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New ship same business

RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Cargo Bay, Deck Four - YSS Aeon II

The name immediately registered in the technician’s digital mind as she set to work on calibrating the first Emma unit. Almost immediately upon processing the scientist’s profile, Seina realized that the woman was a sapient gynoid.

It’s no wonder I was assigned here, Seina thought. Half of the crew must be androids!

“I appreciate your help, Himari.” The pink-skinned android technician replied. As she spoke, the power system of the first Emma unit hummed to life. With a few thoughts, Seina put the gynoid through a series of tests to ensure the health of the power systems. Once that was done, Seina registered the unit with Eternity so that the MEGAMI could communicate with the gynoid and assign tasks to it. Then, after a few moments, the technician unlocked the gynoid from the storage rack and it slowly stepped off of the rack.

“First one is done.” Seina spoke. “Seven more to go.”
The arc had, quite apparently, acted as a makeshift form of immediate amputation of the body part. She had to wonder about the power source in question, and whether a hand had been left behind at the scene, and if the surge itself had cauterized the wound or if the bizarre organic coding of the fake-flesh synthetic women had closed the arteries and blood vessels leading through it. Whoever would clean it up would be in for quite a fright, either way. It was naturally an injury that required actual medical treatment- But, she noted with a sour note in her burning circuits, not treatment from Care.

No circuit cleverness, no active tactics of medical mastery could be applied to fix a missing limb. It was not Care that would fix her with some clever use of her unique worldview, nor even her training that would mend new nerves and muscles together.

It was an unconscious tube that ran on subroutines and basic commands.

Her eyes moved across the room, quickly ushering the woman out of the chair. Care was no sadist, but she had run countless situations and experiments in VR runs of both her own and stranger makings and always, without fail, the most interesting and thrilling scenarios were the ones where she had little to work with. A mixture of high needs and low resources, where sometimes not everything could be saved. One she ran constantly because it seemed to actively fight her.

This was real, only one solution existed that made sense. "Under careful medical consideration, you are currently relieved of duty until your injuries, namely arm ablation and distal burns have been properly treated and repaired." It could hardly be called 'guiding' as Care was more aptly carrying the woman with a lingering sense of empathy. Pain was pain, unlike the simulations, this was real, though Nekos blatantly felt it less. The destination was clear, even before she stated it. "You will be placed in a Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube for repair and regrowth. During this time you will be submerged in Hymosynthesis fluid, with your body constantly scanned and monitored while reconstruction begins. All duty assignments are postponed until you have been medically cleared. Due to your submersion, it is recommended that you resort to nonverbal methods of communication with medical staff and other individuals that you deem it necessary to contact."

Normally, this would be too much information, but she felt it common courtesy to let the woman know what was happening to her, especially given that she was saving a copy of that script directly into the woman's mind. The bio-devilry of their programming was unsettling at times, but useful nonetheless.

With speed, grace, and soft gentleness, she would place the woman in the tube, booting it up and starting the process that would automatically begin its repair. Fixing the injury was more important than saving already seared clothes, and she considered herself more modest than Nekos tended to be anyway. She lingered by the tube, both to observe and verify its functions and processes, as well as to serve as an actual individual for the injured woman to be near.

She knew that an unthinking automaton would be the last thing she'd want near her in such a situation.

Nami looked at Care. "I understand, thank you for your assistance. Not exactly how I would have liked to make your acquaintance. I will following your instructions." She turned her head towards one of the ship speakers. "Eternity, please inform the XO that I am currently in medical receiving treatment." she said. "I'm all yours now." She said with a wan smile.

Nishino Emi watched what going on. "Would you like some assistance getting Nami into the Hemosynth Tube?" she asked.

Cargo Bay, Deck Four

Himari moved to the next unit and deftly repeated the procedure. It was a simple repetitive process and one that she could do without a lot of focus. In fact with her reflexes she could process them much faster, but she chose to move at a pace that matched that of her coworker. "So, what made you want to be a Information Technology Tech Seina?"
It was a more earnest introduction than most, Care noted. introducing yourself to the Medic because you needed help, it held more honesty and character than the niceness that would last for a week, possibly two depending on the person. Care had been through it before, a different ship, a different crew. Nice introductions would continue and brief conversations until people slowly realized that what they saw with Care was ultimately what they got. Any deeper meaning or purpose was locked behind barriers that they didn't have the key for, and the few that broke the code found themselves summarily locked out once more at the slightest misstep.

Unconsciously, they'd move past it, to a more receptive conversation with more interesting individuals.

"No assistance is necessary, though the gesture is appreciated." Came the cold and plain response as Care placed the Neko into the tube, connecting her into its systems and beginning the initiation process of the whole thing.
Shuttle Bay
Libra Star Fortress

A shuttle approached the station and the pilot got on comms. "This is shuttle Flare requesting clearence for landing. Got a transfer from the Sakura waiting to come aboard." The pilot said. "Clearence request granted. Please dock at shuttle bay four." The response came immediately. "Roger that." The pilot said and prepared to land. "Thank you for flying with Star Army Air. Please fasten your seat belt and place your tray tables in an upright position. Once again thank you for flying with us." The pilot said as he landed. After the landing the passengers disembarked and went to their destinations as did Yoshiro.

