of were in fact NH-33M. There were quite a few moving about the desk and working on preparing the craft. "That is one of the enhancements of the deck. There will be 80 of the technicians before we leave. They have their own quarters here on the deck. But there is nothing to stop them from socializing."
More soldiers appeared for the same purpose, it seemed improper to hold small talk when a line was forming. "Please, Taki Jirai, please lie down on the device." She instructed she went through the same process. The wonderful thing about the process is that, after doing it once, she could refine the process more and more each time. The speed of it wouldn't be of much notice to anyone but herself, but that short notice change of the time it took shortening with each attempt activated some basic reward function in how subroutines, especially as the subroutine specific to the task slowly trimmed itself down to being more and more precise, better with the task it was given.

"Taki Jirai, do you confirm your wish to create a backup?" It was the same question as before, the same one she would undoubtedly ask time and time again. Like a machine devoid of feeling, of direction, composed only of the task at hand.

It did not stop the restless feeling that stirred in her, but it quieted it for the moment.
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Cargo Bay, Deck Four - YSS Aeon II

“I will. Thank you Juni!” With that, Seina left the engineering room and floated a single flight down the stairs until she reached deck four. Excited to finally do the job that she had been trained for, Seina moved quickly through the passageways on her way to the cargo hold. After making a brief stop at her cabin to wipe the sweat from her forehead, Seina entered the cargo bay and moved towards the rack of Geboku and Emma androids. Although none of the droids were sentient, Seina nevertheless derived a sense of satisfaction from maintaining them. In her view, they were akin to mannequins which allowed her to practice her skills so that she was more able when it came to maintaining sentient droids. In essence, she was able to attempt new techniques and test new technology on them, instead of subjecting a sentient droid to the uncertainty and danger of experimentation.

Upon taking a brief glance at her surroundings in the cargo bay, Seina found a relatively empty area which she decided to use as a workspace. It wasn’t an ideal space, but she hoped that with permission from the captain, she could set it up as a makeshift laboratory in the near-future. It would at least give her a place to execute more intensive repairs on droids, in the event that one of them was severely damaged or needed extensive maintenance.

After booting up an isolated computer pad and activating one of the MARI drones, Seina opened up the torso of each of the Emma droids so that she could access their power systems. Then, she performed a safety assessment to ensure that their capacitors and power cells had not developed any hazardous conditions during their downtime. Fortunately, everything indicated that the droids were fresh from the factory, rather than refurbished or re-used. That made her job easier since she would likely not have to replace or repair any malfunctioning parts for a while, but it also meant that she would have to go through each of the droids to remove any unnecessary factory labels and security tags.

It would be an easy, but highly tedious task. Nevertheless, there was no denying that it needed to be done. As such, Seina immediately set to work on it, knowing that all of the droids would need to be fully activated and functional before launch in order to ease the strain on the engineering team.
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RP Location: Cargo Bay, Deck Four

A black haired female approached Seina her eyes were the color of amber. She was wearing the green panel of Science. "Would you like some assistance? I have had some experience with these types of Androids." she said with a smile. "I have found it never hurts to make friends with a technician."

RP Location: Main Medbay

A brown haired Neko came into the medbay. "Is there a medic available? I need to get my left hand treated."
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Cargo Bay, Deck Four - YSS Aeon II

Seina was almost finished with removing the security tags and factory labels from the first android when she heard the errant footsteps approaching from behind. She didn’t bother to shift her attention away from her work until she heard a feminine voice from what she presumed to be the source of the steps. After pulling the last security tag from the inside of the Emma unit that she had been working on, Seina turned around and saw the black-haired scientist that had offered her assistance. She supposed that it wouldn’t hurt to let the scientist help her with a task as rotely repetitive as removing security tags from androids. In addition, it would free her up to start the more skill-intensive work sooner, allowing her to potentially have the androids running ahead of schedule.

“Oh, yes please!” Seina answered snappily. “I was actually just removing some security tags from these androids. They’re completely new, so they still have a bunch of factory stuff on them. Here, let me give you a quick brief.” The pink-skinned Nekovalkyrja began as she floated to the next Emma unit and opened up the torso.

In the next few moments, Seina showed the scientist the location and appearances of the security tags and labels that she would need to remove from the inside of the androids. Once she was finished explaining everything to the scientist, Seina picked up her computer pad and floated back in front of the first Emma unit that she had removed the security tags and labels from.

“I hope that explains everything you’ll need to know!” The technician continued. “I’m going to get to work on calibrating and activating this Emma unit. I’ll be able to calibrate the other androids as you finish taking out their tags and labels. Thanks to your help, I’ll be done way ahead of schedule!” Seina said as a grateful smile came over her features. “What’s your name, by the way? I’m Seina, Mazaki-Hei.”
Backups were a simple process, and in a way, it bothered her how synthetic the organic things before her really were. Meat, skin, flesh, breath, it did not matter, they were printed, copied and pasted models with randomly generated assets and appearance differences from a setlist. She had seen the list of approved designs and colors, and they did not impress her. It felt like it was there to give the implication of freedom in design for those who made their new bodies, but through such strict guidelines that it would be like chastising a child for drawing outside the lines.

The same rules, she noticed, did not apply to Separa'Shan who joined birthed with the same patterns and designs outlawed by the Neko bodies, or other species noted for naturally appearing designs.

How curious. Would it apply to her if she began to format patterns into her skin-plates?

Her idle thoughts among programmed movements were interrupted as, when she finished the batch of the fresh crew members, someone seeking medical assistance appeared. Left hand treated? She moved quickly, stepping forward to guide the injured crewmember to a proper seat where she could treat the injury, and two paths appeared in her head that it could be as her eyes scanned the Neko. "Of course, what caused the injury?" She asked, the two core options appearing as paths in her head.

The first was that the crewmember was legitimately injured, something that could be serious given the appearance in the medbay.

The second was a freshly printed recruit who was not used to the excessively fast and impervious flesh of Neko, who could regrow limbs as if they planned on shedding them on the norm, had received a minor injury and had panicked on what to do.

No, she was not jealous of their collective invulnerability.

Not in the slightest.

"Nami-Joto Hei, I was checking the galley and there was an electrical cable that was not secured properly. When I through the breakers the cable snapped away from the wall and arced and well. you can see the damage." She said holding up her left arm which was truncated about mid forearm. Her face clearly showed the pain that she was experiencing. She looked around for a chair and sat.

Cargo Bay

"I am Himari, Jalen-Nitô Hei. Thank you for allowing me to assist you. There is nothing for me to do at my station. So helping you will help getting the Aeon II ready to launch." She turned to the next inactive android. She took the appropriate tools to gain access to the android. She deftly removed the various various tags and labels. She then closed the torso and moved it closer to Seina.

Himari then moved on to the next to repeat the process.