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OOC [NSMC 309th] Official OOC Hangout


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As we draw closer to the launch of the 309th, this is the place where everyone can fan-out (or boo) the plot. Talk about it, enthuse about it, make memes of it... you make your pick. Keep it fresher than a pair of Hanako's panties, doods and doodettes.

Oh yeah, in-case you missed it we've got our world now. New Bernese. Then there's this dude. I mean, really, things are almost there. Like so close. Utmost close. Reee.

@SirSPT @HAMnJAM @Cordinarr

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@HAMnJAM @SirSPT @Cordinarr @Primitive Polygon @FrostJaeger @Gunhand4171

To everyone involved in the 309th plot, New Bernese has been approved! With that (and our spazzy sssssssssssnake logo) done, the plot thread will be going up soon today. However, this initial thread is meant to be short as it's more introducing everyone and being partially aided with Gunhand's input (either directly or via convo with me) to set the scene and connect the 309th to the 3rd Fleet and various other assets within DION. This thread will also be nice and tame (barring a Hanako bodypillow being stolen and someone getting scalped for taking it, probably), but this is the part of why I tagged most of you. The first three tagged, obviously, are the main/already more-or-less ready-to-go members. You guys have more impact. Latter two are more to help tilt it if it's uncertain. And Gunhand doesn't have to care, but he can totes add stuff.

Do you want this RP to be a +18 board RP? I believe it wouldn't change who can be involved, but if I'm wrong we'll likely avoid it. The reason I'm presenting this option, however, is for the additional content that the +18 board CAN open. This can be morally difficult situations/scenarios to more "lewdz" methods like kissing and junk. If the consensus is that we can swap and people want to, we will.

Post here yer thoughts on the matter and if it'd prevent you. If it ends up swapping, a new OOC thread will go up and be supported in the 18+ board, but this one will be available for questioning/discussing the board for those interested but might not have interest. It's not going to be our main thread in that case, but it'll be a good middle-ground to ensure we can discuss the plot with those who don't want to see the +18 board!

=3=7 Look forward to the thread going up today, gentz.
We could totally run the first episode as an in-transit/ship based thing where everyone gets acquainted to the armor and the crews. I also support the 18+ rating, because hitting some poor sod with a SABOT round isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Though beside's my input, Legix it's YOUR plot. Your final call.

Though I'm ready to blow stuff UP!
+18 is cool, but I honestly feel like people have a hard time getting new recruits once it's hidden away like that.

Maybe it's an idea to start out as a normal thing, and change over once things are a little more stable?...
+18 is cool, but I honestly feel like people have a hard time getting new recruits once it's hidden away like that.

Maybe it's an idea to start out as a normal thing, and change over once things are a little more stable?...
The only issue I have with swapping is that like... the potential to have situations that define the RP might be within those spare/scarce 18+ moments. Not to mention HAVING that room alone can change the tone most people carry into any RP (lewd or not, it has a greater moment for tragedy as much as the triumph that comes with RP).

However, as someone who had the Dig-It stagnate in terms of people who can find and see it without someone bringing it up/wiki-searching, I do understand the part of how the 18 tag can cripple it during the start. That's also why this won't reflect in the initial thread's rating.
I'm up for changing it to 18+ but, I can also see how changing later after we get the train to leave the station would be beneficial. I'll leave it to your experience with this matter, Legix.
As an aside: @Primitive Polygon @FrostJaeger @HAMnJAM @SirSPT @Cordinarr

This is to everyone who has basically already got themselves involved/heavily interested (or just not interested but not asked anything): if you have ideas for the NPCs that make up the rest of the platoon, don't be afraid to send 'em my way. We need to fill out a LOT of the support staff (maybe Ella's bitch blonde cousin is the radio operator, while Tim's uncle is the lazy old Nepleslian handling all the fuel acquisition. Or maybe some random dude with a thick unibrow that no one ever remembers the name of handles everyone's ammo-handouts).

TLDR: We need fluff fodder, so don't be afraid of making people for downtime in the plot. There will be slow periods that involve the support staff. This isn't 200% combat.
I wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to be going out of town for a few days starting tomorrow. I'll have my phone and maybe my laptop to keep up with stuff (may or may not write), but I'll most likely be catching up on Friday/Saturday. Enjoy your turkey day if you're celebrating it!
I saw that Gunhand has put up a post for Gun Christmas, and I wanted to double check before posting there. Is it safe to say that the 309th has leave for this day, and to use our characters in it?
"Infantry, I want you to dismount once we reach the wall. The turbo-lifts appear operational near the gatehouse, so take those up and assess the militia's status."


"Support us from the walls."

Fergus: *Rains pancakes down from the top of the walls onto the tank.*
Later Hammo. Sorry mostly weekly posts aren't fast enough for ya. Hope you have fun elsewhere, but I need to know what you're wanting to do with your character. If he's being removed entirely, I need to take steps to make that happen ICly, especially if you're not going to finish out the thread.