Aeon II
Captain's office

He went to find the Aeon II but as usual he was lost. He stopped a guard along the way and he asked him where the Aeon was berthed. The guard pointed him in the right direction and Yoshiro went to find the Taisa. He found the door to the captain and knocked. "Nito Heisho Yoshiro Tanaka reporting as ordered." He said and waited for the Taisa's response.
RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Cargo Bay, Deck Four - YSS Aeon II

The captain, Ise Katae, had asked her a similar question earlier in the day. However, Seina did not want to directly tell Himari that she had trained in information technology so that she could play doctor with androids like her. Unlike the deactivated Emma units on the storage rack, Himari was quite sentient. Would the gynoid trust her with maintaining her synthetic form if she told her that she had become an android service specialist so that she could roleplay as a doctor? Deficiencies in her occupational assessment scores had initially barred her from training as a medic. However, since the captain herself had authorized her cross-training, she had been given a second chance.

However, she did not want to mess up the job that she was already trained in.

“Umm…” Seina paused, silently considering the gynoid’s words as she picked up her computer pad and set to work on calibrating the second Emma unit. With a deep breath, Seina resolved that she would answer Himari’s question the same way she had answered captain. She supposed that wanting to play doctor was nothing to be ashamed about.


“I initially tried to be a medic, but I didn’t score high enough on my occupational assessment exams, so I trained in information technology instead, specializing as an android service technician. I chose android maintenance because...” Seina paused. “I felt I could feel the same sense of altruism by helping androids as I would have experienced in helping biological individuals as a medic.”
Captain's Office - YSS Aeon II

The door to Katae's office slid open silently. A moment later her alto voice called out clearly. "Enter when ready Nito Heisho Yoshiro Tanaka. Kindly take a seat this will not be a typical interview since you have been on the Aeon."

Cargo Bay, Deck Four - YSS Aeon II

Himari listened to Seina. "That is an interesting parallel that you drew. Although I have found that I do not make a distinction when it comes to the make up on a person's body. I served in the Scientific Studies Service before choosing to join the Army. I have worked with Nekos, Minkan and androids sentient and non-sentient. I think it was a mistake that the service wanted to limit these models of androids."


Nishino Emi watched as Care loaded Nami into the hemosynth tube. It was apparent that the medic was proficient. But there was something about her bedside manner that was definitely a bit off. 'Probably new ship jitters.' she thought. "Well since you have things under control I am going to report to my superior. See you around." she said with a wave.
Captain's office -YSS Aeon II

"Yes Taisa." He gave a quick bow and sat down. As usual he was getting a bit nervous but at least this time he was able to control it. He felt like he was back at home, a warm feeling that enveloped his very soul and he smiled. Realizing that he was being interviewed he sat and waited for the Taisa to speak.
Captain's Office

Katae watched him as he entered. She gave a slight bow as fitting her station. "At ease Yoshiro. As I said this is not an interview. You served under me so there is no need for an interview. Although I will be giving you a promotion to Ittô Heisho. You will be responsible for training and leading our Infantry. I will submit your promotion after our discussion. The Aeon II is a a lot different from our old ship. Larger crew once we get more assigned. But a lot of new features. Needless to say we will be getting more infantry, but most likely they will be green. "
Captain's office-
"Itto Heisho...." He muttered to himself. He wasn't sure that he was ready for the responsibility of training and leading new recruits but he would do his best. "I am honored to have such a responsibility. I am glad that you trust me enough to do this." Now that he had added responsbility he wanted to make sure that he was up to the task. "Should I make a training schedule for the new recruits? I mean if I am to train them I assume that some time should be set aside for training recruits." He asked after a few moments of silent contemplation.
Captain's Office

"Of course, The Aeon II has a volumetrics room which will allow you to train them in simulations. That way while we travel you can put them through whatever scenarios. I will expect you to keep me abreast of your training." She said with a smile.

"You will probably need to check some of the other new recruits, because as experience has shown us. Anyone who goes on a mission needs to be capable of supporting it. Depending on my schedule, I may come and observe, or even take part in one of your sessions. Just to make it interesting." she said with a wicked grin. "Select a cabin we have plenty, you can bunk with whomever you want."
Captain's Office

"I would appreciate any advice that you have to give me for my new responsibilities because this is all new to me." Yoshiro said "I am not sure that I am up to the task but I will do the best that I can with my new responsbilities."
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RP Date:
01 / 14 / 42
RP Location:
Cargo Bay, Deck Four - YSS Aeon II

Finding her pace, Seina quickly calibrated and activated the remaining Emma and Geboku units, making idle chatter with the science officer as she worked. The science officer would be able to go through the units much faster than she had been, since the pink-skinned technician seemed to have found a rhythm in executing her more technical duties. After twenty minutes, all of the units were active and connected to MEGAMI, with some going about various tasks while others sat idle, waiting for assignments to be distributed in their work queue.

“Thank you so much, for your help.” Seina turned towards Himari, a soft smile shifting her features as she spoke. “Hopefully, with their help, we’ll be ready to launch soon, so we can take the fight to the Kuvexians.” Seina added, feeling a surge of enthusiasm in her chest at the thought of doing so.